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Proceeding and Journal Technical Article Listing 1964 to 2001

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Title E-mail request Year Authors
Man in Space Today E-mail request 1964 D.P. Germeraad
Oxygen Breathing Mask: Selection/ Fit/ and Application E-mail request 1964 Aaron Bloom
Survival/ Search & Rescue - Operation Training Techniques for General Aviation Pilots and Aircraft Owners E-mail request 1964 Bob Minner
An Improved Technique for Handling Injured Persons in the Water E-mail request 1964 Richard Pollard/ Glen Shewmake
Floatation Characteristics of Aircraft Passenger Seat Cushions E-mail request 1964 Ernest B. McFadden/ James M. Simpson
Development of a Tritium Self-Luminous Life Raft Source E-mail request 1964 E. McFadden/ J.D. Garner/ R.A. Masler
Development of an Arctic Shelter/ Exploratory Development E-mail request 1964 John F. Lee
Survival Following Air Force Aircraft Accidents: 1 January 1958 - 31 December 1963 E-mail request 1964 William R. Detrick/ Anchard F. Zeller
Location and Retrieval Concepts for Reentry Crew Escape Systems E-mail request 1964 J.M. Peters
Survival of High Velocity Free-Falls in Water E-mail request 1964 Richard G. Snyder
F-106 Zero Zero Escape System E-mail request 1964 E.L. James
Parabrakes and their Possible Use on Commercial Aircraft E-mail request 1964 Joe Crane
Trends in USAF Aircrew Escape: 1 January 1950 - 30 June 1964 E-mail request 1964 Robert H. Shannon/ Samuel P. Chunn/ William r. Detrick
Ejectable Nose Capsule Track Test Program E-mail request 1964 B.J. White
Investigation of Separable Reentry Escape System Concepts and Separation of Techniques E-mail request 1964 C.J. Cohan
Crew Escape Concepts for Low Altitude E-mail request 1964 M.C. Whitney
The Separable Crew Compartment Capsule for Emergency Escape E-mail request 1964 R.J. Dobbek
Cold Weather Survival Clothing E-mail request 1964 Robert W. Swartz
Human Restraint Systems Development for Use in Acceleration Research E-mail request 1964 Hubert C. Vykukal
System Safety as a Technical Discipline E-mail request 1964 George A. Peters/ Frank S. Hall
Use of Boolean Algebra in Orbital Flight Analysis E-mail request 1964 Gordon Willard
Helicopter rescue - Howgozit - Through Fiscal 1965 E-mail request 1965 R.F. Bushouer
A Questionnaire Study Concerning the Problems of Safety and Survival Training of Jet Aircraft Crew Members E-mail request 1965 P.F. Arcidiacono
Chemical Light E-mail request 1965 E.M. Yacko
Scoop Type Rescue Net E-mail request 1965 Dave Uitti
An Evaluation of the Foamed Neoprene "Diver's Wetsuit" as a Survival Garment for Helicopter Aircrews E-mail request 1965 E.L. Beckman/ D.E. Furry
New Concepts in rescue and Firefighting by Helicopter E-mail request 1965 R.L. Tuve/ Henry B. Peterson
Helicopter Capsular Escape System E-mail request 1965 F.T. Thomasson
Report of Sixth Annual Helicopter Rescue Symposium Bureau of Naval Weapons E-mail request 1965  
Digest of the Technical Requirements for a Downed Aircraft Locator Beacon E-mail request 1965 A.R. Applegarth/ Jr.
U.S. Navy's Requirements for New Developments in the Field of Survival & Life Support Equipment E-mail request 1965 Paul D. Buie
What Does the General Aviation User Want in Downed Aircraft Locator Systems? E-mail request 1965 Robert L. Parrish
General Aviation and Airline Safety Panel and Forum Discussions E-mail request 1965 Gloria W. Heath
Civil Aircraft Emergency Equipment Requirements E-mail request 1965 Ed Hodson
Search and Rescue - The Widening Gap E-mail request 1965 John M. Waters
USAF Life Support Requirements E-mail request 1965 Albert P. Lovelady
Emergency Barriers for Transport Aircraft E-mail request 1965 Kimball J. Scribner
  E-mail request 1966 Missing  
Experimental Evaluation of an Oxygen Re-breather Loop E-mail request 1967 A.D. Babinsky/ G.L. Mrava
Aircraft Oxygen Supply System E-mail request 1967 R.G. Huebscher/ R.A. Wynveen/ A.D. Babinsky
A New Approach to Aircraft Emergency Oxygen E-mail request 1967 George e. Hanff
New Developments in Oxygen Breathing Regulators E-mail request 1967 Robert L. Cramer
Private Aircraft oxygen System for Pleasure or Emergency E-mail request 1967 W.K. Ansite
Helicopter Crew & Vehicle Escape & Recovery Techniques E-mail request 1967 Jack Arnold/ Jr./ Frank B. Pollard
Presentation Design & Application Parameters Ordnance Activated Aircraft Emergency Evacuation Systems E-mail request 1967 C.K. Brown
Seat/Man/Parachute Interference & USAF Ejection Seat E-mail request 1967 Robert H. Shannon/ Charles H. Sawyer
Emergency Escape In-Flight Safety Systems E-mail request 1967 William J. Sipes
Overwater Search - Present & Future E-mail request 1967 Robert C. Powell
A Pilot Aerial Survival System E-mail request 1967 R.A. Pohl/ C.L. Pritchard
Presentation of the AN/PRC-63 Survival Radio System E-mail request 1967 Thomas T. Hill
Sofar Systems for Location and Rescue of Disabled Transoceanic Aircraft and Personnel E-mail request 1967 Jack Arnold/ Frank b. Pollard
The Mission and Scope of the National Search and Rescue School E-mail request 1967 Clarence C. Hobdy
Summary of Radar Flare Test Demonstrations E-mail request 1967 J.M. Chenoweth
Epideniologic Study of USAF Bird Strike Damage and Injury/ 1960-1965 E-mail request 1967 Victor Ferrari
Aspects of Safety in Thermal Ballooning E-mail request 1967 D.C. Sonnichsen
Stimulating Shrapnel Protection in Personnel Armor by Ballistic Test E-mail request 1968 Robert W. Duer
Protective Clothing & Life Support Equipment for Explosive Ordnance Disposal Personnel E-mail request 1968 Leo A. Spano/ Vincent D. Iacono/ Jr.
Microclimate-Controlled (Thermalibrium) Protective Clothing System for Military Applications E-mail request 1968 Leo A. Spano
Physiological Approach to Test & Evaluation of Aviation Equipment E-mail request 1968 Frank J. Formeller
Rain Repellent System E-mail request 1968 Arnold P. Dawkins
Automatic Inflators E-mail request 1968 Leo K. Miller
Human Engineering vs. Human Frailties E-mail request 1968 Arthur N. Till
Liquid Nitrogen Fuel Inerting System E-mail request 1968 J.R. Hamilton/ Jr.
Hyperbaric Support for Manned Testing E-mail request 1968 Robert McLaughlin
Don't Get Caught - Too Low/ Too Slow/ Too Late E-mail request 1968 Allan R. Pumper
SCID Distribution System for Business and Commercial Aircraft Safety E-mail request 1968 Robert C. Allen/ Robert M. Lawrence
I've Successfully Ejected Over Water/ What's Next? E-mail request 1968 William W. Gilbert
Psychophysiologic Factors in USAF Aircraft Mishaps Involving Ground Egress E-mail request 1968 Victor J. Ferrari/ Robert H. Shannon
USAF Ejection Experience in the Combat Environment 1 January 1967 - 30 June 1968 E-mail request 1968 Robert H. Shannon/ Victor J. Ferrari
The Development of a Walk-Around Escape System E-mail request 1968 Louis Nordine
Last Resort E-mail request 1968 Willie Hammer
Hand Operated Visual Signaling Devices E-mail request 1968 Duane C. Balch
SAR-Assist "Searchmeter" E-mail request 1968 Gloria Heath
The Radar Detector for Survivors E-mail request 1968 Robert J. Spellmire
Changing Concepts in Physiological Training Related to Survival E-mail request 1968 William A. Staub
Recent Advances in Providing U.S. Army Aviators with Adequate Ear Protection E-mail request 1969 Robert t. Camp/ Jr.
Apollo Suit Features Possibly Applicable to Operational or Research Pressure Suits E-mail request 1969 George Durney
Ditching of a Jet Transport E-mail request 1969 James M. Simpson
Keep it Simple E-mail request 1969 Charles A. Lehman
Crash-Fire Protection at Los Angeles International Airport E-mail request 1969 Anthony J. McKaskle
Equipment and Physiological Training Needs in Modern Air Transports E-mail request 1969 William H. Antley/ Jr.
A Report on the Evaluation of the Integrated Oxygen Windblast Helmet E-mail request 1969 B.C. Bredenbeck
Proximity Warning System for Helicopters E-mail request 1969 Robert J. Follen
Escape and Rescue of Submarine Personnel E-mail request 1969 Donald T. Blake
A Personnel/Cargo Lowering and Retrieval System for the CH-47 Helicopter E-mail request 1969 Peter D. Talbot
An Escape System for Helicopters E-mail request 1969 Gordon A. Valentine
Optimal Colors for Markers and Signals E-mail request 1969 Robert L. Hilgendorf
Air Crash rescue in the Army E-mail request 1969 William R. Briot
Crew Oxygen System for the New Breed of Commercial Aircraft E-mail request 1969 R.T. Stringer
Safety/ Altitude and Oxygen E-mail request 1969 Robert W. Duer
Emergency Escape from the Lunar Landing Training Vehicle E-mail request 1969 Lewis T. Vinson
Luminescence and Air Safety E-mail request 1969 Oscar Strongin
RAPIDJET - A New Concept in Aircrew Escape for Large Multiplace Military Aircraft E-mail request 1969 Robert G. McIntyre
Solid-Propellant Cool Gas Generating System E-mail request 1969 R.J. Richards
Cool Gas Inflation Systems E-mail request 1969 R.W. Finn/ J.J. Galbreath
Emergency In-Flight Evacuation from Future Commercial Air Transport Aircraft E-mail request 1969 Richard G. Snyder
The AN/PRC-87 Pararescue Radio E-mail request 1969 Joseph J. Kiefer
A New Generation Rocket Catapult for Aircraft Seat Ejection E-mail request 1969 V.D. Williams/ N.L. Peterson/ B.E. Church
Homing System for the Location of Emergency Beacons E-mail request 1969 George Birutis
Use of Floatation Dummies in the Evaluation of Life Preserver Design E-mail request 1969 Ernest B. McFaddan/ Hiley F. Harrison
Oxygen System Acceptability by Navy Flight Personnel E-mail request 1969 Frank J. Formeller/ Edward F. Lemons
An Analysis if Fatality Casual Factors Associated with Unsuccessful Ejection's in the U.S. Navy E-mail request 1969 Erna V. Rice/ Richard E. Luehrs
Organized Training as a Tool for Safety Promotion E-mail request 1969 Nancy A. Morrison
Probability of Survival by Crash Control E-mail request 1969 John Majoros
Water Survival - Physiological Effects E-mail request 1969 R.J. Camenzend
Space Rescue Concepts E-mail request 1969 Gloria Heath
Is "Survival" Really Necessary? E-mail request 1969 Wayne E. Williams
Federal Aviation Administration's Physiological Training Program E-mail request 1969 William A. Staub
Report of Successful Use of Inherent Fire-Resistant Flight Clothing by Naval Crewmen E-mail request 1969 Lionel I. Weinstock
Development of an Aircrew Parachute with Low Speed - Low Altitude Capability E-mail request 1969 Kenneth R. Wilson
Foam in Place/ Form Fitting Pilot's Helmet Liner E-mail request 1969 Albert Olevitch/ David. E. Sommers
The Advanced Concept Ejection Seat (ACES) System E-mail request 1969 H.R. Moy
Flameproof Fabric for Personnel and Equipment Protection E-mail request 1969 J.B. Ballentine
ELF - Electronic Location Finder E-mail request 1969 Gene Harvey
Don't Just Sit There.....A Look at the Psychology of Survival for Civil Aviation E-mail request 1969 Robert R. Brazell
The Role of Public Relations in Marketing Aerospace Escape and Survival E-mail request 1969 Jerry Vonne
Pilot Airborne Recovery Device (PARD) E-mail request 1969 Fred R. Nebiker/ Dale E. Williams
Flying Ejection Seat E-mail request 1969 R.A. Roberts
Medical Chests and Safety E-mail request 1969 Jack R. Voskamp
The Human and Epidemiologic Aspects of USAF Mid-Air Collisions/ 1 January 1959 - 31 December 1968 E-mail request 1969 Victor J. Ferrari/ Jr.
An Analysis of Injuries Incurred During Emergency Ejection/Extraction/ Combat and Noncombat E-mail request 1969 Robert H. Shannon
Finite Location of Downed Aircrewmen E-mail request 1969 William J. McClelland
Navy Combat Search and Rescue Development E-mail request 1969 F. Terry Thomasson
SAVER - An Aercab Concept E-mail request 1969 Justin J. Barzda
Astronaut Restraints for the Aquanaut E-mail request 1969 Glenn W. O'Neil/ Jr.
Flammability in Cockpit/Cabin Environments E-mail request 1969 John P. Meade
Emergency Ground Egress from USAF Passenger Carrying Aircraft E-mail request 1969 Charles L. Brown
Design and Development of a Hazardous Environment Protective Suit System E-mail request 1969 Vincent D. Iacono/ Jr.
Conditioned Aircrewmen Clothing Systems for Military Flight Crews E-mail request 1969 Leo A. Spano
USAF Water Survival Experience Following Ejection E-mail request 1969 Arthur N. Till/ Jr.
A New Approach to Commercial Arresting Gear E-mail request 1969 Arthur Condodina
KYNOL E-mail request 1969 Dr. L.C. Wohrer/ Dr. J. Economy/ J.C. Frechette
The USAF School of Aerospace Medicine's Approach to Training the Medical Investigator of Aircraft Accidents E-mail request 1970 Hugh F. Mulligan
Satellite Alarm Rescue (SAR) E-mail request 1970 W.R. Crawford
Evaluation of the Lap Belt & Pre-Inflated Air Bag During Impact with Human Sled Subjects E-mail request 1970 C.D. Gragg
Environmental Control in Deep Submergence Vehicles E-mail request 1970 Stephen K. Rush
NASA Safety Related Research E-mail request 1970 Kurt Strass
Manned Testing in the Simulative Space Environment E-mail request 1970 Aleck C. Bond
An optimal Hierarchy of Colors for Markers & Signals E-mail request 1970 Robert L. Hilgendorf
Reliability of In-Flight Escape Systems & Survival Equipment in U.S. Navy Ejections - Successful and Unsuccessful E-mail request 1970 Erna V. Rice
Recommendations for Accident Survival E-mail request 1970 Iris Peterson
Development of Nonmetallic Materials for Space Applications E-mail request 1970 R.E. Smylie/ E.L. Hays
Nonmetallic Materials Selection Criteria/ Test Requirements/ Test Techniques & Data & Configuration Control as E-mail request 1970 William M. Bland/ Jr.
Highlights of the Survival Training for Physicians in the Aerospace Medicine Primary Course at USAF School of E-mail request 1970 Eugene F. Hames
A Statewide Civilian Helicopter Ambulance System Results of the First Year of Operation in Arizona E-mail request 1970 James L. Schamadan
Helicopter Automatic Approach and Hover Coupler Systems E-mail request 1970 Louis Cotton/ Richard Mills
Survival in Foam E-mail request 1970 O.S. Willey
Industry's Role in the Safe Exploration of the Deep Ocean Environment E-mail request 1970 Harvey J. Smith
Commercial & Military Aircraft Emergency Egress System E-mail request 1970 Joseph D. Caldara/ Frank B. Pollard
Training Simulation to Improve Go/No Go Ejection Decisions E-mail request 1970 W.F. Cunningham/ E.V. Rice/ F.A. Radcliffe/ H.W. Purefoy
Evaluation of an Improved Flotation Device for Infants and Small Children E-mail request 1970 Ernest B. McFadden/ Joseph W. Young
Nonflammable Textile Materials for AF Applications E-mail request 1970 Stanley Schulman/ Jack H. Ross
The Use of Stretch Fabric Materials in Personnel Escape Parachutes E-mail request 1970 Kenneth R. Wilson
An Engineering Treatment of Continuous-Flow Requirements in Aircraft Passenger Oxygen Systems using the Phased E-mail request 1970 James Whitla
The Space Shuttle Also Needs "SAFE" E-mail request 1970 H.G. Nulton/ Jr.
Catalytic Combustion Fuel Tank Inerting Techniques E-mail request 1970 Robert G. Clodfelter/ Steve Shook
Status of Deep Diving Within the Navy E-mail request 1970 Richard D.L. Jones
Passenger Emergency Evacuation Briefing Cards: Recommendations for Presentation Style E-mail request 1970 H.B. Altman/ D.A. Johnson/ D.L. Blom
Emergency Life Saving Instant Exits for Transport Aircraft E-mail request 1970 B. Chesterfield/ Frank B. Buckdoll
The Advances of Testing & Promulgation of Information of Safety/ Survival & Life Support Equipment E-mail request 1970 Claude F. Robb/ Marshall A. Irving
Air Force Exploratory Development in Impact Injury Prediction and Protection E-mail request 1970 Carl. J. Weinberg
Application of Photochromic Dyes for Nondestructive Testing E-mail request 1970 Sidney Allinikov/ Albert Olevitch
The F-111 Crew Escape Module E-mail request 1970 J.L. Charleville
Prediction of Escape Survivability E-mail request 1970 J.L. Charleville
The Need for Better Safety Standards/ Criteria and Requirements E-mail request 1970 George Mumma/ Thomas J. Lebel
Development of a Family of Flares to Aid in Search and Rescue Operations E-mail request 1970 Robert Miller/ William J. McClelland
The Business of Survival/ A Challenge to SAFE E-mail request 1970 James Chenoweth
Hijack Detection Program E-mail request 1970 J.E. Shields
The Will to Live E-mail request 1970 Brig. Gen. W.W. Spruance
Aids to Investigation of Over-Water Accidents E-mail request 1970 Joseph H. Lyons
Design Achievements with the S111S-3 Ejection Seat Escape System E-mail request 1970 Walter R. Peck/ Robert Marnuk
Men Under Stress E-mail request 1970 Stephen R. Elek
The Ben Franklin Gulf Stream Drift Mission Space Craft Analog E-mail request 1970 Walter K. Muench/ Ben Franklin
Fire Fighter Protective Clothing Concepts & Configurations E-mail request 1970 John P. Meade
The Double Life-An Improved Approach to Personnel Rescue E-mail request 1970 Maj. D.P. Hansen
Combat use of Life Support Systems in Southeast Asia 1 January 1967 - 30 June 1970 E-mail request 1970 Arthur N. Till/ Jr./ Robert H. Shannon
Undersea Navigation E-mail request 1970 H.H. Hemming
Target & Terrain Contract Effects on Air Search and Rescue Observer Performance E-mail request 1970 Frank D. Fowler
KYNOL E-mail request 1970 L.C. Wohrer/ J. Economy/ E.J. Frechette
Detection of Hazards Associates with Aerospace Operations E-mail request 1971  
SR-71 Ejection Escape Experience E-mail request 1971  
A Review of High Performance Aircraft Taking and Landing Accidents E-mail request 1971  
A Study of USAF Survival Accidents 1 January 1965 - 31 December 1969 E-mail request 1971  
21 Years of Ejection Experience - 1949-1970/ Martin-Baker Ejection Seats E-mail request 1971  
Hypoxia Incidents in Strategic Air Command 1969-1970 E-mail request 1971  
The Custom Fit Oxygen Mask E-mail request 1971  
Heat Protection E-mail request 1971  
The Effectiveness of a Vibrotactile Device Under Conditions of Auditory and Visual Loading E-mail request 1971  
Behavorial Inaction Under Stress Conditions Similar to the Survivable Aircraft Accident E-mail request 1971  
A System Safety Educational Program with Emphasis on "SAFE" Engineering E-mail request 1971  
A Portable Oxygen System: International Himalayan Expedition 1971 E-mail request 1971  
Physiological Evaluation of a Modified Jet Transport Passenger Oxygen Mask E-mail request 1971  
A Business Jet that Planned Ahead - For Safety E-mail request 1971  
Altimetry Display for Commercial Aircraft: A Simulator Study E-mail request 1971  
Psychophysiological and Environmental Factors Affecting Disorientation in Naval Aviation Accidents E-mail request 1971  
Experience in Treating Decompression Sickness in U.S. Air Force Hyperbabric Chambers E-mail request 1971  
Dynamic Response Index (DRI) Minimization for Personnel Escape Systems E-mail request 1971  
Dynamic Principles for Seat Cushion Evaluation E-mail request 1971  
Crashworthy Personnel Restraint Systems for General Aviation E-mail request 1971  
Aircraft Fuel System Fire and Explosion Protection Concepts E-mail request 1971  
Single Integrated Signal Device E-mail request 1971  
Method for Improving Helicopter Crew and Passenger Survivability E-mail request 1971  
Colors for Markers and Signals: Inflight Validation E-mail request 1971  
ELSIE E-mail request 1971  
A Family of Rescue Signaling Devices E-mail request 1971  
Systems Approach Testing for New Aircraft Fire-Fighters Protective Clothing E-mail request 1971  
Recent Developments in Commercial Fire Resistant Fibrous Materials E-mail request 1971  
Use of Survival Equipment in USAF Sea Escape and Evasion Episodes E-mail request 1972 Charles a. Lehman
Escape and Evasion Problems in Southeast Asia E-mail request 1972 Herbert G. Munson
Rescue and Recovery of Downed USAF Crew Members in Southeast Asia: 1 January 1963 - 31 December 1971 E-mail request 1972 Robert Shannon
The Role of Life Support Training and Training Equipment in Combat Survival and Rescue E-mail request 1972 George C. Braue
Combat Search and Rescue in the 1070's E-mail request 1972 T. Stephen Meek/ Gary Davis
Tri-Service Advanced Survival Avionics Program E-mail request 1972 Charles L. Brown
Restraint of the Head During Acceleration E-mail request 1972 Edwin Hendler/ Marvin Schulman
A Systems Approach for the Evaluation of Protective Helmets E-mail request 1972 Stanley C. Knapp
A Comparison and Analysis of Head Sizes of Navy Aircraft to the Standard Anthropometric Data E-mail request 1972 P/M. Shah
U-2 and SR-71 Physiological Support Program E-mail request 1972 Rudolph A. Lucchesi
High Density Loading of Multiple Occupant Floatation Devices E-mail request 1972 Clyde C. Snow
Certification Program for the DC-10 Slide/Raft E-mail request 1972 William H. Shook
Behavioral Stress Response Related to Passenger Briefings and Warning Systems on Commercial Airlines E-mail request 1972 Marilynn A. Becker
A New Approach to Aircraft Exterior Lighting E-mail request 1972 John K. Crosley
An Engineering Solution to Air Piracy E-mail request 1972 Archie P. Kelly
The Secret of Time Compression of Training While Improving Safety E-mail request 1972 A.G. Heimerdinger/ J.M. McCabe
Injuries Induced by High Speed Ejection: An Analysis of USAF Noncombat Operational Experience E-mail request 1972 Dennis L. Buschman/ Stanley E. Rittgers
Some technical Aspects of Sea Survival After Ejection E-mail request 1972 John Jewell
Single Point Emergency Equipment Divestment (SPEED) System E-mail request 1972 Richard Frost/ George D. Klotz/ Frank B. Pollard
Performance Improvement of the F/RF-101 Ejection Seat System E-mail request 1972 George Miseyko
UPSTAIRS - A Single Escape Subsystem Providing Stabilization/ Retardation/ and Separation E-mail request 1972 Robert Sadler/ James Johnson
The ESCAPAC IE Advanced Stabilized Ejection Seat E-mail request 1972 Clause M. Severance/ III
Evaluation of JP8 Versus JP4 Fuel for Enhancement of Aircraft Combat Survivability E-mail request 1972 Robert G. Clodfelter
Realistic Evaluation of Fabrics for Thermal Protective Clothing E-mail request 1972 Francis S. Knox/ III
The Ventilated Wet Suit for naval Aircrewmen E-mail request 1972 Lionel I. Weinstock
Safety & Survival in a Manned Space Laboratory E-mail request 1972 H.G. Nulton
SAVER AERCAB Feasibility Demonstration E-mail request 1972 Justin J. Barzda
Biomedical Responses of Parachutists to 110 through 175 Know (IAS) Through-the-Air Tow by Aircraft E-mail request 1972 Donald H. Reid/ Jon T. Matsuo
A Tactical Airdrop Parachute Opening System E-mail request 1972 Angus M. Bell
A Method of Determining Spinal Alignment and Level of Vertebral Fracture During Static Evaluation of Ejectio E-mail request 1972 Burton H. Kaplan
New Materials Required for Upgraded Helmet Threats E-mail request 1972 Edwin F. Bushman
General Aviation Aircraft In-Flight Structural Failures/ 1960 - 1971 E-mail request 1972 Richard G. Snyder
  E-mail request 1973 Joseph Caldara
Safety and the Community E-mail request 1973 Del R. Mott
In Aviation/ often...."It's the Little Things" E-mail request 1973 Isabel Burgess
The First Polyimide-Fiberglass Bump Protective Helmet for Astronaut Crews in the NASA Skylab Program E-mail request 1973 Edwin F. Bushman/ J.A. Van Haastert
Helmets and Head Protection in USAF Ejections E-mail request 1973 Charles a. Lehman
U.S. Navy Development of a Mission Specific Fighter Helmet E-mail request 1973 Matthew J. Lamb/ David N. DeSimone
Design Considerations for an Escape Module Retrorocket Impact Attenuation System E-mail request 1973 James M. Peters/ A.M. Higgins
Explosive Canopy Severance E-mail request 1973 Frank B. Burkdoll/ B.C. Asakawka
An Approach to the Design of Integrated Life Support Systems for Two New USAF Aircraft E-mail request 1973 W.J. Hebenstreit/ W.A. Berge
B-1 Crew Escape System E-mail request 1973 Harry E. Sweet
Crashworthy Army Helicopter Crew and Troop Seating Systems E-mail request 1973 George T. Singley III/ Stan Desjardins/ M.J. Reilly
Underwater Escape from Helicopters E-mail request 1973 Erna V. Rice/ John F. Greear/ III
Sea Trials of Inflatable Floatation & Survival Gear E-mail request 1973 Eugene J. Colacicco
U.S. Navy Development of an Encapsulating Life Raft E-mail request 1973 Graig S. Jencks/ David N. DeSimone
Survival Radio Performance Tests E-mail request 1973 Henry C. Klein
The Heated Water Source E-mail request 1973 Richard L. Bell/ David N. DeSimone
Thermal Sealing of Inflatable Pilots' Protective Equipment E-mail request 1973 Robert Z. Snyder
Helicopter Safety E-mail request 1973 Thomas r. Stuelpnagel
Peripheral Vision: A Factor for Improved Instrument Design E-mail request 1973 A. Howard Hasbrook
Summary of Fire and Explosion Manual for Aircraft Accident Investigators E-mail request 1973 Robert G. Clodfelter/ Joseph M. Kuchta
Advanced Aircraft Oxygen Systems E-mail request 1973 F.W. Thompson/ Jr./ A.J. Adduci
Physiological Evaluation of the protective Capacity of the Prototype MBU-8/P Military Passenger Oxygen Mask E-mail request 1973 E.B. McFadden/ D. deSteiguer/ J.M. Simpson
Performance Characteristics of Portable First-Aid Chemical Oxygen Generators E-mail request 1973 D. deSteiguer/ E.B. McFadden/ J.M. Simpson
Quality Assurance: A Necessity for Life Support and Life Sustaining Equipment E-mail request 1973 Francis X. Murray
Joint Service Agreements: A Need for Consolidation E-mail request 1973 Daniel P. Cannon/ W.J. Hock
Integrated Logistics Support & Acquisition Management (ILS/AM) Panel for Aviation - Crew Systems Equipment Cha E-mail request 1973 Rosalie Gilles/ Jonathan Harding
Confined Space Atmosphere Purification Unit E-mail request 1973 Warren L. Loudon
Anticipatory Anti-Blackout System E-mail request 1973 David G. Naber
A New Approach to the Design of Quick Release Boxes for Single Point Parachute Harness E-mail request 1973 W. Karok
Paratroop Harness "Total"/ "Paraquick"/ Canopy Release and EFA-36 Chronobarometric Parachute Opener E-mail request 1973 Marcel H. Pravaz
Emergency Evacuation & Survival Equipment Deployment for Transport Aircraft (E.E.S.E.D.) E-mail request 1973 George D. Klotz/ Raymond d. Weiss/ Frank B. Pollard
Recovery System for an Advanced Performance Ejection Seat E-mail request 1973 Hammond R. Moy
The Decline in USAF Ejection Survival Rates E-mail request 1973 Robert H. Shannon
T-38/F-5 Improved Escape System Development and Qualification Testing E-mail request 1973 Ronald M. Gibb/ M. Mike Orozco
Panel Session - Corporate Aircraft Passenger Safety E-mail request 1973 Grady Lefler
Panel Session - Restraint Systems Research & Development E-mail request 1973 Stanley P. Desjardins
Panel Session - Inflatable Life Jackets: Design and User Problems E-mail request 1973 Daniel A. Johnson
Panel Session - Commercial Aircraft Emergency Evacuation Problems: Ditching E-mail request 1973 William H. Shook
Panel Session - Commercial Aircraft Emergency Evacuation Problems: Land E-mail request 1973 K.E. Andrews
Panel Session - Management and Procurement - Life Support Systems E-mail request 1973 Gerald J. Post
A Prototype Kit for Medical Teams Engaged in Aircraft Accident Investigation E-mail request 1974 Paul J. Sheffield/ J.P. Williams
Aircraft Accident Investigation for Life Support Officers E-mail request 1974 George e. Pendergrass/ Edward A. Behling
Aid Pak - Automatic Life Vest Inflators E-mail request 1974 Maurice W. Connell
Determination of Optimal Use Life for Personnel Parachutes E-mail request 1974 Ronald S. Morris/ Don E. Ferrell
Personnel and Parachute Extraction Systems E-mail request 1974 W.J. Stone
Ejection Seat Steering and Control E-mail request 1974 W.J. Stone
Electrostatic Vertical Sensing and Control Concept for Aircraft Escape Systems E-mail request 1974 Vernon D. Burklund
In-Flight Escape Experiences of Southeast Asia Prisoner of War Returnees E-mail request 1974 Robert H. Shannon
Emergency and Disaster Plans/ and Associated Problems Concerning Major Aircraft Accidents E-mail request 1974 James T. Childs
Commercial Airline Crew Training E-mail request 1974 Vince Curran/ Susan Schoenberger
Pilot Control/Display Factors for Helicopters (P1FAX-H) E-mail request 1974 Donald D. Sams/ Edwin G. Webb/ Jr.
