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Title E-mail request Year Page Authors
Proceedings 1995 - 2014        
CRUSADER - An Integrated Helmet System for High Performance Aircraft E-mail request 1995   W. L. Epperson
CRUSADER - Integrated Helmet: System and Integration Aspects E-mail request 1995   I.A. Buchanan
Optical Technology Utilised in Design of 'Crusader' HMD System E-mail request 1995   Tom Clark and Dale Hollis
An Integrated Approach to Safe Helmet Mounted Jisplay/Vehicle Interface E-mail request 1995   Tom Clark and Dale Hollis
Advanced Helmet Tracking Technology Developments for Naval Aviation E-mail request 1995   James H. Brindle
The Will to Live E-mail request 1995   William W. Spruance
Lightweight Survival Kit Air Droppable (L.W. SKAD) Systems on the F-16 Aircraft E-mail request 1995   P. D. Johnson
Fourth Generation Escape System Technologies Demonstration Program Status E-mail request 1995   James J. Schoen and A. Blai r McDonald.
The Future of Aircrew State Monitoring - Applications to Advanced Aircraft Design E-mail request 1995   M. I. Darrah
Advancements in Modeling Aircrew Fatigue During High-G Performance Flight E-mail request 1995   S. J. Mahoney
Simulated Performance Evaluation of NACES Stabilization Concepts E-mail request 1995   Thomas J. Marquette
Priority One: Survival! Navy State-of-the-Art Survival Item Update E-mail request 1995   RaNae Contarino
History and Operational Performance of the Crew Escape System for the B-1 B Aircraft E-mail request 1995   Stephan Tipton and Thomas Stachowski
Lessons Learned from the Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat (NACES) Program E-mail request 1995   Peter Yost
F-22 life Support System Development E-mail request 1995   M. B. McGrady and M. W. Wright
An Overview of Helicopter Mishap Analyses and Crewmember Surveys for the ACASS Program E-mail request 1995   Tom Zenobi
Self-Reported Aircraft Desirability E-mail request 1995   Victoria M. Voge
Development of a Passenger Aircraft Air Bag System E-mail request 1995   Thomas H. Barth and Greg Cote
Crash Sensors for Inflatable Restraint Systems E-mail request 1995   Richard E. Zimmermann and Jon P. Rogers
The Development of U.S. Navy Cold Weather Flight Gloves: Handwear from the Ground Up E-mail request 1995   Linda S. Pensotti
Aircrew Centered Design; A Development Approach for Effective Crewstation Integration E-mail request 1995   Rodney S. Katz
Glass Fragment Capture and Analysis E-mail request 1995   Rebecca B. Schultz and Edward S. Eveland .
Validation of the Articulated Total Body (A TS) Data Set Describing the Large Advanced Dynamic Anthropomorphic Manikin (ADAM) E-mail request 1995   Captain Joel J. Hagan
Pelvis Mounted Data Acquisition System and Novel Transducers for a Fifth Percentile Female Manikin E-mail request 1995   Dennis Silage
Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of the F/A-18 Liquid Oxygen System E-mail request 1995   Bryce Hartmann and Carol Axten
A Multi-Axis Pintle Attitude Control (MAXPAC) Device for ACES II Seat Stabilization E-mail request 1995   Russ Carlson
Are Ejection Seat Performance Statistics Providing a True Picture of Aircrew Safety? E-mail request 1995   Joseph W. Morris .
Reliability and Effectiveness of Smart Propulsion Systems for Ejection Seats E-mail request 1995   Mark Nadolski and Russ Carlson
MAXPAC - Applying 4th Generation Technology to Upgrade the ACES II Seat E-mail request 1995   Joseph W. Morris and WiIliam True
Increasing the Accommodation Characteristics Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat (NACES) E-mail request 1995   Ken R. Yates
The Design E-mail request 1995   Mark Butler
V-22 Osprey Passenger Water Survival Training E-mail request 1995   W. F. Cunningham
Performance Assessment of the V-22 Aircraft Crashworthy Crew Seat with Variouss Size and Gender Aircrew Using the Articulated Total Body (ATS) Computer Simulation Model E-mail request 1995   Martin B. Rapaport
New Approach to Spinal Preloading in Energy Absorbing Crew Seats E-mail request 1995   Walter R. Peck
Joint Affordable Cockpit Integration Program (JACIP) E-mail request 1995   William L. Capps
Demonstration of a Field of View Evaluation Apparatus (FOVEA) for Head-Borne Life Support Equipment E-mail request 1995   David Cohen
The Application of Mission Scenarios in CentrifugeBased Flight Simulation Research E-mail request 1995   Peggy L. Heffner
Augmented Shock Wave Severance of Canopies and Metal E-mail request 1995   Laurence J. Bement and Marry L. SchimmeL.
Auto-Ox: An Automatic Backup Oxygen System Designed for Retrofit Into the ACES II E-mail request 1995   M. I. Darrah
An Advanced Stabilization Technique for Retrofit Into the ACES II: A Feasibility Study Report E-mail request 1995   D. E. McCauley
A Smart Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator With Continuous Cycle Time Adjustment E-mail request 1995   George W. Miller
Development of the Swedish Tactical Flight Combat Suit (TFCS) E-mail request 1995   Bengt Landervik
Crewstation Technology Transition Evaluation Tools E-mail request 1995   Richard Zielinski
Mechanical Analysis of the Movements Used During Ejection in the NACES and LS1 Ejection Seats E-mail request 1995   Cynthia L. Tant
Small Aircrew Ejection Simulation in U.S. Navy Aircraft E-mail request 1995   Jeffrey Nichols
The JAST Integrated Helmet/Audio Visual System (IHAVS) Project E-mail request 1995   Robert Whitmoyer
Finnish Air Force (FAF) Aircrew Equipment E-mail request 1995   Lt. Col. Pentti Kuronen
Finnish Air Force (FAF) Seat-Mounted Aircrew Restraint Harness E-mail request 1995   Captain Ossi Aatsalo
Human Breathing Simulation in Life Support Testing E-mail request 1995   Jayne E. Booth
New Integrated Suvival Vest and Body Armor Protection Developed for Navy Helicopter Aircrew E-mail request 1995   John Meyers
The OBOG and Anti-G Systems for the RAFALE Fighter E-mail request 1995   Jean-Michel Cazenave
Acceleration Threat to Truck Occupants Due to Land Mine Explosions E-mail request 1995   Philemon C. Chan
A Method for Developing A Positive Pressure Breathing Mask E-mail request 1995   Eric Farin and Valerie Leguay
U. S. Navy Advanced Crashworthy Alrcrew Survival Systems (ACASS) Program E-mail request 1995   Michael R. Schulttz
Head Protection Against Windblast for Pilot Ejection E-mail request 1995   Philemon C. Chan
Altitude Decompression Sickness Prediction: A Simplified Approach E-mail request 1995   Andrew A. Pilmanis
4th Generation Escape Systems Technologies Demonstration Program Pintle Escape Propulsion System (PEPS) E-mail request 1995   Kevin Peterson
Adaptation of Wright Laboratory's Aircraft Survivability Range 3 for Crew System Windblast Testing E-mail request 1995   1 Lt. Michael Meyer
Performance Assesssment of a Boom Stabilization Device for the ACES-II Ejection Seat E-mail request 1995   Captain John H. Wengraf
PANEL SESSIONS E-mail request 1995    
Special Operations Forces: The Needs and Requirements of the Future - A Challenge for the SAFE Community E-mail request 1995   Moderators: Ed Winker and Joe Zeller5
Operational Life Support Current USAF Efforts E-mail request 1995   Moderator Martin J. Clement
34th. Proceedings 1996 E-mail request 1996    
The Will To Live E-mail request 1996   William W. Spruance
Using Semiconductor Bridge Technology In a Life Support Application E-mail request 1996   Donald Nowakowski
Feature Envelopes for the HGU55P Helmet E-mail request 1996   Jennifer J. Whitestone & Deepa Naishadham
Refresher Naval Aviation Physiology Training Program (NAPTP) In Aircraft Simulators E-mail request 1996   CDR Ryan B. Eichner & CDR Richard P. Mason
Environmental Testing of Fiber Optic Lines In Aircraft Estape System Applications II E-mail request 1996   Peter Stoddard
Phase 1 Results of NACES Parachute Repack Cycle Surveillance Program E-mail request 1996   Foster Richards
Flight Worthiness Testing of a Laser Canopy Fracturing Initiation Subsystem (CFIS) E-mail request 1996   David A. Cole & Craig A. Kesner
The Light Occupant Weight Ejection Seat Test (LOWEST) Program and Light Weight Escape Issues from the ACES II Ejection Seat E-mail request 1996   Robert Billings & Andrew S. Kiddis
ACES II Ejection Seat Improvements E-mail request 1996   Robert B. Calkins
Fourth Generation Escape System Technologies Demonstration Program Status E-mail request 1996   James J. Schoen & A. Blair McDonald
Development of the New Deployment System for the u.s. Army Troop Reserve Parachute E-mail request 1996   Howard Mixon
Antl-G Straining Maneuver In Air Combat Pursuit: strength E-mail request 1996   Tamara L. Chelette & lloyd D. Tripp.
Object Orientated Ejection Seat Model E-mail request 1996   Mark Elson & J. Stephen Lingard
Development of the Thor Advanced Frontal Crash Test Dummy E-mail request 1996   Richard P. White
Survey of Commercial Pilots Addressing Comfort and Fit Issues of Alrcrew Oxygen Masks E-mail request 1996   Saeid Motavalli
Overview of Systems to Enhance Situation Awareness and Survivability E-mail request 1996   Valerie J. Gawron
Improved Airborne Tactical Situational Awareness: It Is Possible! E-mail request 1996   Karen T. Garner & Thomas J. Assenmacher
Isometric Strength of Men and Women Prior to and After Multiple High-G Air-to-Air Combat Sorties on a Human Centrifuge E-mail request 1996   Lloyd D. Tripp
A New Helicopter Passenger Suit System E-mail request 1996   Brian Farnworth & Stephen F. Portman
Progress In Sealed Parachute Development E-mail request 1996   Lance C. Labun
Progress In Inflatable Restraint System Development E-mail request 1996   Richard E. Zimmermann .
Virtual Reality Simulation In Alrcrew Emergency Parachute Training E-mail request 1996   Jeffrey R. Hogue & R. Wade Allen
Survival Equipment - Has It Really Changed? E-mail request 1996   James M. Johnson
Digitizatlon of Helmet Rotation Under G Using Mock Helmet Loading E-mail request 1996   Robert L. Esken
The Design and Development of the Integrated Ballistic Helmet (ISH) E-mail request 1996   David Cadogan .
A Conformal Foam Insert to Improve Comfort and Function of the MBU-20/P Positive Pressure Breathing Oxygen Mask E-mail request 1996   Donald A. Diesel
Through- The-Canopy Egress Requirements E-mail request 1996   Russell E. Urzi
Comparison of Finnish Air Force (FAF) Alrcrew Garments (F-18 and HW) In Extreme Thermal Conditions E-mail request 1996   S. Rissanen
Plntle Controllable Catapult Conceptual and Demonstration Design E-mail request 1996   Albert Epes
Precision Laser Tracking System E-mail request 1996   Owen Langsmith & Duane Patrick
Survival System for Helicopter Alrcrews E-mail request 1996   Richard A. Brower
An Advanced Stabilization Technlquo for the ACES II: A Progress Report E-mail request 1996   D. E. McCauley
U.S. Navy Refresher Physiology Training In Aircraft Simulators: A Case Study E-mail request 1996   CDR Richard P. Mason & COR Ryan B. Eichner
Leg Clearance Predictions Using Ejection Simulations E-mail request 1996   Louise Obergefell
R&D Solutions to Multl.Place Life Raft Deficiencies E-mail request 1996   Maria Covington-Thorpe & George Gillespie
Introduction of an Alrbag to Improve the Canopy Fracturing System for a Two-Seater Aircraft E-mail request 1996   Georg Ohlsson & Mats Huttin
Computational FluId Dynamics Analysis for Improved Escape System Design E-mail request 1996   Thomas J. Marquette
Alrcrew Integrated Recovery Survival Armor Vest and Equipment Developed for Trl-Servlce Use E-mail request 1996   John Meyers & Erich H. AmRhein
Application of Composite Materials to Ejection Seat Primary Structure E-mail request 1996   Dr. Jerome Paul Fanucci
Utilizing a Team Problem Solving Approach for the U-2 Low Flight Breathing Regulator E-mail request 1996   Kenneth A. Kota. Michael T. Jackson & Gregory A. Elliott
A Review of ATAGS Research and Development In the Armstrong Laboratory E-mail request 1996   Robert M. Shaffstall
Engineering Qualification Testing of the F-15E Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generating System (MSOGS) E-mail request 1996   George W. Miller & Captain Jerold E. Fenner
U.S. Naval and Marine Corps Helicopter Over-Water Mishaps: Stowage and Deployment of Life Rafts E-mail request 1996   Lawrence E. Kinker
MAX PAC Flight Simulation E-mail request 1996   William True
MAXPAC and Trajectory Shaping E-mail request 1996   William True
A Survey of Daedallan Pilots for History of Decompression Sickness (DeS) From Exposure to 20 E-mail request 1996   James T. Webb
Canopy Trajectory Studies E-mail request 1996   Frank Drsata & Kenneth Dunn
The Pros and Cons of Escape Capsules E-mail request 1996   Oscar W. Sepp
Compensation for Gas Dynamics Effects In Complex Plntle Rocket Motors E-mail request 1996   Gary D. Luke
USN/USMC Aviation Multi-Place Life Rafts: An Acquisition Perspective E-mail request 1996   Fred Gustafson & Michael C. Dilts
Measurement of Whole-Body Human Center of Gravity and Moments of Inertia E-mail request 1996   Rebecca B. Schultz
U.S. Army Situation Awareness Improvement Initiatives E-mail request 1996   James B. Sampson
Next Generation Transparency Program E-mail request 1996   Robert McCarty
35th. Proceedings 1997 E-mail request 1997    
The Will To Live E-mail request 1997   Wifliam W. Spruance
Factors Affecting Reliable Transfer Stimuli E-mail request 1997   John D. Glass
Naval Air Systems Team Mishap Investigation Support Team E-mail request 1997   Bruce Trenholm
B-2 Aircrew Seat Comfort Cushion Design and Development E-mail request 1997   Claude M. Severance
Potential Pathological Effects of Repeated +Gz Exposures on Brain E-mail request 1997   Xi-Qing Sun
The Effects of Heat Stress on UH-60 Helicopter Pilots E-mail request 1997   Matthew J. Reardon
Report on the Optimized Mach Number Immune Sequencer E-mail request 1997   Walter R. Peck
Safe Disposal of Energetic Materials E-mail request 1997   James Baker
Crashing E-mail request 1997   Don J. Lewis
Assessment of Asymmetrical Anchor Points and Load-limiting Loops with the Lap Portion of Automotive Occupant Restraints E-mail request 1997   Michael L. Markushewski
Introducing the 16LS High Performance Ejection Seat E-mail request 1997   Brian A. Miller
The Effects of Aircraft Transparencies on Night VIsion Goggle-Mediated Visual Acuity E-mail request 1997   Alan Pinkus
Preliminary Screening Results for an Electrical Detonator Utilizing BNCP as the Principal Energetic Material E-mail request 1997   Thomas J. Blachowski and Michael Oestreich
Inflatable AeroStablllzers for NACES E-mail request 1997   Glen J. Brown
Methodology for Accurate Flow Measurement at SubAtmospheric Pressures E-mail request 1997   Bruce E. Siskowski and David C. Maloney
Laser Initiated Ordnance Systems for Crew Escape - A Cooperative Approach E-mail request 1997   Tom Blachowski and Stephen Porter
Analyzing Explosive Severance of the Next Generation Transparency (NGT) E-mail request 1997   James E. Fritz
Comparison of the Dynamic Response of a Hybrid III ATD Restrained by an Inflataband TM in a Sled Test with the Computer Simulation Results and Comparison of the Protection Performance of a Conventional Seat Belt and Safety Alrbag Configuration vs. The Inflataband TM In a Frontal Impact Test E-mail request 1997   Don Lewis
Establishing a Spinal Criterion for Military Seats E-mail request 1997   Martin Rapaport
Priority One: Survival! -- Part II Navy State-of-the-Art Survival Item Update E-mail request 1997   Michael Jaffee
Validation of Burnslm Predictions Against Human and Pig Skin Bu rns E-mail request 1997   Ted Knox. Chris Perry
The Effect of Helmet Inenlal Properties on Male and Female Head Response During +Gz Impact Accelerations E-mail request 1997   Chris E. Perry
Interaction Between Computer Models of Face and Mask E-mail request 1997   T. Shams
Protective Coating Analysis E-mail request 1997   Diane L. Sabal and Gregory J. Dohm
Helmet Mounted Display Stability During +Gz ExPosure E-mail request 1997   Tal Maoz
A Brief History of Crashworthlness E-mail request 1997   William D. Waldock
Force-Dependent Parachute Inflation Control E-mail request 1997   Kurt E. Wittendorfer
NACES P31 Phase I - A Progress Report E-mail request 1997   J. Stephen Lingard
The Application of Inflatable Aerodynamic Stabilizers on an Ejection Seat E-mail request 1997   M. F. Neal and J.S. Lingard
Preliminary Evaluation of a Newly Designed Laser Initiator for Various CAD/PAD Applications E-mail request 1997   Doug Benner and Thomas J. Blachowski
Development of an Integrated Ejection Seat/Crewmember Model E-mail request 1997   Deren Ma
Ejection Mitigation During Rollover Crashes Using Inflatable Tubular Structure (ITS@) E-mail request 1997   Gershon Yaniv
Data to Design: Anthropometry In Naval Aviation E-mail request 1997   Heather D. Tucker
Certification Dynamic Tests of Seat Restraint Systems Certification Dynamic Tests of Seat Restraint Systems and Occupant Protection on Transport Aircraft E-mail request 1997   Chris Bradney and Keith Ware
Development of an Advanced Energy Absorber E-mail request 1997   Marvin K. Richards and Roger Podob
Modeling of Human Neck Response to Vertical Impact E-mail request 1997   Beth Anderson
Development of an Advanced Energy Absorber E-mail request 1997   Marvin K. Richards and Roger Podob
Modeling of Human Neck Response to Vertical Impact E-mail request 1997   Beth Anderson
Anthropometric Sizing and Patterning of the New Eagle G-Suit (CSU-20/P) E-mail request 1997   Bruce Bradtmiller
Quality Evaluation Testing of Rocket Motors for Aircrew Escape Applications E-mail request 1997   Dr. Stan Caulder
The Swedish Tactical Flight Combat Suit Is Approved for Production E-mail request 1997   Bengt Landervik
Evaluation of GEBOD as a Predictor of Human Body Data: Performed Using High Resolution Human Body Topography E-mail request 1997   Jennifer J. Whitestone and Jeffrey A. Hudson
Anthropometric Accommodation In Training Aircraft E-mail request 1997   Gregory Zehner
NACES Drogue Parachute Service Life-Extension Evaluation Program E-mail request 1997   Richard W. Hu nter
Occupant Safety Simulations for Interior Design E-mail request 1997   Bachar Aljundi
Virtual Horizon Altitude Warning System E-mail request 1997   CDR David E. Stevens
Helicopter Alrcrew Underwater Breathing DevIce SRU-40/P E-mail request 1997   Luis A. Gierbolini and Janice Wensel.
