Nammo Defense Systems

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Nammo Defense Systems
Nammo Defense Systems
Mesa, AZ 85277-4299
United States
Corporate Representatives:
Tim McDavid
Reece Max
Business Phone: (480) 898-2220
Business Fax: (480) 898-2358

Founded in 1960, Talley Defense Systems designs, develops, and produces propellant-based products for the defense and commercial marketplace. A proven pioneer in developing aircrew escape systems, automobile airbags, and airbag submunition dispenser systems, Talley products are prominent in a variety of critical defense and safety applications.

Starting in the late 1960s, Talley began applying its solid propellant technology to the task of reliably inflating an automobile airbag. Talley established itself as the industry leader in automotive passive restraint inflation systems and established this country's first high volume, fully automated automotive airbag module production facility.

Located on approximately 600 acres in Mesa, Arizona, an eastern suburb of Phoenix, Talley Defense Systems operates a complete industrial complex designed for the efficient manufacture and loading of a wide range of solid propellant-based products.

A strong technical, manufacturing and management team leverages company assets to provide total customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products available from any source. Talley strives for continuous quality improvement.