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SAFE Journal Technical Article Listing 1997 to 2006

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Title E-mail request Year No. Authors
Impact Testing of the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS)Manikins E-mail request 1997 1 John R. Buhrman
Impact Evaluation of a Proposed B-2 Seat Cushion E-mail request 1997 1 Chris E. Perry
Assuring the Safety of Female Aviators:Limitations of Current Spinal Injury Assessment Ref E-mail request 1997 1 Phillip E. Whitley... Ph.D.
Review of Factors Influencing Military Parachute Landing Injuries E-mail request 1997 1 J. R. Hoffman... Ph.D.
Flight Crew Procedures and Certification:the Integration Failure E-mail request 1997 1 Richard L. Gross
Female Physiological Tolerance in Aerospace Environments E-mail request 1997 1 Jean Timbal
Technology Watch on Women in Combat E-mail request 1997 1 Russell R. Burton... Ph.D
Editorial From Aviation Week & Space Technology "Training is No Band-Aid for Bad Design" E-mail request 1997 1  
Evaluation of Six G Protection Ensembles During 5 to 9 G Simulated Aerial Combat Maneuvers E-mail request 1997 2 William B. Albery
Pre-employment Screening for Back Problems in Pilot Candidates: The Necessity of Radiologi E-mail request 1997 2 A.J. Van Leusden...M.D.... and A. Van Dalen... M.D.
A Conformal Foam Insert to Improve Comfort and Function of the MBU-20/P Positive Pressure E-mail request 1997 2 Donald A. Diesel... Major... USAF... BSC
The Physiologic Effects of Various Oxygen Levels Following Rapid Decompression E-mail request 1997 2 Xiao Huajun... He Dengyan... and Yuan XiouganLaser
Light Show Measurement Techniques E-mail request 1997 2 Robert J. Thomas... Dennis A. Maier... Norman Barsalou... Leon McL
Technology Watch on Women in Combat E-mail request 1997 2 Russell R. Burton... Ph.D
SAFE Crashworthiness Focus Day Highlights (Overview) E-mail request 1997 2  
SAFE Missions E-mail request 1997 2 Frank M. Dirren... Jr.... RADM
Martin-Baker Developments in Helicopter Aircrew Safety E-mail request 1997 2 Brian A. Miller
FAA Crashworthy Initiatives E-mail request 1997 2 Stephen Soltis
U.S. Army Contributions in Crashworthiness E-mail request 1997 2 Dan Good
U.S.Navy Aircraft Crashworthiness E-mail request 1997 2 Captain Steve Enewold
USCG Aircraft Crashworthiness Efforts E-mail request 1997 2 ASMCM Larry Farmer
USAF Crashworthiness Efforts E-mail request 1997 2 Robert Billings
Full-Scale Crash Testing E-mail request 1997 2 Ken F. Smith
Biodynamic Modeling of Human Neck Response During Vertical Impact E-mail request 1997 3 Chris E. Perry... Annette Rizer... Jeanne Smith & Beth Anderson
Measuring Helmet and Helmet-Mounted Display Displacement Under Sustained Acceleration E-mail request 1997 3 Robert L. Esken... Jr.
The Effects of Various Anti-G Suit Pressures and Positive Pressure Breathing on Lung Volum E-mail request 1997 3 Lloyd D. Tripp... Jr.
The History of the Research and Development of G Protection in the USAF School of Aerospac E-mail request 1997 3 Russell R. Burton... DVM... Ph.D
Turning Night Into Day E-mail request 1997 3 Bob Van Elsberg
Technology Watch on Women in Combat E-mail request 1997 3 Russell R. Burton, DVM, Ph.D
Oxygen Analyzer Test Set Development and Validation for the B-1B Aircraft E-mail request 1998 1 Dennis W. Schroll
A Comparison of Human and Ejection Seat Test Manikin Static Centers of Gravity and Moments E-mail request 1998 1 Christopher B. Albery... Valerie S. Bjorn... and Captain Rebecca
The Effect of Helmet Inertial Properties on Male and Female Head Response During +Gz Impac E-mail request 1998 1 Chris E. Perry
The DoD Human Factors Engineering Technical Advisory Group and the SAFE Association E-mail request 1998 1 Ronald C. Hill and Stephen C. Merriman
Technology Watch on Women in Combat E-mail request 1998 1 Russell R. Burton