Impact of Recent Altitude Physiology Research on Design of Cockpit Pressurization Systems E-mail request 1997   James T. Webb
Extended Exposure Capability After Rapid Decompression at 60 E-mail request 1997   Brian P. Self
Custom Oxygen Mask Construction Using Computer Assisted Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) TeChnologies E-mail request 1997   Donald A. Diesel
Will Canopy-Embedded Mild Detonating Cord Affect Aircrew Visual Performance? E-mail request 1997   Aaron J. Gannon
A Comparison of Human and Ejection Seat Test Manikin Static Centers of Gravity and Moments of Inertia E-mail request 1997   Christopher B. Albery
Mishap Data Evaluation of Current Naval Aircraft 1987-1996 E-mail request 1997   Elsa J. Hennings
The United Kingdom Airblast Test Facility E-mail request 1997   Richard C. Taylor
Survival and Flight Equipment Association (Europe) Symposium 1997 . The Basis for Material Selection for Use In Oxygen Service E-mail request 1997   Simon E.C. Court
PANEL SESSIONS E-mail request 1997    
Introduction to the Joint Service Alrcrew Systems Guide Specification E-mail request 1997   Dennis W. Schroll
36th. Annual Proceedings Papers 1998 E-mail request 1998    
Measuring Observers' Visual Acuity Through Night Vision Goggles E-mail request 1998   Alan Pinkus
The Effect of FV-9 and Wardove Laser Eye Protection On Night Vision Goggle-Aided Visual Acuity E-mail request 1998   Joseph T. Riegler and George M. Fiedler
Photographic Assessment of Dark Spots in Night Vision Device Images E-mail request 1998   Peter L. Marasco
Further Development of the Panoramic Night Vision Goggle E-mail request 1998   Jeffrey L. Craig and Eric E. Geiselman
Current Cockpit Lighting Issues E-mail request 1998   George M. Fiedler
Chemical Lightsticks as a Night Vision Goggle Compatible Lighting Technique for Aircraft Cockpits: Characteristics E-mail request 1998   H. Lee Task
Methods of Implementing NVIS Compatible Cockpit Lighting E-mail request 1998   John L. Martin
Aircraft External Lighting; Concepts for NVG Operations E-mail request 1998   Chuck Antonio
Aircraft External Lighting; Concepts for NVG Operations E-mail request 1998   Chuck Antonio
Safety of Flight and Anthropometry in United States Aircraft E-mail request 1998   Heather D. Tucker and Jennifer J. Crawford.
Development of the OBOGS and BRAG Valve for the F-22 Life Support System E-mail request 1998   N.P. J. Lovette and R. Ashdown
Investigation and Evaluation of a Replacement Parachute for The SJU-5/A Escape System E-mail request 1998   Richard E. Borsch
XF-2 Canopy Jettison System Design and Development E-mail request 1998   Takashi Fujimoto and Makoto Yamano
XF-2 Aircrew Escape System Design and Development E-mail request 1998   Masalui Kageyalna
Military-Approved SEE/RESCUE(3) Technology Provides Large Visual Targets for SAR E-mail request 1998   Robert N. Yonover
The Vibrational Environment of an Ejection: Lessons Learned from the Fourth Generation Escape Systems Advanced Technology Demonstration Program E-mail request 1998   Justin B. Hall
Fourth Generation Escape Systems Technology Demonstration Program - - Objectives and Accomplishments E-mail request 1998   Major Timothy D. Wieck
Fourth Generation Escape System Technology Demonstration Pintle Nozzle Controllable Propulsion System E-mail request 1998   Craig M. Wheeler
Evolution of Ejection Seat Pintle Technology E-mail request 1998   Craig Wheeler and Joe Morris
The Development of a Rigid Inflatable Structure E-mail request 1998   Daniel G. Bagnell
Spatial Disorientation: What Kinds and How Often? E-mail request 1998   Walter E. Sipes
Analysis and Discussion of the Dynamic Qualification Test Results of a Crashworthy Troop Seat System Integrated Into The CH-53D Sea Stallion E-mail request 1998   Dr. Victor Weissberg and Avi Attias
Sustained Tolerance of Increased G (STING): A Canadian Forces Acceleration Protection System E-mail request 1998   Robert Michas
The Warrendi Personal Locator Beacon E-mail request 1998   Claude J. LeComte
IR Blade Tip Light for Helicopter Formation Flight E-mail request 1998   Moshe Schneider and Lior Parag
Comparison of Optokinetic Scene Effects on the Somatogyral Illusion E-mail request 1998   Charles S. Lessard
Parachute Simulation Enhancements for Post-EjectionlEgressTraining E-mail request 1998   Jeffrey R. Hogue
Effect of +Gz Acceleration on Intracranial Pressure in Rabbits E-mail request 1998   Xi-Qing Sun
Development of Human Model Validation Methods for Cockpit Accommodation Evaluation E-mail request 1998   Jeffrey A. Hudson and GregoryF. Zehner
Anthropometric Accommodation in USAF Training Aircraft: A Comparison of Operational Requirements E-mail request 1998   Beth M. Rogers-Adams
A Multi-Media Training System for Measuring Anthropomctric Accommodation in Cockpits E-mail request 1998   Gregory F. Zehner
Hot Wire Initiators - Reliable and Safe E-mail request 1998   William J. Sipes
Developing a Modeling and Simulation Paradigm for Assessing the Encumbrance of Helicopter Aircrew Clothing and Equipment E-mail request 1998   Richard Kozycki
Air Warrior - Designing an Integrated System E-mail request 1998   Karen Gaupo Smith
Priority One: Survival! - - Part m - Navy State-of-the-Art Sunrival Item Update Personal Survival Kit E-mail request 1998   Michael Jaffee
Individual and Population Specific Manikins for the Articulated Total Body Model E-mail request 1998   Ivan Liew
NACES P3I Phase II - An Overview E-mail request 1998   J. Stephen Lingard
Evaluation of Head Mobility in the XYZ Plane for a Newly Designed Neck Bellows on the Chemical Biological & Radiological (CBR) Impermeable Ventilated Mask E-mail request 1998   Roland C. Thorpe
Qualification of an Expanded Coverage G-Suit for Navy Combat Edge E-mail request 1998   Dennis N. Gordge and Wendy L. Todd
Female Performance in the High G Environment: An Oveniew of Centrifuge Research 1996-1997 E-mail request 1998   Tamara L. Chelette
Risk Factors in Ejection Seat Design Associated with Upward Ejection for a Large Occupant E-mail request 1998   John R. Buhrman
Feasibility Study for a Helicopter Survival Seat Pack E-mail request 1998   Linda Pensotti
The Semiconductor Bridge (SCD) is an Enabling . Technology for Next Generation Safety Systems E-mail request 1998   Steve Harris III and Stephen Porter
EMI/HERO Filtering for EED's E-mail request 1998   David Rosner
Relationship of Protection Mask Seal Pressure to Fit Factor E-mail request 1998   Kathryn S temann Cohen.
Preoxygenation Time Versus Decompression Sickness Incidence E-mail request 1998   James T
Performance of a Portable Oxygen Breathing System at 25 E-mail request 1998   R.P. Garner
Human Centrifuges: The Old and The New E-mail request 1998   William B. Albery
Color Hue Shift During Gradual Onset Gz Acceleration E-mail request 1998   Colonel (Dr.) Richard A. Allnutt and Lloyd D. Tripp
Aircrew Personal Environmental Control System (APECS) for F-16 and F-15 Aircraft - Design E-mail request 1998   Daniel L. Fischbach
Development of an Extra Small Narrow MBU-20/P Oxygen Mask E-mail request 1998   Brian P. Self
The Use of Ejection Simulation in Mishap Investigations E-mail request 1998   Jeffrey P. Nichols
Investigation of Occupant Restraint Improvemcnts to the UPCo SIIS-3 Ejection Seat E-mail request 1998   Steve Pint
Factors Affecting the Decision to Eject E-mail request 1998   Charles (Skip) Goodman.
Factors Affecting the Ballistic Performance of CTPB Propellants Used in Aircrew Escape Rocket Systems E-mail request 1998   Dr. S.M. Caulder and E. Hernandez
A Methodology for Evaluating Pintle System Life Cycle Costs E-mail request 1998   Joe Morris
Achieving High Ejection Scat Reliability with a COTS Based Control System E-mail request 1998   Harold Larsen and Mark Nadolski
MAXPAC Update and Lessons Learned E-mail request 1998   Bill Barnette and Kevin L. Peterson.
NACES P3I Sequencer Concept E-mail request 1998   Alfred F. Perz
Integration of Aerodynamic Capability in Ejection Seat/Crewmember Model E-mail request 1998   Deren Ma
Considerations in the Design of Electronic Automatic Activation Systems Compared with their Mechanical Counterparts E-mail request 1998   David Hirst
PANEL SESSIONS E-mail request 1998    
Re-Engineering USAF Aerospace Physiology E-mail request 1998   Moderators: Colonel Jeffrey C. Sput Sventek and Robert M. Shaffstall
CSERIAC: The New Vision E-mail request 1998   Moderator: Mi chael Fineberg
Joint Service Chemical-Biological Protection Equipment Panel E-mail request 1998   Moderator: Colonel S. Hannan
37TH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS 1999 E-mail request 1999    
The Will to Live E-mail request 1999   William w. Spruance
Panoramic Night Visit Goggle Update E-mail request 1999   Eric E. Geiselman and Jeffrey L. Craig
Optical Characterization of Wide Field-of-View Night Vision Devices E-mail request 1999   Peter L. Marasco and H. Lee Task
Field of View Effects Upon a Simulated Flight and Target Acquisition Task E-mail request 1999   Denise L. Aleva
Panoramic Night Vision Goggle-Maintainer's Perspective E-mail request 1999   Mike Sedillo
Reproducibility of Night Vision Goggle Visual Acuity Measurements Using Landolt C's E-mail request 1999   Alan Pinkus
Effects of Laser Eye Protection and Aircraft Windscreens on Visual Acuity Through Night Vision Goggles E-mail request 1999   H. Lee Task
Night Vision: At a Crossroads E-mail request 1999   Captain Paul M. Riegert
Current USN/USMC Aircraft Anthropometric Compatibility Issues and the Street to Fleet Proposal E-mail request 1999   Heather D. Tucker and Lori L. Brattin
USN/USMC Ejection Seat Equipped Aircraft Anthropometric Accommodations E-mail request 1999   Greg Kennedy
SEEIRESCUE@ Distress Signaling Technology for Upper Altitude and Infra-Red Applications E-mail request 1999   Robert N. Yonover
The 'Diamond Pattern' Canopy Fracturing System E-mail request 1999   Kevin M. Hopwood
The Effect of High G on Color Target Identification and Selection E-mail request 1999   Tamara Chelette
Induced Monocular Vision (IMV) During Simulated Agile Flight E-mail request 1999   Colonel (Dr.) Richard A. Allnutt
Helmet Weight and CG Effects on the Performance of Tracking Tasks During +Gz Acceleration E-mail request 1999   Edward S. Eveland
An Advanced Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System for Fighter Aircraft E-mail request 1999   Donald Swihart and Finley Barfield
Recent Development of the NASA X-38 Parafoil Landing System E-mail request 1999   John J. Smith
Effect of Airbag Friction on Mitigation of Impact Severity E-mail request 1999   Xavier J. R. Avula
Propellant Development for a Canopy Ejection Rocket Motor E-mail request 1999   Charles T. Rittenhouse and Ralph Hsiao
Modeling Energy Adsorption in Commercial Airline Seating with MADYMO Dynamic Simulation E-mail request 1999   Rob Marshall
T-38 Escape System: A Technical Assessment E-mail request 1999   Robert Billings
A Program for the Analysis of Rapid Aircraft Cabin Decompression E-mail request 1999   Dennis W. Schroll and Thomas F. Tibbals
A Program for the Analysis and Design of Aircraft LOX Systems E-mail request 1999   Dennis W. Schroll and Thomas F. Tibbals
Male and Female Sizing in Aircrew Protective Ensembles: Lessons from the Trenches E-mail request 1999   Bruce Bradtmiller
Operational Application of Exercise-Enhanced Pre-oxygenation E-mail request 1999   James T. Webb
A User Fitted Helmet Fitting/Retention System for Passenger Helmets and Helmet Mounted Optical Display Systems E-mail request 1999   Colonel John V. Barson and Flight Sergeant Roger J. Croft
High Contract Filters and Their Use in the Aviation Environment E-mail request 1999   William E. McLean
Thermal Evaluation of an Aircrew Air Cooled Garment with Standard E-mail request 1999   Robert M. Shaffstall
United States Navy Advanced Crew Station Evaluation Techniques E-mail request 1999   Jennifer Crawford
Altitude Decompression Sickness Risk Assessment Computer (ADRAC) Development E-mail request 1999   Andrew A. Pilmanis
Development of an Ejection Data Acquisition and Recorder Module (EDARM) E-mail request 1999   J. R. Priest and Delano Wilson
The Use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Determining G-Suit Bladder Expansion Envelopes E-mail request 1999   Valerie Dyck
Chest Mounted Armored Microclimate Conditioned Air Device (CMAMCAD) E-mail request 1999   William B. Reason
Multi-Mission Destruct System Developed for the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Range Safety E-mail request 1999   Noreen Loone
Heat Stress in the Cockpit of Military Aircraft on JASDF E-mail request 1999   Hirokazu Ozaki
Designing the Air Warrior (AW) System for Optimized Human Performance E-mail request 1999   Linda Pensotti
Digital Anthropometric Video Imaging Device (DAVID) E-mail request 1999   Jack L. Saxton
Design Considerations for Aircraft Crash Sensing E-mail request 1999   Robert F. Gansman
Crash Protection Performance of a Helicopter Cockpit Airbag System E-mail request 1999   Robert F. Gansman and Anita E. Grierson
Inadvertent or Unnecessary Deployment of Inflatable Occupant Restraints E-mail request 1999   Dr. George Sprague
Cartridge Actuated Devices/Propellant Actuated Devices (CAD/PAD) Virtual Fleet Support E-mail request 1999   Julie Burch
Maneuver Control Logic and Control Law for the Advanced Technology Escape System (A TES) E-mail request 1999   Arun K. Trikha
An Objective Evaluation of the Potential for Inadvertent CABS Deployment E-mail request 1999   Michael J. Happ
Validation of the Easy5-ATB Ejection Seat/Occupant Model with High-Speed Sled Test E-mail request 1999   Deren Ma
A Comparison of Male and Female Acceleration Responses During Laboratory +Gz Impact Tests E-mail request 1999   John R. Buhrman and Stephen E. Mosher
HUD Viewability in a Smoke-Filled Cockpit E-mail request 1999   Philip Moylan
PANELS E-mail request 1999    
Helicopter Aircrew Integrated Life Support System - HAILSS Program Overview E-mail request 1999   Estrella M. Forster
Helicopter Advanced Integrated Life Support System (HAILSS) -Integrated Helmet System E-mail request 1999   W. L. Epperson
HAILSS Integrated Garment (Neck-Down) E-mail request 1999   Juergen Just and Hartmut Gehse
Development of the U.S. Navy Advanced Personal Air Conditioning System System (APACS) E-mail request 1999   Jonathan W. Kaufman
Helicopter Aircrew Integrated Life Support System HAILSS Aircraft Integration Testing E-mail request 1999   William B. Reason
Helicopter Aircrew Integrated Life Support System HAILSS Integration E-mail request 1999   Paul Dolinar
BRIEFINGS E-mail request 1999    
Development of Aircrew Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Military Standards E-mail request 1999   Neil W. Kalfas and Robert D. Sanctis
38TH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM 2000 E-mail request 2000    
Adapting Automotive Lateral Head Protection Technology to a Military CABS E-mail request 2000   Kenneth L. Von Der Ahe and William R. Cromer
Integrated Panoramic Night Vision Goggle E-mail request 2000   Jeffrey L. Craig
Integrated Panoramic Night Vision Goggles Fixed-Focus Eyepieces: Selecting A Diopter Setting E-mail request 2000   H. Lee Task
