SAFE Goals and Objectives

  • SAFE Association Annual SymposiumThe SAFE Association is dedicated to the preservation of human life. It provides a common meeting ground for the sharing of problems, ideas and information.
  • SAFE, is a non-profit international association headquartered in Oregon, with chapters located throughout the world.
  • Membership is not restricted by academic background, experience or specialty. SAFE members represent many fields including equipment manufacturers, distributors, engineers, health professionals, management, government including members of the military and the many sub-fields associated with the design, operation, safety and survivability of all land, space, air and sea vehicles to include related life-sustaining equipment, systems, and training.
  • SAFE's chapters sponsor meetings and workshops that provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information on member’s activities, and presentation of new equipment, and procedures encompassing government, private, and commercial application in the related disciplines of safety and survival.
  • SAFE publishes a quarterly Newsletter and Proceedings of the Annual SAFE Symposium. These publications are valuable reference sources for the professional involved in all forms of safety and survival.
  • SAFE culminates each year’s activities with the annual SAFE Symposium. Presentation topics range from survival to the latest aircraft egress aids, cockpit design, restraint systems, and crew training. The Symposium offers an international group of professionals the opportunity to share problems and solutions in the related fields of safety and survival.
  • SAFE recognizes achievements and outstanding contributions in the fields of safety and survival at our prestigious awards presentations held during the annual Symposium.
  • SAFE's formal statement of purpose reads: “The primary objective of the SAFE Association is to stimulate research and development in the fields of safety and survival, and to disseminate pertinent information to concerned individuals in government and industry. In addition, the objective is to establish and maintain a meaningful relationship between the SAFE Association and the scientific communities related to safety and survival.

Original Name: Space and Flight Equipment Association - 1956

Name Changed to: Survival and Flight Equipment Association - December, 1969

Name Changed to: SAFE Association - November, 1976

July, 2011