Measurement of Whole-Body Human Centers of Gravity and Moments of Inertia E-mail request 1998 2 Christopher B. Albery... Captain Rebecca B. Schultz and Valeri
The Effect of Multiple Simulated Air-to-Air Combat Sorties on Isometric Strength E-mail request 1998 2 Lloyd D. Tripp... Tamara Chelette...Ph.D... & Steve Bolia
Examination of a Method for Improving Night Vision Device Depth of Field E-mail request 1998 2 Peter L. Marasco & H. Lee Task... Ph.D.
Performance of the ITT Night Vision System Autorelease Mechanism During Sustained Accelera E-mail request 1998 2 Brian P. Self... Ph.D & Wayne Isdahl... M.S.
Repeatability and Reproducibility of NVG Gain Measurements Using the Hoffman ANV-126 Test E-mail request 1998 2 Denise L. Aleva... H.Lee Task...Ph.D. & Chuch Goodyear
Technology Watch on Women in Combat E-mail request 1998 2 Denise Aleva
I...We...and You: Revolutionizing the Style of Scientific Writing E-mail request 1998 2 Pa
Outside-In vs. Inside-Out: Flight Problems Caused by Different Flight Altitude Indicators E-mail request 1999 1 Hans Pongratz... Helmut Vaic... Michael Reinecke... William Ercoli
Straining GOR Tolerance Determinations are a Measure of G-Duration Not G-Level Tolerance E-mail request 1999 1 Russell R. Burton DVM... Ph.D.
Assessment of Two Methods to Reduce Simulated +Gz-Induced Arm Pain Using a Non-Centrifuge E-mail request 1999 1 U. I. Balldin...M.D.... and Larry P. Krock... Ph.D.
Anthropometric Accommodation in the T-38 E-mail request 1999 1 Gregory F. Zehner... Kenneth W. Kennedy...Ph.D. & Jeffrey A. Hud
Risk Factors in Ejection Seat Design Associated with Upward Ejection for a Large Occupant E-mail request 1999 1 John R. Buhrman... Martin J. Andries and Deren Ma
Physiologic Evaluation of an Emergency Air Breathing Escape Device E-mail request 1999 1 Loren G. Myhre...Ph.D.
Technology Watch on Women in Combat E-mail request 1999 1 Denise Aleva
Acceleration Endurance in the Forward-Leaning Posture E-mail request 1999 2 Conrad B. Monson...Ph.D.... John W. Frazier... William B. Albery...P
Effect of Different Pressure Schedules on +Gz Protection Afforded by an Extended Coverage E-mail request 1999 2 Xichen Geng...Ph.D.... Changlu Zhan... Guiding Yan... Xu Chu... Xia Lu
The Effect of Foam Padding On Head Response During Impact with the ACES II Headrest E-mail request 1999 2 Chris E. Perry
Pre-Oxygenation Time Versus Decompression Sickness Incidence E-mail request 1999 2 James T. Webb...Ph.D....Andrew A. Pilmanis...Ph.D.
A Comparison of the Field of View of Three Chemical Defense Masks E-mail request 1999 2 Brian P. Self
Evaluation of the Effects of the Panoramic Night Vision Goggle on Dynamic Response During E-mail request 1999 2 Chris E. Perry
Infrared Blade Tip Light for Helicopter Formation Flight E-mail request 1999 2 Moshe Schneider... Lior Parag
Reducing the Risk of Aviator-Multifunction Display Interface Problems with Human Factor Mo E-mail request 1999 2 Matthew J. Reardon... Gregory Francis
Current and Future Trends in Human Centrifuge Development E-mail request 1999 2 William B. Albery...Ph.D.
Technology Watch on Women in Combat E-mail request 1999 2 Denise Aleva
The Effects of Head Orientation on Head/Helmet Vibration Response E-mail request 2000 1 Suzanne D. Smith
Centrifuge Assessment of the +Gz Protection Afforded by Pressure Breathing for +Gz (PBG) w E-mail request 2000 1 Xichen Geng...Ph.D.... Changlu Zhan... Guiding Yan... Xia Lu & Wuxin
Reproducibility Limits of Night Vision Goggle Visual Acuity Measurements E-mail request 2000 1 Alan Pinkus...Ph.D.... H.Lee Task...Ph.D....Sharon Dixon & Charles G
Comparison of Optokinetic Scene Effects on the Somatogyral Illusion E-mail request 2000 1 Charles S. Lessard... Kenneth Stevens... Sqn.Ldr. Graeme Maidmen
Human Consequences of Supermaneuverable Flight E-mail request 2000 1 William B. Albery...Ph.D.