Cabin Interiors/Smoke and Fire E-mail request 1974 Danaher/ McGuire/ Kourtides/ Bigelow/ Ault
Commercial Airline Cabin Attendant Operational Problems E-mail request 1974 Koreltz/ Aydelotte/ Mott/ Atherton/ Boe
Safety and Public Affairs - A Vital Concern E-mail request 1974 Marion F. Roscoe
The Development and Operational Evaluation of the CSU-15/P Anti- G Coverall E-mail request 1974 Snyder & Bush
Inflatable Seat Cushion System for High Acceleration Cockpit E-mail request 1975 Edward O. Roberts/ Louis a. Girard/ Jr.
Restraint for High Acceleration Cockpits E-mail request 1975 Frank E. Drsata
Aircraft Disasters E-mail request 1975 John X. Stefanki
A New Concept in EMS E-mail request 1975 Ronald S. Morris/ George Messer
The Myth of the Infallible Pilot E-mail request 1975 J.D. "Smokey" Caldara
Interface Characteristics of Oxygen Regulators E-mail request 1975 P.J. Zalesky/ R.D. Holden/ B.F. Hiott
An Update - Advanced Aircraft Oxygen Systems E-mail request 1975 Anthony J. Adduci
An Advanced Capability Microphone for Oxygen Breathing Mask E-mail request 1975 Arne T. Pessa/ Edwin Joscelyn
Safety Precautions when Servicing Aircraft Systems and GSE with Cryogenic Liquid E-mail request 1975 Charles D. May
Hypoxia - Acceptable Limits and Its Prevention E-mail request 1975 J. Ernsting/ RAF
Air Bag Protection for the Co-Pilot/gunner in the Cobra E-mail request 1975 Thomas M. Loushine
The Role of Personal Restraints in Navy Ejection Mishaps E-mail request 1975 E.V. Rice/ J.A. Brady/ R.S. VanDyke
An Evaluation for the Location and Type of Hand Portable Fire Extinguisher Used on Board the AH-1 Army Helicop E-mail request 1975 James Jones/ Ronald Morris
Fire Resistant Aircraft Cabin Materials (Abstract) E-mail request 1975 Daniel E. Supkis
Catapult Dynamics in an Environment of High Acceleration E-mail request 1975 A.M. Higgins
Automatic Parachute Opening Devises - Past/ Present/ and Future E-mail request 1975 E. Dennis Kenzie
A Study of Parachute Landing Injuries and Their Relationship to Parachute Performance and Landing Conditions E-mail request 1975 Raymond A. Madson
Thermal/Flash Protection with PLZT Window Mosais Devices E-mail request 1975 B.J. Pfoff/ J.O. Harris/ Jr. J.T. Cutchen
Breathing Costs/ Lifejacket Inflation/ and Parachute Harnesses E-mail request 1975 R.A. Jordan
Environmental Testing of Commercial Automatic Inflators E-mail request 1975 Jules Z. Lewyckyj
An Inflight Monitor for Aircraft Cockpit/Cabin Environments E-mail request 1975 George R. James/ Andrew O. Bergquist/ Doyle D. White
Portable Oxygen - Contaminant Detector: Development Test and Evaluation E-mail request 1975 Kenneth G. Ikels/ Walter L. Crow
Seat Mounted Oxygen Regulator Systems E-mail request 1975 J. Ernsting/ RAF
Development of an Inflight Physiological Data Acquisition System E-mail request 1975 Thomas R. Morgan
Development of Personal Protective Armor E-mail request 1975 William A. Cohen
A Photo-Computer Technique for Design and Analysis of Personal Protective Equipment E-mail request 1975 Abraham L. Lastnik/ Carl W. Gordon
Personal Comfort - Muscle Aches and Pains E-mail request 1975 Frank Formeller
The U.S. Army's Approach to System Safety Engineering Education E-mail request 1975 Herchel E. Lynch
Survival Education for Everybody (Panel Session) E-mail request 1975  
Hardware Limitations - A Response to Ideal Physiological Requirements (Panel Session) E-mail request 1975  
Oxygen Delivery Systems - Physiological Considerations (Panel Session) E-mail request 1975  
Technological and Operational Aspects of High Acceleration Cockpit technology (Panel Session) E-mail request 1975  
Cabin Safety Design Requirements of Air Carrier Aircraft E-mail request 1976 Jeanne Koreltz
The Objective Evaluation of Aircrew Protective Breathing Equipment: I. Oxygen Mask/Goggles Combination E-mail request 1976 D. deSteiguer/ M.S. Pinski/ J.R. Bannister/ E.B. McFadden
The Objective Evaluation of Aircrew Protective Breathing Equipment: II. Fullface Masks and Hoods E-mail request 1976 D. deStreiguer/ M.S. Pinski/ J.R. Bannister/ E.B. McFadden
Efficiency of the Oxygen Mask Delivery System at the USAF Hyperbaric Center E-mail request 1976 Paul Sheffield/ Thomas Morgan/ Roger Stork
The Use of n-Pentane as a Tracer Gas for the Quantitative Evaluation of Aircrew protective Breathing Equipment E-mail request 1976 D. deSteiguer/ E.B. McFadden/ M.S. Pinski/ J.R. Bannister
Diluter-Demand Helmet Mounted Regulator System E-mail request 1976 John Doodell
Influence of Rescue/ Survival/ and Recovery Considerations on Spacecraft Design and Operations Planning E-mail request 1976 Gloria W. Heath
SENDS (Safe Ejection Envelope Display System) E-mail request 1976 Clifford Woodward
Fluidic Thrust Vector Control System for Ejection Seats E-mail request 1976 Robert Beale
Flight Testing the Space Shuttle Orbiter E-mail request 1976 P.O. Harwell
Fluidic Event Sequencing Subsystem for AAES E-mail request 1976 J. Morris/ R. Brodersen/ V. Marchese
Emergency Escape from Shuttle Vehicles E-mail request 1976 R.T. Kendall
Survival/Disaster Education - A Neglected Priority E-mail request 1976 Richard Rouse
Tanker and Oil Platform Evacuation E-mail request 1976 R.T. Kendall
The Use of Kevlar in the transportation of Explosives - An Application of Suppressive Shielding E-mail request 1976 Harris Yeager/ Ronald Morris
Proposed Helicopter Safety System for Catastrophic Failures E-mail request 1976 R.T. Kendall
Testing Life Support Equipment - 1976 E-mail request 1976 Frank Formeller
Operational Requirements for Aircrew Antiexposure Suits in the U.S. Navy: Part 1 - Physiological Consideratio E-mail request 1976 A.F. Campbell/ S.J. Golle
Operational Requirements for Aircrew Antiexposure Suits in the U.S. Navy: Part II - Operational Consideration E-mail request 1976 A.F. Campbell/ S.J. Golle
Double Knit Aramid Flight Suits for Aircrewmen E-mail request 1976 Lionel Weinstock
The Arctic Personnel Ambulatory Antiexposure System E-mail request 1976 Richard Bell
Pulsating Seat Cushion Evaluation E-mail request 1976 Julian Cooke/ Thomas Morgan
The VTAS/Helmet Interface E-mail request 1976 George Hedges/ Robert Snyder
Human Compatibility Testing of the RAF P/Q Oxygen Mask with the USAF HGU-1A/P Flying Helmet E-mail request 1976 Robert L. Stork/ Julian P. Cooke
Development of a Helmet-Mounted PLZT Thermal/Flash Protection System E-mail request 1976 James Harris/ J. Thomas Cutchen
Design and Development of the Irvin "Hitefinder" Automatic Parachute Ripcord Release E-mail request 1976 E. Dennis Kenzie
Performance and Design of a Vertical Seeking Seat Steering System E-mail request 1976 W.J. Stone
Evolution of Automatic Opening Lap Belts in High Performance Aircraft E-mail request 1976 Charles Goodman
The Development of New Designs of Emergency Escape Parachutes for Ejection Seats E-mail request 1976 S.B. Jackson
Teaching the Practical Techniques of Establishing Egress System Performance in an Accident Environment E-mail request 1976 Richard E. Duran
Expanded Responsibilities of the UFAF Life Support SPO E-mail request 1976 John J. McCambridge
USAF Experience in Aircraft Accident Survivability E-mail request 1976 Warren Tuttle
Aircrew Escape and Survival: Problems & Solutions E-mail request 1976 Gene R. Drew
An Analysis of Comfortable Driving Speed E-mail request 1976 Ronald s. Morris/ Charles Berry
Evaluation of Inflatable ("Air Bag") Occupant Restraint Systems for Aircraft Application E-mail request 1976 Richard G. Snyder
Lockridge Mapstrap II E-mail request 1976 James E. Lockridge
USAFSAM Evaluation of the Sierra Lightweight Helmet E-mail request 1976 H. Mulligan/ W. Sears/ J. Brinkley
High Acceleration Crew Station Design (Panel Session) E-mail request 1976  
Emergency Locator Transmitters - ELT (Panel Session) E-mail request 1976  
Aircraft Accident Investigation (Panel Session) E-mail request 1976  
Midair Collision (Panel Session) E-mail request 1976  
Survival Education - Have We Crested the Wave? (Panel Session) E-mail request 1976  
The Human Factor in Safety E-mail request 1977 Kay Bailey
USAF Life Support Equipment Costs E-mail request 1977 Robert A. Manns/ William Kearnes
Can government Specified Reliability and Maintainability Requirements for Complex Aircrew Escape Systems be Me E-mail request 1977 R.M. Sineath
Problems in Contracting for System Safety E-mail request 1977 Louis e. Rackley/ Glen H. Lemon
Development of an Automatic Nerve Agent Alarm for Chemical Defense E-mail request 1977 Ronald F. Tuttle
Regenerative Life Support Systems for Nuclear Shelters E-mail request 1977 William A. Cohen
Pyrotechnic Air Generator E-mail request 1977 John f. Pietz/ Melvin E. Steinle
Heat Transfer Principles in Personal Protection Applications E-mail request 1977 A.M. Stoll/ M.A. Chianta/ J.R. Piergallini
Flight for Life E-mail request 1977 Nick DiTirro/ George L. Seaton
An Objective Look at Disaster Exercises E-mail request 1977 William J. McLarty
Aircraft Emergency Devices Must be Designed for Emergency use E-mail request 1977 Malcolm M. Cohen/ Emma I. Fessenden
Design Considerations for Inflatable Head/Neck Restraint Systems E-mail request 1977 Thomas J. Zenobi
An Inflatable Restraint System E-mail request 1977 James R. McElhenney
Microwave Radiometric Attitude Reference System for Rocket-Powered Pilot Escape Seat E-mail request 1977 John O. Hooper/ Edward Y. Mikami
A Relative Motion Analysis of Horizontal Collision Avoidance E-mail request 1977 John W. Andrews
The Effectiveness of Pilot Warning Instruments: An Engineering Model Based Upon Flight Test Data E-mail request 1977 John W. Andrews
Performance Evaluation of the Experimental BCAS (Beacon Collision Avoidance System) E-mail request 1977 Janis Vilcans/ Juris Raudseps/ Robert Wisleder
Preventing Helicopter Mid-Air Collisions with the Proximity Warning Device E-mail request 1977 Otto Schoenberger
Development of Anti-G Valves for High Performance Aircraft E-mail request 1977 Robert M. Shaffstall/ Russel R. Burton
Development of Integrated Tubing Fabric for Liquid Conditioning Undergarments E-mail request 1977 Suzanne M. Reep/ Jules Z. Lewyckyj
Manned Extra Vehicular Activity Operations During Early Space Station Missions E-mail request 1977 George L. Murphy/ William A. Cohen Arne T. Pessa
The Role of the Aviation Safety Institute in Airport Disaster Planning E-mail request 1977 John B. Galipault
Disasters - Is Planning Enough? E-mail request 1977 Ernest g. McIntosh
The Evolution of an Emergency Plan E-mail request 1977 Tom Lindemann
Speed Control Strategies E-mail request 1977 Quinn Brackett
The Effects of Reducing Continuous Roadway Lighting to Conserve Energy: A Case Study E-mail request 1977 Stephen H. Richards
The Safety Merit of Windshield Wipers During Rainfall E-mail request 1977 John Mounce/ Ronald S. Morris
The Performance of Advanced Restraints in Small Cars E-mail request 1977 R.W. Carr
Young Problem Driver Improvement Program E-mail request 1977 Donna J. Sexton/ Mark L. Edwards
Explosive Removal of Egress Panels for Emergency Escape from Helicopters Underwater E-mail request 1977 Jeffrey L. Hinds/ Donald Baker Moore
A Systemized Approach to Helicopter Safety E-mail request 1977 A.S. Hellman/ G.P. Gillespie/ M. Sloane
An Economical Approach to an Accident Information Retrieval System (AIRS) E-mail request 1977 LeRoy T. Burrows
Paracone Ejection Seat E-mail request 1977 Robert T. Kendall
Oxygen Systems for Army Helicopters E-mail request 1977 Sherwoodd R. Budig
Airline Interest in Airborne Turbulence Detection Systems E-mail request 1977 Paul W. Kadlec
U.S. Air Force Aircrew Weather Radar Training for Thunderstorm Avoidance E-mail request 1977 Kenneth r. Walters
Airports and Disaster Planning E-mail request 1977 Marvin B. Hays
What Makes the Difference in Emergency Evacuation E-mail request 1977 Jeanne M. Koreltz
Canadian Forces Major Air Disaster Response E-mail request 1977 Fletcher M. Thomson
The Case for Developing A Major Disaster Plan for Airports E-mail request 1977 Edward P. Joyce
Aerodynamics and Performance of a Gliding Parachute with Landing Brakes E-mail request 1977 H.G. Heinrich
Crew Escape from Space Shuttle Orbiter E-mail request 1977 Charles H. Lowry
Variable and Adjustable Speed Parachute E-mail request 1977 Joseph Hirsch/ Lawrence J. Kamm
Parachute partial Inversions E-mail request 1977 Robert B. Calkins
Orbital Space Stations (BASE) Emergency Escape Systems - Paracone E-mail request 1977 Robert T. Kendall
DSA's Illegal Procurement Policy: Intentional Infringement of U.S. Patents (Lockridge Mapstrap Case Study) E-mail request 1977 James E. Lockridge
Safety Education: Is it Engineering or Management? E-mail request 1977 Robert L. Street
The Integration of Current System Safety Methodologies Into University Safety Engineering Education E-mail request 1977 David e. Clapp
Professional Education for the Safety Professional E-mail request 1977 Ted S. Ferry
Current Trends in Nuclear Civil Planning and Survival Assistance E-mail request 1977 Richard Rouse
Off the Job Misery Causes On the Job Accidents E-mail request 1977 Gene Fear
Survival Education of the Fighter Pilot E-mail request 1977 Mark A. Massen
Emergency Escape Jump Bag - Fires E-mail request 1977 Robert T. Kendall
A System for Survival E-mail request 1977 Norman F. Pooler/ Frank B. Burkdoll
A New Dimension in "SAR" E-mail request 1977 Robert J. Perchard
High "Q" Escape Protection E-mail request 1977 Clifford C. Woodward/ Marcus Schwartz
The Helmet Protects the Aviator's Head - Or Does It? E-mail request 1977 Gerald L. Johnson/ John J. Treanor
An Air Launched Test Vehicle for Ejection Seat Parachutes E-mail request 1977 D.R. Dennis
A Parachute That Goes Up E-mail request 1977 R.E. Rychonovsky
An Assessment of the RAE Type "B" Full Pressure Suit Automatic Head Enclosure E-mail request 1977 M.A. Tays/ Thomas R. Morgan
Development of the Air Force S-1030 Full Pressure Suit Assembly E-mail request 1977 Les Hatcher
Pressure Suits - How and Why? E-mail request 1977 Jewel M. Melvin
Joint Testing of the RAF High Altitude Protective Ensemble E-mail request 1977 T. Smogur/ T. Morgan/ W. Sears/ W. Dana/ E. Enevoldson/ J. Melvin/ M. Tays
A Canadian Approach to High Altitude Protection E-mail request 1977 G.K. Stewart/ W.J. McArthur/ K.N. Ackles
Bio-Rhythms - Fact or Fantasy? E-mail request 1977 Ronald S. Morris/ Oscar Egly/ Jr.
Electronic Control of Pressures E-mail request 1977 Lawrence Gill
Development of a Specialized Head/Face Protective Device for Test Parachuting Operations E-mail request 1977 Douglas W. Call/ Robert W. Moynihan/ David Griffin
Human Factors Considerations in Establishing Aircraft Collision Avoidance System Alert Thresholds E-mail request 1977 A.L. McFarland
Tri-Service Life Support Integration E-mail request 1977 John J. McCambridge
USAF Life Support System 412A - 1977 Corporate Report E-mail request 1977 John J. McCambridge
Clear Air Turbulence Accidents E-mail request 1977 Alan I. Brunstein
Survival and Work in the Undersea Environment (Panel Session) E-mail request 1977  
Static electricity in Military Clothing (Panel Session) E-mail request 1977  
Aircraft Passenger Survival and Rescue During and Following Survivable Accidents in Arctic and Wilderness Regi E-mail request 1977  
Life Support of the Female Aviator (Panel Session) E-mail request 1977  
Atmospheric Ozone and Commercial Aircraft Safety (Panel Session) E-mail request 1977  
77777777777777777777777: Its Effects on Defense Operations (Panel Session) E-mail request 1977  
Training for Trainers in Aircraft Cabin Safety Equipment and Procedures (Panel Session) E-mail request 1977  
General Aviation Crashworthiness E-mail request 1978 Elwood T. Driver
USAF Life Support System 412A - 1978 Corporate Report E-mail request 1978 John J. McCambridge
Life Support Requirements in the Ground Environment E-mail request 1978 John V.E. Hansen
A Method of Schedule Acceleration for System Safety Programs E-mail request 1978 Glen H. Lemon & Louis e. Rackley
Life Support: A Need or a Challenge? E-mail request 1978 Mark A. Massen
The Impact of Quality Control on the Logistics Management of USAF Life Support Equipment E-mail request 1978 Samuel Idrogo & George O. Gutierrez
Take Two to See - A Midair Collision Avoidance Presentation E-mail request 1978 William R. Stanberry
Results of Human Factors Experiments in Collision Avoidance - from Maritime Research E-mail request 1978 Sol Tanenbaum
Conflict Alert for the Air Traffic Control System E-mail request 1978 Gary Rowland
Beacon-Based Collision Avoidance System - Experimental Results E-mail request 1978 Thomas E. Morgan/ Jr. & Barry r. Billmann
Factors in Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Collision Avoidance Logic E-mail request 1978 Donald L. Roberts
Threat Logic for Air-Derived CAS E-mail request 1978 Burton Hulland
Aircrew Experiences in USAF Ejection's - 1971 - 1977 E-mail request 1978 William D. Harrison
Mechanism of Extremity Injuries Occurring During Ejection from F-4 Aircraft E-mail request 1978 Steven P. Combs
Aviation Emergency Procedures E-mail request 1978 John X. Stefanki
CFR Vehicle Design and Performance Objectives E-mail request 1978 Roger Mitchell
Aircraft Crash and Rescue Personnel and Training E-mail request 1978 Lary Skoglund
An Overview of the U.S. Navy Maximum Performance Ejection System E-mail request 1978 John J. Tyburski
Feasibility Demonstration of a Vertical Seeking Seat Steering System E-mail request 1978 W.J. Stone
Vertical-Seeking Autopilot Design E-mail request 1978 Ronald g. Stoutmeyer
Development of Hermetically Sealed Low-Maintenance High-Density Packaging for Ejection Seat-Mounted Personnel E-mail request 1978 Gene R. Drew
Aerodynamic Effects Simulator E-mail request 1978 Francis E. Gerber & William J. Hock III
Your Body Tells You What Is Wrong With It E-mail request 1978 Gene Fear
Common Facilities for Survival and Education - Common Civilian Defense/ Natural Disaster Shelters and Educat E-mail request 1978 Robert T. Kendall
Life Float E-mail request 1978 Robert T. Kendall
Surviving with Sharks E-mail request 1978 C. Scott Johnson
Development and Initial Test Results of Parachutes with Automatic Inflation Modulation (A.I.M.) E-mail request 1978 David B. Webb
Basis for an Objective Evaluation of the Paratroop Jumping Reliability E-mail request 1978 Jacques Rousseau
Milestones in the History of Parachute Development E-mail request 1978 David Gold
Oral/Nasal Breathing Systems in the Year 2000 E-mail request 1978 Aaron Bloom
Protective Helmet Systems in the Year 2000 E-mail request 1978 L.P. Frieder/ Jr.