Panoramic Night Vision Goggle Testing for Diagnosis and Repair E-mail request 2000   Peter L. Marasco and H. Lee Task
Night Vision Goggles Objective Lens Focusing Methodology E-mail request 2000   Alan Pinkus
Night Vision Goggle Cockpit Integration E-mail request 2000   Mike Sedillo
Light E-mail request 2000   Michael A. Crognale
Tensile Neck Injury Criterion Development E-mail request 2000   Louise A. Carter
Evaluation of Proposed Seat Cushions to Vertical Impact E-mail request 2000   Chris Perry
Technology Transition of Ejection Test Manikins and Data Acquisition Systems to the Testing and Evaluation Arena E-mail request 2000   John A. Plaga
Pre-Ejection Upper Torso Retraction for the Expanded Aircrew Population E-mail request 2000   Steven M. Pint and John R. Buhrman
Determination of Seat Cushion Mechanical Properties E-mail request 2000   Steve Pint
The Importance of System Testing in Egress Component Design E-mail request 2000   Peter Stoddard
Dassault New Generation of Fragilization E-mail request 2000   Frank Salis
Explosive Fracturing of an F-16 Canopy for Through-Canopy Crew Egress E-mail request 2000   Laurence J. Bement
New Technology for Testing Inertial Reels and Crash Sensors E-mail request 2000   Richard E. Zimmermann and James C. Warrick
Test Chamber Design for Performance -Based Evaluation Of Protective Breathing Equipment E-mail request 2000   Robert P. Garner
Active Network Guidance and Emergency Logic (ANGEL) Program E-mail request 2000   B.J. Austin
Anthropometric Variable Selection for Laser Eye Protection Spectacles E-mail request 2000   Catherine R. Harrison
Development of a Laser/Fiber Optic Signal Transmission System for the Advanced Technology Ejection Seat (A TES) E-mail request 2000   Thomas J. Blachowski and Dr. Peter Ostrowski
Application of MADYMO in the Design of a Crashworthy Aircraft Passenger Seat E-mail request 2000   E. van Hassel and C.G. Huijskens
Inflatable Lap Belt Restraints: Potential Improvements In Aircraft Occupant Protection E-mail request 2000   Cherie Alexander and Tyler Kress
Helmet System Performance During Exposure to Fighter Aircraft Buffet Vibration E-mail request 2000   Suzanne D. Smith
Anthropometric Measurements as a Predictor of Vertebral Body Size in Males and Females E-mail request 2000   Chung M. Siedlecki
Multimedia Occupant Crash Protection Development Guide and Its Application to All Modes of Human Transport E-mail request 2000   Gary R. Whitman
Data Analysis Suite@: An Integrated Approach to Test Data Analysis E-mail request 2000   Nicholas T. Duke
An Enhanced Personal Cooling Garment for Aircrew E-mail request 2000   Wendell Uglene
ADPATS: Combined Technologies Produces the Next Generation of Ejection Manikins E-mail request 2000   Steve Goldner
Low Pressure Long Duration Airbags E-mail request 2000   Paul W. Paustian
Positive Pressure Breathing and Full Coverage Anti-G Suit in the Swedish 9G Aircraft JAS 39 Gripen E-mail request 2000   Bengt Landervik
Self-Deploying Infrared (SDIR) SEE/RESCUE@ Streamer for Incapacitated Aircrew and Aircraft Carrier Personnel E-mail request 2000   Dr. Robert Yonover
CATSIM: A Program to Predict Performance of Ejection Seat Catapults E-mail request 2000   Brad Warner
NACES P31 Pintle Nozzle Rocket Motor Demonstration E-mail request 2000   Craig M. Wheeler
The Dayton T. Brown E-mail request 2000   Sebastian R. Grasso
Methodology and Improvements in Aircrew Parachute Descent Virtual Reality Simulation Training E-mail request 2000   Jeffrey R. Hogue
A Fiber Optic System for Vehicle Health Monitoring E-mail request 2000   Phil Schaefer and Timothy Hasselman
Occupant Protection During Rollover Events E-mail request 2000   Larry A. Sicher
Ejection Seat Aviator Windblast Protection Concepts Evaluation Using Computer Simulation Tools E-mail request 2000   Shyam S. Karigiri and Dr. Sanjeev M. Kulkarni
Cockpit Accommodation in USN/USMC Helicopters E-mail request 2000   Heather Tucker and Jennifer Crawford
Finding Solutions to Aircraft Wiring Issues - The Aircraft Wiring and Inert Gas Generator Working Group E-mail request 2000   Richard F. Healing and Tomas R. Kovach (Reprinted with permission of Mr. Healing)
Inflatable Tubular Torso Restraint (ITTR) to Improve Occupant Protection in Side-Facing Seats E-mail request 2000   Mark Baldwin
Flying on a Tether: Angular Artifacts of Centrifuge- Based Dynamic Flight Simulation E-mail request 2000   T. L. Chelette
PANELS E-mail request 2000    
T-33 Ejection Seat Upgrade Program E-mail request 2000   Presenters Joe Crotwell
BRIEFINGS E-mail request 2000    
The Will to Live E-mail request 2000   William W. Spruance
39TH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS 2001 E-mail request 2001    
Performance of Continuous Flow Oxygen Mask Designs Commonly Utilized with Portable Oxygen Bottles on Transport Aircraft E-mail request 2001 1 Robert P. Garner
Severance of Polycarbonate and Acrylic Transparencies Using Linear Shaped Charge E-mail request 2001 7 John A. Graham
Dynamic Pintle Simulator for Escape Propulsion System Testing E-mail request 2001 13 Craig M. Wheeler
Evaluating Fiber Optic Connectors for Use on the Advanced Technology Ejection Seat (A TES) E-mail request 2001 19 Thomas J. Slachowski
Flight Safety Through Certification of an Aeronautical Database Production Process: A Human-Centered Approach E-mail request 2001 25 Denise Aleva
ACES II Structural Upgrade Program E-mail request 2001 31 Tim Moore and John L. Hampton
Retro-Reflective vs. IR-Reflective SEE/RESCUE@ Streamer Capability E-mail request 2001 37 Dr. Robert Yonover
Teaching Emergency Ejection and Egress Parachuting with Virtual Reality Simulation E-mail request 2001 43 Jeffrey R. Hogue
A Comparison of Accident Rates in Traditional and MFD-Equipped Rotary-Wing U.S. Army Aircraft E-mail request 2001 49 Clarence E. Rash
Maintenance & Cleaning of US Navy Escape Systems Using Superheated-Steam Generating Systems E-mail request 2001 60 Andrew C. Herring
NACES Engineering Assessment Program Optimisation of Ejection Seat Maintenance Practices E-mail request 2001 78 Kiran Chotai
The Importance of Seat Cushion Design in Energy Absorbing Seat Systems E-mail request 2001 84 Ed Naasz
Future Advanced Sequencer Technology (FAST) E-mail request 2001 95 Don McCauley
The AFRL Biodynamics Data Bank on the Web: A Repository of Human Impact Acceleration Response Data E-mail request 2001 111 John R. Buhrman
Effects of Headrest Position and Helmet Weight on Human Dynamic Response During +Gz Impact Acceleration E-mail request 2001 116 Chris E. Perry
Survival Radio Products for the 21 sl Century E-mail request 2001 129 Douglas Howe
Weibull Analysis on the NACES Barostatic Release Unit E-mail request 2001 134 Dennis C. Neill
CYPRES@ in the Military Environment an AAD for Jumper or Pilot and Other Crew Members E-mail request 2001 140 Gerard R. Fetter
Lateral Restraint: Comparison of Lap/Shoulder Belt vs. Lap/Shoulder Plus Supplemental Shoulder Belt Restraint Systems E-mail request 2001 190 Larry A. Sicher
ACES II Ejection Seat Cooperative Modification Project - Improved Stability Subsystem E-mail request 2001 199 Robert B. Calkins and George M. Roe
Ejection Seat Modeling and Visualization as a Tool for Mishap Investigation E-mail request 2001 208 Matt Conrad
Hearing Protection Panel E-mail request 2001 217 Co-Moderated by: Valerie S. Bjorn and Richard L. McKinley
Human Systems Program Office Presentation E-mail request 2001 253 Colonel Dartanian Warr
Emergency Escape From Commercial Aircraft E-mail request 2001 312 Thornton A. McGill II/.
Why and How Do I Test Airbags? E-mail request 2001 330 Bryan Webb
Making the 1's and O's Work for You! E-mail request 2001 387 Richard F. Healing
What You See is What You Get! E-mail request 2001 420 Joseph DeCarlo .
Oxygen Cylinder and Hand Valve with Position Indication Switch E-mail request 2001 434 Gary Thomasulo
The Visibility of Night Vision Imaging System Compatible Displays E-mail request 2001 439 Peter L. Marasco
Process Development for the MK109 Mod 1 Canopy Jettison Rocket Motor E-mail request 2001 446 Ralph Hsiao and Charles Rittenhouse
Sizing Systems for Protective Clothing: Less is More E-mail request 2001 460 Bruce Bradtmiller
Emergency Beacons - The Next Generation E-mail request 2001 466 Barry Thrower
Fast-Cycle PSA Technology for Oxgen Generation in Military Applications E-mail request 2001 472 Marie Taponat and Chris McLean
Fuel Tank Flammability Modeling E-mail request 2001 478 Ivor Thomas
Oxygen Generation Using SEOS Ion Transport Membranes E-mail request 2001 505 Joseph M. Abrardo
Gas Separation Technology for Commercial Jet Aircraft Applications: Passenger Oxygen E-mail request 2001 511 Thomas L. Reynolds and Dr. Thor Eklund
On-Board Systems for Aircraft Fuel Tank Inerting and Oxygen Generation E-mail request 2001 526 Jay C. Rozzi
Combining Flotation and Ballistic Protection E-mail request 2001 532 Stephen Portman and Roger Soar
40TH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS 2002 E-mail request 2002    
Sizing Systems for Protective Clothing: Less is More 1 E-mail request 2002 1 Bruce Bradtmiller
Lateral Crash Restraint for Children 7 E-mail request 2002 7 Gary R. Whitman
Oxygen Generation Using SEOS Ion Transport Membranes 18 E-mail request 2002 18 Joseph M Abrardo
Limits to Attenuation (With Comments on True Field Performance Versus Laboratory Data) 24 E-mail request 2002 24 E. H. Berger
Crew Escape Technology: On The Threshold of Operational Use! 31 E-mail request 2002 31 F. Terry Thomasson
Protecting the Nation's Water Supply: Development of a National Agenda 51 E-mail request 2002 51 Robert M. Clark
Effects of Crewmember Gender and Size on Factors Leading to Increased Rick of Spinal Injury Durin g Aircraft E j ecti 0 n 60 E-mail request 2002 60 John R. Buhrman & Delano D. Wilson
Theoretical Foundation for the Operation of Liquid-Filled Anti-G Suit in Aviation 68 E-mail request 2002 68 Xavier J R. A vula
Low Pressure Long Duration Airbags E-mail request 2002 75 Paul W Paustian
Bi oterro ris m: Meetin g th e Challen ges 79 E-mail request 2002 79 Johnathan L. Kiel
Enhanced FAA-Hybrid III Dummy for Aircraft Occupant Safety Assessment 93 E-mail request 2002 93 C. D. Waagmeester
Fast-Cycle PSA Technology for Oxygen Generation in Military Applications 103 E-mail request 2002 103 Marie Taponat
N on-O DC Aircraft Oxygen Line Cleaning System 1 09 E-mail request 2002 109 John Herrington
New Advancements of China Aircrew Escape Technology 119 E-mail request 2002 119 Xiao Sheng & Zhang Guangjian
China XB High Accuracy Rocket-Propelled Sled Test Track 124 E-mail request 2002 124 Zhang Guangjian
Tactor Locator System for the Tactile Situation Awareness System (TSAS) 130 E-mail request 2002 130 Rita Ciammaichella
Combined Flotation and Ballistic Protection 137 E-mail request 2002 137 Steve Portman & Roger Soar
NVG Visibility of Laser Illuminated Warrior Glotape@ 146 E-mail request 2002 146 Ft Lt. Kevin P. Wegener
Monitoring Air Force Aircraft Escape System Tests Using GPS-Based Position and Velocity 154 E-mail request 2002 154 Captain Christina Schutte
Human Vibration Response During F/A-18C Hornet Aircraft Carrier Operations 164 E-mail request 2002 164 Suzanne D. Smith
Development of Objective Test Methods for Determination of Ejection Seat Cushion Comfort 173 E-mail request 2002 173 Steve Pint
Lateral Restraint: Comparison of Lap/Shoulder Belt vs. Lap/Shoulder Plus Supplemental Shoulder Belt RestraintS ystems 184 E-mail request 2002 184 Larry A. Sicher
ACES II Ejection Seat Cooperative Modification Project - Improved Stability Subsystem Update 193 E-mail request 2002 193 Robert B. Calkins & John Hampton
ACES II Structural Upgrade Program Update 204 E-mail request 2002 204 Tim Moore
A Biomechanical Study on the Parachute Landing Fall 215 E-mail request 2002 215 Wayne Kong
Report on the Testing of the Spinal Preload Piston in the ACES-II CKU-5B/A Catapult 224 E-mail request 2002 224 Walter R. Peck
Demonstration of Head and Neck Protection Devices for High-Speed Ejection 235 E-mail request 2002 235 Bob Gansman & Matt Darley
Emergency Escape Seq uencer System Tester (EESS T) 244 E-mail request 2002 224 Michael E. Wallace
Onboard Systems for Aircraft Fuel Tank Inerting and Oxygen Generation 261 E-mail request 2002 261 Jay C. Rozzi
Joint Strike Fighter - The Martin-Baker Story so Far 267 E-mail request 2002 267 S. D. Roberts
Thigh Injury Risk During Ejection: Development of an Injury Criterion for Femur Fracture 274 E-mail request 2002 274 Glenn PaskofJ
Rap id Deflagra ting Cord (RDC) (B riefin g) 2 87 E-mail request 2002 287 Lynn G. Hilden
Enhanced Vision for Enhanced Safety 3 0 1 E-mail request 2002 301 Philip A. Moylan
Special Helmet for S.A.R. and Combat Zone Pilots Extraction Units of I.A.F 330 E-mail request 2002 330 Yuval Ezra & Lt. Col. (Res.) Jacob Brandstaetter
The Global Aviation Information Network (GAIN): Using Information Proactively to Improve A via ti 0 n Safety 3 53 E-mail request 2002 353 Christopher A. Hart
Hearin g Pro tecti 0 n Pan el 3 69 E-mail request 2002 369 Panel Co-Chairs: Valerie S. Bjorn & Richard L. McKinley
USAF Foreign Comparative Test of the Libelle Anti-G Suit 375 E-mail request 2002 375 Panel Chair: Dr. William Albery
Safety and the K-9 Search T earn 4 70 E-mail request 2002 470 Assistant Chief William Hall
Characterization of Impact Properties of Ejection Seat Cushions 504 E-mail request 2002 504 Zhiqing Cheng
Sensitivity Analysis of Impact Properties of Ejection Seat Cushions 512 E-mail request 2002 512 Zhiqing Cheng
41ST ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS 2003 E-mail request 2003    
Development and Qualification of the CKU-5C/ A Rocket Catapult for the ACES II Ejection Seat l E-mail request 2003 1 Tom Ilkka and Ray Bazil
Air Warrior Microclimate Cooling System for U.S. Army Helicopter Aircrew 10 E-mail request 2003 10 Richard Luechtefeld
Pilot Reach of Flight Controls Under Positive and Negative Gz 37 E-mail request 2003 37 William B. Albery
ACES II Ejection Seat Cooperative Modification Project - Development of Limb Restraint System and Accommodation Expanding Equipment 44 E-mail request 2003 44 Col. Aiko Shigematsu
Fixed Aircrew Seat Standardization (F ASS) Program 62 E-mail request 2003 62 Robert Lee
On the Application of Explicit Finite Element Analysis and Coupled Fluid/Structure Simulations as they Apply to Escape and Recovery Systems 78 E-mail request 2003 78 A.P. Taylor
The Effects of Variable Helmet Weight on Head Response and Neck Loading During Lateral +Gy Impact 88 E-mail request 2003 88 Chris Perry
Inertial Properties of Human Heads for Ejection Test Manikin Design 96 E-mail request 2003 96 John A. Plaga and Chris Albery
Human Head Shapes and Sizes for Design of Ejection Test Manikins 102 E-mail request 2003 102 John A. Plaga and Mark Boehmer
ARFL Impact & Acceleration Test Facilities and Data Bank 108 E-mail request 2003 108 Steven M Pint and John R. Buhrman
Why Windblast Testing Does Not Compare to Sled Testing 115 E-mail request 2003 115 Nicholas Shouse
ACES II Ejection Seat Leg Well Mounted Leg Restraint System 170 E-mail request 2003 170 Tim Moore
Digital Recovery Sequencer - ACES Ejection Seats 177 E-mail request 2003 177 David A. Ross
ACES II Ejection Seat Enhanced Drogue System Update 184 E-mail request 2003 184 Tim Moore
