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Proceedings 1995 - 2014        
CRUSADER - An Integrated Helmet System for High Performance Aircraft E-mail request 1995   W. L. Epperson
CRUSADER - Integrated Helmet: System and Integration Aspects E-mail request 1995   I.A. Buchanan
Optical Technology Utilised in Design of 'Crusader' HMD System E-mail request 1995   Tom Clark and Dale Hollis
An Integrated Approach to Safe Helmet Mounted Jisplay/Vehicle Interface E-mail request 1995   Tom Clark and Dale Hollis
Advanced Helmet Tracking Technology Developments for Naval Aviation E-mail request 1995   James H. Brindle
The Will to Live E-mail request 1995   William W. Spruance
Lightweight Survival Kit Air Droppable (L.W. SKAD) Systems on the F-16 Aircraft E-mail request 1995   P. D. Johnson
Fourth Generation Escape System Technologies Demonstration Program Status E-mail request 1995   James J. Schoen and A. Blai r McDonald.
The Future of Aircrew State Monitoring - Applications to Advanced Aircraft Design E-mail request 1995   M. I. Darrah
Advancements in Modeling Aircrew Fatigue During High-G Performance Flight E-mail request 1995   S. J. Mahoney
Simulated Performance Evaluation of NACES Stabilization Concepts E-mail request 1995   Thomas J. Marquette
Priority One: Survival! Navy State-of-the-Art Survival Item Update E-mail request 1995   RaNae Contarino
History and Operational Performance of the Crew Escape System for the B-1 B Aircraft E-mail request 1995   Stephan Tipton and Thomas Stachowski
Lessons Learned from the Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat (NACES) Program E-mail request 1995   Peter Yost
F-22 life Support System Development E-mail request 1995   M. B. McGrady and M. W. Wright
An Overview of Helicopter Mishap Analyses and Crewmember Surveys for the ACASS Program E-mail request 1995   Tom Zenobi
Self-Reported Aircraft Desirability E-mail request 1995   Victoria M. Voge
Development of a Passenger Aircraft Air Bag System E-mail request 1995   Thomas H. Barth and Greg Cote
Crash Sensors for Inflatable Restraint Systems E-mail request 1995   Richard E. Zimmermann and Jon P. Rogers
The Development of U.S. Navy Cold Weather Flight Gloves: Handwear from the Ground Up E-mail request 1995   Linda S. Pensotti
Aircrew Centered Design; A Development Approach for Effective Crewstation Integration E-mail request 1995   Rodney S. Katz
Glass Fragment Capture and Analysis E-mail request 1995   Rebecca B. Schultz and Edward S. Eveland .
Validation of the Articulated Total Body (A TS) Data Set Describing the Large Advanced Dynamic Anthropomorphic Manikin (ADAM) E-mail request 1995   Captain Joel J. Hagan
Pelvis Mounted Data Acquisition System and Novel Transducers for a Fifth Percentile Female Manikin E-mail request 1995   Dennis Silage
Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of the F/A-18 Liquid Oxygen System E-mail request 1995   Bryce Hartmann and Carol Axten
A Multi-Axis Pintle Attitude Control (MAXPAC) Device for ACES II Seat Stabilization E-mail request 1995   Russ Carlson
Are Ejection Seat Performance Statistics Providing a True Picture of Aircrew Safety? E-mail request 1995   Joseph W. Morris .
Reliability and Effectiveness of Smart Propulsion Systems for Ejection Seats E-mail request 1995   Mark Nadolski and Russ Carlson
MAXPAC - Applying 4th Generation Technology to Upgrade the ACES II Seat E-mail request 1995   Joseph W. Morris and WiIliam True
Increasing the Accommodation Characteristics Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat (NACES) E-mail request 1995   Ken R. Yates
The Design E-mail request 1995   Mark Butler
V-22 Osprey Passenger Water Survival Training E-mail request 1995   W. F. Cunningham
Performance Assessment of the V-22 Aircraft Crashworthy Crew Seat with Variouss Size and Gender Aircrew Using the Articulated Total Body (ATS) Computer Simulation Model E-mail request 1995   Martin B. Rapaport
New Approach to Spinal Preloading in Energy Absorbing Crew Seats E-mail request 1995   Walter R. Peck
Joint Affordable Cockpit Integration Program (JACIP) E-mail request 1995   William L. Capps
Demonstration of a Field of View Evaluation Apparatus (FOVEA) for Head-Borne Life Support Equipment E-mail request 1995   David Cohen
The Application of Mission Scenarios in CentrifugeBased Flight Simulation Research E-mail request 1995   Peggy L. Heffner
Augmented Shock Wave Severance of Canopies and Metal E-mail request 1995   Laurence J. Bement and Marry L. SchimmeL.
