Collins Aerospace

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Collins Aerospace
Collins Aerospace
Colorado Springs , CO 80906
United States
Corporate Representatives:
Don Borchelt
LuAnn Jensen
Business Phone: (707) 399-1810
Business Fax: (707) 422-3749

Goodrich Interiors - Propulsion Systems, is a Strategic Business Unit of Goodrich Corporation. For almost 50 years, we have excelled at providing research, design, qualification and manufacturing services for a broad array of military, space and commercial aviation applications.

From environmentally safe propellants to the world's fastest ejection seat, Goodrich Interiors accepts as a challenge what others consider impossible.

Goodrich Interiors is the only U.S. ejection seat manufacturer that produces complete air crew escape systems, including canopy removal, sequencing systems and the ejection seat. In addition, we offer the individual components that comprise these systems, such as gas generators, rocket motors, catapults and electro-explosive devices. Applications of our products range from naval underwater decoying to space exploration and include ground and air transportation.

Our facilities include the Hurricane Mesa Test Facility, the nations only privately owned supersonic test track.

We are People Protecting People.