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Business Development Manager, Aircraft & Unmanned Systems

Company: Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company

Job Description:


The Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PacSci EMC) Aircraft & Unmanned Systems Manager identifies and evaluates market opportunities for aircraft (fixed wing & rotorcraft) and unmanned markets focused primarily on military markets.  The BD Manager utilizes existing products and new development to drive significant profitable growth working closely with applications engineering, Advanced Product Development (APD), proposal, operations and marketing teams to provide winning responses to customer’s new opportunities, displace competitors or move into adjacent markets supported by a strong business case to pursue.  The Market Leader will support product and strategic planning activities through the identification of internal and external market drivers, development of market maps, associated business plans, forecasts and competitor assessments.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Drive significant profitable growth in aircraft and unmanned markets (primarily military) to meet financial targets
  • Conduct research from multiple resources (government & commercial) to assess market trends, size, customers’ needs, competitive landscape, differentiated capabilities, recurring revenue projections and strategies to identify and win new growth opportunities.
  • Identify, assess and qualify new business opportunities for both existing and new products creating and executing business and go-to-market plans
  • Collaborate with appropriate functions to develop or refine execution processes to ensure our offerings meet/exceed customers’ expectations and commitments
  • Collaborate with market channel partners to multiply exposure to new customers worldwide and obtain more opportunity potential
  • Collaborate with customers through meetings, market specific tradeshows and symposia to present our capabilities to broader audiences, increase interactions customer, gain market insight and drivers and identify new opportunity targets
  • Create and provide presentations, white papers and responses for customer meetings, panels, committees, working groups or inquiry responses to present, educate or recommend actions

Professional Skills and Abilities:

  • Significant working knowledge of aircraft (fixed wing and rotorcraft) emergency escape systems including canopy/hatch removal, system sequencing and ejection seats with focus on military platforms
  • Working knowledge of aircraft and unmanned systems (fixed wing or rotorcraft) including but not limited to engine start, payload release/deploy, flight termination, fire extinguishing systems, and recovery sub-systems and components
  • Interactions with government agencies regulating CAD/PAD details, regulatory oversite and
  • Ability to competently communicate with prime, sub-prime and end users our system and component features/functions as well as CAD/PAD details and regulatory information influencing our product lines
  • Understanding of military standards and their application to our products
  • Ability to identify and act on market trends, customers’ needs/voice-of-customers (VOC) and determine competitive dynamics
  • Develop differentiated growth strategy based on market needs and PacSci EMC’s capabilities.
  • Demonstrated problem solving skills in applying data to make strategic and tactical assessments and action recommendations
  • Possess excellent written, spoken and social skills to interact with customers, supervisors, peers, and other associates in developing and nurturing relationships advantageous to business growth through telephonic, written, electronic, or in-person communications.
  • Intermediate skill level in Microsoft Office especially Word, Excel & PowerPoint (with Mekkos), Outlook and Visio to organize, plan, and prioritize work as well as document/record and process information.  Ability to learn other computer programs as necessary to support overall position
  • Continuing Education - keeping up-to-date technically and applying new knowledge to your job.

Education and Experience:

  • Desired 10+ years relevant experience (required 5 years minimum):
    • Required experience working on and managing military aircraft (fixed wing and rotorcraft) emergency escape systems including canopy/hatch removal, system sequencing, ejection seats and CAD/PAD forecasting.
    • Desired working knowledge or exposure to aircraft and unmanned systems (fixed wing or rotorcraft; military or commercial), including but not limited to engine start, payload release/deploy, flight termination, fire extinguishing systems, and recovery sub-systems and components
  • Required Bachelor’s degree, desired with technology background (i.e. Science or Engineering)
    • Business Administration classes recommended

Last Updated: 03/11/2021

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