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Title E-mail request Year No. Authors
Biodynamic Assessment of the THOR-K Manikin during Impact E-mail request 2015 1 Chris Perry; Chris Buneka; and Chris Albery
Review of the Development of Lumbar Injury Tolerance Criteria E-mail request 2015 1 Joseph A. Pellettiere; Stanley P. Desjardins; and Jim Tulloch
USAF ACES II Ejection History and Injury Risk, 1978 to 2013 E-mail request 2015 1 Jim Tulloch; Mark Ruddell; and Marty Andries
A Human Systems Integration Analysis of Helmet Mounted Displays E-mail request 2015 1 Jeffrey C. Parr; Michael E. Miller; and John M. Colombi
Earplug Pressure Equalization During Flight E-mail request 2018 1 Kristen Semrud and Kristen Talcott
Evaluation of Mid-Size Male Hybrid III Models For Use In Spaceflight Occupant Protection Analysis E-mail request 2018 1 Jacob B. Putnam, Jeffrey T. Somers, Jessica A. Wells, Nathaniel J. Newby, Brett Siders, Nancy J. Currie-Gregg, and Chuck Lawrence
Failure Analysis Testing on the Outer Restraint Layer of the Advanced Technology Anti-G Suit E-mail request 2018 1 Christopher P. Noatch
Back to Basics: Hypocapnia in Aircrew E-mail request 2018 1 Todd Dart, Thomas Morgan, and William Mueller
Individual Differences in Implicit Learning and Intuitive Decision-Making E-mail request 2018 1 Natalie B. Steinhauser, Sarah Warnham, Tashara T. Cooper, and Laticia D. Bowens
Aircrew Vibration Exposure Onboard the HH-60M Medevac Helicopter E-mail request 2020 1 Suzanne D. Smith, Steven G. Chervak
Towards Hypoxia Detection via Automatic Speech Recognition Technology: A Theoretical Technology Framework E-mail request 2020 1 Victor Hung, Brian Stensrud, John Singleton, Beth F. Wheeler Atkinson, Jacob Entinger,  CDR W. Tyler Scheeler
Impact Biodynamics of Three Anthropomorphic Test Device Necks E-mail request 2020 1 Chris E. Perry, John R. Buhrman, Jeffery T. Somers
Qualification of a Urination Pass-Through for F-35 Immersion Suit Wearers E-mail request 2020 1 Wendy Todd, Roger J. Croft
Soyuz Landing Injury Risk Characterization E-mail request 2020 1 Nathaniel J. Newby, Preston Greenhalgh, Jeffrey T. Somers
Effects of Sex Differences on Dynamic Response Index Model Parameters E-mail request 2020 1 Jeffery T. Somers, D. Hayashi, J. Wells
Development of a THOR Anthropomorphic Test Device Lumbar Spine Injury Risk Function E-mail request 2022 1 Jeffrey Somers, Preston Greenhalgh, Teresa Reiber, Nathaniel Newby
Evaluation of a 4-Tether Harness System and Head Support Panel During Simulated Seat-Man Separation E-mail request 2022 1 Edward J. Custer and Glenn R. Paskoff
Modified HGU 55/P Helmet Impact Performance E-mail request 2022 1 Benjamin Steinhauer
A Mobile Phone Application for Automated and Accurate Sizing of Respirator Masks E-mail request 2022 1 Paulien E. Roos, Katherine Marschner, Philip E. Whitley, Vincent J. Harrand
Breathing Through a Positive-Pressure, Demand-Flow Life Support System: A Conceptual Dynamic Model E-mail request 2022 1 Mark M. Koeroghlian and Raul G. Longoria
Performance assessment and self-efficacy in Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET) E-mail request 2022 1 Douwe Mol, Mark M.J. Houben, Charelle Bottenheft, Esther A.P.B. Oprins, Ted Meeuwsen, Pierre J.L. Valk