Ejection Systems in the Year 2000 E-mail request 1978 A.B. McDonald
U.S. Navy Developments in Crashworthy Seating E-mail request 1978 L. Domzalski/ M. Katzeff & J. Micciche
Inflatable Survival Systems for Helicopters E-mail request 1978 Eugene Colacicco & Murray Sloane
An Overview of Helicopter Mission Specific Survival Equipment E-mail request 1978 George P. Gillespie
Helicopter Emergency Escape E-mail request 1978 Laurence J. Bement
Weather Information for the National Airspace System E-mail request 1978 John T. Kuhn & Edward M. Gross
The Air Weather Service Low Level Wind Shear Advisory E-mail request 1978 Kenneth R. Walters
Characterization of the Thunderstorm for Safe Aircraft Operations E-mail request 1978 Frank V. Melewicz/ Arthur Hilsenrod/ James Munch & Raymond Colao
Potential Use of Doppler Weather Radar for Real-Time Warning of Weather Hazardous to Aircraft E-mail request 1978 J.T. Lee
Detection of Cat and Low Altitude Wind Shear by On-Board Aircraft IR Sensors - An Update E-mail request 1978 P.M. Kuhn
Severe Downslope Winds E-mail request 1978 J.M. Fritsch & C.F. Chappell
Evolution of Aircrew Restraint Systems E-mail request 1978 Nicholas F. David
Better Definition of Eye to Aortic Valve Distance in High Acceleration Cockpit (HAC) Seating Geometry's E-mail request 1978 John W. Burns & James E. Whinnery
Trials and Tribulations of the Crew Member E-mail request 1978 C. Neil Kolman
Tri-Service Life Support Integration - Is It Working? E-mail request 1978 John J. McCambridge
Current Trends in U.K. Military Aircrew Survival Equipment E-mail request 1978 James L. Waddell
U.S. Navy Development of an On-Board Oxygen Generation (OBOG) System E-mail request 1978 Mathew J. Lamb
A Totally Integrated APLSS (Aircrew Protective Life Support System) for Naval Fighter Pilots E-mail request 1978 J.W. Castine & D.G. Naber
The Life Support Management Complexities at Air Force Flight Test Center E-mail request 1978 Thomas L. Roper
Mission Requirement or Personal Desires E-mail request 1978 Jim Cox
Are You A User? E-mail request 1978 Robert A. O'Bryan
Safety Implications for Motorcycle Helmet Usage E-mail request 1978 Myron Koehler
Railroad Crossing Passive Warning Program for Texas E-mail request 1978 Robert W. Jenkins
Crash Testing of Small Signs E-mail request 1978 Hayes E. Ross/ Jr. & Kenneth C. Walker
Guardrail Replacement Highway Safety Program E-mail request 1978 Michael R. Monnig
The Driver: Education vs. Skill Development E-mail request 1978 John M. Mounce & Quinn Brackett
Issues in Transportation for the Handicapped E-mail request 1978 Thomas L. Black & Anil Khadilkar
Traffic Accident Analysis: From Accident Scene to Safety Improvement E-mail request 1978 Daniel S. Turner & Anton Huber
Application of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to Highway Safety Design Decisions E-mail request 1978 Donald L. Woods & Graeme D. Weaver
Development and Testing of a Dual Mode Escape Propulsion System E-mail request 1978 Dennis M. Sorges
Unique Crew Escape Concepts for ATS Mission Aircraft E-mail request 1978 D.E. Swanson & V.K. Rajpaul
An Experimental Passive Microwave Attitude Measurement System for Escape System Steering E-mail request 1978 John O. Hooper & Bruce Heydlauff
Ejection: Progress/ Parameters/ and Problems E-mail request 1978 Robert A. Manns & Gary M. Shirley
The Objective Evaluation of Aircrew Protective Breathing Equipment: III: Improved Types of Mask/Goggles Com E-mail request 1978 D. deSteiguer/ M.S. Pinski & E.B. McFadden
IV: Full Face Masks & Hoods Suitable for Flight Attendant Use E-mail request 1978 D. deSteiguer/ M.S. Pinski/ S.R. Bryant & E.B. McFadden
High Strength Stitching for Aircraft Personnel Restraint Systems E-mail request 1978 Lloyd Farris
Death by Misadventure E-mail request 1978 William L. Traynor
Improved Headgear for Fixed Wing Navy Aircrewmen E-mail request 1978 Janes W. Castine
Test and Evaluation in the Acquisition Process - A Look at the PLZT Goggle E-mail request 1978 Samuel C. Puma
Test and Evaluation Process for Life Support Systems E-mail request 1978 Jonathan Harding
Ohio Civil Aviation Emergency Plan E-mail request 1978 John B. Galipault
Inconsistencies of Specifications E-mail request 1978 R. Dell Davidson
Anatomy of an Aircraft Accident E-mail request 1978 Robert E. Engel
The Fitting of Canadian Forces Aircrew Helmets - Why the Difference? E-mail request 1978 John A. Winship/ Garry Humphreys & Don Morrice
Los Control in the Airport Environment - An Insurer's Point of View E-mail request 1978 John M. Lind
U.S. Coast Guard Participation in Airport Emergency Planning E-mail request 1978 Frank Marcotte
Analysis of an Accident - Planning/ Training and Initiative E-mail request 1978 Robert J. Manley
On the Status of Experimental Stress Analysis of Parachute Canopies E-mail request 1978 H.G. Heinrich
Transportation: Hazardous Cargo and Packing Challenges/ Problems/ and Innovations (Panel Session) E-mail request 1978  
Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs) for Search and Rescue (Panel Session) E-mail request 1978  
Psychological Stress and Human Performance (Panel Session) E-mail request 1978  
Air Crewmembers and their Working Environment (Panel Session) E-mail request 1978  
High G Loss of Consciousness (Panel Session) E-mail request 1978  
Funding for Survival (Panel Session) E-mail request 1978  
Issues in Corporate Aircraft Passenger & Crew Safety (Panel Session) E-mail request 1978  
Surest Liability Prevention Techniques (Panel Session) E-mail request 1978  
Enforcement of Motor Vehicle Safety E-mail request 1979 Lynn L. Bradford
Life Support System Program Office - 1979 Corporate Report E-mail request 1979 Lee E. Smith
Current U.S. Navy Aviation Life Support Exploratory Developments E-mail request 1979 David N. DeSimone
Evaluation of Full-Head Enclosed Breathing System for Extended Exposure at High Altitude E-mail request 1979 G. Dixon/ J.D. Adams/ & A. Moore
Design and Development of a Spin-Recovery Parachute System for Light General Aviation Aircraft E-mail request 1979 Charles F. Bradshaw & H. Paul Stough/ III
Development of the First RAM Air Emergency Parachute for Personnel Applications E-mail request 1979 Elek Puskas
The Evolution of Synthetic Parachute Fabrics 1941-1979 E-mail request 1979 George Harris
Factors and Tradeoffs Affecting RAM - Air Parachutes Designed for Civilian Personnel Applications E-mail request 1979 Michael W. Higgins
Ejection System Evolution E-mail request 1979 Robert C. Brashears
An Improved Oxygen Mask for High-Altitude Protection E-mail request 1979 Sears/ Ernsting/ Krutz/ Shaffstall/ Holden/ Root
Onboard Oxygen Generation E-mail request 1979 R.L. Miller/ K.G. Ikels & L.J. Luskus
Dangerous Goods in Air Transportation E-mail request 1979 Ronald Macdonald
Community Mutual Aid in Air Disasters E-mail request 1979 Kent F. Paxton
Aircraft Accident Report - Swift Air Lines Nord 262/ Marina Del Ray/ California E-mail request 1979 John F. Rooney
The Impact of Aviation Industry's Problems Relative to Air Disasters Can Be Minimized E-mail request 1979 Fred Cantrell
Air Disaster - The Police Response E-mail request 1979 Veon Nyhus
Development of an Automatic Opening Lap Belt Buckle for Aircrew Restraint Systems E-mail request 1979 E. Denis Kenzie
New Developments in Restraint Systems E-mail request 1979 Lloyd Farris
Limb Flail Injuries and the Effect of Extremity Restraints in USAF Ejection's: 1971-1978 E-mail request 1979 William F. Belk
Physiological Responses of Human Subjects Wearing Thermal Protective Clothing Assemblies in Varying Environmen E-mail request 1979 David C. Johanson/ Suzanne M. Reeps/ Louis J. SantaMaria
Effectiveness and Wearability of Immersion Hypothermia Protection Equipment E-mail request 1979 R.M. Harnett/ E.M. O'Brien/ F.R. Sias & J.R. Pruitt
Design Concepts of Survival Suits for Cold Water Immersion and their Thermal Protection Performance E-mail request 1979 John S. Hayward
Hypothermia and Cold Water Immersion E-mail request 1979 Charles Dugan
Computer Analysis of Bird-Resistant Aircraft Transparencies E-mail request 1979 Robert E. McCarty
Escape Systems Testing on the Holloman High Speed Test Track E-mail request 1979 C.D. Gragg & Joe E. Coulter
Safest Computer Simulation of Ejection Seat Performance E-mail request 1979 Lanny A. Jines
Criteria for Design & Evaluation of Gas Operated Firing Mechanisms E-mail request 1979 Eric G. Alchowiak
Human Factors Design of Police Vehicle Interiors E-mail request 1979 Joseph E. Pedraza & Glen P. Beecher
Intersection Accident Simulator for Operators of Emergency Vehicles E-mail request 1979 John M. Mounce & Bruce D. Bramlett
Police Pursuits: When/ Where/ and How? E-mail request 1979 Stephen S. Roop & Joseph E. Pedraza
Urban Speed Control E-mail request 1979 Glen P. Beecher & Quinn Brackett
An Inflatable Seat for Aircraft Passengers E-mail request 1979 David C. Reader
Crew Station Assessment Using the Bioman Modeling System E-mail request 1979 George D. Frisch & Louis A. D'Aulerio
Table -Top Disaster Exercise E-mail request 1979 C.T. Lindemann
Airport Disaster - Triage E-mail request 1979 Michael J. Verrilli
Physical Fitness of United States Air Force Firefighters E-mail request 1979 Loren G. Myhre
High "Q" Ejection Protection Device E-mail request 1979 Clifford C. Woodware & Marcus Schwartz
Low Level/ Adverse Attitude Escape Using a Vertical Seeking Ejection Seat E-mail request 1979 John J. Tyburski George D. Frisch & Louis A. D'Aulerio
Navy Combat Search and Rescue E-mail request 1979 Martin G. Every & Henry A. Fedrizzi
Improvised Directional Indicators Using Alternate Energy Fields E-mail request 1979 Gene Fear
Inland Search and Rescue E-mail request 1979 James W. McElhaney
Escape from Military Fighters - A Modern Perspective E-mail request 1979 Richard J. Dobbek
Extension of Ejection Seat Capability for High Speed Conditions E-mail request 1979 James M. Peters
Ejection Experience in F/FB-111 Aircraft/ 1967-1978 E-mail request 1979 William D. Harrison
Development of the Demilitarization Protection Ensemble (DPE) E-mail request 1979 David M. English & Donald R. Cohee
A New Perspective on Safety - The Office E-mail request 1979 Sharon Massen
U.S. Army Survey of Survival Kits/Vests E-mail request 1979 Thomas S. Judge
Chemical Defense: An Aircrew's Flight Plan of the Program E-mail request 1979 Mark A. Massen
A New Technology: Piezoelectric Polyvinylidene Flouride Communications Transducers E-mail request 1979 James W. Castine Robert Loewenstern & Donald Mackiernan
Spinning for Safety's Sake E-mail request 1979 H.P. Stough/ III/ D.J. DiCarlo & J.M. Patton/ Jr.
The Influence of Beards on the Efficiency of Aviator's Oxygen Masks E-mail request 1979 D. deSteiguer & K.E. Hudson
Helicopter Emergency Underwater Escape E-mail request 1979 Samuel G. Maness
Self-Imposed Stress: Incipient Disaster E-mail request 1979 Robert L. McLaughlin
Challenges in Life Support E-mail request 1979 E.R. Atkins
Delayed Ejection E-mail request 1979 Robert H. Shannon
Rescue at Sea of Aircrew Personnel E-mail request 1979 F. Terry Thomasson
Bailing Out - Then and Now E-mail request 1979 David Gold
Aircraft Accident Investigation as it Relates to Life Support Equipment E-mail request 1979 Robert W. Bailey & Gerald L. Johnson
Air Safety and the Legal Process (Panel Session) E-mail request 1979  
Passive Occupant Restraint Systems (Panel Session) E-mail request 1979  
New Trends in air Transport Evacuation Systems (Panel Session) E-mail request 1979  
Sleep Loss and Fatigue in the Aviation Environment (Panel Session) E-mail request 1979  
Aircraft Accident Investigation (Panel Session) E-mail request 1979  
U.S. Navy Life Support Development Trends E-mail request 1980 David N. DeSimone
Life Support System Program Office 1980 Corporate Report E-mail request 1980 Lee E. Smith
U.S. Army Aviation Life Support Management Update E-mail request 1980 A.B.C. Davis
General Aviation emergency Ditching E-mail request 1980 Richard G. Snyder & Harry L. Gibbons
A Description of the General Aviation Fixed Wing Accident E-mail request 1980 David S. Hall
Emergency In-Flight Egress Opening for General Aviation Aircraft E-mail request 1980 Laurence J. Bement
Psychophysiological and Other Factors Affecting Human Performance in Accident Prevention and Investigation E-mail request 1980 Lawrence R. Klinestiver
Aerospace Technological Spin-Offs Applied to Hyperbaric Medicine E-mail request 1980 Paul J. Sheffield & David A. Davolt
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus E-mail request 1980 Patrick J. McLaughlin & James A. Mientus
U.S. Army Aviation Oxygen Systems? E-mail request 1980 Gerald L. Johnson
Operational Evaluation of thunderstorm Penetration Test Flights During Project Storm Hazards '80 E-mail request 1980 Gerald L. Keyser/ Jr./ Perry L. Deal/ Bruce D. Fisher & Norman L. Crabill
The Role of the Engineer in Product Liability E-mail request 1980 Frank A. Liberato
Must Downed Aviators Be Hostages Too? E-mail request 1980 F. Terry Thomasson
Limb Restraint F-18 Style E-mail request 1980 Brian A. Miller
Testing of the SJU-5A Ejection Seat for the F/A-18 (Hornet) Aircraft E-mail request 1980 T.A. Pavlik & B. Macnab
Rescue at Sea E-mail request 1980 Richard G. Eberhardt
The Physiological Response of Anthropometrically Selected Female Military Personnel to the Test Parachuting En E-mail request 1980 J.H. Gilbert H.T. Pheeny & G.F. LaMora
Little People E-mail request 1980 V.M. Voge & H. Pheeny
An Investigation of Ripcord Pull Force Capability of Male and Female Skydivers for Ripcords Located on the Lef E-mail request 1980 Michael Johnston & John Sherman
Automatic Parachute Releasers for Premeditated Parachuting E-mail request 1980 Elek Puskas
Wings of Man-the-Theory of Freefall Flight E-mail request 1980 Madden Travis "Pat" Works/ Jr.
The History of the Development of the GQ Aeroconical Parachute E-mail request 1980 A.J. Harrison
In-Flight Physiological Monitoring of Tactical Jet Aircrewmen E-mail request 1980 Douglas W. Call/ Douglas G. Robertson David M. Kelly & John t. Merrifield
A Study of Factors Affecting Aircrew Survivability Following Emergency Escape Over Water E-mail request 1980 Harold T. Pheeny & Foster H. Richards
A New Safety Harness for Mobile Aircrew E-mail request 1980 David C. Reader
Factors Affecting Seat-Man Dynamics During Emergency Egress E-mail request 1980 George D. Frisch
Further Test Results of Parachutes with Automatic Inflation Modulation (A.I.M.) E-mail request 1980 David Webb
A Look at the Hoffman Triangle Parachute - The First Successful Glidable Parachute E-mail request 1980 David Gold
Personnel Parachute Damage Assessment E-mail request 1980 Robert B. Calkins
Chemical/Biological Defense for Aircrews: From Concept to Reality E-mail request 1980 Mark "Gunner" Massen
Development of Non-Flammable Chemical Protective Ensemble for Vehicle/Aircraft Crews E-mail request 1980 John V.E. Hansen
Prediction of Degradation and Establishment of Safety Factors for Polymer Structures Through Extrapolation of E-mail request 1980 Jay D. Boone
Anticipated Problems and Suggested Solutions in Metric (S1) Conversion E-mail request 1980 Jay D. Boone
Effect of Ultra Violet/ Heat/ Pressure/ Dye Stuffs and Acidity on the Tensile Strength of Nylon and Polyester E-mail request 1980 George Harris
A New Metallized Textile for Heating/ Anti-Static/ RF Shielding and Radar Reflecting Applications E-mail request 1980 Harold Ebneth & Carol Cooper
Can You Outlive a Fire? E-mail request 1980 Sharon Massen
Outdoor Awareness E-mail request 1980 Helen S. Georges
Reducing Company Personnel Accidents - A total Program Approach to Safety E-mail request 1980 Sharon Massen
Safety Implications of the Federal Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement Program E-mail request 1980 Daniel S. Turner & Ramey O. Rogness
Safety Benefits of Paved Shoulders on Rural Two-Lane Highways E-mail request 1980 Daniel B. Fambro
Psychological Factors Related to Safety Training: Content and Methodology E-mail request 1980 Evan Peelle
Heat Transfer Characteristics of Flight Jacket Materials E-mail request 1980 Jack H. Ross & Alcide L. Frechette
Holographic Laser Eye Protection E-mail request 1980 Gloria Twine Chisum
Evaluation of a Selected Group of Anti-Exposure Garment Configurations for their Effects on the Operational Pe E-mail request 1980 Suzanne M. Reeps/ David C. Johanson & Louis J. SantaMaria
U.S. Navy Molecular Sieve On-board Oxygen Generation System - An Update E-mail request 1980 Matthew Lamb
Test and Evaluation of Improved Aircrew Restraint Systems E-mail request 1980 George T. Singley/ III
Design of a Crashworthy Crew Seat for the Boeing Vertol Chinook Helicopter E-mail request 1980 Richard F. Campbell
Crashworthy Military Passenger Seat Development E-mail request 1980 Leon Domzalski
HASEP - Survival from Crashed Navy Helicopters E-mail request 1980 J. Micciche & John J. Latesta
Analysis of Escape Systems at 687 KEAS E-mail request 1980 David T. Ther & Roger F. Yurczyk
Wind tunnel Tests of Ejection Seat for High Dynamic Pressure Escape E-mail request 1980 John O. Bull & Roger F. Yurczyk
Performance Assessment of the Aces-11 Ejection Seat-A-10 Configuration E-mail request 1980 Edward O. Roberts
Post Ejection Survival E-mail request 1980 Brian Limbrey
Terrain Actuated Deployment System E-mail request 1980 James K. Seitler
A System Safety Program for Aircraft Production and Deployment E-mail request 1980 Louis E. Rackley
A Ballistic Design Model for Initiators for Aircraft Personnel Escape Systems E-mail request 1980 Ben E. Paul
Analytical and Experimental Characterization of the JAU-14/A Cartridge Actuated Initiator for Use in Aircrew E E-mail request 1980 A. Michael Varney/ Robert J. Brandstadt/ John D. Martino & Jeffrey L. Hinds
Analytical Characterization of the MK-19 Catapult Cartridge System E-mail request 1980 Terry G. Hassler/ A. Michael Varney & Eric Alchowiak
Crewmembers and Their Work Environment in the 1980's (Panel Session) E-mail request 1980  
National Search and Rescue (Panel Session) E-mail request 1980  
The Role of Endogenous Circadian Rhythmicity in Air Force Flight Accidents Due to Pilot Error E-mail request 1981 Joseph Ribak & I.E. Ashkenazi
Operator Indoctrination During Introduction of New or Modified Aviation Life Support Systems (ALSS) E-mail request 1981 Douglas W. Call
An Analysis of the Fatality Rate Data from "Jettison-Canopy" and "through-the-Canopy" Ejections from Automated E-mail request 1981 John E. Vetter
Preliminary Generalized Thoughts Concerning Ejection Flair Phenomena E-mail request 1981 Frederick C. Guill
Preliminary Overview Analyses of U.S. Navy Aircrew Automated Escape Systems (AAES) In-Service Usage Data E-mail request 1981 C. W. Stokes/ F. C. Guill/ M.M. Roberson/ L. A. Lewis & R.W. Cone
Preliminary Generalized Thoughts Concerning Jettisoned vs. Through-the-Canopy Ejection Escape Systems E-mail request 1981 Frederick C. Guill
Preliminary Analyses of Flail/ Windblast/ and Tumble Problems and Injuries Associated with Usage of U.S. Navy E-mail request 1981 Myrtice Roberson/ Charles Stokes/ Larry Lewis & Frederick C. Guill
U.S. Navy Aircrew Automated Escape Systems (AAES) In-Service Data Analysis Program E-mail request 1981 Frederick C. Guill & Charles W. Stokes
An Option for Enhanced Aircrew Survivability E-mail request 1981 Harv Gregoire
Dynamic Preload as an Impact Protection Concept E-mail request 1981 James H. Radddin & Bernard F. Hearon
Manual Parachute Ripcord Pull-Force Capability of Female Naval Personnel E-mail request 1981 H.T. Pheeny/ J.H. Gilbert G.F. Lamora/ G.F. Vollmer
Investigation of the Motion of the Center of Mass of an Occupant Under Ejection Accelerations E-mail request 1981 Louis A. D'Aulerio & Georg D. Frisch
A Standardized Instrumentation Methodology for Assessing Ejection Seat Performance E-mail request 1981 Georg D. Frisch & Louis A. D'Aulerio
U.S. Navy Life Support R & D Emphasis Areas E-mail request 1981 D.N. DeSimone
Teaching the Mass Survival Situation E-mail request 1981 Alan Ewert
The Human Factor in Mishaps: Psychological Anomalies of Attention E-mail request 1981 Stan Santilli
The 1981 Naval and Marine Corps Aviation Anthropometry Survey and Applications E-mail request 1981 H.G. Gregoire & B. Slobodnik
Development of Airborne Oxygen Equipment in the United Kingdom E-mail request 1981 Fred Baker
Computerized Design of CAD E-mail request 1981 Ben E. Paul & Tuan A. Pham
Does Anyone Out There Care About Life Support E-mail request 1981 William Harrison
The 3 Ring Canopy Release System E-mail request 1981 William R. Booth
Operational Test & Evaluation of the Molecular Sieve On-Board Oxygen Generation System (OBOGS) in the AV-8A "H E-mail request 1981 Matthew J. Lamb
Life Support System Program Office - 1981 Corporate Report E-mail request 1981 Francis L. Siau III
Search and Rescue Locator Beacons - The British Concept E-mail request 1981 Jack A. Cook
Hurricane Mesa Test Track E-mail request 1981 Ronald G. Chase
USAF Aerospace Biotechnology Research and Development Program E-mail request 1981 Donald I. Carter
Head Cooling and Heat E-mail request 1981 D.C. Reader/ S.A. Nunneley & R.J. Maldonado
Open Seat Ejection at High Dynamic Pressure - A Radical Approach E-mail request 1981 C.D. Gragg
First Stage Propulsion for the Maximum Performance Ejection System E-mail request 1981 Eric G. Alchowiak
A Before-After Safety Comparison of Shoulder Upgrading Projects in Texas E-mail request 1981 Daniel B. Fambro & Ramey O. Rogness
Motorists' Misunderstanding of Symbolic Signing: Safety Implications E-mail request 1981 Katie N. Womack
Improving Aircarrier Water Survival E-mail request 1981 C.T. Lindemann/ Jr.
Improved Headgear for Rotary Wing Navy/Marine Corps Aircrewmen E-mail request 1981 Daniel S. McCauley & James W. Castine
Human Factors Dilemmas in the Quest for Aviation Safety E-mail request 1981 John e. Robinson/ Jr.
U.S. Navy Search and Rescue Model Manager E-mail request 1981 Charles T. Fowinkle
MPES Update - 1981 E-mail request 1981 John J. Tyburski
Mission Specific Survival Equipment for Helicopter Aircrew E-mail request 1981 George P. Gillespie
Helicopter Personnel Fire-Resistant Floatation Jacket E-mail request 1981 Jules Z. Lewycky
Easiest Ejection Seat Stability and Control Analysis Capability E-mail request 1981 Lanny A. Jines & Christopher L. West
Are You Really Safe at Work? E-mail request 1981 Sharon Massen
To Fly and Fight - 'Lest We Forget Chemicals E-mail request 1981 Mark "Gunner" Massen
Advanced P-3 Flight Station Studies E-mail request 1981 Thomas L. Kienholz
OBOGS and OBIGGS: The Application of Molecular Sieves to Aircrew Breathing and Aircraft Survivability E-mail request 1981 Robert L. Cramer
Two-Stage Personnel Parachute Delay Cutter Development E-mail request 1981 Alan J. Kapinos
A Review of Naval Aviation On-Board Oxygen Generating Systems E-mail request 1981 Clyde F. Bentley/ Jr.
Design and Development of Cartridge Actuated Device (CAD) Primer E-mail request 1981 Bryan F. Beard
Parachute Hardware - An Update E-mail request 1981 Donald G. Beck
A Look at the Russell "Lobe" Parachute - the First Ultra-Stable Parachute Design E-mail request 1981 David Gold
State -of-the-Art Video for Instant Replay Slow Motion Analysis E-mail request 1981 Richard P. Fedchenko
Physiological Factors Affecting Military High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) Operations E-mail request 1981 Ron Clayton
Advanced Escape System Design for Future Combat Aircraft E-mail request 1981 Brian A. Miller
Development and Testing of a Microwave Radiometric Vertical Sensor for Application to a Vertical Seeking Air-C E-mail request 1981 D.M. Sorges
Microwave Measurements for an Attitude Reference System Design E-mail request 1981 Bruce Heydlauff & John O. Hooper
A Study in the Degradation of Nylon/ Devlar and Polyester Fabrics when Exposed to Varying Amounts of Ultra Vio E-mail request 1981 George Harris
Patenting the Safe Design E-mail request 1981 James F. Leggett
The Next Generation - The Stencel S4S Ejection Seat Development Program E-mail request 1981 Michael A.A. Hobbs
USAF ACES II Progress Report E-mail request 1981 R.C. Delgado
The United States Navy's Injury Experience in Aircraft Mishaps E-mail request 1981 V. Voge & M.S. Borowsky
Design Considerations for an Electrical Signal Transmission Subsystem (STS) for the Maximum Performance Ejecti E-mail request 1981 Keith L. Englander
Lear Fan 2100 Egress System E-mail request 1981 Dennis W. Newton
Flight Helmets - The British Approach E-mail request 1981 Michael Briggs
Performance Testing of a Three-Bed Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generator E-mail request 1981 J.B. Tedor/ T.C. Horch & T.J. Dangieri
Assessment of Advanced Ejection Seat Concepts (A Progress Report) E-mail request 1981 James G. Brister/ John O. Bull/ James M. Peters/ Roger F. Yurczyk
Problems with the Use of Percentages in the Analysis of AAES Data E-mail request 1981 John E. Vetter
Aerospace Industries Association AIA 340-5 Crew Systems Project Group E-mail request 1982 E.R. (Dick) Atkins
Life Support SPO Improvements to ACES II Seat E-mail request 1982 Jimmy Bainter
System Safety for Facilities E-mail request 1982 James C. Phillip
Ballistic Protective Headgear for Navy/Marine Corps Rotary Wing Aircrew E-mail request 1982 Daniel S. McCauley
Molecular Sieve Generation of Oxygen for Field Hospitals E-mail request 1982 Silas R. Teigland
Magnesium - The Safe Power Solution E-mail request 1982 Shiraz Dhanji
Ejection at 700 KEAS - The SAAB JA-37 Viggen Ejection Seat Tests at Hollman Air Force Base E-mail request 1982 C.D. Gragg & Hans J.T. Mennborg
Computer Analysis in Helmet Design E-mail request 1982 R. Vanderby/ Jr./ S.J. Bonifas & E.E. Hahn
Flight Operations in the '80's - Where is TAC Going? E-mail request 1982 Mark A. Massen
The New Procurement Concept at the USAF Aeronautical Systems Division on Aircraft Oxygen Systems E-mail request 1982 Dennis W. Schroll
The F-16 On board Generation System (OBOGS) E-mail request 1982 Robert L. Cramer
The USAFSAM Advanced Oxygen System Concept E-mail request 1982 John B. Tedor & Richard L. Miller
CF-18 Rigid Seat Survival Kit (RSSK) - Global Philosophy E-mail request 1982 James A. Firth/ J.C. Steffler
Development of a Continuous Mode Sequencing Concept for Ejection Seats E-mail request 1982 Louis A. D'Aulerio
Holding the Line on Office Health & Safety Factors E-mail request 1982 Sharon Massen
Extension of Service Life of Rigid Transfer Lines (SMDC) E-mail request 1982 L.J Bement/ E.G. Kayser & M. Schimmel
In Search of... an Acceptable Lap Belt E-mail request 1982 Bill Harrison
Improving Restraint Systems Capabilities E-mail request 1982 Joseph F. Briganti
Tusk E-mail request 1982 John P. Goodrich/ Sr.
AFTEC/ The Why's and Wherefore's E-mail request 1982 Ronald J. Zeigler
Lessons Learned During Investigation of T-38 Accidents E-mail request 1982 Curtis C. Thompson
Mishap Prevention in the Year 2000: The Integrated Mishap Prevention Program (IMPP) E-mail request 1982 Stan R. Santilli
Performance Assessment of a Reclined Ejection Seat E-mail request 1982 James G. Brister & Roger F. Yurczyk
Heat Stress Related to the Operation of Canadian Forces Aircraft - A Historical Review and Possible Solution E-mail request 1982 C.J. Brooks/ A.G. Hynes/ L.V. Allin & L.A. Kuehn
Development of Helicopter Underwater Escape Training for Aircrew and Passengers E-mail request 1982 Joe Cross
Operational Readiness and the Human Factors Environment E-mail request 1982 Lawrence R. Klinestiver
Compatibility Analysis of the MBU-14/P Oxygen Mask and U.S. Navy Oxygen Regulator E-mail request 1982 James W. Castine
In-Flight Rescue Concept for Combat Helicopter Crews Development and Groundtests E-mail request 1982 U. Schmidt & R. Oliva
The Ranger System/ A New Way Out E-mail request 1982 Terry Stone
The S4S Ejection Seat - A Progress Report E-mail request 1982 William L. Traynor
Physiological Testing of a Helicopter Mobile Aircrewman Cooling System E-mail request 1982 Daniel S. McCauley
Down in the Arctic: Equipment and Training for Survival E-mail request 1982 Patrick A. Wendt
Portable Vacuums for Controlling Asbestos Hazards E-mail request 1982 W.L. Johnson
Development of the Martin-Baker MK 12 High Technology Escape Systems E-mail request 1982 Brian A. Miller
Unassisted Through Canopy Ejection Experience E-mail request 1982 Brian A. Miller
Life Support System Program Office - 1982 Corporate Report E-mail request 1982 Randolph C. Jameson
U.S. Navy Life Support R & D Programs E-mail request 1982 David N. DeSimone
Ejection Through a Reinforced Canopy Transparency E-mail request 1982 Frank Burkdoll
Fragilization Systems for Aircraft Canopies E-mail request 1982 Gerald Dupin
A Servo Controlled Rapid Response Anti-G Valve E-mail request 1982 Richard J. Crosbie
Computerized Parachute Data Base System E-mail request 1982 Thomas Bozack
A Cockpit and Equipment Integration Laboratory E-mail request 1982 Ronald C. Hill
Aircrew Restraint Improvement Program E-mail request 1982 James Rodrigues & Lisa Coluzzi Mead
Canadian Forces Air Combat Helmet; The Selection E-mail request 1982 James C. Lazowski & Gerald J.Y. Lefebrve
Naval Aviation On-board Oxygen Generation System 1982- A Status Report E-mail request 1982 Matthew J. Lamb/ Clyde F. Bentley/ Jr.
