DSB Deutsche Schlauchboot GmbH

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DSB  Deutsche Schlauchboot GmbH
DSB Deutsche Schlauchboot GmbH
37632 Eschershausen,
Corporate Representatives:
Markus Bolay markus.bolay@survitecgroup.com
Markus Schwarz mschwarz@deutsche-schlauchboot.de
Website: www.deutsche-schlauchboot.de
Business Phone: (011) 498-2307

Pioneer and Specialist

Nowadays everybody knows what an inflatable is, even if the purely technical definition "an inflated buoyant craft made of coated fabric" only means something to the expert.

This wasn't always the case. In 1931, when Hans Scheibert founded DSB, the inflatable wasn't established as an essential item for use in inland, offshore and seagoing shipping, and water sports hardly existed at that time.

As a pioneer in the field and with the high quality and performance of its products, DSB made the inflatable one of the safest, most popular and widely-used vessels on water.

Ever since then DSB has specialized in equipment made of rubberized fabric, has set development and manufacturing standards, and has been an innovator, solving particular problems on water and also, in special circumstances, on land and in the air.

Experience and Safety

DSB has been developing, processing and manufacturing rubberized fabrics for over 60 years. DSB's experience means safety and reliability for each of its products, from sportsboats to liferafts, from special-purpose items to accessories.

Safety is the our priority. That's why our production still requires manual skills and that's why we carry out stringent quality and performance checks before, during and after manufacture.
DSB is approved according to last quality standars.

Application and Range

DSB equipment has asserted itself and stood the test of time in more than 80 countries of the world. It complies with international safety standards and regulations. It is found on board everywhere, in the private and commercial, in the civilian as well as in the military field.

DSB's range covers the whole spectrum of engineered products made of coated fabrics.

Sport boats and yacht tenders, yacht liferafts and SOLAS liferafts, general-purpose civil and military boats, bridge pontoons, boat accessories and technical equipment such as lifters for raising heavy loads, rollers for moving heavy loads, gas holder diaphragms and pneumatic sealing appliances.

The potential of new products and applications in the field of equipment made of rubberized fabrics is far from being exhausted. Again and again, new spheres of application emerge where DSB is in a postition to solutions to many various challenges.