ACES II Ejection Seat Accommodations 205 E-mail request 2003 205 Steve Bredl
ACES II Ejection Seat Arm Restraint Program 216 E-mail request 2003 216 Tim Moore
GORETM HSFTM Barrier Fabric - Advancing Impermeable Technical Fabrics 235 E-mail request 2003 235 Jan Allmaras
Performance Criteria for Development of Extended Use Protective Breathing Equipment 243 E-mail request 2003 243 Robert P. Garner
CFD Validation for Contaminant Transport in Aircraft Cabin Ventilation Flow Fields 248 E-mail request 2003 248 Robert P. Garner
Design and Safety Analysis Tool for Amusement Park Rides 254 E-mail request 2003 254 Dana B. Rogers
JSF Caesar: Construction of a 3-D Anthropometric Sample for Design of Joint Strike Fighter Pil ot Flight Clothing an d Eq uip men t 2 61 E-mail request 2003 261 Jeffrey A. Hudson and Gregory F. Zehner
F-22 OBIGGS Monitor - Zirconia Oxygen Sensor Technology - A Design and Logistical Ben efit Analysis 2 7 6 E-mail request 2003 276 Russ Hart
F -16 Operation Assessment 283 E-mail request 2003 283 George DeFilippi
Benefits to the Current Battlefield Through Point-of-Use Oxygen for Medical Use (PVOCS Patient Ventilation Oxygen Concentration System) 291 E-mail request 2003 291 Robert Demidowicz
V-22 OBIGGS / OBOGS - One Unit E-mail request 2003 299 Robert Demidowicz
Life Cycle Management of Crashworthy Seating Systems E-mail request 2003 307 Nicholas X Tullo and Elizabeth B. Motley
Modeling of Linear Shaped Charge Performance Using LS-Dyna 312 E-mail request 2003 312 Steve McDonald
An Investigation of the Role of Helmet-Mounted Displays in AH-64 Apache Accidents 323 E-mail request 2003 323 Clarence E. Rash and Barbara S. Reynolds
Force-Dependent E-mail request 2003 340 Kurt E. Wittendorfer
Thermal Manikin Investigation of Personal Cooling Systems Worn Under Protective Clothing with Various Permeability and Insulation Properties 351 E-mail request 2003 351 Francois-Xavier Jette
Rapid Development of China Aviation Life-Support Equipment R & D Center 359 E-mail request 2003 359 Xiao Sheng and Zhang Guangjian
High-Speed Test Facilities at Patuxent River Naval Air Station 365 E-mail request 2003 365 Rachael Testerman
Anthropometric Considerations to the Form E-mail request 2003 377 Sam Napier
Satellite Aided Search & Rescue 3 84 E-mail request 2003 384 Barry Thrower
Transitioning Military Search and Rescue Technology to a Non-Military Environment 391 E-mail request 2003 391 Frances E. Connors
Hurricane Mesa Test Facility Updated Capabilities 406 E-mail request 2003 406 Dick Higgins
Gaseous Oxygen Cart Cleaning System (GOXCCS) 415 E-mail request 2003 415 Terence A. Caldwell
Data Collection and Analysis of Full-Scale Canopy Fragilization Tests 431 E-mail request 2003 431 Tom Blachowski and Dr. Peter Ostrowski
Department of Defense CAD/P AD Insensitive Munitions Certification Waiver/Process 440 E-mail request 2003 440 John L. Goodwin and John W Burchett
The Effects of Military Aircraft Seat Cushion Concepts on Human Vibration Response 448 E-mail request 2003 448 Captain Charles M. Loyer
Enhanced Aircrew Emergency Virtual Reality Parachute Simulation-Based Training 458 E-mail request 2003 458 Jeffrey R. Hogue
Development and Application of Self-Powered Human Short Arm Centrifuge 469 E-mail request 2003 469 Xi-Qing Sun
The Will To Live 4 7 5 E-mail request 2003 475 William W Spruance
42ND ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS 2004 E-mail request 2004    
The Will To Live E-mail request 2004 1 William W. Spruance
Reliability of the Gas Supply in the Air Force Emergency Passenger Oxygen System (EPOS) E-mail request 2004 5 Robert P. Garner
Risk Perceptions that Effect Behavior and Attitudes in Safety Programs E-mail request 2004 11 MSgt. Paul David Spillane.
Influence of Added Head Mass Properties on Head/Neck Loads During Standard Helicopter Impact Conditions E-mail request 2004 20 Glenn Paskoff and Ed Sieveka
ACES II Pre-Planned Product Improvement (P3I) Program Update E-mail request 2004 41 Captain Demetrius Stewart
Human Modeling for Injury Assessment During Ejection E-mail request 2004 64 Wei-Meng Ho
A Vertical Ejection Simulation Tower (VEST) to Elicit the Biomechanical Responses of the Head-Neck Complex in Pilot Ejection E-mail request 2004 71 HK Chan
Improvements in Aircrew Emergency Virtual Reality Parachute Simulation-Based Training E-mail request 2004 81 Jeffrey R. Hogue
Injury Mechanisms Experienced by Occupants of Side-Facing Seats in Crash or Heavy Landing E-mail request 2004 94 Les Neil
Emergency Location: Delivering Portability & Precision E-mail request 2004 106 Barry Thrower
CKU-5C/A Rocket Catapult ACES II Sled Test Program E-mail request 2004 114 Craig Wheeler
Modeling of Aircrew Head and Neck Loads During Experienced During Ejection E-mail request 2004 122 E. Chavary
Wide Application of the Digital Technology in Aviation Escape System Field E-mail request 2004 169 Xiao Yang and Xiao Sheng
The Irvin-GQ Type 6000 Parachute and Ribbon Drogue for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter E-mail request 2004 176 David Hirst
Neck Muscle Activation Levels During Frontal Impact E-mail request 2004 177 Joseph Pellettiere
The Effects of Variable Helmet Weight and Subject Bracing on Neck Loading During Frontal -GX Impact E-mail request 2004 186 Erica Doczy
Evaluation of the Safety Performance of Ejection Seat Cushions E-mail request 2004 193 Zhiqing Cheng and Joseph A. Pellettiere
The Role of the United States Air Force Academy in the Spatial Disorientation Countermeasures Research Program E-mail request 2004 202 Brian P. Self and Ryan Maresh
Mk16E - An Integrated Approach E-mail request 2004 208 S. D. Roberts
PM HALO: The Development of a New Helmet System for Military Parachutists E-mail request 2004 225 John Winship
A Study of Reported Sickness Patterns and Stress Among Air Travelers at Delhi Airport E-mail request 2004 244 Dr. B. K. Singh.
ACES Modular Seat Program E-mail request 2004 292 Tim Moore
Digital Recovery Sequencer - ACES Ejection Seats E-mail request 2004 305 David A. Ross
Designing and Realization of an Advanced Ejection Seat Training Simulator (ESTS) E-mail request 2004 313 He Ning and Xiao Sheng
Optically Driven Wireless Earplug for Communications and Hearing Protection E-mail request 2004 319 Jeffrey Buchholz
Electro-Explosive Device Research at the University of Idaho E-mail request 2004 326 Daniel V. Gunter
Dynamic Analysis of the Human Spine Using Laboratory Vertical Deceleration Tower Tests E-mail request 2004 333 David B. Hamlin and Randall D. Manteufel
Briefing - LV2 (Low Volume) Improved 2nd Stage for Emergency Breathing Device E-mail request 2004 342 Dan Riffee
The North American Eagle TM World Landspeed Project E-mail request 2004 365 Ed Drumheller II
CNS-Controller Neck Support Compensation of G-Loads on Head-and-Helmet System by Controlled Next Support E-mail request 2004 398 Josef Schmitz
Development of a Mobile Aircrew Webbing Retractor System E-mail request 2004 432 Roger Podob and Chris Culbertson.
Zinc-Nickel Plating for Propellant Actuated Devices (PADs) E-mail request 2004 447 Harry L. Archer
Multi-Weight Range E-mail request 2004 481 Walter Peck
Body Dynamics Computer Modeling: Prototyping of Safety Systems And Laboratory Tests E-mail request 2004 537 Ed Sieveka
Briefing - State-of-the-Art Escape System Testing at the Holloman High Speed Test Track E-mail request 2004    
CNS - Controller Neck Support - Compensation of G-Loads on Head-and-Helmet System by Controlled Neck Support E-mail request 2004 561 Deneen Black
43RD ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS 2005 E-mail request 2005    
The Will To Live E-mail request 2005 1 William W Spruance
The Characterization of Spinal Compression in Various-Sized Human and Manikin Subjects During +Gz Impact E-mail request 2005 5 Erin Caldwell and John Plaga
The Effects of Training and Subject Reproducibility During Vertical Impact Acceleration E-mail request 2005 12 Hilary Gallagher
Multi-Axis Vibration Mitigation Properties of Seat Cushions During Military Propeller Aircraft Operational Exposures E-mail request 2005 23 S. D. Smith and JA. Smith
Flight Test and Development of a New Anti-G System In JAS 39 Gripen E-mail request 2005 34 Christer Berglund and Bjorn Marklund
The Optimized Three Weight Range E-mail request 2005 50 Walter R. Peck
Pretensioners and Injury Risk E-mail request 2005 63 John R. Yannaccone
An Investigation of Troop Seat Testing Methodology Using MADYMO Models E-mail request 2005 90 Edwin M Sieveka and Levent Kitis .
ACES II Pre-Planned Product Improvement (P31) Program Update E-mail request 2005 109 Ben Sabo
Digital Recovery Sequencer - Advanced Concept Ejection Seats E-mail request 2005 130 David A. Ross
Predicted Water Immersion Survival Times for Anti-Exposure Ensembles E-mail request 2005 176 Barry S. Shender
Overview of the NA V AIR Spinal Injury Mitigation Program E-mail request 2005 185 Barry S. Shender
Mobile Aircrew Restraint System - MARS E-mail request 2005 194 Roger Podob
An Examination of Survival Rates Based on External Flotation Devices: A Helicopter Ditching Review from 1971 to 2005 E-mail request 2005 202 Michael Taber and John McCabe
Virtual Reality Parachute Simulation Enhancements For Improved Aircrew Emergency Training E-mail request 2005 208 Jeffrey R. Hogue
Quick-Don Anti-Exposure Suit Evaluation Program E-mail request 2005 218 Richard Elder
Evaluation of Audio Warning Levels in Aircraft E-mail request 2005 221 Daniel Gross
Survival Stressors Faced by Military Aviators/Aircrew Following Ditching Over Salt Water E-mail request 2005 227 Elizabeth B. Motley
Aircraft Accident Survivability: Rotary Wing Aircraft E-mail request 2005 242 Elizabeth B. Motley
Environmental Assessment in the UH-l Y and AH-IZ Aircraft E-mail request 2005 251 Maura Anne Rudy
Improvements to the HGU-55/P Lightweight Helmet E-mail request 2005 258 George Hedges
Aircrew Endurance and Effectiveness - NACES Endurance Improvement E-mail request 2005 272 Dr. Michelle Ransley and Eileen Loughran
A Mathematical Simulation ofthe Human Ventilatory Response During an Altitude Chamber Physiological Training Profile E-mail request 2005 279 Matthew B. Wolf
Helicopter Ditching: Time of Crash and Survivability E-mail request 2005 286 Michael Taber and John McCabe
Development ofthe Breakaway Integrated Chin Nape Strap (BICNS) E-mail request 2005 292 Joseph A. Pellettiere
Whole Body Vibration Exposure for MH-60S Pilots E-mail request 2005 303 Lt. Kristin L. Harrer
Evaluations and Survivability of Inflatable Restraint Systems in Small Fixed Wing Aircraft E-mail request 2005 315 Thomas Barth
Recommendations for a Next-Generation NBC System For Tactical Vehicles Such as the Ml Abrams Main Battle Tank E-mail request 2005 323 Wendell Lee Vittitow
How to Survive an Airplane Ditching in the Ocean E-mail request 2005 332 Captain Denis Murphy
New Thought ofthe Development for China's Aviation Life-Support Industry E-mail request 2005 343 Zhang Guang-jian
Next-Generation Thermo-Electric Digital Time Delay Device E-mail request 2005 347 Dave Harrington and Kenneth Hicks
44th ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS 2006 E-mail request 2006    
The Will To Live E-mail request 2006 1 William W Spruance
The Ejection Survival Technology Used for Partial High Plateau Area E-mail request 2006 5 Fang Zhou and Su Bing-Jun
Fixed Aircrew Seat Standardization System E-mail request 2006 12 Shawn Day
Water Activated Parachute Release and Liferaft Upgrades for U.S. Navy T-6AAircraft E-mail request 2006 29 Matt Conrad
Evaluation of a Helicopter Rescue Basket for Safe Human Carriage E-mail request 2006 39 John A. Plaga
Modeling of the Pressure Oscillations Observed in ACES II Mortar Cartridge Tests E-mail request 2006 45 Steve McDonald
ADynamic Comparison of Popular Anthropomorphic Test Devices Used During UK Fast- Jet Restraint System Development E-mail request 2006 54 Les Neil
Update on the USAF Mishap Investigation Process and Support E-mail request 2006 71 Phillip (Phil) P Wyatt
Enhanced 95%-ile Hybrid III Dummy for Aircraft Occupant Safety Assessment E-mail request 2006 79 J. Brandse
Determining the Correct Posture and Materials to Improve Comfort E-mail request 2006 92 Dr. Michelle Ransley
The Effects of a Ship Abandonment Suit on the Structural Anthropometric Dimensions of Offshore Workers E-mail request 2006 100 Sherma Dewey MSc (Candidate)
The Effect of Different Training Methods on Egress Performance from the Modular Egress Training Simulator E-mail request 2006 106 John Kozey
Advances in Virtual Reality Bailout and Ejection Parachute Simulator Training E-mail request 2006 111 Jeffrey R. Hogue
Lessons Learned in Testing with Seat Mounted Ejection Harnesses E-mail request 2006 121 Jeffrey P Nichols
Windblast Assessment of Helmet Tether Restraint for Ejection E-mail request 2006 132 Jeffrey P Nichols
Ejection Seat and Helmet Riser Interaction Test Methods E-mail request 2006 143 Jeffrey P Nichols
Development of Windblast Slam Back Test Methodology E-mail request 2006 148 Jeffrey P Nichols
Development of a Prototype Vertical Elongation Device for Manikin Necks for Use in Windblast Testing E-mail request 2006 152 Jeffrey P Nichols
Overview of Ejection Neck Injury Criteria E-mail request 2006 159 Jeffrey P Nichols
Eject - Eject - Eject: Injury Causes E-mail request 2006 172 Wing Commander Matthew E. Lewis
Helicopter Oxygen Delivery System E-mail request 2006 182 Dan Rijjee
Integration of Goodrich Ejection Seat Simulation and Interior Ballistics Codes and Validation with CKU-5 Catapults E-mail request 2006 202 Sirri Oguz
Injury Evaluation and Comparison of Lateral Impacts when using Conventional and Inflatable Restraints E-mail request 2006 212 Tom Green and Tom Barth
Analysis of the Dynamic Response of JSF Manikin Heads E-mail request 2006 228 Erin Caldwell and John Plaga
A Comparison of Cervical Stress and BMD as Related to Gender and Size During +Gz Acceleration E-mail request 2006 235 Hilary Gallagher
Computational Investigation of a Head-neck Restraint System for the Mitigation of Neck Injuries E-mail request 2006 254 Zhiqing Cheng
Maximum Arresting Force Measurement of the C-17 Shock-Absorbing Lanyard E-mail request 2006 261 Christopher B. Albery and Deken L. Keil
Next-Generation Helicopter Aircrew Restraint System Design E-mail request 2006 268 Stuart Nightenhelser
ACES Modular Ejection Seat E-mail request 2006 275 David A. Ross
ACES II Leg Well Leg Restraint System E-mail request 2006 285 Captain Thomas Myers
Thermal Insulation of the LASA Ventilated-NBC Suit During Immersion in Cold Water E-mail request 2006 292 Michael B. Ducharme
Heat Tolerance of Aircrew Wearing Charcoal NBC Coveralls versus the LASA VentilatedNBC Suit E-mail request 2006 301 Michael B. Ducharme
Development of Filter-Blower Unit for use in the Advanced Nuclear Biological Chemical Protection System (ANBCPS) Helicopter/Transport-aircraft version. E-mail request 2006 311 Rob Sabel
Performance Degradation of a Hotwire Electroexplosive Device Resulting From Electrical Exposure E-mail request 2006 324 David Forman
The Future of R.A.F. Survival Equipment E-mail request 2006 329 Flight Lt. Andrew (Alj) Evans