Auto-Ox: An Automatic Backup Oxygen System Designed for Retrofit Into the ACES II E-mail request 1995   M. I. Darrah
An Advanced Stabilization Technique for Retrofit Into the ACES II: A Feasibility Study Report E-mail request 1995   D. E. McCauley
A Smart Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator With Continuous Cycle Time Adjustment E-mail request 1995   George W. Miller
Development of the Swedish Tactical Flight Combat Suit (TFCS) E-mail request 1995   Bengt Landervik
Crewstation Technology Transition Evaluation Tools E-mail request 1995   Richard Zielinski
Mechanical Analysis of the Movements Used During Ejection in the NACES and LS1 Ejection Seats E-mail request 1995   Cynthia L. Tant
Small Aircrew Ejection Simulation in U.S. Navy Aircraft E-mail request 1995   Jeffrey Nichols
The JAST Integrated Helmet/Audio Visual System (IHAVS) Project E-mail request 1995   Robert Whitmoyer
Finnish Air Force (FAF) Aircrew Equipment E-mail request 1995   Lt. Col. Pentti Kuronen
Finnish Air Force (FAF) Seat-Mounted Aircrew Restraint Harness E-mail request 1995   Captain Ossi Aatsalo
Human Breathing Simulation in Life Support Testing E-mail request 1995   Jayne E. Booth
New Integrated Suvival Vest and Body Armor Protection Developed for Navy Helicopter Aircrew E-mail request 1995   John Meyers
The OBOG and Anti-G Systems for the RAFALE Fighter E-mail request 1995   Jean-Michel Cazenave
Acceleration Threat to Truck Occupants Due to Land Mine Explosions E-mail request 1995   Philemon C. Chan
A Method for Developing A Positive Pressure Breathing Mask E-mail request 1995   Eric Farin and Valerie Leguay
U. S. Navy Advanced Crashworthy Alrcrew Survival Systems (ACASS) Program E-mail request 1995   Michael R. Schulttz
Head Protection Against Windblast for Pilot Ejection E-mail request 1995   Philemon C. Chan
Altitude Decompression Sickness Prediction: A Simplified Approach E-mail request 1995   Andrew A. Pilmanis
4th Generation Escape Systems Technologies Demonstration Program Pintle Escape Propulsion System (PEPS) E-mail request 1995   Kevin Peterson
Adaptation of Wright Laboratory's Aircraft Survivability Range 3 for Crew System Windblast Testing E-mail request 1995   1 Lt. Michael Meyer
Performance Assesssment of a Boom Stabilization Device for the ACES-II Ejection Seat E-mail request 1995   Captain John H. Wengraf
PANEL SESSIONS E-mail request 1995    
Special Operations Forces: The Needs and Requirements of the Future - A Challenge for the SAFE Community E-mail request 1995   Moderators: Ed Winker and Joe Zeller5
Operational Life Support Current USAF Efforts E-mail request 1995   Moderator Martin J. Clement
34th. Proceedings 1996 E-mail request 1996    
The Will To Live E-mail request 1996   William W. Spruance
Using Semiconductor Bridge Technology In a Life Support Application E-mail request 1996   Donald Nowakowski
Feature Envelopes for the HGU55P Helmet E-mail request 1996   Jennifer J. Whitestone & Deepa Naishadham
Refresher Naval Aviation Physiology Training Program (NAPTP) In Aircraft Simulators E-mail request 1996   CDR Ryan B. Eichner & CDR Richard P. Mason
Environmental Testing of Fiber Optic Lines In Aircraft Estape System Applications II E-mail request 1996   Peter Stoddard
Phase 1 Results of NACES Parachute Repack Cycle Surveillance Program E-mail request 1996   Foster Richards
Flight Worthiness Testing of a Laser Canopy Fracturing Initiation Subsystem (CFIS) E-mail request 1996   David A. Cole & Craig A. Kesner
The Light Occupant Weight Ejection Seat Test (LOWEST) Program and Light Weight Escape Issues from the ACES II Ejection Seat E-mail request 1996   Robert Billings & Andrew S. Kiddis
ACES II Ejection Seat Improvements E-mail request 1996   Robert B. Calkins
Fourth Generation Escape System Technologies Demonstration Program Status E-mail request 1996   James J. Schoen & A. Blair McDonald
Development of the New Deployment System for the u.s. Army Troop Reserve Parachute E-mail request 1996   Howard Mixon
Antl-G Straining Maneuver In Air Combat Pursuit: strength E-mail request 1996   Tamara L. Chelette & lloyd D. Tripp.
Object Orientated Ejection Seat Model E-mail request 1996   Mark Elson & J. Stephen Lingard
Development of the Thor Advanced Frontal Crash Test Dummy E-mail request 1996   Richard P. White
Survey of Commercial Pilots Addressing Comfort and Fit Issues of Alrcrew Oxygen Masks E-mail request 1996   Saeid Motavalli
Overview of Systems to Enhance Situation Awareness and Survivability E-mail request 1996   Valerie J. Gawron
Improved Airborne Tactical Situational Awareness: It Is Possible! E-mail request 1996   Karen T. Garner & Thomas J. Assenmacher
Isometric Strength of Men and Women Prior to and After Multiple High-G Air-to-Air Combat Sorties on a Human Centrifuge E-mail request 1996   Lloyd D. Tripp
A New Helicopter Passenger Suit System E-mail request 1996   Brian Farnworth & Stephen F. Portman
Progress In Sealed Parachute Development E-mail request 1996   Lance C. Labun
Progress In Inflatable Restraint System Development E-mail request 1996   Richard E. Zimmermann .
Virtual Reality Simulation In Alrcrew Emergency Parachute Training E-mail request 1996   Jeffrey R. Hogue & R. Wade Allen
Survival Equipment - Has It Really Changed? E-mail request 1996   James M. Johnson
Digitizatlon of Helmet Rotation Under G Using Mock Helmet Loading E-mail request 1996   Robert L. Esken
The Design and Development of the Integrated Ballistic Helmet (ISH) E-mail request 1996   David Cadogan .