Naval Aviation Solid Chemical Oxygen Emergency System Program E-mail request 1982 Clyde F. Bentley/ Jr. & Richard L. Routzahn
The AH-64 Nitrogen Inerting Unit E-mail request 1982 Robert L. Cramer
The Air Force Chemical Defense Program: Integration and Focus E-mail request 1982 Joseph "Jed" Dale
An Investigation of the Fatality Rates for Different Canopy Modes of Ejection E-mail request 1982 John E. Vetter & G. Ronald Herd
In-Flight Loss of Consciousness E-mail request 1982 David C. Johanson
Precautions Required in Using U.S. Navy 3-M (Maintenance and Material Management) System Data for Analyzing or E-mail request 1982 Frederick C. Guill
Development of a Variable-Load Energy Absorber E-mail request 1982 Leon Domzalski & James C. Warrick
Recovery by ACES II E-mail request 1982 A. "Blair" McDonald
Aircrew Life Support Systems (ALSS) Equipment Aspects of U.S. Navy Ejection's E-mail request 1982 Frederick C. Guill
Flail/ Tumble and Windblast E-mail request 1982 G. Ronald Herd
U.S. Navy Ejectee Anthropometry 1 January 1969 through 31 December 1979 E-mail request 1982 Frederick C. Guill
The Production of Aircrew Fatalities in Navy Ejection Seats Equipped Aircraft E-mail request 1982 Frederick C. Guill
A Look at the "Eagle" Parachute - An Interesting Unique Personnel Parachute of the 1940's E-mail request 1982 David Gold
A Study of Post-Egress Procedures and Techniques Conducted to Increase Aircrew Survival Following Emergency Es E-mail request 1982 Foster H. Richards
Future Parachute Test and Evaluation Capability at the Naval Weapons Center E-mail request 1982 Wallace K. Fung & Donald R. Stapleton
Between Ejection and Injury E-mail request 1982 Charles C. Betts & Maurice Hiles
The Correlation and Description of Windflail Injury Mechanisms in the Windblast Environment E-mail request 1982 S.D. Smith-Lagnese & Leon E. Kazarian
U-2/ TR-1/ SR-71 Pressure Suit Open Water Survival Training E-mail request 1982 Kent E. Magnusson/ Timothy P. Philpott & Dale R. Jones
Equipment and Training for Polar Survival (Panel Session) E-mail request 1982 Patrick Wendt
Chemical Defense Panel - A chemical Defense Protection System for Aircrew (Panel Session) E-mail request 1982 Paul H. Schwabe
Low bulk Suspension Lines for Parachutes E-mail request 1983 R.W. Hunter
The Development of a Dynamic Response Sensing and Recording System for Incorporation into a State-of-the-Art M E-mail request 1983 George D. Frisch & Paul H. Frisch
Factors Affecting Human Tolerance to Sustained Acceleration E-mail request 1983 Edwin Hendler & Leonid Hrebien
Escape by Continuous Control - Crest E-mail request 1983 Edward O. Roberts & Richard J. Dobbek
Development and Testing of the Martin-Baker Crashworthy Seat E-mail request 1983 John E. Iles
Friendly Ejection Seat Trajectory Computer Program E-mail request 1983 Robert B. Calkins
Stability/ Sequencing/ and Recovery (S2R) E-mail request 1983 Peter Ayoub
USAF Aerospace Biotechnology Research and Development E-mail request 1983 Donald I. Carter
The High Acceleration Cockpit (HAC): A Technology Base Overview - 1983 E-mail request 1983 R.E. Van Patten/ T.J. Jennings/ M. Maxwell
USAFSAM Integration Laboratory Assessments of the Advanced Chemical Defense Aircrew Respirator (ACDAR) E-mail request 1983 P.H.R. Gill
ACES II R & D Upgrade Program E-mail request 1983 Michael G. Ucchino
Selectable Thrust Rocket Motor for Crew Escape Systems E-mail request 1983 Marvin C. Whitney
Training in the Simulated Toxic Chemical/Biological (CB) Environment E-mail request 1983 Mark A Massen
Helicopter Crash Survivability and Emergency Escape E-mail request 1983 John J. Tyburski
Restraint Improvement Retrofit Program - Objectives and Requirements E-mail request 1983 Marcus Schwartz
Status on the Availability of Percussion Primers E-mail request 1983 Peter F. Czupryna
Life Support Familiarization Training E-mail request 1983 Darryl Powers
Is There Safety in Numbers? E-mail request 1983 Sharon Massen
A Brief Review of the Performance of the Canadian Aircrew Life Preservers Over the Last Twenty Years E-mail request 1983 C.J. Brooks/ J.A. Firth
Life Support System Program Office - 1983 Corporate Report E-mail request 1983 Randolph C. Jameson
New Performance Requirements for MIL-T-25959 Tiedown Adjusters E-mail request 1983 Mark Porter
Reinforcement Kevlar of Fiberglass in the HGU Helmet Shell E-mail request 1983 Le Thai Huyen
Investigation of the Use of Radar Data for the Measurement of Parachute Rate of Descent and Glide Ratio E-mail request 1983 Tom Bozack
Ages Exploratory Development Investigation of Aircrew Emergency Escape RAM-Air Inflated Flexible Wing E-mail request 1983 Manley C. Butler/ Jr.
U.S. Navy Aircrew Automated Escape Systems (AAES) and Aircrew Life Support Systems (ALSS) In-Service Usage Dat E-mail request 1983 Charles W. Stokes
A Look at "Chair-Chutes" - Parachute Industry's Answer to Airline Safety in the 1940's E-mail request 1983 David Gold
Problems in the Quantification of Aircrew Automated Escape Systems (AAES) In-Service Reliability E-mail request 1983 Frederick C. Guill
U.S. Navy Aircrew Automated Escape Systems (AAES) and Aircrew Life Support Systems (ALSS) In-Service Usage Dat E-mail request 1983 Frederick C. Guill
U.S. Navy Experience with Side-By-Side Unsequenced Escape in A-6 Series Aircraft Lessons to be Learned E-mail request 1983 Frederick C. Guill
An Approach to an Advanced Oxygen System (AOS) E-mail request 1983 John W. Henneman/ James A. Mientus
Escape System Operation Through Adaptive Control E-mail request 1983 Richard J. Dobbek
Parachute Life Expectancy Policy - It's Time For A Change E-mail request 1983 Daniel J. Kolega
Improving Head Crash Protection E-mail request 1983 V.R. Hodgson
Visibility of an Emergency Led Lighting Strip System Through Smoke and Turbid Water E-mail request 1983 H. Gerald Gross
U.S. Navy ALSS Corporate Report - 1983 E-mail request 1983 E.P. Vollmer & David N. DeSimone
Immersion Suits/ Past and Present E-mail request 1983 J.M. Hawkins
A Canopy Module Escape System for Future Tactical Aircraft E-mail request 1983 Edwin R. Schultz
A Computer Model for Prediction of Pilot Performance Based on the Addition of different Weights at Various Loc E-mail request 1983 Mark Darrah/ Robert W. Krutz/ Jr.
U.S. Navy ALSS Corporate Report - 1983 E-mail request 1983 E.P. Vollmer & David N. DeSimone
Advanced Emergency Breathing Systems E-mail request 1983 James W. Castine
Analysis of the Reported Incidence of Tumble/ Flail and Windblast by Ejectee's E-mail request 1983 G. Ronald Herd
U.S. Navy Aviation Mishap Aircrew Anthropometry E-mail request 1983 Frederick C. Guill
Factors Influencing the Incidence of Severity of "Ejection Associates" Neck Injuries Sustained by U.S. Navy Ej E-mail request 1983 Frederick C. Guill
Significance and Limitations of Family Ties Amont Ejection Seat Type Aircrew Automated Escape Systems (AAES) E-mail request 1983 Frederick C. Guill
The Will to Live E-mail request 1983 William W. Spruance
NBC - Protection for Aircrews of Combat Type Jet Aircraft E-mail request 1983 H.D. Gauglitz
Current Research Development of Anti-G Suits E-mail request 1983 Robert W. Krutz/ Jr. & Mark I. Darrah
Examination of Fire Safety of Commercial Aircraft Cabins E-mail request 1984 Wayman L. Johnston & Patrick T. Cahalane
Structural Integrity Tests of a Modified Hybrid III Manikin and Supporting Instrument System E-mail request 1984 George D. Frisch/ Phillip E. Whitley & Paul H. Frisch
A New High-Fidelity Human Analog for Ejection Testing E-mail request 1984 Richard P. White/ Jr. & Richard D. Lawrence
The USAF's Crest Program: A Status Report E-mail request 1984 A. Michael Higgins & Edward O. Roberts
Acceleration Exposure Limits for Escape System Advanced Development E-mail request 1984 James W. Brinkley
Computer Tools and Techniques for Analysis of Discrete Data from Aircrew Automated Escape Systems (AAES) E-mail request 1984 John D. Frutsvold & John E. Vetter
A Single Point Release System for the Advanced Concept Ejection Seat (ACES) II Survival Kit and Parachute Rise E-mail request 1984 Troy N. Whitehurst/ Jr.
Development of a Zero-Prebreathe Spacesuit E-mail request 1984 J.F. Rayfield/ J.J. Kosmo & C.W. Flugel
Yaw Stabilization of an Open Ejection Seat/ Fact or Fantasy? E-mail request 1984 Walter R. Peck
Development of an Impermeable Chemical Defense Protective Ensemble (IMP) E-mail request 1984 Charles R. Sandy
The Future of Advanced Crew Escape Capsule Technology E-mail request 1984 Donald e. McCauley & Mark I. Darrah
Development of Mechanical Components for Advanced Aircrew Seating Systems E-mail request 1984 R. Lloyd Farris
The Continuing Requirement for Helicopter Escape E-mail request 1984 William L. Traynor
U.S. Navy ALSS Corporate Report 1984 E-mail request 1984 E.P. Vollmer & David N. DeSimone
How Much Inherent Buoyancy is Acceptable in a Helicopter Passenger Immersion Suit E-mail request 1984 C.J. Brooks & J.D.M. Provencher
F-111 Escape System - Today's Module Technology E-mail request 1984 George W. Larson
A Scientific Method for Determining the Useful Life of Explosive Devices in Aircraft E-mail request 1984 William E. Early/ Jr.
The Use of TLX Energy Transfer Lines on the F-16 Aircraft E-mail request 1984 William E. Early/ Jr.
Altitude and Acceleration Protection System for High Performance Aircraft E-mail request 1984 Alankar Gpta & Michael B. McGrady
Molecular Sieve Oxygen Systems and Aircraft Role E-mail request 1984 R. Cassidy & A.H. Baker
Aircrew Escape System Models Used in Wind Tunnel Tests E-mail request 1984 Fred J. Sackleh
Aircrew Survival - The Very Beginning E-mail request 1984 Brian Lauffer & Bob O'Bryan
Development of an Electro-Pneumatic Anti-G Valve for High Performance Fighter Aircraft E-mail request 1984 R.E. VanPatten/ T.J. Jennings/ W. Albery/ J.W. Frazier & C. Goodyear
Vectored Thrust Digital Control of Ejection Seats E-mail request 1984 James V. Carroll & M. Keith Klukis
The Effect of +Gz Acceleration on Cardiac Volumes Determined by Two-Dimensional Echocardiography E-mail request 1984 T. Jennings/ J. Seaworth/ D. Ratino/ L. Tripp/ L. Howell & C. Goodyear
Ballistically Deployed Parachute Systems for Single and Two Place Aircraft E-mail request 1984 Paul J. Woodruff
Control Law and Logic Development for Controllable Ejection Seat Catapult E-mail request 1984 Arun K. Trikha
Satellite Usage to Improve Air Safety E-mail request 1984 Walter L. Hurd/ Jr.
Adaptive Operation of Escape Systems: A Look at Design Requirements E-mail request 1984 Richard J. Dobbek
A Method of Obtaining Real-Time Recovery Vehicle Data E-mail request 1984 Dean L. Diebel
Accident Investigation as a Way of Assessing Aviation Life Support System Performance E-mail request 1984 Bruce W. Trenholm
The New "Dual Stage" Test Procedure for Low Cost Measurement of Parachute Performance E-mail request 1984 Richard W. Hunter
Microprocessor-Controlled Parachute Deployment E-mail request 1984 Donald G. Turner
Using Fleet Reported 3-M Data in Support of Navy Emergency Escape Parachute Assemblies E-mail request 1984 Michael A. Martin
A Plan to Modernize the Whirl Tower Test Facility E-mail request 1984 Donald B. Goodrich
Generalized Escape System Simulation: Its Purpose/ Recent Modifications and Potential E-mail request 1984 G.E. Liepens & S.Y. Ohr
Ballistic Gas Fired Devices E-mail request 1984 Paul Milcetic and Morry Schimmel
Limb Restraint Evaluator (LRE) E-mail request 1984 Thomas Gustin
Human Error in Life Support Operatons E-mail request 1984 W.L. Epperson & Janice Gavern
Life Support - Leadership or Followship? E-mail request 1984 Mark a. Massen
A Microprocessor Sequencer for the Advanced Navy Ejection Seat E-mail request 1984 Peter Ayoub
Non-Invasive Physiologic Brain Monitoring in USAF Operational Environments E-mail request 1984 M. Stephen Haswell & Frans Jobsis
The Effect of Water Ingress on Buoyancy and Thermal Quality of Survival Suits E-mail request 1984 A. Pasche & r. Ilmarinen
Using Human Factors to Solve Workplace Health and Safety Problems E-mail request 1984 Sharon Massen
The Canadian Forces Twin Otter Aircraft Operations in the Arctic: A Thermal Assessment E-mail request 1984 G.R. Gamble & T. Rommet
The Anatomy of Sea Skad (Survival Kit Air Droppable) A Canadian Forces/Industry Development Program E-mail request 1984 C.B. Lockett
1984 Life Support System Program Office Report E-mail request 1984 William D. Smith
Protective Respirator for the AAH-64 Advanced Attack Helicopter E-mail request 1984 David M. English & Lewis Dickerson
Aircrew Protection Design/ Training and Mission Management for High Altitude Aerodonetic Operations E-mail request 1984 Bruce L. Brosi
Could Anthropometric Dummy Data Be Used To Predict Injury to Humans? E-mail request 1984 C.D. Gragg
Controllable Ejection Seat Catapult Program E-mail request 1984 Steven J. Baumgartner
Development of a Generalized Escape System Simulation Computer Program E-mail request 1984 Louis A. D'Aulerio & David A. Fender
Development of an Improved Liquid Cooling System E-mail request 1984 Robert Algera
Canadian Developments in Aircrew Chemical Defense Protection E-mail request 1984 G.K. Stewart & J.J. Montour
Pilot Underwater High Pressure Emergency Breathing System E-mail request 1984 Michael Ratajczak
Laboratory and Flight Testing of Ballistic Protective Headgear for Rotary Wing Aircrew E-mail request 1984 Daniel S. McCauley
The State of the Art of Anthropomorphic Manikins and Requirements for the Evaluation of Advanced Aircraft Ejec E-mail request 1984 Julius A. Tieber
A Design for an ICDS Breathing Regulator E-mail request 1984 Lawrence H. Gill
In-Flight Loss of Consciousness -2 E-mail request 1984 David C. Johanson
An Update on the Introduction of New and/or Modified Articles of Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) to the E-mail request 1984 William L. Little & Richard P. Mason
Where's the Beef? E-mail request 1984 Paul Altman
The Role of Safety Engineering in Product Development: Improving the Management/Technical Interface E-mail request 1984 Judith A. Marshall & Ronald Morris
Simulator Sickness: Incidence of Simulator After Effects in Navy Flight Trainers E-mail request 1984 R.S. Kennedy/ B. Dutton/ M.G. Lilienthal/ G.L. Ricard & L.H. Frank
Decompression Sickness and Intavenous Bubble Formation Using a 7.8 PSI Simulated Pressure-Suit Environment E-mail request 1984 G.A. Dixon/ J.D. Adams & W.T. Harvey
USAF R & D Experience with Enclosed Escape Systems E-mail request 1984 James M. Peters
Evaluation of Olefin Anti-Exposure Liners for Their Effects on the Operational Performance and Survival of Nav E-mail request 1984 Suzanne M. Reeps & Jonathan W. Kaufman
SSMIR - A New Approach to Acquiring Data During an Aircraft Seat/Sled Ejection Sequence E-mail request 1984 Richard P. White/ Jr. Ronald J. Spicuzza & Daniel M. Watters
Hand Grip Strength Decrease Related to Hand Skin Temperature Drop During Six-Hour Ice Cold Water Immersion E-mail request 1984 R. Ilmarinen
Approach for Service Life Extension of Explosive Devices for Aircraft Escape Systems E-mail request 1984 Laurence J. Bement & Morry L. Schimmel
The Will to Live E-mail request 1984 William W. Spruance
Man-Rating the USAFSAM Centrifuge E-mail request 1984 David C. Hall
Evaluation of Pilot Performance and Aircrew Protective Devices in a Simulalted F-14 Flat Spin Environment E-mail request 1984 Jacob Eyth/ Jr. & David P. Gleisner
A Philosophical Basis for the Use of High-Performance Gliding Parachutes in Ejection Seat Aircraft E-mail request 1984 Manley C. Butler/ Jr.
Compensating-Slit Canopy Design: A New Low-Speed/High-Speed Parachute E-mail request 1984 David C. Hass
Technical Subcommittee Report E-mail request 1985 Tom Kienholz
Escape Subcommittee Report E-mail request 1985 Dick Atkins
Life Support Subcommittee Report E-mail request 1985 Vin Rajpaul
Flow Stagnation as an Advanced Windblast Protection Technique E-mail request 1985 Lawrence J. Specker
Evaluation of a Pre-Ejection Upper Torso Retraction Device E-mail request 1985 Michael J. Connors & James W. Brinkley
The Technology Impact of the Advanced Technology Crew Protection (ATCP) System on High Performance Aircraft E-mail request 1985 Kristen K. Alexander/ Theresa A. Henneman & S.A. Thompson
Preparation and Retention of Documents in Anticipation of Product Liability Litigation E-mail request 1985 Bruce D. Campbell
Visibility threshold Range Observations of LED Emergency Egress Lighting Strips and Signs through Dense Smoke E-mail request 1985 H. Gerald Gross
Comparison of F-101 Ejection Seat and ACES II Static Aerodynamic Coefficients E-mail request 1985 Lawrence J. Specker
The Risk of Collision in a Two Seat Aircraft Ejection E-mail request 1985 John D. Fritsvold & John E. Vetter
Scott Emergency Escape Breathing Device - Evaluation for Use in Canadian Forces Aircraft E-mail request 1985 N.A. Martin
Design of a Portable/ Collapsible Hyperbaric Chamber E-mail request 1985 Robert Algera & Gene A. Dixon
Development of a Controllable Catapult for Ejection Seats E-mail request 1985 James M. Peters & James A. Hubert
An Engineering Test and Evaluation of Several New Anti-G Valves E-mail request 1985 Larry J. Meeker/ A.G. Krueger & Paul Love
The "ADCAR" - Advanced Chemical Defense Aircrew Respirator E-mail request 1985 William K. Ansite
Retrofit energy-Absorbing Crewseat for the Sh-3 (S-61 Series) Sea King Helicopter E-mail request 1985 R.E. Zimmerman
Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generation System (MSOGS) Onboard the B-1B Bomber E-mail request 1985 John B. Tedor
The Role of Government Human Factors Specialists in the Acquisition of Life Support Equipment E-mail request 1985 Janice Gavern
System Safety Development Center Medical and Human Factors in Accident Investigation E-mail request 1985 Lawrence R. Klinestiver
High Speed Ejection Tests of a Modified Hybrid III Manikin E-mail request 1985 D. Frisch/ P. Whitley/ G. Wydra & D. Holdaway
The Development of Two Prototype Facial Protection Systems for High Performance Aircrew Helmets E-mail request 1985 Jocelyn Pedder/ Nicholas Shewchanko/ James a. Newman & John W. Armstrong
The Boeing Crew Escape Technologies (CREST) Program E-mail request 1985 Roger F. Yurczyk
New Developments in On Board Oxygen Generators E-mail request 1985 B.M. Brewer/ R.J. Searle & G.F. Stevenson
Evaluation of 9.5 PSIA as a Suit Pressure for Prolonged Extravehicular Activity E-mail request 1985 Gene A. Dixon & Robert Krutz
Development of a Portable Oxygen System Analyzer E-mail request 1985 Holden/ Tedor/ Bergquist/ Moran & Eiserer
Habitability in the Chemical Warfare (CW) Scenario E-mail request 1985 S.D. Gleason
Mach Number Immune Microprocessor Controlled Sequencer for Open Ejection Seats Using On-Board Environmental Se E-mail request 1985 Walter R. Peck
Advancements in Inertia Reels for Fixed Seating Aircraft E-mail request 1985 R. Lloyd Farris & J. Mike Byers
Auditing of a Product Safety & Liability Prevention Program E-mail request 1985 Rodney e. Schaeffer & George H. Abendroth
The Biodynamics Data Bank: An Overview of DB56 E-mail request 1985 M.H. Maxwell
Do We Need to Know More Safety? E-mail request 1985 Sharon Masen
Emergency Underwater Escape from Helicopters E-mail request 1985 George Gillespie & William L. Little
Army Initiatives in Design/ Test and Evaluation of Protective Respirators E-mail request 1985 David M. English
Tactical Life Support System (TLSS) Aircrew Integrated Garment E-mail request 1985 R.D. Michas/ J.C. Steffler/ F. Buick & K.N. Ackles
Current Research on Advanced Concept Anti-G Suits E-mail request 1985 R.E. VanPatten
Systems Safety Analysis Methods Applied to Computer Software E-mail request 1985 Peter J. Wetterline & Wayman L. Johnston
The Changing Face of Constant Wear Anti-Exposure Protection E-mail request 1985 Suzanne M. Reeps/ Lauretta Welch Wormser/ Richard T. Erickson & Gary r. Whitman
Chemical Contamination Studies on a Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator (MSOC): Comparison of MG3 and 5AMG M E-mail request 1985 G.W. Miller/ K.G. Ikels & P.A. Lozano
Test and Evaluation of the B-1B Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generating System E-mail request 1985 James P. Clink & John B. Tedor
A New Standard for Protective Headgear -BS 6658 E-mail request 1985 David H. Glaister
Automatic Inflation Modulation (A.I.M.) Parachute Up-Date E-mail request 1985 David B. Webb
Development of a Mechanical Analog of a Human Spine and Viscera E-mail request 1985 Richard P. White/ Jr. & Brian P. Murphy
A Comparison of Postural Equilibrium Effects Following Exposure to Different Ground-Based Flight Trainers E-mail request 1985 Robert S. Kennedy/ P.J. Merkle/ Jr. & Michael G. Lilienthal
Human Factors Problems in Escape/Egress/ Survival and Rescue Phases of Naval Mishaps (1978-1981) E-mail request 1985 V.M. Voge
Mishap Investigation - Solving Life Support's Puzzles E-mail request 1985 Darryl Powers
Parachute Service Life Extension Program E-mail request 1985 Richard W. Hunter
The Naval Weapons Center Parascension Training Project E-mail request 1985 Manley C. Butler/ Jr.
Evolution of the Seawater Activated Release System (SEAWARS) E-mail request 1985 Daniel W. Long
In-Flight Loss of Consciousness: A First Look at the U.S. Navy Experience E-mail request 1985 D.C. Johanson/ H.T. Pheeny J.F. Palmer & R.A. Matthews
Sensor Selection for the Boeing CREST Ejection Seat Design E-mail request 1985 Arun K. Trikha
Boeing Control Law for CREST Demonstration Ejection Seat E-mail request 1985 Arun K. Trikha & Keith S. Duffy
Concept Development of a Canopy Escape Module E-mail request 1985 James A. Hubert
Development of a New Lightweight Emergency Escape Breathing Device E-mail request 1985 Pierre Pelloux-Gervais & Edmund G. White
Potential for Disaster - The DoD Acquisition Streamlining Initiative E-mail request 1985 Rex B. Gordon
Improvements and Modifications to Naval Helicopter Helmets E-mail request 1985 Robert P. Hay/ Donna M. Nicolo & Christina Gdowik
Single Stage Rapid Response Anti-G Valve E-mail request 1985 Wim Lam & Mike Ratajczak
Design and Development of the Ambulatory Casualty CW Suit and Protected Intravenous System E-mail request 1985 Myrna Fagen & Alan E. George
The Calspan Interchange Mechanism - A Novel Solution to Entrance/Egress Problems E-mail request 1985 Charles K. Akers & Saverio M. Pugliese
Robotic Systems Concepts for the Rapid Turnaround of Tactical Aircraft in a Biochemical Environment E-mail request 1985 Edwin R. Schultz
The Will to Live E-mail request 1985 William Spruance
1985 Life Support System Program Office Report E-mail request 1985 William D. Smith
Biodynamics of Personnel Parachute Landings: A Fresh Look at Parachute Descent Rates E-mail request 1985 David C. Johanson & Kurt E. Wittendorfer
Anti-G Suit Protection and Body Position E-mail request 1985 Edwin Hendler/ Leonid Hrebien & Phillip Whitley
Helmet Assembly Aerodynamic Interference Effects on ACES II Ejection Seat Operation E-mail request 1985 John B. Arnaiz
Evaluation of the Crash Environment and Injury-Causing Hazards in U.S. Navy Helicopters E-mail request 1985 Joseph w. Coltman/ Stephen Arndt & Leon Domzalski
The Relationship of Intravascular Bubbles to Bends at Altitude E-mail request 1985 R.W. Krutz/ Jr./ G.A. Dixon/ R.M. Olson & A.A. Moore
An Appreciation of AEA Integration (Panel Session) E-mail request 1985 P.H.R. Gill
GLOC and Disorientation Critical Areas in Aerospace Physiology Today (Panel Session) E-mail request 1985 R. Trumbo/ H. Carter/ B. Marlow/ J. Fosdick/ R. Island/ J. Greene & J.E. Whinnery
Limb Flail Injuries in USAF Ejection's: 1979-1985 E-mail request 1986 Rudolph C. Delgado
Decompression Tests of the French Personal Flight Equipment in 439 - VHA90 E-mail request 1986 H. Marotte/ G. Gutman & V. Crome
Acceleration Loading Tolerance of Selected Night Vision Goggle Systems: A Model Analysis E-mail request 1986 M.I. Darrah/ C.R. Seavers/ A.J. Wang & D.W. Dew
Simulation of a Highly Dynamic G-time Profile: A Predictive Algorithm for Crewmember Acceleration Tolerance E-mail request 1986 Mark I. Darrah & Edward A. Klein
A Computer Simulation of the Hybrid II Manikin Head-Neck System E-mail request 1986 Brian J. Doherty & Jacqueline G. Paver
The Crest System Design E-mail request 1986 Douglas E. Swanson & Gerald F. Herndon
The Crest Restraint System Development Program E-mail request 1986 R. L. Farris/ Ernest L. Stech & Roger Yurczyk
The Crest Seat Structure Development E-mail request 1986 Gerald F. Herndon & Douglas E. Swanson
The Crest Windblast Protection System Design E-mail request 1986 Samuel T. Maynard & Douglas E. Swanson
Evaluation of Fall Protection Equipment by Prolonged Motionless Suspension of Volunteers E-mail request 1986 Mary Ann Orzech/ Mark D. Goodwin/ J. W. Brinkley/ M. D. Salerno & J. Seaworth
The Development of Emergency Parachute Systems for the Voyager World Flight E-mail request 1986 Manley C. Butler/ Jr.
Human Tolerance Enhancement in High Onset Rate/ High Sustained +Gz with a Pulsating Servo Anti-G Valve E-mail request 1986 W.B. Albery/ R.E. VanPatten/ T.A. Gordon/ J.W. Frazier & C. Goodyear
Adam: the Next Step in Development of the True Human Analog E-mail request 1986 Richard P. White/ Jr. & Aileen M. Bartol
Dynamic Response of the Human Head to +Gz Impact E-mail request 1986 M. D. Salerno/ J. W. Brinkley/ M. A. Orzech
Koch Emergency Egress Lighting Systems for Adverse Optical Conditions for Military and Commercial Aircraft and E-mail request 1986 H. Gerald Gross
The USAF Advanced Dynamic Anthropomorphic Manikin: Adam E-mail request 1986 Roy R. Rasmussen/ Jr. & Ints Kaleps
Space Shuttle Orbiter Ejection Seat Survey E-mail request 1986 Troy N. Whitehurst/ Jr.