Technology Watch on Women in Combat E-mail request 2000 1 Denise Aleva
Biodynamic Modeling and Simulation of the Ejection Seat/Occupant System E-mail request 2000 2 Deren Ma...Ph.D.... Louise A. Obergefell... Ph.D.... Annette L. Rise
Assessment of Aerospace Visual Performance in Three Prototype Holographic Spectacles for L E-mail request 2000 2 Robert N. Kang... Robert E. Miller...II... Nadeem Ghani... Paul V. G
Technology Watch on Women in Combat E-mail request 2000 2 Denise Aleva
Testing the Structural Integrity of the Air Force's Emergency Passenger Oxygen System at A E-mail request 2000 2 Robert P. Garner...Ph.D....Richard E. Murphy... Steve S. Donnelley
Evaluation of Proposed Seat Cushions to Vertical Impact E-mail request 2002 3 Chris Perry...Thao Nguyen... and Steve Pint
Collection and Characterization of Pilot and Cockpit Buffer Vibration in the F-15 Aircraft E-mail request 2002 3 Suzanne D. Smith
Identification of the Cognitive... Psychomotor and Psychosocial Skill Demands of Uninhabited E-mail request 2002 3 D. Dolgin... G. Kay... B. Wasel... M. Langelier & C. Hoffman
Effects of Headrest Position and Helmet Weight on Human Dynamic Response During +Gz Impact E-mail request 2003 1 Chris E. Perry
A Comparison of the Effect of Four Anti-G Suit Systems on G-Tolerance and Task Performance E-mail request 2003 1 Ulf Balldin... M.D.... Ph.D.... Robert O'Conner... Major USAF... BSC...
Night Vision Goggle Objective Lens Focusing at Different Distances Using Artificial Object E-mail request 2003 1 H. Lee Task...Ph.D.... and Alan R. Pinkus... Ph.D.
Pupil Accessibility Evaluation by FOVEA:Capabilities... Limitations and Implications E-mail request 2003 1 Elmar Schmeisser...Ph.D.... Carita DeVilbiss...Ph.D....William Ercol
Non Ozone Depleting Chemical (ODC) Aircraft Oxygen Line Cleaning System E-mail request 2003 1 John Herrington... Terence A. Caldwell and Jerry L. Gore
The Durachute Vacuum Sealed Rescue Parachute E-mail request 2003 1 Dipl. Ing. Heiko Froehlich
The Effects of a Combination of Hypoxia and Positive Pressure Breathing on anIndicator of Aircrew Operational Effectiveness E-mail request 2005 1 Alasdair J. Mort
An Investigation of the Role of Helmet-Mounted Displays in AH-64 Apache Accidents E-mail request 2005 1 Clarence E. Rash... Barbara S. Reynolds
Modeling of Linear Shaped Charge Performance Using LS-Dyna E-mail request 2005 1 Steven McDonald... Ph.D
Propulsion's Contribution to the Success of Aircrew Emergency Escape Systems E-mail request 2005 1 Robert Sadler
The History of Hurricane Mesa Test Facility E-mail request 2005 1 Hugh J. McSpadden and Richard R. Higgins
Degradation of Pilot Reach Under G E-mail request 2006 1 William B. Albery, Ph.D.; Gregory F. Zehner, Ph.D.;.Jejfrey A. Hudson, Ph.D.; and Steve Bolia
Helicopter Ditching: Time of Crash and Survivability E-mail request 2006 1 Michael Taber and John McCabe, Ed.D .J
Evaluation of Acceleration Response during AFRL +Gz Vertical Deceleration Tower Tests E-mail request 2006 1 David B. Hamlin and Randall D. Manteufel, PhD
A Mathematical Simulation of the Human Ventilatory Response during an Altitude Chamber Physiological Training Profile E-mail request 2006 1 Matthew B. Wolf, Ph.D. and Robert P. Garner, Ph.D
First Hand Witnesses of Sled Testing Over the Past Forty Years E-mail request 2006 1 Gordon Cress and Don McCauley
Then and Now: Flight Research in the Second Half of the 20th Century E-mail request 2006 1 Curtis Peebles


Dear SAFE Community,

It is with great excitement that we are able to announce we will host our 59th Annual Symposium, in person in Mobile, Alabama!

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SAFE Association 59th Annual Symposium
Mobile, Alabama

November 2 - November 4, 2021

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