A Conformal Foam Insert to Improve Comfort and Function of the MBU-20/P Positive Pressure Breathing Oxygen Mask E-mail request 1996   Donald A. Diesel
Through- The-Canopy Egress Requirements E-mail request 1996   Russell E. Urzi
Comparison of Finnish Air Force (FAF) Alrcrew Garments (F-18 and HW) In Extreme Thermal Conditions E-mail request 1996   S. Rissanen
Plntle Controllable Catapult Conceptual and Demonstration Design E-mail request 1996   Albert Epes
Precision Laser Tracking System E-mail request 1996   Owen Langsmith & Duane Patrick
Survival System for Helicopter Alrcrews E-mail request 1996   Richard A. Brower
An Advanced Stabilization Technlquo for the ACES II: A Progress Report E-mail request 1996   D. E. McCauley
U.S. Navy Refresher Physiology Training In Aircraft Simulators: A Case Study E-mail request 1996   CDR Richard P. Mason & COR Ryan B. Eichner
Leg Clearance Predictions Using Ejection Simulations E-mail request 1996   Louise Obergefell
R&D Solutions to Multl.Place Life Raft Deficiencies E-mail request 1996   Maria Covington-Thorpe & George Gillespie
Introduction of an Alrbag to Improve the Canopy Fracturing System for a Two-Seater Aircraft E-mail request 1996   Georg Ohlsson & Mats Huttin
Computational FluId Dynamics Analysis for Improved Escape System Design E-mail request 1996   Thomas J. Marquette
Alrcrew Integrated Recovery Survival Armor Vest and Equipment Developed for Trl-Servlce Use E-mail request 1996   John Meyers & Erich H. AmRhein
Application of Composite Materials to Ejection Seat Primary Structure E-mail request 1996   Dr. Jerome Paul Fanucci
Utilizing a Team Problem Solving Approach for the U-2 Low Flight Breathing Regulator E-mail request 1996   Kenneth A. Kota. Michael T. Jackson & Gregory A. Elliott
A Review of ATAGS Research and Development In the Armstrong Laboratory E-mail request 1996   Robert M. Shaffstall
Engineering Qualification Testing of the F-15E Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generating System (MSOGS) E-mail request 1996   George W. Miller & Captain Jerold E. Fenner
U.S. Naval and Marine Corps Helicopter Over-Water Mishaps: Stowage and Deployment of Life Rafts E-mail request 1996   Lawrence E. Kinker
MAX PAC Flight Simulation E-mail request 1996   William True
MAXPAC and Trajectory Shaping E-mail request 1996   William True
A Survey of Daedallan Pilots for History of Decompression Sickness (DeS) From Exposure to 20 E-mail request 1996   James T. Webb
Canopy Trajectory Studies E-mail request 1996   Frank Drsata & Kenneth Dunn
The Pros and Cons of Escape Capsules E-mail request 1996   Oscar W. Sepp
Compensation for Gas Dynamics Effects In Complex Plntle Rocket Motors E-mail request 1996   Gary D. Luke
USN/USMC Aviation Multi-Place Life Rafts: An Acquisition Perspective E-mail request 1996   Fred Gustafson & Michael C. Dilts
Measurement of Whole-Body Human Center of Gravity and Moments of Inertia E-mail request 1996   Rebecca B. Schultz
U.S. Army Situation Awareness Improvement Initiatives E-mail request 1996   James B. Sampson
Next Generation Transparency Program E-mail request 1996   Robert McCarty
35th. Proceedings 1997 E-mail request 1997    
The Will To Live E-mail request 1997   Wifliam W. Spruance
Factors Affecting Reliable Transfer Stimuli E-mail request 1997   John D. Glass
Naval Air Systems Team Mishap Investigation Support Team E-mail request 1997   Bruce Trenholm
B-2 Aircrew Seat Comfort Cushion Design and Development E-mail request 1997   Claude M. Severance
Potential Pathological Effects of Repeated +Gz Exposures on Brain E-mail request 1997   Xi-Qing Sun
The Effects of Heat Stress on UH-60 Helicopter Pilots E-mail request 1997   Matthew J. Reardon
Report on the Optimized Mach Number Immune Sequencer E-mail request 1997   Walter R. Peck
Safe Disposal of Energetic Materials E-mail request 1997   James Baker
Crashing E-mail request 1997   Don J. Lewis
Assessment of Asymmetrical Anchor Points and Load-limiting Loops with the Lap Portion of Automotive Occupant Restraints E-mail request 1997   Michael L. Markushewski
Introducing the 16LS High Performance Ejection Seat E-mail request 1997   Brian A. Miller
The Effects of Aircraft Transparencies on Night VIsion Goggle-Mediated Visual Acuity E-mail request 1997   Alan Pinkus
Preliminary Screening Results for an Electrical Detonator Utilizing BNCP as the Principal Energetic Material E-mail request 1997   Thomas J. Blachowski and Michael Oestreich
Inflatable AeroStablllzers for NACES E-mail request 1997   Glen J. Brown
Methodology for Accurate Flow Measurement at SubAtmospheric Pressures E-mail request 1997   Bruce E. Siskowski and David C. Maloney
Laser Initiated Ordnance Systems for Crew Escape - A Cooperative Approach E-mail request 1997   Tom Blachowski and Stephen Porter
Analyzing Explosive Severance of the Next Generation Transparency (NGT) E-mail request 1997   James E. Fritz
Comparison of the Dynamic Response of a Hybrid III ATD Restrained by an Inflataband TM in a Sled Test with the Computer Simulation Results and Comparison of the Protection Performance of a Conventional Seat Belt and Safety Alrbag Configuration vs. The Inflataband TM In a Frontal Impact Test E-mail request 1997   Don Lewis
Establishing a Spinal Criterion for Military Seats E-mail request 1997   Martin Rapaport