Improvements In Virtual Reality Parachute Simulation Training For Ejection And Bailout E-mail request 2007   Jeffrey R. Hogue
Correlation of Time of Useful Consciousness (TUC) with Model Predictions of SaO2 at 25 E-mail request 2007   Matthew B. Wolf & Robert P. Garner
Improving the Retention of Skills During Training E-mail request 2007   Brett R. C. Molesworth & Mark W. Wiggins
Anthropometric Survey of Life Support Equipment for the JASDF Pilots E-mail request 2007   Hiroshi Katoh
Improving Force Protection: JPE Size/Fit Evaluation E-mail request 2007   Bruce Bradtmiller
Determining the Potential of the Pulmanex hi-ox o2 Mask for Search and Rescue Missions E-mail request 2007   Fethi Bouak & David J. Eaton
Helicopter Search and Rescue Equipment E-mail request 2007   Joe Poole
Technology of Crew Survival in a Disabled Submarine: Liquid Breathing + Urgent Escape E-mail request 2007   Andrey V. Filippenko
Selection of Manikin Heads and Necks for Testing E-mail request 2007   John A. Plaga
Windblast Test Methodologies E-mail request 2007   John A. Plaga
F-16D Inadvertent Canopy Jettison Investigation: Evaluation of the Internal T-Handles and Manually Activated Initiators E-mail request 2007   Quinn Tidwell
The Eurofighter Typhoon Low Burden Aircrew CB (Chemical and Biological) Protection System E-mail request 2007   Dr. Richard J. Holmes
Gender Effects in Traumatic Injury E-mail request 2007   Richard A. Allnutt
Numerical Simulation of Ejection Seat Performance at Adverse Attitude Conditions E-mail request 2007   Yu Jia & Lin Gui-Ping
The Design and Testing of Helicopter Rotor Blade Electro-Thermal De-icing Process Model E-mail request 2007   Li Hai & Lin Gui-Ping
Live Water Demonstrations of Safety Equipment E-mail request 2007   Chair Mr. Dan Riffee
Workshop - An Introduction to The Martin-Baker Mk. 16 Generation Of Ejection Seats For The T-6 E-mail request 2007   Facilitators: Mr. Geoff Barnes & IPT Leads for U.S. support & JSF
Human Vertical Impact Testing of Auto-Separation Night Vision Goggle Helmet Systems E-mail request 2008 1 Lt. Michael D. Cote & John R. Buhrman
Development of the Common Mobile Aircrew Restraint System (CMARS) Aircrew Integrated Recovery Survival Armor Vest and Equipment (AIRSAVE) Interface E-mail request 2008 18 A. Sample and J. Smith
Introducing Cold Water Exposure to the Aircraft Ditching Course E-mail request 2008 30 R. Walker & C. J. Brooks
The Ejection Seat Test Database: A Resource for Enabling Aircrew Safety and Survivability E-mail request 2008 58 Kyle Keller & John Plaga
An Augmented Reality System for Paratrooper Safety E-mail request 2008 67 Brad R. Geltz
UMARS Performance Testing (Universal Mobile Aircrew Restraint System) E-mail request 2008 73 Stuart Nightenhelser
Visual and Instructional Enhanced Ejection and Bailout Virtual Reality Parachute Simulation Training E-mail request 2008 101 Jeffrey R. Hogue
ACES Improvement Joint Presentation Goodrich and USAF Brooks City Base E-mail request 2008 132 Various presenters
Tri-Service Aircrew Systems Development Acquisition Update E-mail request 2008 166 Barry Shender
Tri-Service Science And Technology Programs - An Overview E-mail request 2008 167 Barry Shender
U.S. Air Force Anthropometry and Fit Mapping E-mail request 2008 168 Dr. Greg Zehner
JSF Program Update E-mail request 2008 170 Mr. Graham Tomlinson
Evaluation And Improvement of CAD/PAD Products E-mail request 2008 171 Dr. Gimtong Teowee
Live Water Demonstrations Of Safety Equipment E-mail request 2008 173 Various presenters
AN/URT-XX The first PLB ready for the 09/02 Cospas-Sarsat Phase-Out E-mail request 2008 175 Mr. John Thompson
Soldier 911 Personnel Locator Beacon Emergency Communicator - Creating Common Open System Solutions for the Defense Industry E-mail request 2008 176 Mr. Kenneth H. Brockel
Helicopter Crewman Restraint Release E-mail request 2008 177 Captain Curtis Lalonde
Underwater Blast Attenuation for Helicopter Egress Systems E-mail request 2008 178 Mr. Matt Campbell
Development of a New Risk Reduction Test Methodology to Emulate Parachute Opening Shock Loads E-mail request 2008 179 Mr. Glenn Paskoff
Modeling the Parachute Opening Shock Emulator: Virtual Prototyping Using the MADYMO Program E-mail request 2008 180 Dr. Edwin Sieveka and Mr. Glenn Paskoff
Extended-Wear-Automatic Bladder Relief Device Automatic Bladder Relief Device (ABRD) E-mail request 2008 181 Ms. Jamie Walker
Physiologic Response to Environmental Conditions During Summer Desert Helicopter In-Flight Missions E-mail request 2008 182 Barry S. Shender
Helicopter Passenger Suit - Airworthiness Certification German Air Force E-mail request 2008 183 Mr. Sven Kirschning and Mr. Marcus Bolay
Determination of the Protection Afforded by Anti-G Trousers worn over Chemical-Biological Ensembles with Anti-Exposure Protection E-mail request 2008 184 Barry S. Shender
Aircrew Cooling and Conditioning E-mail request 2008 185 Mr. Frank Messer
Latest Developments in Aircrew G-Protection E-mail request 2008 186 Mr. Rainer Stuwe
Ejection Test under Windblast Condition E-mail request 2008 187 Mr. Hiroshi Yutani
Rib-Eye - A Multi-Point E-mail request 2008 188 Mr. James R. (Randy) Kelly
Project Orion Rescue and Recovery: Utilizing Modern Technology While Applying Lessons Learned From Past and Current Space Programs E-mail request 2008 189 Mr. Kenneth D. Trujillo
Prediction of the Severity of Decompression Using Physiological Data and Mathematical Models E-mail request 2008 190 Mr. Matthew B. Wolf
Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Life Support Products E-mail request 2008 191 Mr. Ralph Wilcox
A Finite Element Model of the Hybrid II 50th for Aircraft Seat Certification E-mail request 2008 192 Mr. Roel Van De Velde
A Comparison of the Automotive and Aerospace Hybrid III Dummies under +Gz Ejection Acceleration E-mail request 2008 193 Mr. Paul K. Parker
FOCUS Advanced Multi-Segmented Crash Dummy Head Assembly E-mail request 2008 194 Mr. James R. (Randy) Kelly
An Occupant Response Simulation of a Crash Test of a Civil Helicopter E-mail request 2008 195 Mr. Hiromitsu Miyaki
Tactile Situation Awareness System (TSAS) E-mail request 2008 196 Mr. David Myers
A Tri-Service Military Anthropometric Survey E-mail request 2008 197 Dr. Roland J. Edwards
OMARA: Perfect Safety and Intelligibility in Extreme Noise E-mail request 2008 198 Mr. Franois Legros and Mr. Olivier Gaches
Tri-Service (Army) Aircrew Systems Development Acquisition Update E-mail request 2009 1 Kent Wieter
Tri-Service (648 Aeronautical Systems Squadron) Aircrew Systems Development Acquisition Update E-mail request 2009 20 Major Darien Hammett
Tri-Service (Naval Aircrew Systems PMA 202) Aircrew Systems Development Acquisition Update E-mail request 2009 20 CDR Ralph Lee
RTOC Advanced Mission Extender Device (AMXD ) E-mail request 2009 67 Jamie Walker
Functional Underwear E-mail request 2009 86 Markus Bolay
The Circuit Design and Experiment Research of Aircraft Electronic Oxygen Regulator E-mail request 2009 106 Yu Xiao
Collaborative Biomechanics Data Network (CBDN) E-mail request 2009 120 Joseph A. Pellettiere
Aerospace Medical Research at Cami E-mail request 2009 139 Estrella M. Forster
Impact of New Crash Safety Requirements on Military Vehicle Design E-mail request 2009 199 Sherri Chandra
Study of Occupant Response in a Mine Blast Using MADYMO E-mail request 2009 212 Anant Kendale
Honeywell NBC Catalytic Oxidation (CATOX): Status of CATOX Technology for Collective Protection E-mail request 2009 217 Russ Johnson
Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS) Underseat Rocket Motor Ballistic Qualification of the IHDIV NSWC Motor Test Facility E-mail request 2009 230 Victor Estrada
Parachute Deployment Rocket Motor Test Fixture E-mail request 2009 253 Juan Vilchez
Design Development of a New Dual Impulse Cartridge for the Airborne Expendable Countermeasures Program E-mail request 2009 272 Matthew Bolen
Vapor Deposited Thin Film Bridge (TFB) E-mail request 2009 289 Barney Little
Copper (l) 5-Nitrotetrazolate (DBX-1): A Lead Azide Replacement E-mail request 2009 306 Travis Thom
CKU-5C/A Separation Incident Investigation E-mail request 2009 327 Layne Peterson
CKU-5C/A Performance Evaluation E-mail request 2009 363 Craig Wheeler
Indian Head Rocket Catapult Manufacturing Issues for Air Force PAD Items E-mail request 2009 389 Rae Azorandia
High Temperature Aging Requirements for NACES Parachute Deployment Rocket Motor (PDRM) E-mail request 2009 427 Alex Woods
Viewing of a Binocular Collimator Avoids Empty-Field Myopia E-mail request 2009 452 Michael A. Crognale
Omaras Extreme Noise Management: Immediate Increase of Users Performance and Long Term Preservation of Hearing Capability E-mail request 2009 472 Olivier Gaches
Predicting Pilots Risk-Taking Behaviour Through an Implicit Association Test E-mail request 2009 510 Bret Molesworth
Establishment of the Biodynamics Data Resource E-mail request 2009 532 V.C. Chancey
The Effect of Head Supported Mass on Human Response to Impact Acceleration E-mail request 2009 550 V.C. Chancey
Validation of a Probabilistic Parametric Finite Element Model of the Head and Neck Using Female Human Response from BDR E-mail request 2009 576 W.L. Francis
RCTS-003B Life Support Upgrade E-mail request 2009 594 Tom Tavares
Parasim VRT The Virtual Reality Trainer Controlling Life Threatening Events E-mail request 2009 600 Bob Gates
T-38 Escape System Upgrade Program: Anthropometric Accommodation E-mail request 2009 614 Jeffrey A. Hudson
Development and Qualification of the Deployable Oxygen Generation System Medium (DOGS M) E-mail request 2009 642 Gary Byrd
Aircraft Seat Certification Using Numerical Simulation with MADYMO HII 50th Aviation ATD E-mail request 2009 668 Mutaz Shkoukani
New Concept to Protect Mobile Aircrew in Impact E-mail request 2009 701 Ken-An Lou
Ditching into the Deep MH-53E MGB Mishap Brief E-mail request 2010 1 CDR Bill Mellen
Aircrew Performance E-mail request 2010 24 Lt. Col. Darien J. Hammett
Tri-Service (Army) Aircrew Systems Development Acquisition Update E-mail request 2010 38 LTC Ian Klinkhammer
Warfighter Focused & Cost Conscious E-mail request 2010 49 Captain Roger Ligon and Michael Denny
Application of Human Systems Integration (HSI) in Safety and Flight Equipment Design E-mail request 2010 65 John A. Plaga
The Capability GAP (CAPGAP) Analysis ProgramPresenter E-mail request 2010 91 Major Mike Luby
The Development and Test of Conformal Symbology Situational Awareness Systems and Supporting Visual Tools E-mail request 2010 108 Pete Longman
Predicted WBGT Limits for Rotary-Wing Pilots Operating in Hot Climates E-mail request 2010 134 J.W.R. Boyd and A.S. Weller (Presenter)
Work Capacity Evaluation in Assessing Aeromedical Risk: A Proposal (Its all about the Brain) E-mail request 2010 150 Lawrence W. Steinkraus
An Overview of Canadian Helicopter Passenger Transportation Suit Systems E-mail request 2010 200 Wendell Uglene
Development and Implementation of the VIKING PS4049: Quick-Donning Anti-Exposure Suit E-mail request 2010 248 Ace G. Backer
Side-Facing Aircraft Seat Research Summary E-mail request 2010 264 Joseph Pellettiere
Back Pain Injury and Helicopter Crews E-mail request 2010 274 Dick Healing
Spinal Injury Modeling E-mail request 2010 292 B.S. Shender
History of Canadian Forces Search and Rescue (SAR TECHS) E-mail request 2010 322 MWO Gavin Lee
HQ ACC A3T0 Guardian Angel - PR/CSAR Support and Guardian Angel E-mail request 2010 349 Major Mark Scepansky
U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Survival Technician E-mail request 2010 364 Dustin M. Skarra
Underwater Cockpit Escape System Detonation Peak Pressure and Impulse Limits E-mail request 2010 379 Philip A. Renn
Effect of Impact Pulse Parameters on Vehicle Occupant Response: A Study for Light Rotorcraft Using the MADYMOTM Simulation Program E-mail request 2010 401 Ed Sieveka
The Importance of Modeling Aircraft Deformation for Safety System Design: Rotorcraft Impact Response and Occupant Survivability Using MADYMOTM E-mail request 2010 416 Ed Sieveka
Propellant Aging and Service Life Prediction Protocol E-mail request 2010 435 Dr. M.G. Mangum and S. Teed
Mirco-Data Recorders for Biomechanics and Blast Measurements E-mail request 2010 459 Michael Beckage
USAF Mishap Experience FY08-FY10 E-mail request 2010 505 Mark K. Ruddell
The USAARL Perspective on ALSE/ALSERP E-mail request 2010 569 Lt. Col. Walters and Mr. Northcut
JSF Light Weight Coverall Fit-Mapping: Quantitative Fit Criteria and Fit Evaluation E-mail request 2010 595 Hyeg Joo Choi
JSF Light Weight Coverall Fit Mapping Test: Size Tariff and Target Population E-mail request 2010 627 Hyeg Joo Choi
ACES 5 Raising the Bar for Ejection Safety E-mail request 2010 651 Jim Tulloch
MA-16 Inertia Reel Dynamic Performance Evaluation E-mail request 2010 682 Justin Robinson
Advantages of Utilizing Rapid Prototype Technology to Develop an NBC Respirator E-mail request 2010 693 Rob Schaeffer
Aircrew Helmet Retention in Ejection - The Importance of Custom Fitted Edge Roll E-mail request 2010 713 Jacob (Coby) Brandstaetter (Lt. Col. IAF Res; MSC)
Benefits of a Detachable Face Piece on a NBC Respirator to the War Fighter E-mail request 2010 730 Rob Schaeffer
Simulated Drop Testing of Soldiers & Naval Boarding Party Members Under Tactical Weight Loads E-mail request 2010 748 Ernie Parolin and Josh Bates
U.S. Air Force Centrifuge and Hypobaric Altitude Chambers E-mail request 2010 786 Scott Fleming
ATFS-400-31 and Research Altitude Chamber System for USAF 711 HPW E-mail request 2010 814 Dick Leland
Advanced Communications and Hearing Protection for Extreme Noise Environments E-mail request 2010 830 Michael A. Vaudrey
Laboratory Evaluation of Rotary-Wing Aircrew Heat Strain at Four Levels of Wet-Bulb-Globe Temperature (18 E-mail request 2010 847 A.S. Weller
Experiments and Simulation on On-Board Oxygen Generation System E-mail request 2010 867 Huidan Wang
Combat Search And Rescue That Others May Live - More Than A Motto E-mail request 2010 880 Laura Lerdall
GA (Guardian Angel) Weapon System Team Update E-mail request 2010 905 Bryan Beetle Bailey
State of the Art Tools in Accident Investigation E-mail request 2010 943 Sami DeVries
Eulerian Method For Droplets Impingement Calculation E-mail request 2010 965 Shen Xiaobin
Human Systems Integration and Human Performance: A Proud Former Life Supporters Perspective for the 21st Century E-mail request 2011   Major General (Dr.) Thomas W. Travis
Tri-Service Aircrew Systems Development Acquisition Update Air Force: Air Force Systems Development Acquisition Update E-mail request 2011   Colonel Steve Gray
Army: Air Warrior Update and Air Soldier System Overview E-mail request 2011   Mr. Kent Wieter
Navy: PMA202 Aircrew Systems E-mail request 2011   Captain Roger Ligon
Dynamic Response Evaluation of Anthropometric Test Devices Subjected to Vertical Loading Conditions E-mail request 2011   Joseph Pellettiere
An Update on Escape System Testing at the Holloman High Speed Test Track E-mail request 2011   Mr. Jim Daniel
Micro Data Recorders and Sensors for Warrior Exposure and Product Testing Applications E-mail request 2011   Mr. Michael Beckage
Real-world Attenuation of Foam Earplugs E-mail request 2011   Dr. Adrian Smith