Multi-Axis Seat Ejection (MASE) Sled E-mail request 1986 Larry C. Mixon
Night Vision Issues in 23 AF E-mail request 1986 David L. Hammer
Introducing the Mk 15 Ejection Seat E-mail request 1986 Brian A. Miller
Aircraft Passenger Protection from Smoke and Fire E-mail request 1986 John S.S. Stewart
Development of the Tactical Aircrew Eye Respiratory Systems E-mail request 1986 John Damron
Crest Flight Controller E-mail request 1986 F.D.N. Gould/ J.W. Machia & I.S. Mehdi
NACES - P3 and Beyond E-mail request 1986 Brian A. Miller
NACES - The Program and the Seat E-mail request 1986 Brian A. Miller
AR 70-71 - What Does It Mean To You? E-mail request 1986 Charles K. Akers
The SRU-36/P Helo Emergency Egress Device E-mail request 1986 George Gillespie & Stan Cardwell
H-46 Helicopter Emergency Floatation System (HEFS) E-mail request 1986 John J. Tyburski & William A. Mawhinney
The Effect of Pyridostigmine Bromide on In-Flight Aircrew Subjective Workload and Mood E-mail request 1986 V. Gawron/ S. Schiflett/ J. Miller & J. Ball
Advanced Technology Cockpit Program E-mail request 1986 Jacob Eyth/ Jr.
The Adam Data Acquisition System E-mail request 1986 Joseph f. Kowalski
Challenges of Developing Controllable Propulsion for the Crew Escape Technologies (CREST) Seat E-mail request 1986 W.L. Graser/ J.E. Glod & P.H. Lucas
The Boeing Crew Escape Technologies (CREST) Program - An Update E-mail request 1986 Roger F. Yurczyk & Robert E. Braeutigam
An Emergency Command Recognizer for Voiced System Control E-mail request 1986 Peter Wetterline & Waymon L. Johnston
Say Again! I Repeat/ Say Again E-mail request 1986 Donald C. Gasaway
Let's Take Another Look at Non-Ionizing Electro-Magnetic Radiation E-mail request 1986 Sharon Massen
Decompression Sickness and Venous Gas Emboli E-mail request 1986 K.W. Smead/ R.W. Krutz/ G.A. Dixon/ J. Webb
Helmet Mounted Displays for Tactical Aircraft E-mail request 1986 William A. Sylvester
The Design Evolution of the Mechanical Analog of the Human Dynamic Spine/Viscera E-mail request 1986 Richard P. White/ Jr. & Brian P. Murphy
Dealing with the Problem of Delayed Ejection's E-mail request 1986 William L. Little
Top Assembly Drawings of Aircrew Personnel Configurations: New Items to the Fleet in Less than Half the Time E-mail request 1986 Michael P. Cannon & B. RaNae Contarino
Current Research on an Artificial Intelligence-Based Loss of Consciousness Monitoring System for Advanced Figh E-mail request 1986 R.E. VanPatten
United States Navy Molecular Sieve On-Board Oxygen Generation (OBOG) System Development Efforts: A History and E-mail request 1986 Matthew J. Lamb
Physiological Strain in Actual Fire Fighting Tasks E-mail request 1986 V. Louhevaara/ T. Sjoblam & J.M. Venalainen
The Biodynamics Data Bank: An Overview E-mail request 1986 Marjo H. Maxwell
Dynamic Analysis of Inertial Loading Effects of Head Mounted Systems E-mail request 1986 Eberhardt Privitzer & Jeffrey J. Settecerri
The Will To Live E-mail request 1986 William W. Spruance
Laser Fiber Optic Initiation System E-mail request 1986 Ben E. Paul/ Joung r. Cook & John A. Cobbett
An Update on the Dual-Stage Test Procedure for Low-Cost Measurement of Parachute Performance E-mail request 1986 Richard W. Hunter
Performance Studies on a Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator (MSOC): Comparison of MG3/ 5AMG and 13X Molecul E-mail request 1986 G.W. Miller & C.F. Theis
Inductively Coupled Initiator E-mail request 1986 Albert A. Khant & Thomas J. Gebhard
L.W. Skad (Light Weight Survival Kit Air Droppable) Development Program E-mail request 1986 Peter D. Johnson
Delethalized Cyclic Control Stick E-mail request 1986 Richard E. Zimmerman & Kent F. Smith
Mental and Physical Performance at Core Temperatures as Low as 31.2oC E-mail request 1986 G.G. Giesbrecht & C.K. Bristow
Mass Properties and Inertial Loading Effects of Head Encumbering Devices E-mail request 1986 Jeffrey J. Settecerri/ Jennifer McKenzie/ Eberhardt Privitzer & Robert M. Beecher
Molecular Sieves for Onboard Storage of Gaseous Oxygen and Nitrogen E-mail request 1986 Kenneth G. Ikels & Cherie J. Noles
Evaluation of Full-Body Harnesses During Prolonged Motionless Suspension of Volunteers E-mail request 1987 Mary Ann Orzech/ Terri L. Wilkerson/ M.D. Goodwin/ J.W. Brinkley & K.R. Getschow
Individual Ventilator/Resuscitator (Gas Powered Individual Ventilator) GPV E-mail request 1987 William K. Ansite
Attrition of Molecular Sieve in On board Oxygen Generating Systems E-mail request 1987 Cherie J. Noles & Kenneth G. Ikels
High Altitude-Low Profile Positive Pressure Breathing (HA/LP-PPB) Oxygen Mask Assembly E-mail request 1987 Orland Wilcox & Nevan Engle
Space Station Emergency Egress and EVA Lighting Considerations and Candidate Koch Hardware E-mail request 1987 H. Gerald Gross
Performance Criteria for the MSOGS E-mail request 1987 K.G. Ikels/ J.B. Bomar/ Jr. & R.L. Miller
Evaluation of Collective Protection Systems E-mail request 1987 W.R. Scott & R.E. Simpson
Al Altered Control Position for Simulating Fluid Shifts During Shuttle Launch E-mail request 1987 James T. Webb/ Kenneth W. Smead & Rebecca Inderbitzen
A Computerized Repository System for Collecting and Retrieving Acceleration Stress Data E-mail request 1987 Bijan Eshaghian & Paul Lozano
A Comparison of Uniform Pressure Anti-G Suits E-mail request 1987 R.W. Krutz/ Jr./ A.G. Krueger & R.R. Burton
An Engineering Test and Evaluation of Several New Anti-G Valves E-mail request 1987 Larry J. Meeker/ A.G. Krueger & Paul E. Love
The Will To Live E-mail request 1987 William W. Spruance
Transportable Collective Protection System (TCPS) E-mail request 1987 Regina Connor & Allan E. George
Aircrew Eye/Respiratory Protection (AERP) Program E-mail request 1987 David Little/ Robert Tompkins & George Warner
A Historical Review of U.S. Aircraft Statistics Suggesting the Need for Automatic Flight Path Recovery Systems E-mail request 1987 T.J. Miller/ D.E. Price & M.I. Darrah
An Update of State-of-the-Art Survival Items for USN/USMC Aircrew E-mail request 1987 George Gillespie & Murray Sloane
Development of an Oxygen Mask Integrated Arterial Oxygen Saturation (SaO2) Monitoring System for Pilot Protect E-mail request 1987 Lloyd D. Trip & William T. Albery
Eyeblink Monitoring as a Means of Measuring Pilot Physiological State E-mail request 1987 Patrick M. O'Brien
OBOGS - A Technical Update of System Features and Options E-mail request 1987 Robert L. Cramer
Consistency Across Measures of Simulator Sickness: Implications for a Biocybernetic Safety Reporting Device E-mail request 1987 Robert S. Kenneth/ Michael G. Lilienthal/ D.R. Baltzley/ G.O. Allgood & D.W. Gower
The Personnel Lowering Device E-mail request 1987 V. Campelli/ E. Stech/ H. Varner & R. Frost
Data Acquisition and Digital Recording Device for Impact Test E-mail request 1987 J.M. Clere/ D. Lebrun/ J.L. Poirier & K. Smead
Aircrew Integrated Systems (AIS) Program E-mail request 1987 Marty Clement/ Brian Knorr & Peter Hanlen
Aerodynamic Characteristics of the ACES-II Ejection Seat at Transonic Mach Numbers E-mail request 1987 David E.A. Reichenau & B.J. White
Difficulties in the Establishment of a Production Facility to Comply with WS-6536 E-mail request 1987 Douglas G. Scheid
A New Approach to Head and Neck Support E-mail request 1987 Robert P. Hubbard
The Prediction of Hybrid II Manikin Head-Neck Kinematics and Dynamics E-mail request 1987 Jacqueline Paver & Barron Fishburne
Multi-Axis Ejection (MASE) Sled E-mail request 1987 Howard G. Clark
ADAM - the Physical Being E-mail request 1987 Richard P. White/ Jr.
Cockpit and Equipment Integration Laboratory: Mission/ Methodology and Activities E-mail request 1987 Tracy C. Orr/ Todd T. Vikan/ Richard A. White & Durrell Bess
In-Flight Tests of the Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat (NACES) E-mail request 1987 Lou D'Aulerio & Peter Yost
The Integrated Concept for Aircrew Life Support Equipment E-mail request 1987 Todd T. Vikan/ John B. Bomar & Tracy C. Orr
Acceptability of Standard USAF Breathing Gear at High Altitude E-mail request 1987 R.D. Holden/ J.B. Bomar R.B. O'Connor/ C.S. Wright & T.E. Nesthus
Qualification and Operational Aspects of Light Weight Skad (Light Weight Survival Kit Air Droppable) E-mail request 1987 Peter D. Johnson
Ozone Contaminant Testing of a Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator (MSOC) E-mail request 1987 G.W. Miller
Investigation of an Automatically Adjustable Energy Absorber E-mail request 1987 J.D. Glatz & James C. Warrick
Energy Absorbing System Design and Evaluation Using a Discrete Element Model of the Spine E-mail request 1987 Eberhardt Privitzer
Advanced Crew Escape Capsule Technologies Program E-mail request 1987 A.K. Trikha/ J.M. Peters & S.M. Warren
Pyrolaser and Optical Initiator Development E-mail request 1987 Ben E. Paul & John a. Cobbett
Anti-G Valves: When is Fast/ Too Fast? E-mail request 1987 Mike Ratajczak
Safety In Man-Machine Interfaces E-mail request 1987 Peter Wetterline & Waymon L. Johnston
System Safety in Facilities and the X-Wing E-mail request 1987 James C. Phillip
Passive Thermal Protection System E-mail request 1987 Kevin T. Betz
The Development of an Instrumented Human-Like Pelvis for Incorporation into State-of-the-Art Manikins E-mail request 1987 George D. Frisch
Updating Safety and Health Standards: The Ethics Issue E-mail request 1987 Sharon Massen
Flight Helmets - User Requirements and How They Are Achieved E-mail request 1987 Roy W. Gamblin
An Alternative Approach to High-G Protection E-mail request 1987 Robert E. VanPatten
Altitude Chamber Testing of a Parachutist's High Altitude Oxygen Supply (PHAOS) System E-mail request 1987 Mike Ratajczak
An Investigation of the Pressure in an Ejection Seat Bay Due to Rocket Jet E-mail request 1987 Ping Qui
Hypervelocity Technology (HVT) Crew Escape E-mail request 1987 Lanny A. Jines
Ten Years of Acceleration Research E-mail request 1988 B. Eshaghian/ E.M. Forster & J.R. Fischer/ Jr.
Measuring Heart Rate Response to the Wingate Cycle Ergometer Test E-mail request 1988 J.F. Wiegman/ G.A. Drew & S.F. Stranges
Transonic/Supersonic (720 KEAS 1.2 MACH) Ejection Demonstration Test of an S4S Biofidelity Manikin (BFM1) E-mail request 1988 Lawrence E. Kinker/ Robert McConnell/ George Frisch & Donald E. McCauley
Hypoxia Symptoms Resulting from Various Breathing Gas Mixtures at High Altitude E-mail request 1988 Thomas e. Nesthus/ John B. Bomar/ Jr. & Ronald D. Holden
Audio and Visual Ultrasonic Monitoring of Altitude Decompression Sickness E-mail request 1988 C.L. Baas/ R.M. Olson & G.A. Dixon
A Small Inert Gas Generator E-mail request 1988 Paul Scheie/ Kenneth Ikels & Cherie Noles
Test and Evaluation of the Hymatic Rodditch Anti-G Valve E-mail request 1988 Larry J. Meeker & Arnold G. Krueger
Determining a Bends-Preventing Pressure for a Space Suit E-mail request 1988 R.W. Krutz/ Jr./ J.t. Webb & G.A. Dixon
The Application of Anthropometric Data to the Sizing of Aircrew Pressure Protective G-Garments E-mail request 1988 W.R. Scott & R.E. Simpson
Development of the Rocket Extraction Escape System for the Space Shuttle E-mail request 1988 Owen Langsmith & Steven R. Nagel
Landing Gear Integrity - The Bottom Line of Aircraft Safety E-mail request 1988 George J. Sperry & Richard P. White
Automobile Battery Explosions-A Solution E-mail request 1988 C.J. Abraham & Malcolm Newman
A Major Breakthrough in Shipboard Fire Emergency Egress Marking and Lighting for Dense Black Diesel Smoke: Koc E-mail request 1988 H. Gerald Gross
A General Purpose Solids Man Model with Animation Capabilities - Applied to the Crash Victim Simulator E-mail request 1988 A.J. Wang
Effect of Different Schedulkes of Assisted Positive Pressure Breathing on G-Level Tolerance E-mail request 1988 J.M. Clere/ D. LeJeune/ D. Tran-Cong-Chi/ H. Marotte & J.L. Poirier
Pilot Reaction to High G Stress on the Human Centrifuge E-mail request 1988 J. Fischer/ L. Meeker/ K. Gillingham & J. Webb
Advanced Recovery Sequencer (ARS) E-mail request 1988 James Schoen & Kit Q. Boyd
OBOGS for Japanese New Intermediate Jet Trainer T-4 E-mail request 1988 Norio Toda/ Morio Ido & Michio Etoh
A Pronated Escape System for Fighter Aircraft E-mail request 1988 Jeff Olinger & Jeff Nicholson
Controlling Severed Helicopter Blades During Emergency Escape E-mail request 1988 Gary L. Jarvis & William E. McElrath
Shuttle Seated Extraction Feasibility Study E-mail request 1988 Steven R. Nagel & Laurence J. Bement
Boeing Transonic Windblast Generator System (BTWGS) E-mail request 1988 W.M. Sterry & Robert J. Mondrzyk
Development of a Flashlamp Pumped Laser Initiated Transfer Energy Subsystem E-mail request 1988 Thomas J. Blachowski
A Developmental System for Protection from G-Induced Loss of Consciousness E-mail request 1988 D.A. Fisher/ M.I. Darrah/ G.W. Campbell & K.G. Mathews
Aft Facing Transport Aircraft Passenger Seats Under 16G Dynamic Crash Simulation E-mail request 1988 Vahe Bilezikjian
Canopy Fragilization Using Embedded Detonating Cord E-mail request 1988 Charles A. Dieman/ Jr.
Direct Shock Initiation of Cartridges and Cads E-mail request 1988 Christopher K. DeBolt
Arresting Adsorbent Abrasion and Attrition E-mail request 1988 Donald H. White/ Jr.
Emergency Oxygen for Tactical Aircraft E-mail request 1988 Steven N. Ulosevich & John B. Bomar/ Jr.
Manual Reverse Osmosis Desalinators: Development and Applications E-mail request 1988 Richard Hembree
System Engineering Applied to the Aircrew Eye/Respirator Protection (AERP) Program E-mail request 1988 Edward H. Thrush
Safety Management in Aircraft Testing and Certification E-mail request 1988 Wiegers/ Gross/ Johnson/ Snyder & Zinn
Distinguishing Spatial Disorientation Devices E-mail request 1988 R.A.G. Montgomery/ Jr. & K.S.S. Montgomery
Visual Dominance Training: A Method of Spatial Orientation Training? (A Call for Research) E-mail request 1988 Kenneth S.S. Montgomery & Robert A.G. Montgomery/ Jr.
The New Generation Flight Suit E-mail request 1988 Marian P. Faile
Pyrolaser Development for Aircrew Escape Systems E-mail request 1988 Ben E. Paul & John A. Cobbett
A Description of the Naval Air Development Center's Ejection Tower and Crash Test Facilities and their Uses E-mail request 1988 J.D. Glatz
Secondary Oxygen Purifier for Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator E-mail request 1988 G.W. Miller & C.F. Theis
Gz Sensitive automatic Reclining Aircrewmember Seat E-mail request 1988 Tom Zenobi
You Don't Make Money for Practicing Safety - You Don't Make Money if You Don't E-mail request 1988 Sharon Massen
Spinal response/Injury Assessment During Various Ejection and Crash Scenarios Employing Manikin Based Load and E-mail request 1988 George D. Frisch/ Kenneth Miller & Paul H. Frisch
Spectra High Performance Fibers for the Fabrication of Lightweight Parachute Systems E-mail request 1988 Keith Benefield
New Improvements to Communications and Hearing Protection in High Noise Environments E-mail request 1988 Roy w. Gamblin & K. Alan Hall
Ignitability Test Method E-mail request 1988 Laurence J. Bement & Morry L. Schimmel
F-14 Flat Spin Recovery Aids Analysis E-mail request 1988 Nancy J. Lindsey
Water Test Facilities for Aviation Life Support Equipment E-mail request 1988 William A. Mawhinney
Computer System Safety and Legal Liabilities E-mail request 1988 P. Wetterlind & W. Johnson
Man Rating Concepts for Human Centrifuges E-mail request 1988 Carl Pierce
Description/ Specific Projects/ and Goal of the Fuel Fire Test Facility E-mail request 1988 George H. Kydd & Joan c. Marano-Goyco
Anti-G-Suit Inflation Rates: An Historical Overview E-mail request 1988 R.E. VanPatten
Army Aircrew Eye Protection Against Laser Radiation and Ballistic Fragments E-mail request 1988 Herbert E. Lee
Development of an Advanced High Altitude Flight Suit E-mail request 1988 J. Damron/ T. Howard/ T. Morgan & R. Hoskins
Analysis of the Threat and Development of Proposed Requirements for Naval and Marine Corps Extreme Cold Weathe E-mail request 1988 Suzanne M. Reeps/ Tara M. Larson & Jonathan W. Kaufman
The Will To Live E-mail request 1988 William W. Spruance
Breathing Systems and Acceleration Protection (Panel Session) E-mail request 1988 T.R. Morgan/ N.F. Pooler/ J. Bomar/ R. Harding/ L. Meeker & T. Jennings
Reconfigured Lap Restraint Offers Tolerance Increase in +Gz Acceleration (Panel Session) E-mail request 1988 William H. Muzzy III/ Norman S. Gilbert & Russell C. Grunsten
Chemical/Biological/Radiological (CBR) Warfare Protection: Past/ Present and Future (Panel Session) E-mail request 1988 M. Darrah/ A. Lloyd/ D. Kitrell/ A. MacMillan/ W. Banks/ J. Morse/ W. McGee & J. McIntyre
Test and Adjustment of Smoke-Protection Equipment for Aircrew (Panel Session) E-mail request 1988 Henry Marotte/ Damien LeJeune/ Richard Zapata & Martine Kerguelen
Study and Design of an Electronic Oxygen Regulator Prototype for Aircrew (Panel Session) E-mail request 1988 Henry Marotte/ Richard Zapata/ Jean Deshayes & Jean-Michel Clere
Demonstration of a Laser Ordnance Initiation System in an F-16 Sled E-mail request 1989 John A. Cobbett & Murphy J. Landry
Mechanical and Gas Activated Pryolasers for Laser Ordnance Initiation Systems E-mail request 1989 John a. Cobbett
New Electronic Anti-G Valve and Regulator Ensemble E-mail request 1989 Clere/ Marotte/ Lejeune/ Zapata & P-Gervai
Characteristics of Optical Circuits for Laser Optical Initiation Systems Including Pre- or In-Flight Checkouts E-mail request 1989 Murphy J. Landry
Development and Demonstration of Crest Subsystems E-mail request 1989 Douglas E. Swanson
The Evolution of On-board Inert Gas Generation Systems (OBIGGS) E-mail request 1989 Robert G. Clodfelter
Integrating OBOGS and OBIGGS - The V-22 Concentrator E-mail request 1989 Christopher T. Turner
A 99% Purity Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator E-mail request 1989 George W. Miller & Clarence F. Theis
The Effect of Various Straining Maneuvers on Cardiac Volumes at 1G and During +Gz Acceleration E-mail request 1989 John Seaworth/ David Ratino & Chuck Goodyear
Development of an Advanced Technology Ballistic Powered Inertia Reel E-mail request 1989 Bob LeVay
Modern Pneumatic Technology and the Challenges of Physiological Protection for the Pilot of Advanced Fighter A E-mail request 1989 Henry Marotte/ Jean-Michel Clere/ Georges Gutman & Raymond Beaussant
Fighter Escape Systems - The Next Step Forward E-mail request 1989 Brian A. Miller
Skeletal Segment Development for an Advanced Manikin E-mail request 1989 C. Vanlngen-Dunn/ J. Coltman & Ints Kaleps
The Introduction of the Inner Immersion coverall for British Military Aircrew E-mail request 1989 Peter Willett
  E-mail request 1989 Steven D. Beare
Utilization of Emergency Medical Kits by Air Carriers E-mail request 1989 J.R. Hordinsky & M.H. George
  E-mail request 1989 Elizabeth R. Van Amerongen
Spacecraft Crew Escape E-mail request 1989 Brian A. Miller
An Update on SKAD (Survival Kit Air Droppable) Systems E-mail request 1989 P.D. Johnson
Including Safety in Expert Systems E-mail request 1989 Peter Wetterlind
Development and Evolution of the U.S. Army SPH-Series Aircrew Helmet E-mail request 1989 Ronald W. Palmer
Ejection Seat Rocket Catapult Design for Reduced G Field Influence E-mail request 1989 Craig Wheeler & Frank Costigan
Heat and Moisture Transport in Impermeable Boots E-mail request 1989 Brian Farnworth
Problems Encountered in the Application of Flexible Confined Detonating Cord in Emergency aircrew Escape Syste E-mail request 1989 Steven J. Kelly & Ira A. Pigg
Crash Victim Modeling of a New Head and Neck Support - HansTM E-mail request 1989  
Advanced Airborne Oxygen Sensors E-mail request 1989 M.W. Harral
Preliminary Acceleration Test Results of the ATS/ an Integrated System for CBR/ Environmental/ and Acceleratio E-mail request 1989 A.N. deGaston
Enhanced Anatomically Representative Manikin Pelvis Supporting a Self-Contained Instrumentation/Electronics Su E-mail request 1989 Paul H. Frisch & Peter Ayoub
Ignitability Test Method - Part 2 E-mail request 1989 Laurence J. Bement & Morry L. Schimmel
Helicopter In-Flight Stores Jettison E-mail request 1989 L.J. Bement/ D. Jahsman & M.L. Schimmel
The Minipac II Ejection Seat Program E-mail request 1989 Robert B. Calkins
Advanced Technology Application in the Production of Space Suit Gloves E-mail request 1989 Phil Spampinato/ Dave Cadogan & Tony McKee
The Technical Challenges of the Crew Escape Technologies Program E-mail request 1989 Edward O. Roberts
Recent Escape System Parachute Efforts at Douglas Aircraft Company E-mail request 1989 Robert B. Calkins
Hardware-in-the-Loop testing of the Crest Ejection Seat Control System E-mail request 1989 G.J. Burmeister & B.M. Fritchman
Northrop Advanced Fighter Crew Protection System - Part 1 Engineering Development E-mail request 1989 John Damron & Sam Puma
Northrop Advanced Fighter Crew Protection System - Part II System Development/ Test & Evaluation E-mail request 1989 Sam Puma & John Damron
Simulation of Gx Forces Using Impulse Accelerators E-mail request 1989 Richard P. White/ Jr. & Martin G. Vogel
Positive Pressure Breathing and G (PPB&G) Chemical Protective System: An Integrated Approach E-mail request 1989 Lisa Jackson & John Damron
Canopy breaking System for Non-Delay Pilot Rescue E-mail request 1989 Ralph Koch & Hartmut Gehse
The Relevance of Acceleration Protection Metrics E-mail request 1989 R.E. Van Patten
Human Centrifuge Onset Rates E-mail request 1989 R.E. Van Patten
The Will To Live E-mail request 1989 William W. Spruance
Development of the HGU-67/P Helmet for the AH-1W (COBRA) Helicopter E-mail request 1990 Christina A. Horvat & Gregory K. Reh
Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement Under G E-mail request 1990 I. McKenzie
Evaluation of Increased Safety Through Use of Free-Fall Lifeboats E-mail request 1990 James K. Nelson/ Jr./ Robert L. Markle & Rajiv Khandpur
Breathing Equipment Dynamic Requirements E-mail request 1990 John E. Hollingsworth
U.S. Navy/Marine Corps Replacement Helmet for Tactical Aircrew E-mail request 1990 Daniel J. Schmidt
The Delayed Ejection Decision E-mail request 1990 Jesse Jenkins
Recent Advances in Restraint Technology E-mail request 1990 David a. Lorenz
Neck and Body Loads - "All The Data Is Needed" E-mail request 1990 Richard P. White/ Jr. & Aileen M. Bartol
Active Noise Reduction E-mail request 1990 Carolyn R. Geyer
DERP: The Disposable Hood Assembly E-mail request 1990 Lisa Jackson
Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat (NACES) Program Summary E-mail request 1990 Lou D'Aulerio & Peter Yost
  E-mail request 1990 Paul O. Scheie/ Aaron M. Shakocius & Keneth Ikels
Development of a Cats-Eyes Emergency Detachment System E-mail request 1990 G.K. Reh/ D.J. Schmidt & R.L. Greth
COMBAT EDGE: A test Subject Perspective E-mail request 1990 Lloyd D. Tripp/ Jr.