Priority One: Survival! -- Part II Navy State-of-the-Art Survival Item Update E-mail request 1997   Michael Jaffee
Validation of Burnslm Predictions Against Human and Pig Skin Bu rns E-mail request 1997   Ted Knox. Chris Perry
The Effect of Helmet Inenlal Properties on Male and Female Head Response During +Gz Impact Accelerations E-mail request 1997   Chris E. Perry
Interaction Between Computer Models of Face and Mask E-mail request 1997   T. Shams
Protective Coating Analysis E-mail request 1997   Diane L. Sabal and Gregory J. Dohm
Helmet Mounted Display Stability During +Gz ExPosure E-mail request 1997   Tal Maoz
A Brief History of Crashworthlness E-mail request 1997   William D. Waldock
Force-Dependent Parachute Inflation Control E-mail request 1997   Kurt E. Wittendorfer
NACES P31 Phase I - A Progress Report E-mail request 1997   J. Stephen Lingard
The Application of Inflatable Aerodynamic Stabilizers on an Ejection Seat E-mail request 1997   M. F. Neal and J.S. Lingard
Preliminary Evaluation of a Newly Designed Laser Initiator for Various CAD/PAD Applications E-mail request 1997   Doug Benner and Thomas J. Blachowski
Development of an Integrated Ejection Seat/Crewmember Model E-mail request 1997   Deren Ma
Ejection Mitigation During Rollover Crashes Using Inflatable Tubular Structure (ITS@) E-mail request 1997   Gershon Yaniv
Data to Design: Anthropometry In Naval Aviation E-mail request 1997   Heather D. Tucker
Certification Dynamic Tests of Seat Restraint Systems Certification Dynamic Tests of Seat Restraint Systems and Occupant Protection on Transport Aircraft E-mail request 1997   Chris Bradney and Keith Ware
Development of an Advanced Energy Absorber E-mail request 1997   Marvin K. Richards and Roger Podob
Modeling of Human Neck Response to Vertical Impact E-mail request 1997   Beth Anderson
Development of an Advanced Energy Absorber E-mail request 1997   Marvin K. Richards and Roger Podob
Modeling of Human Neck Response to Vertical Impact E-mail request 1997   Beth Anderson
Anthropometric Sizing and Patterning of the New Eagle G-Suit (CSU-20/P) E-mail request 1997   Bruce Bradtmiller
Quality Evaluation Testing of Rocket Motors for Aircrew Escape Applications E-mail request 1997   Dr. Stan Caulder
The Swedish Tactical Flight Combat Suit Is Approved for Production E-mail request 1997   Bengt Landervik
Evaluation of GEBOD as a Predictor of Human Body Data: Performed Using High Resolution Human Body Topography E-mail request 1997   Jennifer J. Whitestone and Jeffrey A. Hudson
Anthropometric Accommodation In Training Aircraft E-mail request 1997   Gregory Zehner
NACES Drogue Parachute Service Life-Extension Evaluation Program E-mail request 1997   Richard W. Hu nter
Occupant Safety Simulations for Interior Design E-mail request 1997   Bachar Aljundi
Virtual Horizon Altitude Warning System E-mail request 1997   CDR David E. Stevens
Helicopter Alrcrew Underwater Breathing DevIce SRU-40/P E-mail request 1997   Luis A. Gierbolini and Janice Wensel.
Impact of Recent Altitude Physiology Research on Design of Cockpit Pressurization Systems E-mail request 1997   James T. Webb
Extended Exposure Capability After Rapid Decompression at 60 E-mail request 1997   Brian P. Self
Custom Oxygen Mask Construction Using Computer Assisted Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) TeChnologies E-mail request 1997   Donald A. Diesel
Will Canopy-Embedded Mild Detonating Cord Affect Aircrew Visual Performance? E-mail request 1997   Aaron J. Gannon
A Comparison of Human and Ejection Seat Test Manikin Static Centers of Gravity and Moments of Inertia E-mail request 1997   Christopher B. Albery
Mishap Data Evaluation of Current Naval Aircraft 1987-1996 E-mail request 1997   Elsa J. Hennings
The United Kingdom Airblast Test Facility E-mail request 1997   Richard C. Taylor
Survival and Flight Equipment Association (Europe) Symposium 1997 . The Basis for Material Selection for Use In Oxygen Service E-mail request 1997   Simon E.C. Court
PANEL SESSIONS E-mail request 1997    
Introduction to the Joint Service Alrcrew Systems Guide Specification E-mail request 1997   Dennis W. Schroll
36th. Annual Proceedings Papers 1998 E-mail request 1998    
Measuring Observers' Visual Acuity Through Night Vision Goggles E-mail request 1998   Alan Pinkus
The Effect of FV-9 and Wardove Laser Eye Protection On Night Vision Goggle-Aided Visual Acuity E-mail request 1998   Joseph T. Riegler and George M. Fiedler
Photographic Assessment of Dark Spots in Night Vision Device Images E-mail request 1998   Peter L. Marasco
Further Development of the Panoramic Night Vision Goggle E-mail request 1998   Jeffrey L. Craig and Eric E. Geiselman
Current Cockpit Lighting Issues E-mail request 1998   George M. Fiedler
Chemical Lightsticks as a Night Vision Goggle Compatible Lighting Technique for Aircraft Cockpits: Characteristics E-mail request 1998   H. Lee Task
Methods of Implementing NVIS Compatible Cockpit Lighting E-mail request 1998   John L. Martin
Aircraft External Lighting; Concepts for NVG Operations E-mail request 1998   Chuck Antonio
Aircraft External Lighting; Concepts for NVG Operations E-mail request 1998   Chuck Antonio
Safety of Flight and Anthropometry in United States Aircraft E-mail request 1998   Heather D. Tucker and Jennifer J. Crawford.
