Symposium 2020

Symposium 2020
October 27- October 29, 2020
Virginia Beach Convention Center

Side Meetings & Hospitality Suites for SAFE Corporate Members and 2020 Exhibitors

Did you know that if you are planning any side meetings or a hospitality event during the 2020 Symposium, you can complete a side meeting/hospitality event room reservation form below to reserve the space from the SAFE room block and you won't be charged room rental? SAFE will also advise the hotel that the room(s) have been taken from the SAFE block and are complimentary. Then, your primary Point of Contact (POC) will be turned over to the appropriate person for you to arrange, at your costs, for any additional needs such as food, beverage, additional audiovisual equipment not provided by SAFE, and so forth.

Please Note: SAFE will only provide the following:

  1. The meeting or hospitality event room space
  2. Basic audiovisual equipment such as a projector and a screen, if needed.
  3. Tables and chairs
  4. Free WIFI

Convention Services - Catering
Sabrina A. Rinaldo 757-385-2009

Audio Visual
Wayne Mckenley 757-385-2079

Reservation Form

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COVID-19 Update

We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and at this time, we do not expect our Symposium to be affected. However, if we are required to make any changes, we will communicate via email, the SAFE Association website and through all of our social media accounts.

SAFE Association 58th Annual Symposium
Virginia Beach, VA

Symposium Overview