Use of Composite Materials to Develop a Test Manikin with Improved Inertial Properties E-mail request 1990 Caroline Vaningen-Dunn & Ints Kaleps
Development of an Immersion Manikin for Testing of Personal Life Saving Equipment E-mail request 1990 I.M. Light/ P. Slater & A.I. Avery
Aircrew Integrated Survival for Armor Protection (AISAP) for USN/USMC Helo Aircrew E-mail request 1990 Chris White & Brian Harvey
Inertia Reels for Aircrew Restraint System E-mail request 1990 Michael Schultz
Thermal Testing of a 99% Purity Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator E-mail request 1990 George W. Miller & Clarence F. Theis
Canadian CF-18 Aircraft Ejection Seat parachute Update E-mail request 1990 David B. Webb
ACES II Plus Ejection Seat E-mail request 1990 Robert B. Calkins
Effect of Shock Waves Upon Seat Mounted Sensors in Escape Systems E-mail request 1990 Peter Ayoub & Walter Peck
Composite Cylinder Blast Overpressure Testing E-mail request 1990 Douglas J. Dawson
Physiological Response to Pressure Breathing with a Capstan Counter Pressure Vest E-mail request 1990 H.J. Xiao & D.Y. He
Revision of the NATOPS Survival Manual - NAVAIR 00-80T-101 E-mail request 1990 Mary M. Harbeson
Earthwinds E-mail request 1990 Michael C. Todd
Progress Report of Scot's Laser Ordnance Initiator System for Crew Escape E-mail request 1990 John A. Cobbett & Murphy J. Landry
Design of a Tactical Aircrew Training Centrifuge E-mail request 1990 Bernhard H. Richter & Robert E. Van Patten
New dimensions in Spatial Disorientation Training E-mail request 1990 Richard B. Trumbo & Robert A.G. Montgomery
Taking the Blinders off Spatial Disorientation E-mail request 1990 A. Montgomery/ K. Montgomery & J. Patterson
Applying DOD-STD-2167a to Expert Systems Development: Procedures and Problems E-mail request 1990 Peter Wetterlind
Output Testing of Small-Arms Primers E-mail request 1990 L.J. Bement/ T.A. Doris/ M.L. Schimmel
Cartridge Output Testing: Methods to Overcome Closed-Bomb Shortcomings E-mail request 1990 Laurence J. Bement & Morry L. Schimmel
Advanced Development of the Laser Initiated Transfer Energy Subsystem (LITES) E-mail request 1990 Thomas J. Blachowski
Feasibility of Air-Launched Free-Fall Boats for Use in Offshore Rescue E-mail request 1990 James K. Nelson/ Jr. Teddy J. Hirsch & Dennis J. Fallon
Breathing Regulator/Anti-G (BRAG) Valve: A Systems Approach to Aircraft Life Support Equipment E-mail request 1990 Michael T. Jackson & Michael F. Ratajczak
Modeling of Contaminant Behavior in OBOGS E-mail request 1990 G. Munkvold/ K. Teague/ T. Edgar & J. Beaman
Dynamic Testing and Enhancement of a Anatomically Representative Pelvis and Integrated Electronics Subsystem E-mail request 1990 Paul H. Frisch/ William Boulay/ John Quartuccio & Terry Jagoe
The Will To Live E-mail request 1990 William W. Spruance
Standardization of NATOPS Emergency Egress Procedures E-mail request 1990 Claudia J. Lee
U.S. Coast Aviation Life Support and Rescue Equipment (Panel Session) E-mail request 1990 David A. Giza
Naval Air Systems Command Program Status (Panel Session) E-mail request 1990 Dennis D. Jackson
Presentation of the Army Aviation Life Support Equipment Program (Panel Session) E-mail request 1990 Richard (Dick) Bee
New Calibration Methods for the Denton Six Channel Head/Neck Load Cell: A Comparative Study E-mail request 1991 Eric K. Spittle Richard P. White/ Jr. & Ints Kaleps
Parachute Canopy Control Simulation: A Solution for Aircrew Emergency Training E-mail request 1991 Jeffrey R. Hogue/ Walter A. Johnson & R. Wade Allen
Survival Technology Restraint Improvement Program Status E-mail request 1991 Gary R. Whitman
Venous Gas Emboli Detection and Endpoints for Decompression Sickness Research E-mail request 1991 James T. Webb & Andrew A. Pilmanis
An Evaluation of Three Anti-G Suit Concepts for Shuttle Reentry E-mail request 1991 Robert W. Krutz/ B.J. Stegmann/ R.R. Burton & C.F. Sawin
The ADAM/MASE Integration Tests: A Progress Report E-mail request 1991 John A. Plaga
A Comparison of Manikin and Human Dynamic Response to +Gz Impact E-mail request 1991 John R. Buhrman
JPATS Escape System Development E-mail request 1991 Ken R. Yates
Next Generation Data Acquisition & Storage System (DASS-11) for the Hybrid III Type Manikin E-mail request 1991 Paul H. Frisch & John Quarticcio
NBC Protected OBOGS E-mail request 1991 Donald H. White/ Jr. & John P. Miller
Computational Analysis of Inertial Effects on the Stability of an ACES -II Ejection Seat E-mail request 1991 Lawrence C. Rogers
Structural Testing of Commercial Rotocraft Seats: An Overview E-mail request 1991 S.P. Desjardins & S. Joseph Shane
Sustained Acceleration: Adaptation and De-Adaptation E-mail request 1991 Robert E. Van Patten
An Improved Method for Determining the Mass Properties of Helmets and Helmet-Mounted Devices E-mail request 1991 Jeffrey M. Thornton
Computer Modeling and Simulation in the Development of USN/USMC Protective Headgear Systems E-mail request 1991 Karl Werner
Methods for Predicting Successful Ejection Seat Canopy Penetration E-mail request 1991 Peter Ayoub & Peter Yost
Safety Considerations for Ultrashort-Pulse Lasers E-mail request 1991 Clarence P. Cain & W.P. Roach
Two Crew Stations for Dynamic Flight Simulation E-mail request 1991 Carl H. Pierce
An Improved Process Control and Data Acquisition System for Studying Contaminant Behavior in the 99% Purity Mo E-mail request 1991 Aaron M. Shakocius
Transportable Collective Protection System (TCPS) E-mail request 1991 Jennifer Toomey
Computational Fluid Dynamics as a Tool for Aerodynamic Analysis of Ejection Seats E-mail request 1991 Peter Ayoub & Thomas J. Marquette
Automated Procedure for Measurement of Mass Properties E-mail request 1991 D.J. Miller/ E.K. Spittle & C.B. Albery
Optimization Studies on a 99% Purity Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator: Effects of the Carbon to Zeolite Mo E-mail request 1991 G.W. Miller & C.F. Theis
Operational and Human Factor Problems in the Design of a Crewmember Negative G Restraint E-mail request 1991 Tom Zeonbi
LPAFP - Low Profile Aircrew Filter Pack E-mail request 1991 Pierre Legare & Robert Ironside
U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Programs for Aircrew Chemical-Biological (CB) Protection E-mail request 1991 James C. Hardy
Aircrew Cooling System E-mail request 1991 Christopher A. Heine
A Forward-Leaning Support System and a Buoyancy Suit for Pilot Acceleration Protection E-mail request 1991 Conrad B. Monson & W.J. Adams
Energy Attenuation for Crashworthy Seating Systems: Past/ Present/ and Possible Future Development E-mail request 1991 J.D. Glatz
Reduction of Rocket Motor Length Through the Use of Scarfed Nozzles E-mail request 1991 Donald E. Olander
Helmet-Mounted Image Intensification Analysis E-mail request 1991 Jules Z. Lewyckyj & Joseph C. Weston
The Physiological Requirement on the Concentration of Aircrafts' Oxygen Supply Equipment E-mail request 1991 Hua-jun/ Xiao/ Yu-ming Zhang & Deng-yan/ He
An Integrated G-Suit/Pressure Jerkin/Immersion Suit Incorporating Vapour Permeability and Air Cooling E-mail request 1991 Frian Farnworth/ Donald Mah & Ping Yin Sheu
Chemical Defense Version of the Combat Edge System E-mail request 1991 Sheldon J. Bruce & Brian D. Sperry
Augmented and Advanced Helmets in a Dynamic Acceleration Environment: Summary of the 5th Interservice/Industr E-mail request 1991 Tamara L. Chelette & Eric J. Martin
Determination of Pyrotechnic Functional Margin E-mail request 1991 Laurence J. Bement & Morry L. Schimmel
Advanced Recovery Sequencer Design/ Development/ and Qualification E-mail request 1991 James Schoen & Stan Smigiel
Validation of a Dual-Cycle Ergometer for Exercise During 100% Oxygen Prebreathing E-mail request 1991 Janet F. Wiegman/ John H. Ohlhausen/ James T. Webb & Andrew A. Pilmanis
Laser Source Evaluation for Ordnance Initiation Systems with Built-In Test (BIT) E-mail request 1991 Murphy J. Landry & John A. Cobbett
Types of Lasers Used for Initiating Explosives Devices E-mail request 1991 Murphy J. Landry
Oxygen Purification and Compression Capabilities of Ceramic Membranes E-mail request 1991 Belinda F. Roettger
Laser Ordnance Initiation System E-mail request 1991 Roger J. Dale
Compatibility of a Pressure Breathing for G System with Aircrew Chemical Defense E-mail request 1991 R.L. Russell & R.S. Hoskins
Development of a Data Acquisition System to Measure Dynamic Oscillatory Activity Within an Aircrew Breathing S E-mail request 1991 Edward W. Hade
Performance of the Advanced Technology Anti-G Suit (ATAGS) During 5.9-9.0 +Gz Simulated Aerial Combat Maneuver E-mail request 1991 Joseph r. Fisher/ Jr. Kathryn E. Solana & Larry J. Meeker
Transcranial Doppler Stabilization during Acceleration and Maximal Exercise Tests E-mail request 1991 Jemett L. Desmond & Paul M. Werchan
G Protective Equipment for Human Analogs E-mail request 1991 G.L. Ripley/ D.L. Matthews & J.W. Burns
Echo Imaging in Decompression Sickness Research E-mail request 1991 R.M. Olson/ A.A. Pilmanis & T.E. Scoggins
Female Tolerance to Sustained Acceleration A Retrospective Study E-mail request 1991 Michele D. Fischer/ Janet F. Wiegman & Daniel H. Bauer
Experimental Test Results of Advanced Hollow Fiber Permeable Membranes E-mail request 1991 Kevin Lozeau & Al LaMastra/ Jr.
Development of the Advanced Tactical Life Support System (ATLSS) E-mail request 1992 Steven J. Wormser
Extended Parachute Repack Cycles for U.S. Navy Ejection Seats E-mail request 1992 Peter Yost & Foster Richards
A New Technique for Evaluating the Dynamic Response of Head-Neck Systems to Helmets and Helmet-Mounted Devices E-mail request 1992 Donna Jo Baughn/ Eric K. Spittle & Buford W. Shipley/ Jr.
Advances in Aircrew Escape Propulsion Test Capability: Overview E-mail request 1992 Jim Roberts
Pintle Controllable Thrust Propulsion for Escape Systems: Project Overview and Status E-mail request 1992 Craig M. Wheeler/ Joseph Morris & Alan Spencer
A Preliminary Field Investigation on the Visibility of Head-Up Display Symbology Through Laser Eye Protection E-mail request 1992 Shari R. Thomas/ William R. Ercoline/ Lisa F. Weinstein/ Edward Safiarski/ & Robert M. Cartledg
The Effects of Laser Eye Protection Devices (LEPDs) on Simulated and Actual F-15E Cockpit Visibility E-mail request 1992 S. R. Thomas/ W. R. Ercoline/ D. Poe M.R. Graham/ J.A. Patterson & L.N. McLin/ Jr.
Prediction of Bed Pressure Profiles in OBOGS E-mail request 1992 G. Munkvold/ K. Teague/ T. Edgar & J. Beaman
The FAA/NASA Flight Loads Monitoring Program: The Prototype System and its Benefits for the Aviation Communi E-mail request 1992 Julia H. Whithead/ Mitchel E. Thomas/ David J. Carrelli & Norman L. Crabill
Application of Escape System Trajectory Analysis to Current and Future Aircraft Missions E-mail request 1992 John Quartuccio
Improved Comfort/ Safety/ and Communications for Aviators: Re-Thinking the Man-Machine Interface E-mail request 1992 Michael R. Dennis & Phillip H. Mandel
A Hollow-fiber Permeable Membrane Oxygen Sensor for Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generating Systems (MSOGS) E-mail request 1992 Aaron M. Shokocius & George W. Miller
Evaluation of Four Different Exercise Types for Use in Altitude Decompression Sickness Studies E-mail request 1992 M.D. Fischer/ J.F. Weigman/ S.A. McLean & R.M. Olson
The Standardization of USAF Head-Up Display Symbology E-mail request 1992 Lisa F. Weinstein
Inflatable Restraint Systems for Aircraft E-mail request 1992 Robert E. Zimmerman
An Early Operational Demonstration of the Advanced Technology Anti-G Suit (ATAGS) in the F-15 E-mail request 1992 Thomas R. Morgan/ Thomas W. Travis & Melvin R. Murray
Are We Gathering Enough Information to Make Reliable Decisions? A Discussion of Sample Size in Acceleration R E-mail request 1992 Joseph r. Fischer/ Jr.
An Analytical Model of the Aircrew Oxygen Breathing System E-mail request 1992 Jennifer Coyle Byrne & Carol J. Mcllwain-Axten
Development and Testing of a New Reefing System to Reduce Parachute Opening Shock Characteristics During Seat E-mail request 1992 John C. Brinkman
Vortex Flap Flight Test Operations/ A Safe Approach E-mail request 1992 Daniel J. DiCarlo & James R. Elliott
An Automated Apparatus for Calibrating Six-Axis Load Cells E-mail request 1992 Buford W. Shipley/ Jr./ Greg Thompson & Eric K. Spittle
Body Positioning and Support as a Pilot Acceleration-Protection Technique E-mail request 1992 Conrad B. Monson
Crew Escape Technologies (CREST) Mission Area Requirements Study (MARS) Current and Future Escape Requirements E-mail request 1992 R.E. Zegler/ W.J. Adams G.R. Casteel/ W. Peck & J. Duncan
Thermal Effects of Fire-Protective Equipment During Job-Related Exercise Protocol E-mail request 1992 S. Lusa/ V. Louhevaara/ J. Smolander/ T. Pohjonen/ H. Uusimaki & O. Korhonen
The APX Manikin Integrated Instrumentation System: 3D Response Measurement/ Data Recovery & Reconstruction E-mail request 1992 Paul H. Frisch
Development of a Mission Degradation Database of Respiratory Protection E-mail request 1992 T. Ramirez/ M. Hoffman/ K. Charlton/ D. Molnar/ Jr./ R. Hale/ K. Reed/ B. Allen
Mobile Subscriber Equipment Operations in a Chemical Environment E-mail request 1992 T. Ramirez/ M. Hoffman/ B. Allen/ K. Aharlton & R. Hale
Applying Analog Integrated Circuits for HERO Protection E-mail request 1992 Kenneth E. Willis & Thomas J. Blachowski
B-2 Aircrew Escape System Design/ Development and Qualification E-mail request 1992 Claude M. Severance
SAAB Escape Systems E-mail request 1992 George Olsson
Dynamic Crash Testing of a Fairchild Metro III Commuter Aircraft Seat E-mail request 1992 Martin B. Rapaport & William Glass
Recent Improvements on the Dynamic Flight Simulator E-mail request 1992 Jacob Eyth/ Jr. & Peggy L. Heffner
Naval Aircraft Crash Simulation Using Program KRASH E-mail request 1992 Gil Wittlin & Martin B. Rapaport
The Importance of Integration Testing in the Early Phases of Personal Protective Equipment Development E-mail request 1992 Donald J. White/ Durrell Bess & Roberta L. Russell
Evolution of the SIIS-3 Ejection Seat Into a Reduced Weight (RW) Ejection Seat E-mail request 1992 Terry Merrifield
Development of a Software Tool to Analyze Personal Floatation Devices E-mail request 1992 D.P.V. Weerappuli/ Y.M. Zhao/ T. Shams/ N. Rangarajan & L. Obergefell
Coast Guard Approach to Develop Improved Personal Floatation Devices E-mail request 1992 Bert Macesker/ Richard P. White/ Jr. & Glenn L. Thomas
Development of a New Chemical Warfare Agent Protective Material E-mail request 1992 S. Nicholas Allen/ Robert J. Bender & Terri L. Kelly
Physiological Review: 1949-1992 Reduction of Sitting Discomfort and Fatigue E-mail request 1992 Frank J. Formeller
Development of a New Instrumented Army prototype (APX) Manikin Implementing an Articulated/Flexible Spine E-mail request 1992 Paul H. Frisch & William Boulay
Development of an Adjustable Crewseat Cushion to Enhance Comfort E-mail request 1992 Caroline Vanlngen-Dunn & Marvin K. Richards
U.S. Navy Advanced Technology Crew Station Fleet Survey E-mail request 1992 Lawrence E. Kinker & Phillip J. Federman
Development of a Laser-Ignited All Secondary (DDT) Detonator for Use with the Navy Laser Initiated Transfer En E-mail request 1992 E.M. Spangler/ D.P. Kramer T.M. Beckman & T.J. Blachowski
Development of an Environmentally Sealed Bailout Parachute E-mail request 1992 Lance C. Labun Eric Smith & Ken Sego
The Will To Live E-mail request 1992 William W. Spruance
System Parameters of the Advanced Technology Anti-G Suit (ATAGS): A Progress Report E-mail request 1992 Larry J. Meeker John H. Olhausen & Grady L. Ripley
Recent Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Capability for Navy Escape System Analysis E-mail request 1993 Thomas J. Marquette
Mortar-Deployed Spin Recovery Parachute Systems: When and How to Use Them E-mail request 1993 John a. Wells & Robert A. Lawrence
Operational Life Support - Current USAF Efforts (Panel Session) E-mail request 1993 Martin J. Clement & Thomas W. Travis
The Will To Life E-mail request 1993 William W. Spruance
Fourth Generation Escape System Technologies Demonstration Preliminary Design E-mail request 1993 James. J. Schoen
Ratchet Adjustment Negative Gz Lap Belt E-mail request 1993 Tom Zenobi
The Advanced ACES II Ejection Seat for the F-22 E-mail request 1993 Robert B. Calkins
Evaluating Clothing and Equipment E-mail request 1993 Ralph F. Goldman
The Spinal Preload Catapult/ Is It too Good To Be True? E-mail request 1993 Walter R. Peck
Ejection Seat Testing at a Combined High Velocity and Roll Rate E-mail request 1993 Dee Gragg & David Lacey
Analysis of Differences Between Seating Positions in Simulators and Orbiters E-mail request 1993 Philip T. Mongan
Heatpac: Charcoal Body Heater for Hypothermia Prevention E-mail request 1993 M. English
Examination of the Thermophysiological Behavior of Aircrew when Wearing a Cooling Vest Under a Fragmentation V E-mail request 1993 H. Pongratz/ H. Vaic/ M. Harre/ A. Rieck/ H. Welsch & B. Karmann
A 2-Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of the Aerodynamics of the K-36 at Mach 2 E-mail request 1993 Michael J. Meyer
The YF-22 Articulating Ejection Seat E-mail request 1993 Gordon P. Cress
Integration Testing of Full Coverage Anti-G Suit Technology E-mail request 1993 Donald J. White/ Robert D. Utley & Christopher W. Bridges
Analysis of USAF Hypoxia Incidents January 1976 Through March 1990 E-mail request 1993 Richard T. Island & Earl V. Fraley
Evaluating the Potential for Rotation and Loss of Flight Helmets from Inertia and Impact Loads E-mail request 1993 James E. Bruckart & Joseph L. Haley/ Jr.
Deceleration Pulse Development at the National Institute for Aviation Research Impact Dynamics Laboratory E-mail request 1993 Juan C. Rodriguez & Karl W. Petzold
Advanced Technology Crew Station (ATCS) Program McDonnell Douglas Initiatives E-mail request 1993 D.M. Snyder/ E.R. Winkler/ M.P. Scholes/ S.C. Merriman & M.I. Darrah
An Evaluation of Sensor Systems for Measuring Rotational Motion E-mail request 1993 Buford W. Shipley/ Jr. & Donna Jo Baughn
A Solid State Oxygen Monitor for the On Board Oxygen Generating System E-mail request 1993 RaNae Contarino & Bradley E. Johnson
U.S. Navy On-Board Oxygen Generating System (OBOGS) Chemical Warfare (CW) Agent Filtration Characteristics E-mail request 1993 Timothy J. Jones Ken. S. Knaebel & John J. Mahle
Component and System Performance for the A/P23P-X (V) N Respiratory System E-mail request 1993 Timothy J. Jones/ Dennis N. Gordge James C. Hardy & Robert S. Turzanski/ Jr.
Braided Ablatives and Supersonic Splitline TVC - An Alternative Approach to Crew Escape Ejection Seat Propulsi E-mail request 1993 Mark N. Director/ David E. Krusch Douglass J. McPherson/ Sr. & Craig M. Wheeler
Estimation of SSTM Parameters for Adsorption Equilibria of Nitrogen/ Oxygen/ and Argon on Zeolite 5A and 13X E-mail request 1993 K.G. Teague/ T.F. Edgar & J.J. Beaman
Methane Challenge of a High Performance Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator E-mail request 1993 Aaron M. Shakocius & George W. Miller
Automatic Ejection: Cost-Effective Improvement of Escape Statistics E-mail request 1993 Walter R. Peck/ Robert E. Zegler & W. Barry Shope
Environmental Conditions in Commercial Aircraft Cargo Bays Used for Transport of Live Cargo E-mail request 1993 Robert P. Garner Joseph G. Mandella/ Jr. & Garry D. Hanneman
Comparative Centrifuge Evaluation of the Air Force Advanced Technology Anti-G Suit (ATAGS) and the Navy Enhanc E-mail request 1993 John W. Burns & Ronald C. Hill
Decompression Sickness Risk Versus Time and Altitude E-mail request 1993 James T. Webb & Andrew A. Pilmanis
Remote Control of Transcranial Doppler (TCD) Probe During Centrifuge Exposures up to 9 + Gz E-mail request 1993 Ulf I. Balldin/ Paul Werchan & Travis Eddy
Relaxed Tolerance Following HSG (High Sustained +Gz) E-mail request 1993 Robert M. Shaffstall
A Reliable and Repeatable Method for Volume Calculation of Pressurized Garments E-mail request 1993 Ricardo Perez III/ John H. Ohlhausen & Philip J. Preen
Procedures and Metrics for Anti-G Suit Evaluations E-mail request 1993 Grady Ripley/ Ricardo Perez III/ Daniel Bauer
A Method for Tracking Three Dimensional Motion of Rigid Body Systems During Impact Testing E-mail request 1993 Donna Jo Baughn/ Buford W. Shipley/ Jr. & Ints Kaleps
An Approach to Creating Three Dimensional Head Forms for Helmet Sizing and Design E-mail request 1993 Bruce Bradtmiller & Robert M. Beecher
Hot Wire vs. Laser/ Is There a Difference E-mail request 1993 A.C. Munger & D.P. Kramer
Requirements for the Pintle Escape System Propulsion E-mail request 1993 John Quartuccio
Esperanto E-mail request 1993 Antonio J. Simoes Re/ Richard F. McKenna & Donald Spencer
Changes in Peak Acceleration Tolerance after Long Duration Bed Rest E-mail request 1993 K. Vasantha Kumar/ William Norfleet/ James M. Waligora & Michael R. Powell
Data Trend Analysis for Navy Ejection's (1976 thru 1989) E-mail request 1993 Art Karrer
Injury analysis of Impacts Between a Cage-Type Propeller Guard and a Submerged Head E-mail request 1993 Michael Scott/ John Labra/ Herbert Guzman/ James Benedict/ Harry Smith & James Ziegler
Escape System Development in China E-mail request 1993 Scott/ Labra/ Guzman/ Benedict/ Smith & Zieler
Space Shuttle Orbiter Landing Drag Parachute Design Evolution E-mail request 1993 James A. Sickles & Robert A. Lawrence
Recent Helicopter Inflatable Restraint Developments E-mail request 1993 R.E. Zimmerman/ K.F. Smith/ T.F. Vincenc
Aircrew Laser Eye Protection: Visual Consequences and Mission Performance E-mail request 1993 Shari R. Thomas
Gel Propulsion for the Fourth Generation Escape System E-mail request 1993 D.E. Fritz & K.R. Gavitt
Inflatables Simulation Program E-mail request 1993 Don J. Lewis
Demonstration Testing of Pintle Controllable thrust Propulsion for Escape Systems E-mail request 1993 Craig M. Wheeler/ Bill Barnette/ Russ Carlson & Joe Morris
Modeling Human Body Dynamic Response to Abrupt Acceleration E-mail request 1993 Louise Obergefell & Ints Kaleps
Standardization of Quantitative Fit Factor Testing of Military Masks and its Application E-mail request 1993 John J. Maruscak & Charles A. Barba
Helicopter Troop Seats: The Present and the Future E-mail request 1993 C. Newnham Dockstader & Nancy H. Tillman
Development of a Dual-Mode Recovery System for Application to Future Emergency Escape Systems E-mail request 1993 Foster H. Richards/ Eric Smith & James Buckley
A Prototype Computer-Controlled Life Support System for Independent Regulation of G-Suit and PBG Pressures E-mail request 1994 Marty Pecaric/ Michael T. Jackson/ Robert r. Frampton/ Jim Maloan & Fred Buick
Ceramic Oxygen Generation for Military Aircraft Breathing Systems E-mail request 1994 Paul Donaher & Carol Axten
Development of a Simulation Database for the Advanced Dynamic Anthropomorphic Manikin (ADAM) E-mail request 1994 Annette L. Rizer/ Louise a. Obergefell/ David Johnson & Gregory Thompson
Centrifuge Evaluation of the Advanced Technology Anti-G Suit (ATAGS) During High-G Onset Acceleration E-mail request 1994 Robert M. Shaffstall & David A. Self
Full Mission Environment Simulation E-mail request 1994 Petty L. Heffner & Jacob Eyth/ Jr.
Incorporation of Pressure Breathing with G (PBG) for Fatigue Reduction - Can we Expect a Mission Performance I E-mail request 1994 S.J. Majoney & M.I. Darrah
The Effects of Simulated altitudes on a High Performance Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator E-mail request 1994 Aaron M. Shakocius & Jerold E. Fenner/ Jr.
Attitude Information (Orange Peel) on the Head-Up Display for Recovery from Unusual Attitudes E-mail request 1994 William R. Ercoline/ Lisa F. Weinstein Carita A. DeVilbiss & Foster Bitton
Predator - The Truly Integrated Pilot Protection System for the Advanced Technology Crew Station (ATCS) Progra E-mail request 1994 D.M. Snyder/ S.M. Mahoney & D.S. Lambert
Development of a Computerized Breathing Simulator to Simulate and Reproduce Human Respiration Patterns E-mail request 1994 Edward W. Hade & Jerold E. Fenner/ Jr.
The Next Step - Advanced Technology Crew Station E-mail request 1994 D.S. Lambert/ S.J. Mahoney & D.M. Snyder
Advanced Technology for Rotary-Wing Aircraft Crashworthiness E-mail request 1994 R.E. Zimmermann
Flight Qualification of the B-1B Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generating System with Immobilized OXYSIV-5 Molecular E-mail request 1994 George W. Miller & Jerold E. Fenner/ Jr.