Development of the OBOGS and BRAG Valve for the F-22 Life Support System E-mail request 1998   N.P. J. Lovette and R. Ashdown
Investigation and Evaluation of a Replacement Parachute for The SJU-5/A Escape System E-mail request 1998   Richard E. Borsch
XF-2 Canopy Jettison System Design and Development E-mail request 1998   Takashi Fujimoto and Makoto Yamano
XF-2 Aircrew Escape System Design and Development E-mail request 1998   Masalui Kageyalna
Military-Approved SEE/RESCUE(3) Technology Provides Large Visual Targets for SAR E-mail request 1998   Robert N. Yonover
The Vibrational Environment of an Ejection: Lessons Learned from the Fourth Generation Escape Systems Advanced Technology Demonstration Program E-mail request 1998   Justin B. Hall
Fourth Generation Escape Systems Technology Demonstration Program - - Objectives and Accomplishments E-mail request 1998   Major Timothy D. Wieck
Fourth Generation Escape System Technology Demonstration Pintle Nozzle Controllable Propulsion System E-mail request 1998   Craig M. Wheeler
Evolution of Ejection Seat Pintle Technology E-mail request 1998   Craig Wheeler and Joe Morris
The Development of a Rigid Inflatable Structure E-mail request 1998   Daniel G. Bagnell
Spatial Disorientation: What Kinds and How Often? E-mail request 1998   Walter E. Sipes
Analysis and Discussion of the Dynamic Qualification Test Results of a Crashworthy Troop Seat System Integrated Into The CH-53D Sea Stallion E-mail request 1998   Dr. Victor Weissberg and Avi Attias
Sustained Tolerance of Increased G (STING): A Canadian Forces Acceleration Protection System E-mail request 1998   Robert Michas
The Warrendi Personal Locator Beacon E-mail request 1998   Claude J. LeComte
IR Blade Tip Light for Helicopter Formation Flight E-mail request 1998   Moshe Schneider and Lior Parag
Comparison of Optokinetic Scene Effects on the Somatogyral Illusion E-mail request 1998   Charles S. Lessard
Parachute Simulation Enhancements for Post-EjectionlEgressTraining E-mail request 1998   Jeffrey R. Hogue
Effect of +Gz Acceleration on Intracranial Pressure in Rabbits E-mail request 1998   Xi-Qing Sun
Development of Human Model Validation Methods for Cockpit Accommodation Evaluation E-mail request 1998   Jeffrey A. Hudson and GregoryF. Zehner
Anthropometric Accommodation in USAF Training Aircraft: A Comparison of Operational Requirements E-mail request 1998   Beth M. Rogers-Adams
A Multi-Media Training System for Measuring Anthropomctric Accommodation in Cockpits E-mail request 1998   Gregory F. Zehner
Hot Wire Initiators - Reliable and Safe E-mail request 1998   William J. Sipes
Developing a Modeling and Simulation Paradigm for Assessing the Encumbrance of Helicopter Aircrew Clothing and Equipment E-mail request 1998   Richard Kozycki
Air Warrior - Designing an Integrated System E-mail request 1998   Karen Gaupo Smith
Priority One: Survival! - - Part m - Navy State-of-the-Art Sunrival Item Update Personal Survival Kit E-mail request 1998   Michael Jaffee
Individual and Population Specific Manikins for the Articulated Total Body Model E-mail request 1998   Ivan Liew
NACES P3I Phase II - An Overview E-mail request 1998   J. Stephen Lingard
Evaluation of Head Mobility in the XYZ Plane for a Newly Designed Neck Bellows on the Chemical Biological & Radiological (CBR) Impermeable Ventilated Mask E-mail request 1998   Roland C. Thorpe
Qualification of an Expanded Coverage G-Suit for Navy Combat Edge E-mail request 1998   Dennis N. Gordge and Wendy L. Todd
Female Performance in the High G Environment: An Oveniew of Centrifuge Research 1996-1997 E-mail request 1998   Tamara L. Chelette
Risk Factors in Ejection Seat Design Associated with Upward Ejection for a Large Occupant E-mail request 1998   John R. Buhrman
Feasibility Study for a Helicopter Survival Seat Pack E-mail request 1998   Linda Pensotti
The Semiconductor Bridge (SCD) is an Enabling . Technology for Next Generation Safety Systems E-mail request 1998   Steve Harris III and Stephen Porter
EMI/HERO Filtering for EED's E-mail request 1998   David Rosner
Relationship of Protection Mask Seal Pressure to Fit Factor E-mail request 1998   Kathryn S temann Cohen.
Preoxygenation Time Versus Decompression Sickness Incidence E-mail request 1998   James T
Performance of a Portable Oxygen Breathing System at 25 E-mail request 1998   R.P. Garner
Human Centrifuges: The Old and The New E-mail request 1998   William B. Albery
Color Hue Shift During Gradual Onset Gz Acceleration E-mail request 1998   Colonel (Dr.) Richard A. Allnutt and Lloyd D. Tripp
Aircrew Personal Environmental Control System (APECS) for F-16 and F-15 Aircraft - Design E-mail request 1998   Daniel L. Fischbach
Development of an Extra Small Narrow MBU-20/P Oxygen Mask E-mail request 1998   Brian P. Self
The Use of Ejection Simulation in Mishap Investigations E-mail request 1998   Jeffrey P. Nichols
Investigation of Occupant Restraint Improvemcnts to the UPCo SIIS-3 Ejection Seat E-mail request 1998   Steve Pint
Factors Affecting the Decision to Eject E-mail request 1998   Charles (Skip) Goodman.
Factors Affecting the Ballistic Performance of CTPB Propellants Used in Aircrew Escape Rocket Systems E-mail request 1998   Dr. S.M. Caulder and E. Hernandez
A Methodology for Evaluating Pintle System Life Cycle Costs E-mail request 1998   Joe Morris
Achieving High Ejection Scat Reliability with a COTS Based Control System E-mail request 1998   Harold Larsen and Mark Nadolski
MAXPAC Update and Lessons Learned E-mail request 1998   Bill Barnette and Kevin L. Peterson.
