2024 Safe Association Awards Program

Call for Nominations

ATTENTION: All Members of SAFE - Government, Military, Corporate, Academic, and Individual

This is the opportunity to recognize the achievements of your colleagues by nominating them for a prestigious SAFE award! If you don't recognize them, who will?

Since SAFE was founded 50+ years ago, one of our key goals has been to provide an opportunity for participants in our field to be formally recognized for their contributions. Each year the SAFE Board of Directors announces the recipients of our industry recognition at our annual Symposium.

The SAFE Association Awards Committee is now accepting nominations for the awards listed below, and we need you to help us identify deserving candidates. We invite you to review the criteria for each award and nominate a worthy colleague or team.

All nominations should be submitted by close of business, Wednesday, 17 July 2024.

Once received, the Board of Directors will evaluate each nomination based on relevance to the award criteria and the detail of the supporting information provided in the submission. This ensures the awards go to the most deserving recipients.

To identify the most deserving recipients, we need your nominations! We all know of individuals across our industry with significant accomplishments over the past year or their entire career. Project and Program Teams that have made recent major contributions are also prevalent in the military, in new product development, contract service providers, and academic research communities.

The person or team being nominated can be either a current Member or Non-Member. However, all nominations must be submitted by a current SAFE member.

Recognizing our deserving colleagues is an important way for us to acknowledge their career achievements and set the bar for our younger colleagues. Again, the deadline for submissions is close of business on Wednesday, 17 July 2024.

The Award categories are:

  • MICHAEL R. GROST CAREER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD , recognizes the career of a deserving individual for their significant contributions to the field of safety or survival.
  • GENERAL SPRUANCE INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD , honors an individual who has made a recent outstanding contribution in the safety field through leadership toward or significant or significant advancement of safety and survival improvements. This contribution can me made through education, knowledge, science, application of investigative techniques, or engineering.
  • TEAM ACHIEVEMENT AWARD , acknowledges the recent accomplishments of an industry team in the field of safety or survival through an advancement in the education, knowledge, science, application of investigative techniques, or engineering associated with a significant improvement in safety or survival.
  • MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARD , is presented to the person or persons, civilian or military, who have demonstrated a recent outstanding contribution to the preservation of human life through an action of courage.
  • MURRAY P. KOCH INDUSTRY AWARD , distinguishes a member of industry who has made recent significant contributions in the advancement of technology or hardware for safety and survival applications.

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