Passive Receiver Communications Nearfield (PaRCN TM) Wireless Systems E-mail request 2011   John W. Parkins
Aviation Life Support System Overview Brief E-mail request 2011   John M. Patti
CAD/PAD Technology 2011 CAD/PAD Technology Roadmap Update E-mail request 2011   Craig Wheeler
DBX-1 as a Lead Azide Replacement E-mail request 2011   Alexander Woods
Hexanitrostilbene I & II Specification Revision E-mail request 2011   Alexander Woods
Composite Propellant Mk122 Mod 1 Parachute Deployment Rocket Motor (PDRM) Product Improve ment Project Update E-mail request 2011   Craig Wheeler
An Update on Parachute Depolyment Rocket Motors (PDRM) Stabilizer Issues E-mail request 2011   John Burchett
Design Eye Point vs. HUD Eye Box vs. Pilot Eye Position: A 3D Location Comparison E-mail request 2011   Jeffrey A. Hudson
ACSS 2011: Anthropometric Survey for Mission Effective Aircrew Systems E-mail request 2011   Hyeg Joo Choi
Seating Considerations for Space Flight: The Human to Machine Interface E-mail request 2011   Mr. Dustin Gohmert
Load-Bearing Concepts for Dismounted Special Tactics Warfighters E-mail request 2011   2nd Lt. Amanda Hull
Determination of the Degradation of Multitask Performance During Exposure to 18 E-mail request 2011   Barry S. Shender
Advances in Mask Integrity Testing E-mail request 2011   Mike Serach
AVOX Systems Product Brief E-mail request 2011   Rob Schaeffer
Simulation Methodology for Aircraft Escape System E-mail request 2011   Huanwen Guan
History of the ACES Family of Seats E-mail request 2011   Bob Billings
ACES 5 Raising the Bar for Ejection Safety Unparalleled Neck Injury Protection Performance E-mail request 2011   Jim Tulloch
ACES 5 Ejection Seat Back Injuries During Catapult Phase E-mail request 2011   Jim Tulloch
ACES - Enhanced Digital Recovery Sequencer Program Overview E-mail request 2011   Layne Peterson
WB-57 Escape System Upgrade E-mail request 2011   Brian Wedryk
Hurricane Mesa Test Facility (HMTF) E-mail request 2011   Jack Reed
Creation of a 3-D Scan Database for Helmet Design E-mail request 2011   Gregory F. Zehner
Method for Comparing Effects of Personal Protective Equipment on Head Mobility E-mail request 2011   Joshua Hogge
Smart E-mail request 2011   Elizabeth Meents
Low Profile Parachute (LPP) E-mail request 2011   Mr. David McCain
Accident Reduction Efforts in the Department of Defense E-mail request 2012   Mr. Joseph J. Angello
Briefing Tri-Service Aircrew Systems Development Acquisition Update E-mail request 2012   Captain Roger Ligon
Briefing - AN/URT-44 406 MHz Beacon First Alert and False Alert Notification System E-mail request 2012   Mr. Bill Street
Paper/Briefing - Design E-mail request 2012   Mr. Michael R. Sedillo and Mr. Gregory M. Burnett
Paper Hypoxia Protection System - A mask mounted system for tracking Physiologic Episodes E-mail request 2012   Mr. David Dashevsky
Paper - Determination of the Time Complex Cognitive Performance Degrades During Exposure to 18 E-mail request 2012   Barry S. Shender
Paper - Avoiding Controlled Flight into Terrain E-mail request 2012   Mr. Jerry Henry
Briefing - Full-Scale Crash Testing of Transport Rotorcraft E-mail request 2012   Mr. Martin S. Annett
Briefing EMASMAX Minimizing the Risk Following Runway Overruns E-mail request 2012   Mr. Mark Slimko
Paper A Novel Tool for Assessment of Visual Performance When Using NVD E-mail request 2012   Mr. Will Serle
Briefing Hearing Loss Prevention E-mail request 2012   Ms. Shawna Graddy
Briefing - Ejection Back Injury Risk for an Expanded Aircrew Population E-mail request 2012   Mr. John Buhrman
Briefing - Integrated Aircrew Ensemble Status E-mail request 2012   Mr. Arthur D.Schwope and Mr. Carl Medeiros
Briefing LOX Systems for Today and Tomorrow E-mail request 2012   Mr. Russ Jacobsmeyer
Briefing Alcohol Wont Solve Your Problems (or How to Clean an Oxygen Mask) E-mail request 2012   Mr. Jerry Reid and Mr. Stephen Falder
Paper Helmet Impact Test Standards What They Tell Us About Helmet Performance and Protection E-mail request 2012   Mr. Paul Parker
Briefing - Helicopter Service-Related Back Pain and Injury E-mail request 2012   Ms. B. RaNae Contarino and Hon. Richard F. Healing
Paper - Physiotherapy Led Typhoon Aircrew Conditioning Programme E-mail request 2012   Flight Lt. Ellen Slungaard
Briefing - Overwater Mission Hazards: Rotary-Wing Aircrew Egress & Survival E-mail request 2012   Mr. Jason Leggatt
Paper The Design Approach to Cold Weather Clothing Systems E-mail request 2012   Mr. Paul Oliver
Paper - The New Modified 18-segment Salloum Model: A Validation Study Using Pilots with Simulated Tasks Under Different Low Ambient Temperatures E-mail request 2012   Xiujuan Wang
Briefing - Implementation of Verification and Validation in Certification by Analysis from a Regulatory Perspective E-mail request 2012   Joseph Pellettiere
Paper - An Update to the Dynamic Response Index (DRI) Model for Use in Assessing Seat Performance in Military Ground Vehicles E-mail request 2012   Mr. Robert T. Lynch
Paper - Respiratory Model Predicts 20 second Decompression to 45k in Subjects Using Oxygen E-mail request 2012   Robert P. Garner
Emerging Technologies in Aerospace Transportation E-mail request 2012   Melchor J. Antuano
Briefing Development Process of Injury Risk Curves E-mail request 2012   Joseph Pellettiere
Paper Characteristics and Assessment of Human Vibration Exposure Aboard Military Rotary-Wing and Tilt-Rotor Aircraft E-mail request 2012   Suzanne D. Smith
Briefing - Advancements in Life-Saving Hemorrhage Control Devices: How to Treat Bleeding that Will Not Stop E-mail request 2012   John Croushorn
Briefing - Adapting Egress Tests to the Modern Test and Evaluation Process E-mail request 2012   Mr. George Ayers
Briefing - Experimental Design for Egress Testing E-mail request 2012   Dr. Michelle S. Zeisset and Mr. George Ayers
Paper Development of a Modular E-mail request 2012   Mr. Adam Furore
Briefing - Guardian Angel Weapon Systems Requirements Update E-mail request 2012   Mr. Bryan Bailey
Briefing Effects-Based Human Systems Integration E-mail request 2012   Ms. Lisa Kaminsk and Major Mike Luby
Briefing All Weather Sense and Avoid System (AWSAS) E-mail request 2012   Ms. Ranae Contarino
Briefing Safety Culture in High Reliability OrganizationsHon. E-mail request 2012   Richard F. Healing
Briefing - That Others May Live Foundation Celebrating 10 Years of Supporting the USAF Rescue Family E-mail request 2012   Ms. Laura Lerdall
Discovery Channel Plane Crash E-mail request 2013   Thomas H. Barth
Inflatable Life Rafts 5 Decades On: What Next? E-mail request 2013   Mark Gruber
Cold Weather Clothing Systems E-mail request 2013   Paul Oliver
JSF F-35 Pilot Cooling Unit Development & Verification Update E-mail request 2013   Brendan Smith
ACES 5 Ejection Safety Features E-mail request 2013   John Hampton
A Human Systems Integration Analysis of Helmet Mounted Display Safety (power point) E-mail request 2013   Lt. Col. Jeff Parr & Dr. Michael E. Miller
A Human Systems Integration Analysis of Helmet Mounted Display Safety (paper) E-mail request 2013   Lt. Col. Jeff Parr
Leaders Initiative: Advancing Safety by Minimizing Human Error E-mail request 2013   Tim Autrey
Development of Lumbar Injury Tolerance Criteria E-mail request 2013   Joseph A. Pellettiere
Probabilistic Head/Brain/Spine Pain and Injury Prediction Model to Assist Life Support Equipment Design E-mail request 2013   Barry S. Shender
A New Method for the Analysis of Design-Induced Pilot Error on the Flight Decks (power point) E-mail request 2013   Zongmin Wei
A New Method for the Analysis of Design-Induced Pilot Error on the Flight Decks (paper) E-mail request 2013   Zongmin Wei
Sensors E-mail request 2013   Mike Beckage
Reusable Energy Attenuating Lab (REAL) Seat E-mail request 2013   Michael Knott
The Effects of Body-Borne Gear on the Risk of Spinal Injury in Helicopter Mishaps E-mail request 2013   Roger Podob
Enhancing Safety by Challenging Human Error: A Fresh Approach E-mail request 2013   Tim Autrey
Correlates of Continued Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Into Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) General Aviation Accidents E-mail request 2013   David Ison
Crew Resource Management Last Chance for an Industry in Crisis E-mail request 2013   Randy Mains
Closed Circuit Emergency Respirators Technology and Regulatory Compliance E-mail request 2013   Russ Jacobsmeyer
Reinforced Vest for Aviation Maintainers E-mail request 2013   Sharon Joines
Recent Advances in Making the Warfighter Safer in Extreme Noise E-mail request 2013   Jeff Hammel & Michael Goforth
Future Noise Protection Technologies for Military Aircrew E-mail request 2013   Susan Soo James
Colour Display Night Vision Goggles Human Vision Implications for System Design E-mail request 2013   Eric Liggins
Influening Procurement of Powered Hand Tools to Improve Safety and Productivity While Eliminating HAVS E-mail request 2013   Mark Geiger & John M. Ster
Reducing Vibration and Repetitive Impact Exposure in DoD Vehicles E-mail request 2013   Elliot Salmon
Project Bloodhound: Surviving 1000 Mph at Ground Level E-mail request 2014   Wing Commander Andy Green
Aircraft Seat Belt Tensioner E-mail request 2014   Brian Harvey
Excessive Boarding Mass - What is the Problem and can it be Solved? A U.K. Military Perspective E-mail request 2014   Les Neil
Effect of Body-Borne Gear on the Risk of Spinal Injury in Helicopter Mishaps E-mail request 2014   Roger Podob
Dynamic Test Repeatability E-mail request 2014   Chris McDaniel and Matthew Stone
Temperature Effects on ATD Necks E-mail request 2014   Chris McDaniel and Maurissa Wortham
Development and Application of a Large Scale High-Dynamic Centrifuge for Aviation Life-support Equipment E-mail request 2014   Shen Wen-bo
Earplug Pressure Equalization During Flight E-mail request 2014   Kristen Talcott
Oxygen Mask Comfort Improvement - Enhancing Mission Endurance E-mail request 2014   Paul J. Ninefleldt and Mike Stump
You Think You’ve Adjusted Your NVGs Correctly? In Service NVG Adjustment by UK Helicopter Aircrew E-mail request 2014   David Bigmore
Upgrading the Head-to-Helmet Interface of the Apache Attack Helicopter - Improving Helmet’s Retention in Crash Situation E-mail request 2014   Jacob Brandstaetter
Accommodating the 21st Century Pilot: The Human Factor in Ejection Seat Restraint E-mail request 2014   Pete Marston and Paul Adams
Ejection Success Prediction Based on Historical Data E-mail request 2014   Mark Elson
NACES Weight Extension Trade Study E-mail request 2014   Mark Elson and Matt Conrad
PMA202 Aircrew Systems Brief E-mail request 2014   Captain Nora Burghardt USN
U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force E-mail request 2014   SGM Jose Quinones
Advances in Helicopter Passenger Suit Systems E-mail request 2014   Elizabeth Brown
Rapid Response to Safety E-mail request 2014   Stephen Slater
JSF F-35 Pilot Cooling Unit Development and Verification Update E-mail request 2014   Randy Epperly
Predicting Hypoxia-induced Physiologic and Cognitive Impairment E-mail request 2014   Barry S. Shender
NAVAIR Human Systems Digital Human Modeling Project Update E-mail request 2014   Lori Brattin
The Research on Pilot’s Clothing Thermal Comfort with Coverage Factor by Using Thermal Manikin E-mail request 2014   Xiujuan Wang
Analysis of Planetary Extra-Vehicular Activity Requirements During a 120 Day Manned Mars Simulation E-mail request 2014   Tiffany M. Swarmer
Communications Test Solutions E-mail request 2014   Bernie Oder
Partnership for Success - Dedicated to Thinking Safety E-mail request 2014   Stefan Andres and Thomas Wolf
Dying for a Drink! E-mail request 2014   Jon Grant
Improving the Safety of Carrier Landings: Maritime Augmented Guidance with Integrated Controls for Carrier Approach and Recovery Precision Enabling Technologies (MAGIC CARPET) E-mail request 2014   Dr. Heather Priest Walker
Safety Implications for Live E-mail request 2014   Katherine Kaste and Melissa Walwanis
Training Naval Aviators to Recognize Hypoxia Symptoms: Advancing Technologies to Address a Continued Safety Threat E-mail request 2014   LCDR William T. Scheeler
Relationship between Helicopter Rotor Tuning and Physiological Stress E-mail request 2014   Heather E. Wright-Beatty
Physiological Evidence for Anthropometric Considerations in the Use of Vibration Mitigation Cushions E-mail request 2014   Jocelyn M. Keillor
Dynamic Characterization of Patient Immobilization and Vibration Mitigation Systems during Simulated Transport: Manikin Validation E-mail request 2014   Rachel Kinsler
Changes in the Hoffman Reflex at Different Head Positions as an Indicator of Acute Nerve Root Compression Under Simulated Military Head Support Mass Conditions E-mail request 2014   Bethany L. Shivers
Your Body in Flight During World War II E-mail request 2014   Jay B. Dean
ACES II Ejection History and Injury Risk E-mail request 2014   Mark Ruddell
Testing CBRN Protection AEA E-mail request 2014   C. Berglund and J. Sjostrand
Integrated Aircrew Ensemble E-mail request 2014   Charlie Dean
Integration Challenges and Solutions - CBRN Defense-Respiratory Equipment in Modern Fixed Wing Military Aircraft E-mail request 2014   Robert W. Lingo III
Dynamic Responses of Head E-mail request 2014   James W. Brinkley and Stephan E. Mosher
The Application of Active Real-time Velocity Window Control System for Ejection Escape System in Rocket Sled Test E-mail request 2014   Gong Minsheng
An Adaptive Control Method for Escape Path Clearing System Based on Risk Evaluation E-mail request 2014   Zhou Fang
A Study of Protection Provided by General Aviation Oxygen Masks with Open Ambient Ports in Toxic Environments E-mail request 2014   Lawrence N. Paskoff
Mission Oxygen Supply System (MOSS) - Development and Integration E-mail request 2014   Martin Pfefferkorn
Proceedings - 2015
B-1B Ejection Experience E-mail request 2015  

Major Frank A. Biancardi, II

The Navy Disorientation Research Device: Advanced Capability in Human Orientation Research E-mail request 2015   CDR Richard Folga and Dr. Bill Albery
Challenges Facing the Parachute Descent Procedure Training & Desired Technological Advances for Training Systems E-mail request 2015  
CDR Sean Lando, LCDR. W. Tyler Scheeler, Beth F. Wheeler Atkinson, and Alyssa Mercado
A Review of the State-of-the-Practice & the State-of-the-Art Training Solutions for Training Naval Aviators to Recognize Hypoxia Symptoms E-mail request 2015   CDR Sean Lando, LCDR. W. Tyler Scheeler, Beth F. Wheeler Atkinson, and Mitchell J. Tindal
Hybrid III Manikin Lumbar Spine Response to Vertical Impacts with Ejection Seat Cushions E-mail request 2015   Glenn Thomas and Chris Albery
Comparison of How RAF LPU Stole Design Affects Flotation E-mail request 2015   Lt. Col. Miranda Hancock USAF, Sgt. R. Hipkins RAF, and Lt. Col.Michael Harrigan RAMC
Aircrew Equipment Assemblies Test & Integrations Procedures E-mail request 2015   Lt. Col. Michael Harrigan RAMC
Brief History of Life Preservers Used by UK Military Forces E-mail request 2015   Dr. Michael J.A. Trudgill

Periscope Operator Adaptive Trainer: Improving Skills for Ship Safety
E-mail request 2015  
Alyssa Mercado, M.S. and Wendi Van Buskirk, Ph.D.