NACES P3I Sequencer Concept E-mail request 1998   Alfred F. Perz
Integration of Aerodynamic Capability in Ejection Seat/Crewmember Model E-mail request 1998   Deren Ma
Considerations in the Design of Electronic Automatic Activation Systems Compared with their Mechanical Counterparts E-mail request 1998   David Hirst
PANEL SESSIONS E-mail request 1998    
Re-Engineering USAF Aerospace Physiology E-mail request 1998   Moderators: Colonel Jeffrey C. Sput Sventek and Robert M. Shaffstall
CSERIAC: The New Vision E-mail request 1998   Moderator: Mi chael Fineberg
Joint Service Chemical-Biological Protection Equipment Panel E-mail request 1998   Moderator: Colonel S. Hannan
37TH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS 1999 E-mail request 1999    
The Will to Live E-mail request 1999   William w. Spruance
Panoramic Night Visit Goggle Update E-mail request 1999   Eric E. Geiselman and Jeffrey L. Craig
Optical Characterization of Wide Field-of-View Night Vision Devices E-mail request 1999   Peter L. Marasco and H. Lee Task
Field of View Effects Upon a Simulated Flight and Target Acquisition Task E-mail request 1999   Denise L. Aleva
Panoramic Night Vision Goggle-Maintainer's Perspective E-mail request 1999   Mike Sedillo
Reproducibility of Night Vision Goggle Visual Acuity Measurements Using Landolt C's E-mail request 1999   Alan Pinkus
Effects of Laser Eye Protection and Aircraft Windscreens on Visual Acuity Through Night Vision Goggles E-mail request 1999   H. Lee Task
Night Vision: At a Crossroads E-mail request 1999   Captain Paul M. Riegert
Current USN/USMC Aircraft Anthropometric Compatibility Issues and the Street to Fleet Proposal E-mail request 1999   Heather D. Tucker and Lori L. Brattin
USN/USMC Ejection Seat Equipped Aircraft Anthropometric Accommodations E-mail request 1999   Greg Kennedy
SEEIRESCUE@ Distress Signaling Technology for Upper Altitude and Infra-Red Applications E-mail request 1999   Robert N. Yonover
The 'Diamond Pattern' Canopy Fracturing System E-mail request 1999   Kevin M. Hopwood
The Effect of High G on Color Target Identification and Selection E-mail request 1999   Tamara Chelette
Induced Monocular Vision (IMV) During Simulated Agile Flight E-mail request 1999   Colonel (Dr.) Richard A. Allnutt
Helmet Weight and CG Effects on the Performance of Tracking Tasks During +Gz Acceleration E-mail request 1999   Edward S. Eveland
An Advanced Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System for Fighter Aircraft E-mail request 1999   Donald Swihart and Finley Barfield
Recent Development of the NASA X-38 Parafoil Landing System E-mail request 1999   John J. Smith
Effect of Airbag Friction on Mitigation of Impact Severity E-mail request 1999   Xavier J. R. Avula
Propellant Development for a Canopy Ejection Rocket Motor E-mail request 1999   Charles T. Rittenhouse and Ralph Hsiao
Modeling Energy Adsorption in Commercial Airline Seating with MADYMO Dynamic Simulation E-mail request 1999   Rob Marshall
T-38 Escape System: A Technical Assessment E-mail request 1999   Robert Billings
A Program for the Analysis of Rapid Aircraft Cabin Decompression E-mail request 1999   Dennis W. Schroll and Thomas F. Tibbals
A Program for the Analysis and Design of Aircraft LOX Systems E-mail request 1999   Dennis W. Schroll and Thomas F. Tibbals
Male and Female Sizing in Aircrew Protective Ensembles: Lessons from the Trenches E-mail request 1999   Bruce Bradtmiller
Operational Application of Exercise-Enhanced Pre-oxygenation E-mail request 1999   James T. Webb
A User Fitted Helmet Fitting/Retention System for Passenger Helmets and Helmet Mounted Optical Display Systems E-mail request 1999   Colonel John V. Barson and Flight Sergeant Roger J. Croft
High Contract Filters and Their Use in the Aviation Environment E-mail request 1999   William E. McLean
Thermal Evaluation of an Aircrew Air Cooled Garment with Standard E-mail request 1999   Robert M. Shaffstall
United States Navy Advanced Crew Station Evaluation Techniques E-mail request 1999   Jennifer Crawford
Altitude Decompression Sickness Risk Assessment Computer (ADRAC) Development E-mail request 1999   Andrew A. Pilmanis
Development of an Ejection Data Acquisition and Recorder Module (EDARM) E-mail request 1999   J. R. Priest and Delano Wilson
The Use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Determining G-Suit Bladder Expansion Envelopes E-mail request 1999   Valerie Dyck
Chest Mounted Armored Microclimate Conditioned Air Device (CMAMCAD) E-mail request 1999   William B. Reason
Multi-Mission Destruct System Developed for the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Range Safety E-mail request 1999   Noreen Loone
Heat Stress in the Cockpit of Military Aircraft on JASDF E-mail request 1999   Hirokazu Ozaki
Designing the Air Warrior (AW) System for Optimized Human Performance E-mail request 1999   Linda Pensotti
Digital Anthropometric Video Imaging Device (DAVID) E-mail request 1999   Jack L. Saxton
Design Considerations for Aircraft Crash Sensing E-mail request 1999   Robert F. Gansman
Crash Protection Performance of a Helicopter Cockpit Airbag System E-mail request 1999   Robert F. Gansman and Anita E. Grierson
Inadvertent or Unnecessary Deployment of Inflatable Occupant Restraints E-mail request 1999   Dr. George Sprague