Advanced Pintle Controllable Catapult E-mail request 1994 C. Wheeler/ A. Epes/ R. Carlson & J. Morris
Major Causes of Mishap-Related Fatalities and Major Injuries E-mail request 1994 Bruce W. Trenholm
Testing of JPATS Candidate Ejection Seat E-mail request 1994 Ron Chase
Flight Control for the Fourth Generation Escape System Program E-mail request 1994 John T. Ritland Kevin A. Wise & Joseph S. Brinker
Altitude Decompression Sickness Risk During Future Fighter Aircraft High Altitude Mission Scenarios E-mail request 1994 Andrew A. Pilmanis
Altitude Decompression Sickness Risk Prediction E-mail request 1994 James T. Webb & Andrew a. Pilmanis
Service Life of Emergency Personnel Parachute Canopies (Analysis of a Single Data Point) or "SAGA of a C-9" E-mail request 1994 Andrew S. Kididis
Computational Analysis Method for Assessing the Collision Potential between Aircrew and Aircraft During Bailou E-mail request 1994 Lawrence C. Rogers
Designing Battery Power for Life Support Systems with Size Constraints E-mail request 1994 Mark S. Burton & David W. Dye
The Time Stress Measurement Device Project on the B-1B Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generating System E-mail request 1994 Dennis W. Schroll
Model of an Ergonomically Designed Helicopter Seat E-mail request 1994 G. Kroh/ H. Pongrata/ H. Dupuis & H. Miller
Developmental Efforts of the Dual-Mode Recovery System for Integration into the Navy's System Seat Demonstrato E-mail request 1994 Foster H. Harris & James Buckley
Six Degree of Freedom (6DOF) Modeling as an Analytical Tool for Prediction of Small air Crew Injury Potential E-mail request 1994 John J. Quartuccio/ Jeffrey P. Nichols & Thomas J. Marquette
Anthropometric Considerations for Military Masks E-mail request 1994 F. Glenn/ C. Barba/ K. Graves & D. Herbert
Design of an Improved Capability Electronic Ejection Sequencer (ICEES) - Feasibility Study: Use of Clustered E-mail request 1994 Paul Frisch & Thomas Zenobi
Development of Three-Dimensional Head Forms for Children's Bicycle Helmets E-mail request 1994 Bruce Bradtmiller
Matching the Windblast Resistance Design-To Requirement/ Elbit HMD Design Evolution E-mail request 1994 Tal Maoz
Self-Reported Waste Collection Concerns from Anonymous Questionnaire Survey of U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army Ra E-mail request 1994 V.M. Voge
Self-Reported Equipment Problems from Anonymous Questionnaire Survey of U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army Rated Air E-mail request 1994 V.M. Voge
Improved Escape for Non-Ejection Seat Aircraft E-mail request 1994 Richard A. Brower
Safe Delay Timer E-mail request 1994 Thomas Reddy
A New Method is Required for the Classification of Decompression Sickness E-mail request 1994 Marvin T. Ryles
The Effect of Helmet Liners and Combat Edge on Helmet Rotaton E-mail request 1994 James C. Schueren & Gerald A. Howard
Firefighters Chemical Protective Ensemble Thermal Stress Test E-mail request 1994 Robert B. O'Connor & Loren G. Myhre
A Biomechanical Analysis of the Support and Flexibility of Military Boots E-mail request 1994 Joseph McFadden/ Sorin Siegler Stephan Lapointe & Ribert Nobolini
Advances in an Integrated Flight Suit/Cold Water Immersion Concept E-mail request 1994 Trevor Espenant & Wendell Uglene
Man-rating of the ABR-200 High Altitude Parachutist Advanced Breathing Regulator E-mail request 1994 Donald J. White
Improving Escape Capsule Performance Using Active Pitch Control E-mail request 1994 William G. Pickl/ Russ Carlson/ William Tam & B. Wallace
Design and Development of an Advanced Integrated Helmet System for Use with a Helmet Mounted Display E-mail request 1994 David P. Cadogan & Lisa F. Jackson
Spatial Disorientation Episodes During Desert Storm Among F-15C Pilots E-mail request 1994 Daniel L. Collins & George Harrison
Analysis of Passive Aerodynamic Stabilizers for the ACES-II Ejection Seat E-mail request 1994 Michael J. Meyer & William G. Pickl
The Design/ Manufacture and Certification of Emergency Inflation Systems for Helicopters E-mail request 1994 Stephen J. Tutton
A New Method for Prototyping Aircrew Protection Equipment E-mail request 1994 David G. Robinson
Development of an Advanced Biofidelic composite Manikin (ABC Man) Instrumented Leg E-mail request 1994 Moreno J. White/ Roy R. Rasmussen & Ints Kaleps
The Will to Life E-mail request 1994 William W. Spruance
Experiments with ellipsoids to Simulate Human Body Hydrodynamics E-mail request 1994 Richard F. McKenna/ Gilles R. Gareau & Bert N. Macesker
Performance of a Continuous Flow Passenger Oxygen Mask at an altitude of 40/000 Feet E-mail request 1994 Robert P. Garner
An Economical Alternative for the Secondary Container Used for Transporting Infectious Disease Substances E-mail request 1994 Joseph G. Mandella/ Jr. & Robert P. Garner
Adaptive Seat Propulsion E-mail request 1994 Paul T. Johnsen & Erc Lund
Gel Propulsion for the Fourth Generation Escape System Component Evaluation Results E-mail request 1994 K.R. Gavitt & D.E. Fritz
Life Support Systems Research Sponsored by the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program (Panel Sessio E-mail request 1994 Richard A. McKinney/ W. Call & David P. Colvin
Operational Life Support Current Efforts E-mail request 1994 Martin J. Clement
CRUSADER: An Integrated Helmet System for High Performance Aircraft E-mail request 1995 W.L. Epperson
'CRUSADER' Integrated Helmet: System and Integration Aspects E-mail request 1995 I.A. Buchanan/ R.K. Brown & F.B. McCall
Optical Technology Utilized in Design of 'Crusader' HMD System E-mail request 1995 Mark Jeffs & David Norrie
An Integrated Approach to Safe Helmet Mounted Display/ Vehicle Interface E-mail request 1995 Tom Clark & Dale Hollis
Advanced Helmet Tracking Technology Developments for Naval Aviation E-mail request 1995 James H. Brindle
The Will to Live E-mail request 1995 William W. Spruance
Lightweight Survival Kit Air Droppable (L.W. SKAD) Systems on the F-16 Aircraft E-mail request 1995 P.D. Johnson
Lightweight Survival Kit Air Droppable (L.W. SKAD) Systems on the F-16 Aircraft E-mail request 1995 P.D. Johnson
Fourth Generation Escape System Technologies Demonstration Program Status E-mail request 1995 James J. Schoen & A. Blair McDonald
The Future of Aircrew State Monitoring - Applications to Advanced Aircraft Design E-mail request 1995 M.I. Darrah & S.J. Mahoney
Advancements in Modeling Aircrew Fatigue During High-G Performance Flight E-mail request 1995 S.J. Mahoney & M.I. Darrah
Simulated Performance Evaluation of NACES Stabilization Concepts E-mail request 1995 Thomas J. Marquette
Priority One: Survival! Navy State-of-the-Art Survival Item Update E-mail request 1995 RaNae Contarino/ Michael Jaffee & Brev Moore
History and Operational Performance of the Crew Escape System for the B-1B Aircraft E-mail request 1995 Stephan Tipton & Thomas Blachowski
Lessons Learned from the Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat (NACES) Program E-mail request 1995 Peter Yost
F-22 Life Support System Development E-mail request 1995 M.B. McGrady & M.W. Wright
An Overview of Helicopter Mishap Analyses and Crewmember Surveys for the ACASS Program E-mail request 1995 Tom Zenobi
Self-Reported Aircraft Desirability/ Fit and Safety Concerns from Anonymous Questionnaire Survey of U.S. Air F E-mail request 1995 Victoria M. Voge
Development of a Passenger Aircraft Air Bag system E-mail request 1995 Thomas H. Barth & Greg Cote
Crash Sensors for Inflatable Restraint Systems E-mail request 1995 Richard E. Zimmerman & Jon P. Rogers
The Development of U.S. Navy Cold Weather Flight Gloves: Handwear from the Ground Up E-mail request 1995 Linda S. Pensotti/ Bruce Bradtmiller/ Colleen Swavely & Tara Capecci
Aircrew Centered Design: A Development Approach for Effective Crewstation Integration E-mail request 1995 Linda S. Pensotti/ Bruce Bradtmiller/ William L. Capps & Conrad F. Newberry
Glass Fragment Capture and Analysis E-mail request 1995 Rebecca B. Schultz & Edward S. Eveland
Validation of the Articulated Total Body (ATB) Data Set Describing the Large Advanced Dynamic Anthropomorphic E-mail request 1995 Joel J. Hagan/ Annette L. Rizer/ Louise A. Obergefell & Christopher D. Hall
Pelvis Mounted Data Acquisition System and Novel Transducers for a Fifth Percentile Female Manikin E-mail request 1995 Dennis Silage/ Bryce Hartmann/ John Quarticcio & Jeffrey Nichols
Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of the F/A-18 Liquid Oxygen System E-mail request 1995 Bryce Hartmann & Carol Axten
A Multi-Axis Pintle Attitude Control (MAXPAC) Device for ACES II Seat Stabilization E-mail request 1995 Russ Carlson/ Chris Lucas & Bill Tam
Are Ejection Seat Performance Statistics Providing a True Picture of Aircrew Safety? E-mail request 1995 Joseph W. Morris
Reliability and Effectiveness of Smart Propulsion Systems for Ejection Seats E-mail request 1995 Mark Nadolski & Russ Carlson
MAXPAC - Applying 4th Generation Technology to Upgrade the ACES II Seat E-mail request 1995 Joseph W. Morris & William True
Increasing the Accommodation Characteristics Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat (NACES) E-mail request 1995 Ken R. Yates
The Design/ Manufacture and Qualification of Flexible Fuel Cells E-mail request 1995 Mark Butler
Osprey Passenger Water Survival Training E-mail request 1995 Cunningham/ R. & B. McKinney & Graves
Performance Assessment of the V-22 Aircraft Crashworthy Crew Seat with Various Size & Gender Aircrew Using the E-mail request 1995 Martin B. Rapaport/ Charles W. Yeiser & Mitchell B. Olson
New Approach to Spinal Preloading in Energy Absorbing Crew Seats E-mail request 1995 Walter R. Peck
Joint Affordable Cockpit Integration Program (JACIP) E-mail request 1995 W.L. Capps/ M.T. Taylor/ Jr. & D.K. Lehman
Demonstration of a Field of View Evaluation Apparatus (FOVEA) for Head-Borne Life Support Equipment E-mail request 1995 David Cohen & Donald W. Diesel
The Application of Mission Scenarios in Centrifuge-Based Flight Simulation Research E-mail request 1995 Peggy L. Heffner
Augmented Shock Wave Severance of Canopies and Metal E-mail request 1995 Laurence J. Bement & Morry L. Schimmel
Auto-Ox: An Automatic Backup Oxygen System Designed for Retrofit into the ACES II E-mail request 1995 M.I. Darrah/ S.J. Mahoney & R.J. Barnicki
An Advanced Stabilization Technique for Retrofit into the ACES II: A Feasibility Study Report E-mail request 1995 D.E. McCauley/ C.W. Naab/ M.I. Darrah/ M. Meyer & J.H. Wengraf
A Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator with Continuous Cycle Time Adjustment E-mail request 1995 George W Miller / Jerold E. Fenner
Development of the Swedish Tactical Flight Combat Suit (TFCS) E-mail request 1995 Bengt Landervik
Crewstation Technology Transition Evaluation Tools E-mail request 1995 R. Zielinski/ W. Kahle & R. Parkinson
Mechanical Analysis of the Movements Used During Ejection in the NACES and LS1 Ejection Seats E-mail request 1995 Cynthia L. Tant/ Kim Van Fleet & Thomas L. Pokorski
Small Aircrew Ejection Simulation in U.S. Navy Aircraft E-mail request 1995 J. Nichols/ J. Quartuccio & T. Marquette
The JAST Integrated Helmet/Audio Visual System (IHAVS) Project E-mail request 1995 Robert Whitmoyer
Finnish Air Force (FAF) Aircrew Equipment E-mail request 1995 P. Kuronen/ O. Aatsalo & I. Aaltonen
Finnish Air Force (FAF) Seat-Mounted Aircrew Restraint Harness E-mail request 1995 Ossi Aatsalo/ Pentti Kuronen & Ismo Aaltonen
Human Breathing Simulation in Life Support Testing E-mail request 1995 Jayne E. booth/ Bernadette Luna
New Integrated Survival Vest and Body Armor Protection Developed for Navy Helicopter Aircrew E-mail request 1995 John Meyers
The OBOG and Anti-G Systems for the Rafale Fighter E-mail request 1995 J.M. Cazenave/ R. Zapata & D. Fournol
Acceleration Threat to Truck Occupants Due to Land Mine Explosions E-mail request 1995 Philemon C. Chan/ James H. Stuhmiller & Diane W. Long
A Method for Developing a Positive Pressure Breathing Mask E-mail request 1995 Eric Farin & Valerie Leguay
U.S. Navy Advanced Crashworthy Aircrew Survival Systems (ACASS) Program E-mail request 1995 Michael R. Schulttz & Thomas J. Wardle
Head Protection Against Windblast for Pilot Ejection E-mail request 1995 P.C. Chan/ A. Dudkin/ J.Y. Yu & J. Stuhmiller
Altitude Decompression Sickness Prediction: A Simplified Approach E-mail request 1995 Andrew A. Pilmanis & James T. Webb
4th Generation Escape Systems Technologies Demonstration Program Pintle Escape Propulsion System (PEPS) E-mail request 1995 Kevin Peterson/ Gary Luke/ Paul Niedzielski & Bill Barnette
Adaptation of Wright Laboratory's Aircraft Survivability Range 3 for Crew System Windblast Testing E-mail request 1995 Michael Meyer
Performance Assessment of a Boom Stabilization Device for the ACES-II Ejection Seat E-mail request 1995 John H. Wengraf
Special Operations Forces: The Needs and Requirements of the Future - A Challenge for the SAFE Community E-mail request 1995 Ed Winkler & Joe Zellers
Operational Life Support Current USAF Efforts E-mail request 1995 Martin J. Clement
The Will To Live E-mail request 1996 William W. Spruance
Using Semiconductor Bridge Technology in a Life Support Application E-mail request 1996 Donald Nowakowski
Feature Envelopes for the HGU-55P Helmet E-mail request 1996 Jennifer J. Whitestone & Deepa Naishadham
Refresher Naval Aviation Physiology Training Program (NAPTP) in Aircraft Simulators E-mail request 1996 Ryan B. Eichner & Richard P. Mason
Environmental Testing of Fiber Optic Lines in Aircraft Escape System Applications II E-mail request 1996 Peter Stoddard/ Thomas J. Blachowski & Peter Ostrowski
Phase 1 Results of NACES Parachute Repack Cycle Surveillance Program E-mail request 1996 Foster Richards
Flight Worthiness Testing of a Laser Canopy Fracturing Initiation Subsystem (CFIS) E-mail request 1996 David a. Cole & Craig A. Kesner
The Light Occupant Weight Ejection Seat Test (LOWEST) Program and Light Weight Escape Issues from the ACES II E-mail request 1996 Robert Billings & Andrew S. Kiddis
ACES II Ejection Seat Improvements E-mail request 1996 Robert B. Calkins
Fourth Generation Escape System Technologies Demonstration Program Status E-mail request 1996 James J. Schoen & A. Blair Mcdonald
Development of the New Deployment system for the U.S. Army Troop Reserve Parachute E-mail request 1996 Howard Mixon/ Ed Vickers & Peter Dixon
Anti-G Straining Maneuver in Air Combat Pursuit: Strength/ Performance/ Vision & Exhaustion E-mail request 1996 Tamara L. Chelette & Lloyd D. Tripp
Object Orientated Ejection Seat Model E-mail request 1996 Mark Elson & J. Stephen Lingard
Development of the Thor Advanced Frontal Crash Test Dummy E-mail request 1996 Richard P. White/ Jr./ N. Rangarajan & Mark P. Haffner
Survey of Commercial Pilots Addressing Comfort and Fit Issues of Aircrew Oxygen Masks E-mail request 1996 Saeid Motavalli/ Natalie Rhode & Robert P. Garner
Overview of Systems to Enhance Situational Awareness and Survivability E-mail request 1996 Valerie J. Gawron
Improved Airborne Tactical Situational Awareness: It is Possible E-mail request 1996 Karen T. Garner & Thomas J. Assenmacher
Isometric Strength of Men and Women Prior to and After Multiple High-G Air-to-Air Combat Sorties in a Human Ce E-mail request 1996 Lloyd D. Tripp/ Tamara Chelette & Steve Bolia
A New Helicopter Passenger Suit System E-mail request 1996 Brian Farnworth & Stephen F. Portman
Progress in Sealed Parachute Development E-mail request 1996 L.C. Labun/ R.E. Vasas & K.W. Sego/ Jr.
Progress in Inflatable Restraint System Development E-mail request 1996 Richard E. Zimmerman
Virtual Reality Simulation in Aircrew Emergency Parachute Training E-mail request 1996 Jeffrey I. Hogue & R. Wade Allen
Survival Equipment - Has it Really Changed? E-mail request 1996 James M. Johnson
Digitization of Helmet Rotation Under G Using Mock Helmet Loading E-mail request 1996 Robert L. Esken/ Jr./ Jim Barnaba/ Chris Albery & Steve Bolia
The Design and Development of the Integrated Ballistic Helmet (IBH) E-mail request 1996 David Cadogan
A Conformal Foam Insert to Improve Comfort and Function of the MBU-20/P Positive Pressure Breathing Oxygen Mas E-mail request 1996 Donald A. Diesel
Through-the-Canopy Egress Requirements E-mail request 1996 Russell E. Urzi
Comparison of Finnish Air Force (FAF) Aircrew Garments (F-18 and HW) in Extreme Thermal Conditions E-mail request 1996 S. Rissanen/ H. Rintamaki/ P. Kuronen/ O. Aatsalo & S. Slitonen
Pintle Controllable Catapult Conceptual and Demonstration Design E-mail request 1996 Albert Epes/ Bryan Wallace & Craig Wheeler
Precision Laser Tracking System E-mail request 1996 Owen Langsmith & Duane Patrick
Survival System for Helicopter Aircrews E-mail request 1996 Richard A. Brower
An Advanced Stabilization Technique for the ACES II: A Progress Report E-mail request 1996 D. McCauley/ C. Naab/ S. Mahoney/ J. Werner/ M. Darrah/ E. Roberts & D. Nawrocks
U.S. Navy Refresher Physiology Training in Aircraft Simulators: A Case Study E-mail request 1996 Richard P. Mason & Ryan B. Eichner
Leg Clearance Predictions Using Ejection Simulations E-mail request 1996 L. Obergefell/ D. Ma/ A. Rizer & M. Andries
R&D Solutions to Multi-Place Life Raft Deficiencies E-mail request 1996 Maria Covington-Thorpe & George Gillespie
Introduction of an Airbag to Improve the Canopy Fracturing System for a Two-Seater Aircraft E-mail request 1996 George Ohlsson & Mats Hultin
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis for Improved Escape System Design E-mail request 1996 Thomas J. Marquette
Aircrew Integrated Recovery Survival Armor Vest and Equipment Developed for Tri-Service Use E-mail request 1996 John Meyers & Erich H. AmRhein
Application of Composite Materials to Ejection Seat Primary Structure E-mail request 1996 J.P. Fanucci/ W. McGloin/ J. Sicari/ S. Dastin/ J. Quartuccio & P. Heilig
Utilizing a Team Problem Solving Approach for the U-2 Low Flight Breathing Regulator E-mail request 1996 Kenneth A. Kota/ Michael T. Jackson & Gregory A. Elliott
A Review of ATAGS Research and Development in the Armstrong Laboratory E-mail request 1996 Robert M. Shaffstall & Thomas R. Morgan
Engineering Qualification Testing of the F-15E Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generating System (MSOGS) E-mail request 1996 George W. Miller & Jerold E. Fenner
U.S. Naval and Marine Corps Helicopter Over-Water Mishaps: Stowage and Deployment of Life Rafts E-mail request 1996 Lawrence E. Kinker/ George F. Loeslein & Charles O'Rourke
MAXPAC Flight Simulation E-mail request 1996 William True
MAXPAC and Trajectory Shaping E-mail request 1996 William True/ Glen Martner
A Survey of Daedallan Pilots for History of Decompression Sickness (DCS) from Exposure to 20/000-25/000 Feet: E-mail request 1996 James T. Webb & Andrew A. Pilmanis
Canopy Trajectory Studies E-mail request 1996 Frank Drsata & Kenneth Dunn
The Pros and Cons of Escape Capsules E-mail request 1996 Oscar W. Sepp
Compensation for Gas Dynamics Effects in Complex Pintle Rocket Motors E-mail request 1996 Gary D. Luke & Kevin L. Peterson
USN/USMC Aviation Multi-Place Life Rafts: An Acquisition Perspective E-mail request 1996 Fred Gustafson & Michael C. Dilts
Measurement of Whole-Body Human Center of Gravity and Moments of Inertia E-mail request 1996 Rebecca B. Schultz/ Christopher B. Albery & Daryl L. Banks
U.S. Army Situation Awareness Improvement Initiatives E-mail request 1996 James B. Sampson
Next Generation Transparency Program E-mail request 1996 Robert McCarty
The Will to Live E-mail request 1997 William W. Spruance
Factors Affecting Reliable Transfer Stimuli E-mail request 1997 John D. Glass
Naval Air Systems Team Mishap Investigation Support Team E-mail request 1997 Bruce Trenholm
B-2 Aircrew Seat Comfort Cushion Design and Development E-mail request 1997 Claude M. Severance
Potential Pathological Effects of Repeated +Gz Exposures on Brain E-mail request 1997 Xi-Qing-Li-Fan Zhang,Xing-Yu Wu
The Effects of Heat Stress on UH-60 Helicopter Pilots E-mail request 1997 Matthew J. Reardon, Lawrence C. Katz and Beth Fraser
Report on the Optimized Mach Number Immune Sequencer E-mail request 1997 Walter R. Peck
Safe Disposal of Energetic Materials E-mail request 1997 James Baker
Crashing E-mail request 1997 Don J. Lewis
Assessment of Asymmetrical Anchor Points and Load-Limiting Loops with the Lap Portion of Automotive Occupant Restraints E-mail request 1997 Michaael L. Markushewski, Alan Cantor, William H. Muzzy III, Louis A. D'Aulerio, Gary R. Whitman, Kenneth A. Brown & Donald Eisentraut
Introducing the 16LS High Performance Ejection Seat E-mail request 1997 Brian A. Miller
The Effects of Aircraft Transparencies on Night Vision Goggle-Mediated Visual Acuity E-mail request 1997 Alan Pinkus, Ph.D., and H. Lee Task, Ph.D
Preliminary Screening Results for an Electrical Detonator Utilizing BNCP as the Principal Energetic Material E-mail request 1997 Thomas J. Blachowski and Michael Oestreich
Inflatable Aerostabilizers for NACES E-mail request 1997 Glen J. Brown
Methodology for Accurate Flow Measurement at Sub-Atmospheric Pressures E-mail request 1997 Bruce E. Siskowski and David C. Maloney
Laser Initiated Ordance Systems for Crew Escape-A Cooperative Approach E-mail request 1997 Tom Blachowski and Stephen Porter
Analyzing Explosive Severence of the Next Generation Transparency (NGT) E-mail request 1997 James E. Fritz
Comparison of Dynamic Response of Hybrid III ATD Restrained by Inflataband in Sled Test with the Computer Simulation Results & Comparison of Protection Performance of a Conventional Seat Belt & Safety Airbag Configuration vs Inflataband in Front test E-mail request 1997 Don Lewis, Robert McClenathan, Shyam S. Karigiri, Bachar Aljundi andJac Wismans
Establishing a Spinal Criterion for Military Seats E-mail request 1997 Martin Rapaport, Estrella Forster, Ann Schoenbeck, and Leon Domzalski
Priority One: Survival!--Part II Navy State-of-the-Art Survival Item Update E-mail request 1997 Michael Jaffee, Rich Coughlin and Brev Moore
Validation of Burnsim Predictions Against Human and Pig Skin Burns E-mail request 1997 Ted Knox, Chris Perry, John Buhrman and Dena Bonetti
The Effect of Helmet Inertial Properties on Male and Female Head Response During Gz Impact Accelerations E-mail request 1997 Chris E. Perry
Interaction Between Computer Models of Face and Mask E-mail request 1997 T. Shams, Y. Zhao, J. Fullerton, N. Rangarajan and K.Cohen
Protective Coating Analysis E-mail request 1997 Diane L. Sabal and Gregory J. Dohm
Helmet Mounted Display Stability During +Gz Exposure E-mail request 1997 Tal Maoz
A Brief History of "Crashworthiness" E-mail request 1997 William D. Waldock
Force-Dependent Parachute Inflation Control E-mail request 1997 Kurt E. Wittendorfer
NACES P 3 I Phase I -A Progress Report E-mail request 1997 J. Stephen Lingard
The Application of Inflatable Aerodynamic Stabilizers on an EjectionSeat E-mail request 1997 M. F. Neal and J. S. Lingard
Preliminary Evaluation of a Newly Designed Lasar Initiator for Various CAD/PAD Applications E-mail request 1997 Doug Benner and Thomas J. Blachowski
Development of an Integrated Ejection Seat/Crewmember Model E-mail request 1997 Lawrence C. Rogers
Ejection Mitigation During Rollover Crashes Using Inflatable TubularStructure (ITS) E-mail request 1997 Gershon Yaniv, Stephen Summers, Dinesh Sharma and Joseph Manning
Data to Design: Anthropometry in Naval Aviation E-mail request 1997 Heather D. Tucker, Wendy L. Todd and Greg Kennedy
An Overview of a Method to Perform FAR 25.562 FAA Certification Dynamic Tests of Seat REstraint Systems and Occupant Protection on Transport Aircraft E-mail request 1997 Chris Bradney and Keith Ware
Development of an Advanced Energy Absorber E-mail request 1997 Marvin K. Richards and Roger Podob
Modeling of Human Neck Response to Vertical Impact E-mail request 1997 Beth Anderson, Chris Perry, Louise Obergefell, Annette Rizer and Mariusz Ziejewski
Anthropometric Sizing and Patterning of the New Eagle G-Suit (CSU-20/P) E-mail request 1997 Bruce Bradmiller Ph.D. and Tara Capecci
Quality Evaluation Testing of Rocket Motors for Aircrew Escape Applications E-mail request 1997 Dr. Stan Caulder, Edgardo Hermandez, Tom Ilkka and Lee Mastroianni
The Swedish Tactical Flight Combat Suit is Approved for Production E-mail request 1997 Bengt Landervik
Evaluation of GEBOD as a Predictor of Human Body Data:Performed Using High Resolution Human Body Topography E-mail request 1997 Jennifer J. Whitestone and Jeffrey A. Hudson
Anthropometric Accommodation in Training Aircraft E-mail request 1997 Gregory Zehner, Kenneth Kennedy, Ph.D., Jeffrey Hudson, Larry Ney and Lt. Jenny Anderson
NACES Drogue Parachute Service Life-Extension Evaluation Program E-mail request 1997 Richard W. Hunter
Occupant Safety Simulations for Interior Design E-mail request 1997 Bachar Aljundi,Mark Skidmore, Erwin Poeze and Paul Statts
Virtual Horizon Altitude Warning System E-mail request 1997 CDR David E. Stevens
Helicopter Aircrew Underwater Breathing Device SRU-40/P E-mail request 1997 Luis A. Gierbolini and Janice Wensel
Impact of Recent Altitude Physiology Research on Design of Cockpit Pressurization Systems E-mail request 1997 James T. Webb, Ph.D., and Andrew A. Pilmanis. Ph.D.
Extended Exposure Capability After Rapid Decompression at 60,000 Feet or Above E-mail request 1997 Brian P. Self, Ph.D., Andrew A. Pilmanis, Ph.D., Donald Diesel, Major, and William J. Sears, Ph.D.
Custom Oxygen Mask Construction Using Computer Assisted Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Technologies E-mail request 1997 Donald A. Diesel, Major, USAF, BSC, Curtis D. White, Yasu T. Chen, Brian P. Self, Ph.D., and Joe Y. Zhou
Will Canopy-Embedded Mild Detonating Cord Affect Aircrew Visual Performance? E-mail request 1997 Aaron J. Gannon, Frank C. Gentner, Aaron W. Schopper and Russell E.Urzi
A Comparison of Human and Ejection Seat Test Manikin Static Centers of Gravity and Moments of Inertia E-mail request 1997 Christopher B. Albery, Valerie S. Bjorn, and Captain Rebecca B. Schultz
Mishap Data Evaluation of Current Naval Aircraft 1987-1996 E-mail request 1997 Elsa J. Hennings
The United Kingdom Airblast Test Facility E-mail request 1997 Richard C. Taylor
Survival and Flight Equipment Association (Europe) Symposium 1997 - The Basis for Material Selection for Use in Oxygen Service E-mail request 1997 Simon E.C. Court, Philip F. Nolan, Alex Davis and Geoff Scanlan
Introduction to the Joint Service Aircrew Systems Guide Specification (Panel) E-mail request 1997 Dennis W. Schroll
Measuring Observers' Visual Acuity Through Night Vision Goggles E-mail request 1998 Alan Pinkus, Ph.D., and H. Lee Task, Ph.D.
The Effect of FV-9 and Wardove Laser Eye Protection on Night Vision Goggle-Aided Visual Acuity E-mail request 1998 Joseph T. Riegler and George M. Fiedler
Photographic Assessment of Dark Spots in Night Vision Device Images E-mail request 1998 Peter L. Marasco, Alan R. Pinkus and Lee Task
Further Development of the Panoramic Night Vision Goggle E-mail request 1998 Jeffrey L. Craig and Eric E. Geiselman
Current Cockpit Lighting Issues, Class A Versus Class B E-mail request 1998 George M. Fiedler
Chemical Lightsticks as a Night Vision Compatible Lighting Technique for Aircraft Cockpits: Characteristics, Pros and Cons E-mail request 1998 H. Lee Task, Ph.D.
Methods of Implementing NVIS Compatible Cockpit Lightings E-mail request 1998 John J. Martin
Aircraft External Lighting: Concepts for NVG Operations E-mail request 1998 Chuck Antonio, M.D.
Safety of Flight and Anthropometry in United States Aircraft E-mail request 1998 Heather D. Tucker and Jennifer J. Crawford
Development of the OBOGS and BRAG Valve for the F-22 Life Support System E-mail request 1998 N.P. Lovette and R. Ashdowns
Investigation and Evaluation of a Replacement Parachute for The SJU/5/A Escape System E-mail request 1998 Richard E. Borsch, Captain Charles Matthewson, Ray B. Carter,Joseph Crotwell, James G. Wooley and Foster H. Richards
XF-2 Canopy Jettison System Design and Development E-mail request 1998 Takashi Fujimoto and Makoto Yamano
XF-2 Escape System Design and Development E-mail request 1998 Masami Kageyama, Shigeki Mori, Makoto Hara and Kazuo Katayama
Military-Approved SEE/RESCUE Technology Provides Large Visual Targets for SAR E-mail request 1998 Robert N. Yonover, Ph.D.
