SAFE Symposium
SAFE 5k Runner


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New Corporate Membership $750.00
Corporate Membership Renewal $750.00


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New Individual Membership $60.00
New Full Time Student Membership $10.00
New Retired Membership $20.00
Individual Membership Renewal $60.00
Full Time Student Membership Renewal $10.00
Retired Membership Renewal $20.00

SAFE Journal Advertising Rates - 2015

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SAFE Publications

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Individual Document Fee $10.00
Annual SAFE Proceedings - US Shipments $27.50
Annual SAFE Proceedings - Foreign Shipments $30.00

Symposium 5k Runner Sponsorship

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Symposium Booth Registration

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Booth Reservation Fee - Corporate Members, Universities & Military $2,100.00
Booth Reservation Fee - All Others $3,100.00

Symposium Exhibit Booth Personnel Registration Fee

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Symposium Golf Registration Fee

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Symposium Registration Fee

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Symposium Spouse Registration Fee

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