Cartridge Actuated Devices/Propellant Actuated Devices (CAD/PAD) Virtual Fleet Support E-mail request 1999   Julie Burch
Maneuver Control Logic and Control Law for the Advanced Technology Escape System (A TES) E-mail request 1999   Arun K. Trikha
An Objective Evaluation of the Potential for Inadvertent CABS Deployment E-mail request 1999   Michael J. Happ
Validation of the Easy5-ATB Ejection Seat/Occupant Model with High-Speed Sled Test E-mail request 1999   Deren Ma
A Comparison of Male and Female Acceleration Responses During Laboratory +Gz Impact Tests E-mail request 1999   John R. Buhrman and Stephen E. Mosher
HUD Viewability in a Smoke-Filled Cockpit E-mail request 1999   Philip Moylan
PANELS E-mail request 1999    
Helicopter Aircrew Integrated Life Support System - HAILSS Program Overview E-mail request 1999   Estrella M. Forster
Helicopter Advanced Integrated Life Support System (HAILSS) -Integrated Helmet System E-mail request 1999   W. L. Epperson
HAILSS Integrated Garment (Neck-Down) E-mail request 1999   Juergen Just and Hartmut Gehse
Development of the U.S. Navy Advanced Personal Air Conditioning System System (APACS) E-mail request 1999   Jonathan W. Kaufman
Helicopter Aircrew Integrated Life Support System HAILSS Aircraft Integration Testing E-mail request 1999   William B. Reason
Helicopter Aircrew Integrated Life Support System HAILSS Integration E-mail request 1999   Paul Dolinar
BRIEFINGS E-mail request 1999    
Development of Aircrew Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Military Standards E-mail request 1999   Neil W. Kalfas and Robert D. Sanctis
38TH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM 2000 E-mail request 2000    
Adapting Automotive Lateral Head Protection Technology to a Military CABS E-mail request 2000   Kenneth L. Von Der Ahe and William R. Cromer
Integrated Panoramic Night Vision Goggle E-mail request 2000   Jeffrey L. Craig
Integrated Panoramic Night Vision Goggles Fixed-Focus Eyepieces: Selecting A Diopter Setting E-mail request 2000   H. Lee Task
Panoramic Night Vision Goggle Testing for Diagnosis and Repair E-mail request 2000   Peter L. Marasco and H. Lee Task
Night Vision Goggles Objective Lens Focusing Methodology E-mail request 2000   Alan Pinkus
Night Vision Goggle Cockpit Integration E-mail request 2000   Mike Sedillo
Light E-mail request 2000   Michael A. Crognale
Tensile Neck Injury Criterion Development E-mail request 2000   Louise A. Carter
Evaluation of Proposed Seat Cushions to Vertical Impact E-mail request 2000   Chris Perry
Technology Transition of Ejection Test Manikins and Data Acquisition Systems to the Testing and Evaluation Arena E-mail request 2000   John A. Plaga
Pre-Ejection Upper Torso Retraction for the Expanded Aircrew Population E-mail request 2000   Steven M. Pint and John R. Buhrman
Determination of Seat Cushion Mechanical Properties E-mail request 2000   Steve Pint
The Importance of System Testing in Egress Component Design E-mail request 2000   Peter Stoddard
Dassault New Generation of Fragilization E-mail request 2000   Frank Salis
Explosive Fracturing of an F-16 Canopy for Through-Canopy Crew Egress E-mail request 2000   Laurence J. Bement
New Technology for Testing Inertial Reels and Crash Sensors E-mail request 2000   Richard E. Zimmermann and James C. Warrick
Test Chamber Design for Performance -Based Evaluation Of Protective Breathing Equipment E-mail request 2000   Robert P. Garner
Active Network Guidance and Emergency Logic (ANGEL) Program E-mail request 2000   B.J. Austin
Anthropometric Variable Selection for Laser Eye Protection Spectacles E-mail request 2000   Catherine R. Harrison
Development of a Laser/Fiber Optic Signal Transmission System for the Advanced Technology Ejection Seat (A TES) E-mail request 2000   Thomas J. Blachowski and Dr. Peter Ostrowski
Application of MADYMO in the Design of a Crashworthy Aircraft Passenger Seat E-mail request 2000   E. van Hassel and C.G. Huijskens
Inflatable Lap Belt Restraints: Potential Improvements In Aircraft Occupant Protection E-mail request 2000   Cherie Alexander and Tyler Kress
Helmet System Performance During Exposure to Fighter Aircraft Buffet Vibration E-mail request 2000   Suzanne D. Smith
Anthropometric Measurements as a Predictor of Vertebral Body Size in Males and Females E-mail request 2000   Chung M. Siedlecki
Multimedia Occupant Crash Protection Development Guide and Its Application to All Modes of Human Transport E-mail request 2000   Gary R. Whitman
Data Analysis Suite@: An Integrated Approach to Test Data Analysis E-mail request 2000   Nicholas T. Duke
An Enhanced Personal Cooling Garment for Aircrew E-mail request 2000   Wendell Uglene
ADPATS: Combined Technologies Produces the Next Generation of Ejection Manikins E-mail request 2000   Steve Goldner
Low Pressure Long Duration Airbags E-mail request 2000   Paul W. Paustian
Positive Pressure Breathing and Full Coverage Anti-G Suit in the Swedish 9G Aircraft JAS 39 Gripen E-mail request 2000   Bengt Landervik
Self-Deploying Infrared (SDIR) SEE/RESCUE@ Streamer for Incapacitated Aircrew and Aircraft Carrier Personnel E-mail request 2000   Dr. Robert Yonover
CATSIM: A Program to Predict Performance of Ejection Seat Catapults E-mail request 2000   Brad Warner