The Vibrational Environment of an Ejection: Lessons Learned from the Fourth Generation Escape Systems Advanced Technology DemonstrationProgram E-mail request 1998 Justin B. Hall
Fourth Generation Escape Systems Technology Demonstration Program--Objectives and Accomplishments E-mail request 1998 Major Timothy D. Wieck, John Quartuccio and A. Blair McDonald
Fourth Generation Escape System Technologly Demonstration Pintle Nozzle Controllable Propulsion System E-mail request 1998 Craig M. Wheeler, Paul Niedzielski, Bill Barnette and A. Blair McDonald
Evolution of Ejection Seat Pintle Technology E-mail request 1998 Craig Wheeler and Joe Morris
The Development of a Rigid Inflatable Structure E-mail request 1998 Daniel G. Bagnell
Spatial Disorientation: What Kinds and How Often? E-mail request 1998 Walter E. Sipes, Charles S. Lessard and David W. Heideman
Analysis and Discussion of the Dynamic Qualification Test Results of a Crashworthy Troop Seat System Integrated Into The CH-53D Sea Stallion E-mail request 1998 Dr. Victor Weissberg and Avi Attias
Sustained Tolerance of Increased G(STING):A Canadian Forces Acceleration Protection System E-mail request 1998 Robert Michas, Fred Buick, Ph.D., Ray Carter, Robert McCay and Donald Mah
The Warrendi Personal Locator Beacon E-mail request 1998 Claude J. LeComte
IR Blade Tip Light for Helicopter Formation Flight E-mail request 1998 Moshe Schneider and Lior Parag
Comparison of Optokinetic Scene Effects on the Somatogyral Illusion E-mail request 1998 Charles S. Lessard, Kenneth Stevens, Squadron Learer Graeme Maaidment and Carolyn Oakley
Parachute Simulation Enhancements for Post-Ejection/Egress Training E-mail request 1998 Jeffrey R. Holgue, Frederick G. Anderson, Cecy A. Pelzl, R. wade Allen, Steve Markham and Arvid Harmsen
Effect of +Gz Acceleration on Intracranial Pressure in Rabbits E-mail request 1998 Shi-Zhong Jiang
Development of Human Model Validation Methods for Cockpit Accommodation Evaluation E-mail request 1998 Jeffrey A. Hudson and Gregory F. Zehner
Anthropometric Accommodation in USAF Training Aircraft: A Comparison of Operational Requirements E-mail request 1998 Beth M. Rogers-Adams, Captain Jenny Andrews and Gregory F. Zehner
A Multi-Media Training System for Measuring Anthropometric Accommodation in Cockpits E-mail request 1998 Gregory F. Zehner, D. Arthur Dixon and Patrick S. Files
Hot Wire Initiators - Reliable and Safe E-mail request 1998 William J. Sipes
Developing a Modeling and Simulation Paradigm for Assessing the Encumbrance of Helicopter Aircrew Clothing and Equipment E-mail request 1998 Richard Kozycki
Air Warrior - Designing an Integrated System E-mail request 1998 Karen Gaupo Smith, Robert Granau and Linda McNinch
Priority One: Survival! -- Part III - Navy State-of-the-Art Survival Item Update Personal Survival Kit E-mail request 1998 Michael Jaffee, Rich Coughliln and Brev Moore
Individual and Population Specific Manikins for the Articulated Total Body Modell E-mail request 1998 Ivan Liew, Chui Yoon Ping, Wang Yao Ping and Lim Hong Lip
NACES P 3 I Phase II - An Overview E-mail request 1998 J. Stgephen Lingard
Evaluation of Head Mobility in the XYZ Plane for a Newly Designed Neck Bellows on the Chemical Biological & Radiological (CBR) Impermeable Ventilated Mask, MCK-3A/P E-mail request 1998 Roland C. Thorpe, Jr.
Qualification of an Expanded Coverage G-Suit for Navy Combat Edge E-mail request 1998 Dennis N. Gordge and Wendy L. Todd
Female Performance in the High G Environment: An Overview of Centrifuge Research 1996-1997 E-mail request 1998 Tamara L. Chelette, Ph.D., Lloyd D. Tripp and John W. Frazierl
Risk Factors in Ejection Seat Design Associated with Upward Ejectionfor a Large Occupant E-mail request 1998 John R. Buhrman, Martin J. Andries and Deren Ma
Feasibility Study for a Helicopter Survival Seat Pack E-mail request 1998 Linda Pensotti, Melanie Turieo, John Stokes and Suzanne Reeps
The Semiconductor Bridge (SCB) is an Enabling Technology for Next Generation Safety Systems E-mail request 1998 Steve Harris III and Stephen Porter
EMI/HERO Filtering for EED'S E-mail request 1998 David Rosner
Relationship of Protective Mask Seal Pressure to Fit Factor E-mail request 1998 Kathryn Stemann Cohen
Preoxygenation Time Versus Decompression Sickness Incidence E-mail request 1998 James T. Webb, Ph.D., and Andrew A. Pilmanis, Ph.D.
Performance of a Portable Oxygen Breathing System at 25,000 Feet Altitude E-mail request 1998 R. P. Garner, R. E. Murphy, C.B. Hudgins and J. G. Mandella, Jr.
Human Centrifuges: The Old and The New E-mail request 1998 William B. Albery, Ph.D.
Color Hue Shift During Gradual Onset Gz Acceleration E-mail request 1998 Colonel (Dr.) Richard A. Allnutt and Lloyd D. Tripp
Aircrew Personal Environmental Control System (APECS) for F-16 and F15 Aircraft - Designl, Development and Implementation E-mail request 1998 Daniel L.Fischbach,Andrew C. Harvey, Nickolas Kiriokos, Tasu Tai Chen and Major Donald Diesel
Development of an Extra Small Narrow MBU-20/P Oxygen Mask E-mail request 1998 Brian P. Self, Ph.D., Curtis White, Lt. Col. Donald A. Diesel, USAF, BSC and Jennifer Whitestone
The Use of Ejection Simulation in Mishap Investigations E-mail request 1998 Jeffrey P. Nichols
Investigation of Occupant Restraiant Improvements to the UPCo SIIIs-3 Ejection Seat E-mail request 1998 Steve Pint, Chris Perry and John Plaga
Factors Affecxting the Decision to Eject E-mail request 1998 Charles (Skip) Goodman
Factors Affecting the Ballistic Performance of CTPB Propellants used in Aircrew Escape Rocket Systems E-mail request 1998 Dr. S. M. Caulder and E. Hernandez
A Methodology for Evaluating Pintle System Life Cycle Costs E-mail request 1988 Joe Morris
Achieving High Ejection Seat Reliability with a COTS Based Contro System E-mail request 1998 Harold Larsen and Mark Nadolski
MAXPAC Update and Lessons Learned E-mail request 1998 Bill Barnette and Kevin L. Peterson
NACES P31 Sequencer Concept E-mail request 1998 Alfred F. Perz
Integration of Aerodynamic Capability in Ejection/Seat Crewmember Model E-mail request 1998 Deren Ma, Louise A. Obergefell, Lawrence C. Rogers and Annette L. Rizer
Considerations in the Design of Electronic Automatic Activation Systems Compared with their Mechanical Counterparts E-mail request 1998 David Hirst
Re-Engineering USAF Aerospace Physiology (Panel) E-mail request 1998 Robert M. Shaffstall, Col. USAF (Ret)
CSERIAC: The New Vision (Panel) E-mail request 1998 Moderator: Michael Fineberg, Ph.D.
Joint Service Chemical-Biological Protection Equipment Panel E-mail request 1998 Moderator: Colonel S. Harman
The Will to Live E-mail request 1999 William W. Spruance
Panoramic Night Visit Goggle Update E-mail request 1999 Eric E. Geiselman and Jeffrey L. Craig
Optical Characterization of Wide Field-of-View Night Vision Devices E-mail request 1999 Peter L. Marasco and H. Lee Task
Field of View Effects Upon a Simulated Flight and Target AcquisitionTask E-mail request 1999 Denise L. Aleva
Panoramic Night Vision Goggle-Maintainer's Perspective E-mail request 1999 Mike Sedillo, MSGT, USAF
Reproducibility of Night Vision Goggle Visual Acuity Measurements Using Landolt C's E-mail request 1999 Alan Pinkus, Ph.D., H. Lee Task, Ph.D., Sharon Dixon and Charles Goodyear
Effects of Laser Eye Protection and Aircraft Windscreens on Visual Acuity Through Night Vision Goggles E-mail request 1999 H. Lee Task, Ph.D., Joseph Riegler and Chuck Goodyear
Night Vision: At a Crossroads E-mail request 1999 Captain Paul M. Riegert, USMC
Current USN/USMC Aircraft Anthropometric Compatibility Issues and the "Street to Fleet" Proposal E-mail request 1999 Heather D. Tucker and Lori L. Brattin
USN/USMC Ejection Seat Equipped Aircraft Anthropometric Accommodations E-mail request 1999 Greg Kennedy
SEE/RESCUE Distress Signaling Technology for Upper Altitude and Infra-Red Applications E-mail request 1999 Robert N. Yonover, Ph.D.
The "Diamond Pattern" Canopy Fracturing System E-mail request 1999 Kevin M. Hopwood
The Effect of High G on Color Target Identification and Selection E-mail request 1999 Tamara Chelette, Ph.D., Richard Allnutt, M.D., Col., David L. Post, Ph.D., Robert Esken and Lloyd Tripp
Induced Monocular Vision (IMV) During Simulated Agile Flight E-mail request 1999 Colonel (Dr.) Richard A. Allnutt
Helmet Weight and CG Effects on the Performance of Tracking Tasks During +Gz Acceleration E-mail request 1999 Edward S. Eveland, Tamara L. Chelette, John W. Frazier and Robert L.Esken
An Advanced Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System for Fighter Aircraft E-mail request 1999 Donald Swihart and Finley Barfield
Recent Development of the NASA X-38 Parafoil Landing System E-mail request 1999 John J. Smith, Tom Bennett and Dean S. Jorgensen
Effect of Airbag Friction on Mitigation of Impact Severity E-mail request 1999 Xaavier J.R. Avula, Ints Kaleps and Krishnaprasad Ranganathan
Propellant Development for a Canopy Ejection Rocket Motor E-mail request 1999 Charles T. Rittenhouse and Ralph Hsiao
Modeling Energy Adsorption in Commercial Airline Seating with MADYMO Dynamic Simulation E-mail request 1999 Rob Marshall, Paul Altamore and Donald W. Muller
T-38 Escape System: A Technical Assessment E-mail request 1999 Robert Billings, Lawrence C. Rogers and Lisa L. Glover
A Program for the Analysis of Rapid Aircraft Cabin Decompression E-mail request 1999 Dennis W. Schroll and Thomas F. Tibbals
A Program for the Analysis and Design of Aircraft LOX Systems E-mail request 1999 Dennis W. Schroll and Thomas F. Tibbals
Male and Female Sizing in Aircrew Protective Ensembles: Lessons from the Trenches E-mail request 1999 Bruce Bradmiller, Ph.D. and Holli Williams Galletti
Operational Application of Exercise-Enhanced Pre-oxygenation E-mail request 1999 James T. Webb, Ph.D., Thomas C. Hankins, M.D., and Andrew A. Pilmanis, Ph.D.
A User Fitted Helmet Fitting/Retention System for Passenger Helmets and Helmet Mounted Optical Display Systems E-mail request 1999 Colonel John V. Barson and Flight Sergeant Roger J. Croft
High Contract Filters and Their Use in the Aviation Environment E-mail request 1999 William E. McLean, Clarence E. Rash, and Elmar T. Schmeisser
Thermal Evaluation of an Aircrew Air Cooled Garment with Standard, Anti-Exposure and Chemical Defense Ensembles E-mail request 1999 Robert M. Shaffstall, Robert B. O'Connor, Major, USAF, Va'Shon D. Moore, 1st Lt., USAF and Homero Elizondo-Jiminez, MSGT, USAF
United States Navy Advanced Crew Station Evaluation Techniques E-mail request 1999 Jennifer Crawford
Altitude Decompression Sickness Risk Assessment Computer (ADRAC)Development E-mail request 1999 Andrew A. Pilmanis, Ph.D., Lambros Petropoulos, M.S., Nandini Kannan, Ph.D., Francine Evans, Ph.D., Neophnytos Christodoulides, M.D.and James T. Webb, Ph.D.
Development of an Ejection Data Acquisition and Recorder Module (EDARM) E-mail request 1999 J. R. Priest and Delano Wilson, Lt. Col., USAF
The Use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Determining G-Suit Bladder Expansion Envelopes E-mail request 1999 Valerie Dyck
Chest Mounted Armored Microclimate Conditioned Air Device (CMAMCAD) E-mail request 1999 William R. Reason
Multi-Mission Destruct System Developed for the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Range Safety E-mail request 1999 Noreen Loone
Heat Stress in the Cockpit of Military Aircraft on JASDF E-mail request 1999 Hirokazu Ozaki, Ph.D., Jun Sakagami, Yasuyuki Kai, Wataru Ogawa, and Hikaru Enomoto-Koshimizu, Ph.D.
Designing the Air Warrior (AW) System for Optimized Human Performance E-mail request 1999 Linda Pensotti, Jason Berube, Boyd Bucher, Betsy Dart, Patrick Dunfey, and Melanie Turieo
Digital Anthropometric Video Imaging Device (DAVID) E-mail request 1999 Jack L. Saxton
Design Considerations for Aircraft Crash Sensing E-mail request 1999 Robert F. Gansman
Crash Protection Performance of a Helicopter Cockpit Airbag System E-mail request 1999 Robert F. Gansman and Anita E. Grierson
Inadvertent or Unnecessary Deployment of Inflatable Occupant Restraints E-mail request 1999 Dr. George Sprague
Cartridge Actuated Devices/Propellant Actuated Devices E-mail request 1999 Julie Burch, John Burchette, John Goodwin, Tomi McCafferty, Maria Blass and Fred Sawyer
Maneuver Control Logic and Control Law for the Advanced Technology Escape System (ATES) E-mail request 1999 Arun K. Trikha, Ph.D.
An Objective Evaluation of the Potential for Inadvertent CABS Deployment E-mail request 1999 Michael J. Happ
Validation of the Easy5-ATB Ejection Seat/Occupant Model with High-Speed Sled Test E-mail request 1999 Deren Ma, Ph.D., Louise Obergefell, Ph.D., Annette L. Rizer, Lawrence C. Rogers
A Comparison of Male and Female Acceleration Responses During Laboratory +Gz Impact Tests E-mail request 1999 John R. Buhrman and Stephen E. Mosher
HUD Viewability in a Smoke-Filled Cockpit E-mail request 1999 Philip Moylan
Helicopter Aircrew Integrated Life Support System - HAILSS Program Overview (Panel) E-mail request 1999 Estrella M. Forster, Ph.D.
Helicopter Advanced Integrated Life Support System (HAILSS) - Integrated Helmet System (Panel) E-mail request 1999 W. L. Epperson
HAILSS Integrated Garment (Neck-Down) (Panel) E-mail request 1999 Juergen Just and Hartmut Gehse
Development of the U.S. Navy Advanced Personal Air Conditioning System (APACS) (Panel) E-mail request 1999 Jonathan W. Kaufman, Ph.D.
Helicopter Aircrew Integrated Life Supporft System HAILSS Aircraft Integration Testing (Panel) E-mail request 1999 William B. Reason
Helicopter Aircrew Integrated Life Support System HAILSS Integration (Panel) E-mail request 1999 Paul Dolinar
Development of Aircrew Personal Protecting Equipment (PPE) Military Standards (Briefing) E-mail request 1999 Neil W. Kalfas and Robert D. Sanctis
Adapting Automotive Lateral Head Protection Technology to a Military CABS E-mail request 2000 Kenneth L. Von Der Ahe and William R. Cromer
Integrated Panoramic Night Vision Goggle E-mail request 2000 Jeffrey L. Craig
Integrated Panoramic Night Vision Goggles Fixed-Focus Eyepieces: Selecting a Diopter Setting E-mail request 2000 H. Lee Task, Ph.D.
Panoramic Night Vision Goggle Testing for Diagnosis and Repair E-mail request 2000 Peter L. Marasco and H. Lee Task, Ph.D
Night Vision Goggles Objective Lens Focusing Methodology E-mail request 2000 Alan Pinkus, Ph.D. and H. Lee Task, Ph.D.
Night Vision Goggle Cockpit Integration E-mail request 2000 Mike Sedillo, MSgt., USAF
Light, Sight and Flight E-mail request 2000 Michael A. Crognale, Ph.D. and Roger Knight, Ph.D.
Tensile Neck Injury Criterion Development E-mail request 2000 Louise A. Carter, Ph.D., Joseph A. Pellettiere, Chris E. Perry and Delano Wilson
Evaluation of Proposed Seat Cushions to Vertical Impact E-mail request 2000 Chris Perry, Thao Nguyen and Steve Pint
Technology Transition of Ejection Test Manikins and Data Acquisition Systems to the Testing and Evaluation Arena E-mail request 2000 John A. Plaga
  E-mail request    
Ejection Upper Torso Retraction for the Expanded Aircrew Population E-mail request 2000 Steven M. Pint and John R. Buhrman
Determination of Seat Cushion Mechanical Properties E-mail request 2000 Steve Pint, Joseph A. Pellettiere and Jack E. Coate
The Importance of System Testing in Egress Component Design E-mail request 2000 Peter Stoddard
Dassault New Generation of Fragilization E-mail request 2000 Frank Salis, Guy Drouet and Anne Urlacher-Cheron
Explosive Fracturing of an F-16 Canopy for Through-Canopy Crew Egress E-mail request 2000 Laurence J. Bement
New Technology for Testing Inertial Reels and Crash Sensors E-mail request 2000 Richard E. Zimmermann and James C. Warrick
Test Chamber Design for Performance-Based Evaluation of Protective Breathing Equipment E-mail request 2000 Robert P. Garner, Ph.D., Richard E. Murphy, M.S. and Kevin W. Williams, Ph.D.
Active Network Guidance and Emergency Logic (ANGEL) Program E-mail request 2000 B. J. Austin, K. T. Edwards, E. J. Hennings, J. L. Vian and N. W. Warner
Anthropometric Variable Selection for Laser Eye Protection Spectacles E-mail request 2000 Catherine R. Harrison, Ph.D., Kathleen M. Robinette and Carita A. DeVilbiss, Ph. D.
Development of a Laser/Fiber Optic Signal Transmission System for the Advanced Technology Ejection Seat (ATES) E-mail request 2000 Thomas J. Blachowski and Dr. Peter Ostrowski
Application of MADYMO in the Design of a Crashworthy Aircraft Passenger Seat E-mail request 2000 E. van Hassel and C. G. Huijskens
Inflatable Lap Belt Restraints: Potential Improvements in Aircraft Occupant Protection E-mail request 2000 Cherie Alexander and Tyler Kress, Ph.D.
Helmet System Performance During Exposure to Fighter Aircraft Buffet Vibration E-mail request 2000 Suzanne D. Smith, Ph.D., J. A. Smith and R. J. Newman
Anthropometric Measurements as a Predictor of Vertebral Body Size in Males and Females E-mail request 2000 Chung M. Siedlecki, John R. Buhrman and Delano D. Wilson
Multimedia Occupant Crash Protection Development Guide and its Application to All Modes of Human Transport E-mail request 2000 Gary R. Whitman, Timothy G. Joganich, James V. Dayman, Bruce Holmberg, Michael Gedeon and Jack Reed
Data Analysis Suite: An Integrated Approach to Test Data Analysis, Visualization, and Distribution E-mail request 2000 Nicholas T. Duke
An Enhanced Personal Cooling Garment for Aircrew E-mail request 2000 Wendell Uglene, Jean-Louis Iaconis and Rita Ciammaichella
ADPATS: Combined Technologies Produces the Next Generation of Ejection Manikins E-mail request 2000 Steve Goldner, Michael Salloum, Gordon Morgan, Alva Karl and Glenn Thomas
Low Pressure Long Duration Airbags, A New Direction in Airbag Safety, Technology and Utilization E-mail request 2000 Paul W. Paustian, DSc,MD and Luis Remus, Ph.D., M.D.
Positive Pressure Breathing and Full Coverage Anti-G Suit in the Swedish 9G Aircraft JAS 39 Gripen E-mail request 2000 Bengt Landervik
Self-Deploying Infrared (SDIR) SEE/RESCUE Streamer for Incapacitated Aircrew and Aircraft Carrier Personnel E-mail request 2000 Dr. Robert Yonover
CATSIM: A Program to Predict Performance of Ejection Seat Catapults E-mail request 2000 Brad Warner, Sean Stapf and Tom Ilkka
NACES P3I Pintle Nozzle Rocket Motor Demonstration E-mail request 2000 Craig M. Wheeler, Bill Barnette and J. Stephen Lingard
The Dayton T. Brown, Inc.Enhanced Windblast Test Facility E-mail request 2000 Sebastian R. Grasso
Methodology and Improvements in Aircrew Parachute Descent Virtual Reality Simulation Training E-mail request 2000 Jeffrey R. Hogue, R. Wade Allen , Cecy A. Pelz, Steve Markham and Arvid Harmsen
A Fiber Optic System for Vehicle Health Monitoring E-mail request 2000 Phil Schaefer and Timothy Hasselman
Occupant Protection During Rollover Events E-mail request 2000 Larry A. Sicher, John R. Yannaccone, Gary R. Whitman, Louis A. D'Aulerio, Alan Cantor, Michael Gedeon and Jack Reed
Ejection Seat Aviator Windblast Protection Concepts Evaluation Using Computer Simulation Tools E-mail request 2000 Shyam S. Karigiri and Dr. Sanjeev M. Kulkarni
Cockpit Accommodation in USN/USMC Helicopters E-mail request 2000 Heather Tucker and Jennifer Crawford
Finding Solutions to Aircraft Wiring Issues - The Aircraft Wiring and Inert Gas Generator Working Group E-mail request 2000 Richard F. Healing and Tomas R. Kovach (Reprinted with permission of Mr. Healing)
Inflatable Tubular Torso Restraint (ITTR) to Improve Occupant Protection in Side-Facing Seats E-mail request 2000 Mark Baldwin
Flying on a Tether: Angular Artifacts of Centrifuge-Based Dynamic Flight Simulation E-mail request 2000 T. L. Chelette, C. Goodyear, C. H. Spenny, B. S. Liebstz and Richard Leland
T-33 Ejection Seat Upgrade Program (Panel) E-mail request 2000 Presenters Joe Crotwell, LCDR Craig Bomben, Charles Matthewson and Ray Carter
The Will to Live (Briefing) E-mail request 2000 William W. Spruance
Performance of Continuous Flow Oxygen Mask Designs Commonly Utilized with Portable Oxygen Bottles on Transport Aircraft E-mail request 2001 Robert P. Garner, Ph.D. and Tynan McCloskey, M.S.
Severance of Polycarbonate and Acrylic Transparencies Using Linear Shaped Charge E-mail request 2001 John A. Graham
Dynamic Pintle Simulator for Escape Propulsion System Testing E-mail request 2001 Craig M. Wheeler, Al Epes and Ed M. Reich
Evaluating Fiber Optic Connectors for Use on the Advanced Technology Ejection Seat (ATES) E-mail request 2001 Thomas J. Blachowski, Dr. Peter Ostrowski and Wm. David Fahey
Flight Safety Through Certification of an Aeronautical Database Production Process: A Human-Centered Approach E-mail request 2001 Denise Aleva
ACES 11 Structural Upgrade Program E-mail request 2001 Tim Moore and John L. Hampton
Retro-Reflective vs. IR-Reflective SEE/RESCUE Streamer Capability E-mail request 2001 Dr. Robert Yonover
Teaching Emergency Ejection and Egress Parachuting with Virtual Reality Simulation E-mail request 2001 Jeffrey R. Hogue, R. Wade Allen, Marion K. Hogue, Steve Markham and Arvid Harsem
A Comparison of Accident Rates in Traditional and MFD-Equipped Rotary-Wing U.S. Army Aircraft E-mail request 2001 Clarence E. Rash, Sharon D. Manning, Gregory Francis, Christie L. Suggs, Patricia A. Leduc and Gina E. Adam
Maintenance & Cleaning of US Navy Escape Systems Using Superheated-Steam Generating Systems E-mail request 2001 Andrew C. Herring
NACES Engineering Assessment Program Optimisation of Ejection Seat Maintenance Practices E-mail request 2001 Kiran Chotai, Earl Waaits, S. Kelly Bordeau, Jr. and John W. Mountjoy
The Importance of Seat Cushion Design in Energy Absorbing Seat Systems E-mail request 2001 Ed Naasz
Future Advanced Sequencer Technology (FAST) E-mail request 2001 Don McCauley, Michael H. Summer, Dick Wood and Mark Elson
The AFRL Biodynamics Data Bank on the Web: A Repository of Human Impact Acceleration Response Data E-mail request 2001 John R. Buhrman, John A. Plaga, Huaining Cheng and Stephen E. Mosher
Effects of Headrest Position and Helmet Weight on Human Dynamic Response During +Gz Impact Acceleration E-mail request 2001 Chris E. Perry
Survival Radio Products for the 21st Century E-mail request 2001 Douglas Howe, Peter Rathemacher, Kenneth Brockel, Janis Simmons and Donald Crawford
Weibull Analysis on the NACES Barostatic Release Unit E-mail request 2001 Dennis C. Neill
CYPRES in the Military Environment an AAD for Jumper or Pilot and Other Crew Members E-mail request 2001 Gerard R. Fetter
Lateral Restraint: Comparison of Lap/Shoulder Belt vs. Lap/Shoulder Plus Supplemental Shoulder Belt Restraint Systems E-mail request 2001 Larry A. Sicher, Gary R. Whitman, John R. Yannaccone, Louis D'Aulerio, Alan Cantor, Dr. Dennis Shanahan and Jack Reed
ACES II Ejection Seat Cooperative Modification Project-Improved Stability Subsystem E-mail request 2001 Robert B. Calkins and George M. Roe
Ejection Seat Modeling and Visualization as a Tool for Mishap Investigation E-mail request 2001 Matt Conrad, Glenn Paskoff and Mitchell B. Oslon
Hearing Protection Panel E-mail request 2001 Co-Moderated by: Valene S. Bjorn and Richard L. McKinley
Human Systems Program Office Presentation E-mail request 2001 Colonel Dartanian Warr
Emergency Escape from Commercial Aircraft E-mail request 2001 Thornton A. McGill III
Why and How Do I Test Airbags? E-mail request 2001 Bryan Webb
Making the 1's and 0's Work for You! E-mail request 2001 Richard F. Healing
What You See is What You Get! E-mail request 2001 Joseph DeCarlo
Oxygen Cylinder and Hand Valve with Position Indication Switch E-mail request 2001 Gary Thomasulo, Christopher L. Lanza and Gerald S. Birk
The Visibility of Night Vision Imaging System Compatible Displays E-mail request 2001 Peter L. Marasco, Ph.D.
Process Development for the MK109 Mod 1 Canopy Jettison Rocket Motor E-mail request 2001 Ralph Hsiao and Charles Rittenhouse
Sizing Systems for Protective Clothing: Less is More E-mail request 2001 Bruce Bradtlmiller, Ph.D., Holli Galletti, Colleen Swavely, Eric Bryan,Scena Proodian and Carlene McCormick
Emergency Beacons - The Next Generation E-mail request 2001 Barry Thrower
Fast-Cycle PSA Technology for Oxygen Generation In Military Applications E-mail request 2001 Marie Taponat and Chris McLean
Fuel Tank Flammability Modeling E-mail request 2001 Ivor Thomas
Oxygen Generation Using SEOS Ion Transport Membranes E-mail request 2001 Joseph M. Abardo, E. P. Ted Foster and Brian M. O'Neil
Gas Separation Technology for Commercial Jet Aircraft Applications: Passenger Oxygen, Cargo Fire Suppression and Fuel Tank Inerting E-mail request 2001 Thomas L. Reynolds and Dr. Thor Eklund
On-Board Systems for Aircraft Fuel Tank Inerting and Oxygen Generation E-mail request 2001 Jay C. Rozzi, Ph.D., Patrick J. Magari, Ph.D., and Martin Shimko
Combining Flotation and Ballistic Protection E-mail request 2001 Stephen Portman and Roger Soar