Speech and Language Processing in Navy Training (Technical Paper) E-mail request 2015   Lisa Ouakil and Hamid Ouakil
Augmented Reality (AR) for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Common Control System (CCS) Operators: Training Transition (TT) E-mail request 2015   Rebecca Yelverton, M.S., Marc-Andre Prince, B.S., Rosemary Garris, M.S., Kenneth Hadden, M.S., and Laticia Bowens, Ph.D.
Alternate HTPB Material Feasibility Project E-mail request 2015   David Russell
Energetic Obsolescence Risks E-mail request 2015   Alexander Woods
Development of a Printed Chemical Delay E-mail request 2015   Andrew C. Ihnen, Jonathan T. Essel, and David G. Turnbaugh

Backstyle Actuated Parachute (BA-X) Replacement Effort
E-mail request 2015   2nd Lt. Andrew Beard and Joe Koos
Life-Support Radio Testing 3515LSR E-mail request 2015   Sam Strang
MEOSAR and the Future of Aviation Search & Rescue E-mail request 2015   Steve Waters
A Decision Support Tool and Methods Set for Minimizing Unintended Consequences E-mail request 2015   Kelly Neville, Ph.D., Katherine P. Tucker, M.S., Steel Templin, Melissa Walwanis, M.S., and Amy Bolton, Ph.D.
Safety Philosophy of the StratEx Program E-mail request 2015   Grant A. Anderson, P.E.
Air ASW, Assault & Special Mission Programs E-mail request 2015   Rear Admiral “CJ” Jaynes
Human Systems Division Overview E-mail request 2015   Regina Bridges and Robin Melvin
CAD/PAD JPO Initiatives for Continued Availability and Quality E-mail request 2015   Glenn Campbell
Florida Procurement Technical Assistance Program E-mail request 2015   Frank Germonto
Export Control Reform (ECR) Update and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) E-mail request 2015   Laura Kraus
2015 CAD/PAD Technology Roadmap Update E-mail request 2015   John Burchett
Mk 122 Mod 1 Parachute Deployment Rocket Motor E-mail request 2015   John L. Goodwin
T-6 Canopy FLSC and MDC Damage E-mail request 2015   Larry Kramer
USAF Helmet Mounted Displays: Design, Fielding, Capabilities and Human Systems Interface Challenges E-mail request 2015  
James M. Barnaba
Cold Weather Aviation System E-mail request 2015   Chris Tobin and Don Fleury
An Examination Protocol and Classification Tool to Identify the Cause of Damage to Textile Items E-mail request 2015   Wendy Todd and Bruce Pregger
Ejection Tower Testing in Support of Kinematic Model Refinement E-mail request 2015   Brandon Hall
Development of a Thoracolumbar Spinal Injury Criterion for Ejection – A Collation of Existing In-Service Data E-mail request 2015  
Paul Parker

Ejection Neck Injury Risk with NVG/HMD Devices
E-mail request 2015   Mark Ruddell, Marty Andries, Bob Billings, and Jim Tulloch
Fidelity of the MADYMO Facet Pedestrian Model for Simulation of Underbody Blast Events E-mail request 2015   E.M. Spratley, Ph.D., K. Rawska, MS, T. Kim, Ph.D., and R.S. Salzar, Ph.D.
Physical Protection for Pilots in NBC Contaminated Environments E-mail request 2015   Stefan Andres
Current Hearing Protection Used in Naval Aviation & The Need for In-Ear Dosimetry E-mail request 2015  
LCDR Andrew M. Hayes
The Past, Present, and Future of Aircrew Helmets E-mail request 2015   Mark Jones, Dustin Levy, and Mike Stump
Noise Attenuation of Vented and Non-Vented Earplugs: Evidence in Support of Elimination of the Venting Requirement for Earplugs Used in Fixed Wing Flight E-mail request 2015   Kristen Talcott, Ph.D., and Kristen Semrud
The Aging of Pyrotechnic Compositions Containing Boron E-mail request 2015   Larry Barr
Non-Destructive Defect Screening Technology for Oxygen Breathing Apparatus (OBA) Canisters E-mail request 2015   Atul Gokhale, Ph.D., and Blaise Kislan
Support to Break the Cycle: Empowering First Responders to Help Victims and Offenders E-mail request 2015   Dr. Shawn Stafford, Captain Jim McCauliff, and Dr. Adams Greenwood-Erikicson
Characterization of Helo-Hunch E-mail request 2015   Anna Murphy
Passenger Seat and Modified ATD Performance During TRACT 1 Test E-mail request 2015   Joseph Pellettiere, Ph.D
Investigating the Rate Sensitivity of H-60 Troop Seat Energy Absorbers to Decelerative Impact E-mail request 2015   Robert Willis, and Katie Miller
PMA202 Aircrew Systems E-mail request 2015   Captain Nora Burghardt, USN
Human Systems Division Overview E-mail request 2015   Col. William B. (Chip) Mosle
Trends in Failure Investigations in CAD/PAD Devices E-mail request 2015   Rae Azorandia
ACES II Harness Release System Failure Investigation E-mail request 2015  
Allen Hancey
CAD/PAD JPO Mishap Investigation Support Team (MIST) E-mail request 2015   John Messina
Quick Look Limited Scope Evaluation of a Static Fall Protection System for the MV-22 Tiltrotor E-mail request 2015   Ryan Blondino and Lauren Jones
Fall Protection Overview: USN/USMC Aviation Maintenance Challenges E-mail request 2015   Greg Kennedy
Industrial Human Augmentation System for Potential USN/USMC Maintenance Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement E-mail request 2015   Greg Kennedy
Injury Data Overview as Related to United States Navy and United States Marine Corps Aviation (Technical Paper) E-mail request 2015   Brandy Mobley
Injury Data Overview as Related to USN and USMC Aviation (Power Point Slides) E-mail request 2015   Brandy Mobley
Proceedings - 2016
AFRL Developing Technology for Warfighter Safety E-mail request 2016   Maj. Gen. Robert D. McMurry
Tri-Services Science & Technology Overview: US Army Perspective E-mail request 2016   John S. Crowley M.D.
711 HPW Overview E-mail request 2016   Rajesh Naik
NAVAIR Human Systems Department (AIR 4.6) Science and Technology Overview E-mail request 2016   Dr. Barry S. Shender
Corrosion Investigation in Man-Rated Percussion Ignition Devices E-mail request 2016   Justin R. Gamble
CAD/PAD Failures: Common Root Causes and Current/Future Mitigation Strategy E-mail request 2016   Jon Kilikewich
USN/USMC CAD/PAD Aircraft Mishap Investigations E-mail request 2016   Frank Lange
CAD/PAD Mishap Investigation Support Team E-mail request 2016   John Messina
Next Generation Aircrew Protective Ensemble E-mail request 2016   Captain Ryan Thompson
Pain Determines Endurance During Long Helicoper Flights With Modern MOPP Ensembles E-mail request 2016   Arthur Estrada, Ph.D.
Joint Biological Agent Decontamination System (JBADS) E-mail request 2016   Lt.Col. William Holl
B-2A Advanced Concept Ejection Seat II Safety & Sustainability Improvement Program (B-2A ACES II SSIP) E-mail request 2016   James Elgersma
Biodynamic Assessment of Pilot Knee-Board Configurations During Simulated T-38 Catapult Acceleration E-mail request 2016   Chris E. Perry, Chris Burneka, and Chris Albery
Dynamic Shock Tests of the ACES II Ejection Seat and Personnel Locator Beacon to Assess Mode Selector Switch Failure E-mail request 2016   Chris E. Perry, Ben Steinhauer, Chris Burneka, and Chris Albery
Benefits of Using Alternative Methods to NRR When Describing the Effectiveness of Hearing Protection Devices E-mail request 2016   Nourhan Abouzahra, and Hillary Gallagher
Understanding the Level of Protection a Hearing Protector can Provide Using an Acoustic Test Fixture to Measure the Noise Attenuation Performance E-mail request 2016   Hilary Gallagher, Billy Swayne, and Nourhan Abouzahra
Estimating Aircrew Noise Exposure During a Multi-Segment Flight E-mail request 2016   Dan Gross
Aircrew Integrated Monitoring Solution (AIMS) E-mail request 2016   Aaron Rood
Applicability of Commercially Available Sensors for Volatile Detection in the Aerospace Environment E-mail request 2016   Grant M. Slusher, MS
New Bulletproof Plastic for Next-Level Light Weight Ballistics Protection E-mail request 2016   Boyd Bucher and Jason Henkel
USAF Integrated Aircrew Ensemble - Update E-mail request 2016   Boyd Bucher and Arthur Schwope
SARLINK - 3 Functions, 1 Device - Alerting/Communications/Tracking E-mail request 2016   Paul Steward and Christina Belmonte
CAD/PAD Technology Development Projects Overview E-mail request 2016   Magdy Bichay
Demonstration of DBX-1 as an Alternative to RD-1333 Lead Azide E-mail request 2016   Soleimar Hernandez
Modernization of the NSWC IHEODTD CADPROG Ballistic Computer Simulation Program E-mail request 2016   Fred Silverman, Ted Witkamp, and David Sorochty
EC-10 Propellant E-mail request 2016   David Sorochty
Integrated Solutions for Maintaining Situational Awareness in Extreme Noise Environments E-mail request 2016   Rose Rhomberg and Michelle Collier
Performance Assessment of an Adaptive Digital Active Noise Reduction Aircrew Headset with Integrated Communications Noise Stripping E-mail request 2016   Soo James
Emergency Readiness and Response Solutions E-mail request 2016   Steve Waters
Field Monitoring of OBOGS Breathing Gas Quality E-mail request 2016   Kelly Leimkuhler and Dennis Gordge
A Carbon Monoxide Oxidizing Catalyst for Navy OBOGS Equipped Aircraft E-mail request 2016   Ian MacIntire and Dennis Gordge
USAF On-Board Oxygen Generating System (OBOGS) Laboratory E-mail request 2016   George Miller
Compatibility Between Night Vision Goggles and Light Emitting Diodes in Ground Obstruction Lighting E-mail request 2016   Dave Bigmore
Overcoming In-Flight Bore-Sight Alignment Loss in Apache Attack Helicopters E-mail request 2016   Jacob (Coby) Brandstaetter
Nuclear Flash Blindness Protection Program E-mail request 2016   Rebecca Rothstein
Air Force Safety: The Next Generation E-mail request 2016   Major General Andrew M. Mueller
The Legacy of Aircrew Life Support R&D at Wright-Patterson AFB E-mail request 2016   Dr. Bill Albery, Jim Brinkley, Bob Billings, and Dr. Rick Allnutt
Armstrong and Lovelace: Early Aeromedical Physicians In Operational Research E-mail request 2016   Dr. Rick Allnutt
History of the ACES II Ejection Seat E-mail request 2016   Bob Billings
Early Biodynamic Research for Emergency Escape Systems and Spacecraft Designs E-mail request 2016   James W. Brinkley
Overview of the Transport Rotorcraft Airframe Crash Testbed (TRACT) Full Scale Crash Tests E-mail request 2016   Martin Annett
Overview of the Transport Rotorcraft Airframe Crash Testbed (TRACT) Full-Scale Crash Tests E-mail request 2016   Lindley W. Bark
Technical Textiles in Aviation Safety E-mail request 2016   Deepak Duggal
Service Life Extension Discussion – Parachutes E-mail request 2016   David Halgren
Performing Failure Analysis Testing on the Outer Restraint Layer Comprising the ATAGS E-mail request 2016   Christopher Noatch
NAVAIR Human Systems Dynamic Test & Modeling E-mail request 2016   John Daley
Mechanical Operation and Characterization of the Vertical Acceleration Tower (VAT) E-mail request 2016   Patrick R. Fonda, Troy A. Bowman, Ardyn Olszko, Vince Fralish, and B. Joseph McEntire
Full-Scale Aging and Surveillance Test of B-2 Hatch Severance Assemblies E-mail request 2016   Kurt Erickson
U-2 Rocket Catapult Mechanistic Aging and Surveillance Testing E-mail request 2016   Travis Thom
Ordnance Assessment (OA) & Surveillance E-mail request 2016   Jeffrey Watts
Addressing Communication Training to Increase Aircrew Safety E-mail request 2016   John Killilea, Beth F. Wheeler Atkinson, and Chris Stubbs
Research Summary for En Route Care Simulation and Training Research E-mail request 2016   Tiffany Losekamp, RN, MSN, CNE, CHSE, Major Daniel Bevington, BSN, RN, Lt. Col.Christine Novak, MSN, RN, and Major Stuart Bertsch, M.D.
A State-of-the-Practice of Workload Measures in Applied Settings E-mail request 2016   John P. Killilea, Lt. Joseph E. Mercado, Dr. Mitchell J. Tindall, and Beth F. Wheeler Atkinson
NAVAIR Human Systems Department Innovital Systems E-mail request 2016   William Glass and Dr. Gregory Hiemenz
Evaluation of Military Ground Vehicle Dynamic Exposure Ride Signatures via Severity Category Classification E-mail request 2016   Adrienne Madison, Ph.D., Charles A. Weisenbach, Bethany Shivers, Ph. D., Tyler Rooks, Vince Fralish, Daniel B. Dorman, Bradley Bumgardner, and Valeta Carol Chancey
Physiological Indicators of Lower Neck Strain with Reduced Levels of Vibration and a Novel Vibration Mitigating Cushion E-mail request 2016   Heather Wright-Beatty, Andrew Law, Russell Thomas, and Viresh Wickramasinghe
PMA202 Aircrew Systems Aviation Textile Capability Needs E-mail request 2016   Tara Capecci
Aviation Textiles - What the AF Needs E-mail request 2016   Catherine Leahy
Revolutionary Fibers and Textiles Manufacturing Innovation Institute E-mail request 2016   Stephen Luckowski and Carole Winterhalter
Textile Flammability Basics E-mail request 2016   Celia Powell
Advanced Simulation of ACES II Ejection Seat Terrain Clearance E-mail request 2016   Kassidy Carson, Clif Webster, and Dick Baldwin
Ejection Seat Harness Comparison Study: -Gx Manikin Analysis E-mail request 2016   Chris E. Perry, John R. Buhrman, Chris Burneka, and Ben Steinhauer
Ejection Head Injury Risk E-mail request 2016   Jim Tulloch and Kassidy Carson
Evidence and Rationale for Fielding of Custom Earplugs and Transition of Digital Ear Canal Capture Technology E-mail request 2016   Kristen Semrud
Acoustic Metamaterial Aural Protection (AMAP) Improved Hearing Protection Utilizing Acoustic Metamaterials E-mail request 2016   Bradley Yost, Ryan Anderson, Matthew Stone, and Tiffany Lei
Earplug Insertion Depth Effects on Double Hearing Protection E-mail request 2016   Matthew Stone
Developing a Taxonomy for Standardizing Training and Operational Reports of Hypoxia Symptomology and Behaviors E-mail request 2016   Lt. Rolanda Findlay, Dr. Mitch Tindall, Nelson Lerma, and Beth F. Wheeler Atkinson
Prediction and Detection of Impaired Cognitive Capacity Through Real-time Physiologic Monitoring of Military Aircrew E-mail request 2016   Dr. Barry S. Shender, Rachel Hawks, Phillip Whitley, and Leon Hrebien
Understanding the Fidelity of Mask-on Hypoxia Training Systems E-mail request 2016   Dr. Mitchell J.Tindall, LCDR Daniel Immeker, Beth F. Wheeler Atkinson, and CDR William T. Scheeler
Quantifying C-130 Vibration Patterns of Patients During Military
Aeromedical Evacuation
E-mail request 2016   Suzanne D. Smith, Ph.D., David Burch, Ph.D., Brittany Fouts, and Lt. Col. Tracey Sapp
Aviation-Specific Head-Supported Mass Research at USAARL: Past, Present, and Future E-mail request 2016   Adrienne Madison, Ph.D., Bethany Shivers, Veleta Carol Chancey, and B. Joseph McEntire
Aircrew Vibration Exposure Assessment During Operation of the HH-60M Medevac Helicopter E-mail request 2016   Suzanne D. Smith, Ph.D., Steven G. Chervak, and Benjamin C. Steinhauer
Lessons Learned From Two Stratospheric Supersonic Freefall Flight Test Programs E-mail request 2016   Jonathan B. Clark M.D., M.P.H.
USN/USMC Aircrew Systems PMA202 Overview E-mail request 2016   Captain Dave Padula
Human Systems Division E-mail request 2016   Colonel William "Chip" Mosle
Product Manager Air Warrior Update to the 2016 SAFE Symposium E-mail request 2016   Major Nicholas P. Yerby
Comparative Stability Assessment of an Experimental Helmet System E-mail request 2016   Patrick Estep, M.S., Adrienne Madison, Ph.D., Andrea Dargie, B.S., Reid Holderfield, B.S., Brian Novotny, M.S., Tyler Rooks, M.S., Bethany Shivers, Ph.D. Valeta Carol Chancey, Ph.D.
Toward Standardization: Headforms and Reference Coordinate Systems in Helmet Mass Properties Measurements E-mail request 2016   B. Joseph McEntire, SGT Kyle Rybarczyk, John Wursbach, Austin Stieglitz, and Valeta Carol Chancey, Ph.D.
Preliminary Head/Neck Kinematics Assessment During Load Effects Assessment Program - Army (LEAP-A) Course Navigation E-mail request 2016   Bethany L. Shivers, Ph.D., Reid Holderfield, B.S., Adrienne Madison, Ph.D., B. Joseph McEntire, M.S., and Valeta Carol Chancey, Ph.D.
CAD/PAD Propellant Manufacturing Lessons Learned and Best Practices E-mail request 2016   James L. Baglini, Sr.
CAD/PAD JPO Initiatives for Continued Availability and Quality E-mail request 2016   Glenn Campbell
NSWC IHEODTD Flexible Manufacturing Capability E-mail request 2016   Patrick Greer, Ph.D.
Energetics Obsolescence Update 2016 E-mail request 2016   Alexander Woods
Human Systems Division Safe to Fly Efforts E-mail request 2016   Nicholas Haynes
Development of an Industry Standard for Human Systems Integration (HSI) E-mail request 2016   Stephen C. Merriman
Human Systems Integration and Influencing System Sustainment for Affordable, Safe Solutions E-mail request 2016   Sarah Orr
Hazardous Emissions from Partially Combusted Aircraft Fluids and Composites E-mail request 2016   Christin Grabinski, Ph.D., Megan Steele, Laura Flory, TSgt. Jackson, Darrin Ott, Ph.D.
In-flight Testing of High-performance Aircraft Pilot Breathing Air Quality Via a Real-time Air Quality Sensor (RTAQS) Suite E-mail request 2016   Jennifer A. Martin, Grant M. Slusher, Brian Geier, Jae Kwak, Kathy Fullerton, Claude C. Grigsby, and Darrin K. Ott
Using Action Research to Comprehensively Address Safety During System Requirements Analysis and Specification E-mail request 2016   Kelly Neville, Sarah Sherwood, John Mooney, Derek Ashlock, A.L.M.,Thom McLean, Alyssa Mercado, Melissa Walwanis, and Amy Bolton
A Preliminary Analysis of High- Stakes Decision-Making for Crisis Leadership E-mail request 2016   Terry Oroszi, M.S., Ed.D.
Individual Differences in Intuition & Implicit Learning E-mail request 2016   Natalie Steinhauser
Effects of Fatigue, 100%-Oxygen Respiration, and Immobility in Pilots Completing Long Missions in a Full Pressure Suit E-mail request 2016   Jeremy Beer, Ph.D.
The Disorientation Research Device: First Steps Toward Operational Capability E-mail request 2016   Captain Rich Folga
U.S. Air Force Centrifuge and Hypobaric Altitude Chambers E-mail request 2016   Scott Fleming
A Review of USAF Aerospace Physiology Training E-mail request 2016   Lt. Col. Michael Luby
ANSUR vs. ANSUR 2: What's Different and What's the Same E-mail request 2016   Bruce Bradtmiller, Ph.D.
NAVAIR 4.6 Human Systems Digital Human Modeling Project E-mail request 2016   Lori Brattin, Paul Teas, Carla Mattingly, Lauren Jones, Michelle Warren, Barry S. Shender, Ph.D.
Examination of Crew Seat Lumbar Support E-mail request 2016   Brandon Hall
Occupant Response and Dynamic Overshoot In Crashworthy Seating Systems E-mail request 2016   Michael Knott
Evaluation of Aerospace Seat Belt Webbing Material Under Dynamic Test Conditions E-mail request 2016   Joseph Pellettiere
Evaluation of Mid-Size Male Hybrid III Models for Use in Spaceflight Occupant Protection Analysis E-mail request 2016   J. Putnam, J. Somers, J. Wells, N. Newby, N. Currie Gregg, and C. Lawrence
Comparison of Human and Manikin – Gx Neck Loading with JSF Neck Injury Criteria (NIC) E-mail request 2016   John R. Buhrman
Development of a Fast Running Tool for Probabilistic Injury Modeling E-mail request 2016   Jessica Coogan, Ph.D., Dan Nicolella, Ph.D., Barry S. Shender, Ph.D., and Glenn Paskoff, M.S.
Biodynamic Injury Research: Present and Future Relevance in Force Protection E-mail request 2016   Casey W. Pirnstill, Ph.D., John R. Buhrman, Chris E. Perry, and Elyse Patrick
Acute Mild Hypoxia and Flight Performance Deficits Below 3,658 m (12,000 ft) E-mail request 2016   Fethi Bouak, Ph.D., Bob Cheung, Ph.D. ,Oshin Vartanian, Ph.D., and Kevin Hofer, MS
Effects of Low Frequency Sound on Aircrew E-mail request 2016   Christine Brown and Kristen Semrud
A Validation Study of Hypoxia Detection Using a Monte-Carlo Simulation E-mail request 2016   LCDR Chris Foster, Ph.D., and LCDR Peter B. Walker, Ph.D.
Title E-mail request year Page Author(s)
Aircraft Seating Boarding Mass Investigations: A Collation of Data Relating to Helicopter Impact Scenarios E-mail request 2017   Parker- Paul
Aircraft Seating Boarding Mass Investigations: Understanding the Implications of Exceeding Design and Qualification Limits E-mail request 2017   Butcher- Richard
Unleashing the Kraken: Safety Certification and Man-Rating of the Disorientation Research Device (DRD) E-mail request 2017   CAPT Folga- Richard- Dr. Albery- William- and Dr. Le- Peter
Evaluation of Ejection Seat Risk Factors During Vertical Impact E-mail request 2017   Buhrman- John
Ejection Seat Harness Comparison Study: Phase I Vertical Impact Tests with Manikins E-mail request 2017   Chris Perry
Earlier Detection of of Hypoxia with Parasympathetic Monitoring E-mail request 2017   Colombo- J
Pilot's Breath Air Monitor - Hypoxia Early Warning System E-mail request 2017   Hakola- Sami
Development of a Human Vision Test System E-mail request 2017   Carlisle- Adam
Electronic Depth Acuity Test for Aircrew E-mail request 2017   Hopper- Darrel- Ph.D.
AFRL Alternative Night/Day Imaging Technologies (ANIT) Program E-mail request 2017   Hopper- Darrel- Ph.D.
System Safety - Risk Assessments and Their Role in Service Life Extensions E-mail request 2017   Azorandia- Rae
2017 CAD/PAD Technology Roadmap E-mail request 2017   Woods- Alex
Detonating Cord Assembly (DCA) Second Source Project Overview E-mail request 2017   Blachowski- Thomas
Applicability of Finite Element Model in Covering Hybrid III ATD Configuration Variability E-mail request 2017   Putnam- Jacob
Fast Running Finite Element (FE) Model Development and Validation of the Hybrid III 50th Aerospace Manikin Using the Horizontal Impulse Accelerator (HIA) and Vertical Deceleration Tower (VDT) E-mail request 2017   Pirnstill- Casey
Effect of Inlet Air Pressure Transients on On-Board Oxygen Generating Systems (OBOGS) E-mail request 2017   Miller- George
Solid Oxygen Systems E-mail request 2017   Pavlik- Thomas
GC/MS Spectrum Characterization of OBOGS Breathing Gas Samples E-mail request 2017   Pack- Matthew
DEVS: Enabling the Digital Battlefield with Extended Spectrum Capability E-mail request 2017   Straub- Joe
Objective and Subjective Measures of White and Green High Performance Image Intensifier Tubes as Potential NVG Upgrade E-mail request 2017   Ellis- Sharon
Parachute Packing is Art and Science at its Best! Or is it? E-mail request 2017   Poe III- Edgar "Ted"
Service Life Investigation and Repair Improvements for B-52 Drag Parachutes E-mail request 2017   Wagner- Caleb
The FAILSAFE Team's Training for Intermediate-Level Maintenance Organizations in the Navy and Marine Corps: A New Approach to Training Fleet Maintainers E-mail request 2017   LCDR Lippert- Amanda
3D Printing- the Future of Cost Effective Biomechanical Testing E-mail request 2017   Franceskides- Constantinos
Development of a Novel Data Collection Suite for Modeling Parachute Landing Falls E-mail request 2017   Bar-Kochba- Eyal
Adaptation of Crash Recording Technologies for High-Speed Ejection Applications E-mail request 2017   Hall- Brandon
Contaminant Monitoring in Navy Aircraft E-mail request 2017   Brown- Christine
Contaminant Desorption from Molecular Sieve Beds E-mail request 2017   Gordge- Dennis
Elimination of Carbon Monoxide and Other Breathing Gas Contaminants in Navy Aircraft E-mail request 2017   MacIntire- Ian
Active Noise Reduction for Pilot Helmets and Demanding Environments E-mail request 2017   Lehtonen- Pekka
Noise Attenuation and Speech Intelligibility Performance of Hearing Protection Devices Worn in Combination with CBRN Equipment E-mail request 2017   Gallagher- Hilary
Person-to-Person Communications in High-Noise Environments Using Non-Radio Frequency Modalities E-mail request 2017   Sedillo- Michael
A Collaborative RDT&E Strategy to Address Physiological Episodes in USAF and USN Aviation E-mail request 2017   Beer- Jeremy- Ph.D.
The Effect of an Off-Center Field of View User-Worn Display on Mitigating Motion Sickness while Accomplishing a Vigilance Task E-mail request 2017   Evans- Richard
US Navy and Air Force Collaborative Research in Human Cognitive Impairment and Physiologic Response E-mail request 2017   Shender- Barry
Flight Test Assessment of the Pilot Physiological Monitoring and Warning System E-mail request 2017   Tripp- Lloyd
Quantifying Differences in Head Kinematic Response to +Z Acceleration with Subjects Seated Upright Versus Supine E-mail request 2017   Paskoff- Glenn
The Evaluation and Characterization of ATD Configurations During Spinal Impacts E-mail request 2017   Siders- Brett
Vertical Impact Accelerator (VIA) Characterization Study E-mail request 2017   Steinhauer- Benjamin
Investigation of Hypoxia Training: Do Trainees Accurately Recognize Symptoms? E-mail request 2017   Tindall- Mitchell
Live Flight and Training in ROBD Subjective Report Data: A Symptom Centric Comparison E-mail request 2017   Cooper- Tashara
Engineering a Novel Technology to Increase Fidelity & Safety for Navy Aviation Hypoxia Training E-mail request 2017   Atkinson- Beth
Digital Methods for Custom Hearing Protection E-mail request 2017   Roy- Robert
Estimating Noise Exposures for Aircrew Wearing Active Noise Cancellation Headsets E-mail request 2017   CAPT Murphy- William J- Ph.D.
When Minutes Matter: Tactical Chemical-Biological Protection and Decontamination E-mail request 2017   Maj Schumacher- Benjamin
The Application of Automation Systems for Training - Implications of Trust E-mail request 2017   Killilea- John
ATLS Performance Efficiency Measurement of Military Personnel in Preparation for Deployment E-mail request 2017   Hall- Andrew- Ph.D.
Dynamic Testing of Rotorcraft Cabin Seats E-mail request 2017   Wright- Nathan
Rotorcraft Seating Systems: Survivability and Occupant Endurance E-mail request 2017   Hall- Brandon and Wright- Nathan
Modeling of Alveolar Oxygen Partial Pressure Following Rapid Decompression E-mail request 2017   Morgan- Thomas- Ph.D.
HSI in Breathing System Design and Deployment E-mail request 2017   Morgan- Thomas- Ph.D.
Evaluation of Helmet Vibro-Acoustic Response in a Propeller-Driven Aircraft Noise Field E-mail request 2017   Rush- G. Alston
Determining Flight Helmet and Oxygen Mask Behavior in Dynamic Conditions E-mail request 2017   Steinman- Yuval
The Evolution of Rotary Wing Helmets E-mail request 2017   Levy- Dustin and Stump- Mike
USAF Integrated Aircrew Ensemble - Update 2017 E-mail request 2017   Devine- Marlene and Bucher- Boyd
Strain Measurements on Anti-G Garments Using 3D Digital Image Correlation E-mail request 2017   (Mr.) Shivprasad
The Research and Development of Personal Protection and Escape Technology for Female Pilots E-mail request 2017   Ms. Liang- Lin
A Computational Pipeline and Method for Generating Population-Specific Cervical Spine Shape Atlases and Finite Element Models E-mail request 2017   Drenkow- Nathan
Neck Injury Criteria Development for System Level Ejection Testing - Comparison of ATD and Human Response to Gy Accelerative Input E-mail request 2017   Parr- Jeff
Biodynamic Injury Research: Comparison of Human/Manikin Lumbar and Seat Acceleration Toward Improved MDRC Models E-mail request 2017   Pirnstill- Casey
Design Recommendations for Extraneous Oxygen Mask Valve to Reduce Pilot Respiratory Effort in High Performance Aircraft E-mail request 2017   Golich- Frank- Ph.D.
Gas Based Sensors for Physiologic Event Detection in the Cockpit E-mail request 2017   Rood- Aaron
Detecting Trace Contamination in Air Using the Gas Stream that the Impurities are to be Measured In E-mail request 2017   Peter R. Bossard
Five Ways MEOSAR is Transforming Combat Search and Rescue E-mail request 2017   Bajpai- Gaurav- Ph.D.
Innovations for a Safer World E-mail request 2017   Duggal- Deepak
The State of the Art (SOA) Program E-mail request 2017   Milburn- Sheila
Identifying Solutions Through Technology & Innovation E-mail request 2017   McGovern- Janet
Ejection Seat Pitch and Yaw Stability E-mail request 2017   Kassidy- Carson and Tulloch- Jim
Ejection Seat Restraint Harness Design: Dispelling the Myths E-mail request 2017   Adams- Paul and Hughes- Kathryn
Identification of Scene Cues and Visual Control Methodologies Used by Helicopter Pilots During Day and Night Visual Flight E-mail request 2017   Longman- Peter
BMAIS: Air Platform Upgrade Capability for 360 Digital Cockpit E-mail request 2017   Straub- Joe
GORE PYRAD Flame Retardant Technology E-mail request 2017   Nelson- Wally
The Evolution and Performance of Flame Resistant Fabrics and Garments: How Today's Lightweight Moisture-Wicking and Flame Resistant Performance Fabrics Contribute to Extending Mission Endurance E-mail request 2017   Pena- Mike