NACES P31 Pintle Nozzle Rocket Motor Demonstration E-mail request 2000   Craig M. Wheeler
The Dayton T. Brown E-mail request 2000   Sebastian R. Grasso
Methodology and Improvements in Aircrew Parachute Descent Virtual Reality Simulation Training E-mail request 2000   Jeffrey R. Hogue
A Fiber Optic System for Vehicle Health Monitoring E-mail request 2000   Phil Schaefer and Timothy Hasselman
Occupant Protection During Rollover Events E-mail request 2000   Larry A. Sicher
Ejection Seat Aviator Windblast Protection Concepts Evaluation Using Computer Simulation Tools E-mail request 2000   Shyam S. Karigiri and Dr. Sanjeev M. Kulkarni
Cockpit Accommodation in USN/USMC Helicopters E-mail request 2000   Heather Tucker and Jennifer Crawford
Finding Solutions to Aircraft Wiring Issues - The Aircraft Wiring and Inert Gas Generator Working Group E-mail request 2000   Richard F. Healing and Tomas R. Kovach (Reprinted with permission of Mr. Healing)
Inflatable Tubular Torso Restraint (ITTR) to Improve Occupant Protection in Side-Facing Seats E-mail request 2000   Mark Baldwin
Flying on a Tether: Angular Artifacts of Centrifuge- Based Dynamic Flight Simulation E-mail request 2000   T. L. Chelette
PANELS E-mail request 2000    
T-33 Ejection Seat Upgrade Program E-mail request 2000   Presenters Joe Crotwell
BRIEFINGS E-mail request 2000    
The Will to Live E-mail request 2000   William W. Spruance
39TH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS 2001 E-mail request 2001    
Performance of Continuous Flow Oxygen Mask Designs Commonly Utilized with Portable Oxygen Bottles on Transport Aircraft E-mail request 2001 1 Robert P. Garner
Severance of Polycarbonate and Acrylic Transparencies Using Linear Shaped Charge E-mail request 2001 7 John A. Graham
Dynamic Pintle Simulator for Escape Propulsion System Testing E-mail request 2001 13 Craig M. Wheeler
Evaluating Fiber Optic Connectors for Use on the Advanced Technology Ejection Seat (A TES) E-mail request 2001 19 Thomas J. Slachowski
Flight Safety Through Certification of an Aeronautical Database Production Process: A Human-Centered Approach E-mail request 2001 25 Denise Aleva
ACES II Structural Upgrade Program E-mail request 2001 31 Tim Moore and John L. Hampton
Retro-Reflective vs. IR-Reflective SEE/RESCUE@ Streamer Capability E-mail request 2001 37 Dr. Robert Yonover
Teaching Emergency Ejection and Egress Parachuting with Virtual Reality Simulation E-mail request 2001 43 Jeffrey R. Hogue
A Comparison of Accident Rates in Traditional and MFD-Equipped Rotary-Wing U.S. Army Aircraft E-mail request 2001 49 Clarence E. Rash
Maintenance & Cleaning of US Navy Escape Systems Using Superheated-Steam Generating Systems E-mail request 2001 60 Andrew C. Herring
NACES Engineering Assessment Program Optimisation of Ejection Seat Maintenance Practices E-mail request 2001 78 Kiran Chotai
The Importance of Seat Cushion Design in Energy Absorbing Seat Systems E-mail request 2001 84 Ed Naasz
Future Advanced Sequencer Technology (FAST) E-mail request 2001 95 Don McCauley
The AFRL Biodynamics Data Bank on the Web: A Repository of Human Impact Acceleration Response Data E-mail request 2001 111 John R. Buhrman
Effects of Headrest Position and Helmet Weight on Human Dynamic Response During +Gz Impact Acceleration E-mail request 2001 116 Chris E. Perry
Survival Radio Products for the 21 sl Century E-mail request 2001 129 Douglas Howe
Weibull Analysis on the NACES Barostatic Release Unit E-mail request 2001 134 Dennis C. Neill
CYPRES@ in the Military Environment an AAD for Jumper or Pilot and Other Crew Members E-mail request 2001 140 Gerard R. Fetter
Lateral Restraint: Comparison of Lap/Shoulder Belt vs. Lap/Shoulder Plus Supplemental Shoulder Belt Restraint Systems E-mail request 2001 190 Larry A. Sicher
ACES II Ejection Seat Cooperative Modification Project - Improved Stability Subsystem E-mail request 2001 199 Robert B. Calkins and George M. Roe
Ejection Seat Modeling and Visualization as a Tool for Mishap Investigation E-mail request 2001 208 Matt Conrad
Hearing Protection Panel E-mail request 2001 217 Co-Moderated by: Valerie S. Bjorn and Richard L. McKinley
Human Systems Program Office Presentation E-mail request 2001 253 Colonel Dartanian Warr
Emergency Escape From Commercial Aircraft E-mail request 2001 312 Thornton A. McGill II/.
Why and How Do I Test Airbags? E-mail request 2001 330 Bryan Webb
Making the 1's and O's Work for You! E-mail request 2001 387 Richard F. Healing
What You See is What You Get! E-mail request 2001 420 Joseph DeCarlo .
Oxygen Cylinder and Hand Valve with Position Indication Switch E-mail request 2001 434 Gary Thomasulo
The Visibility of Night Vision Imaging System Compatible Displays E-mail request 2001 439 Peter L. Marasco
Process Development for the MK109 Mod 1 Canopy Jettison Rocket Motor E-mail request 2001 446 Ralph Hsiao and Charles Rittenhouse
Sizing Systems for Protective Clothing: Less is More E-mail request 2001 460 Bruce Bradtmiller
Emergency Beacons - The Next Generation E-mail request 2001 466 Barry Thrower
Fast-Cycle PSA Technology for Oxgen Generation in Military Applications E-mail request 2001 472 Marie Taponat and Chris McLean
Fuel Tank Flammability Modeling E-mail request 2001 478 Ivor Thomas
Oxygen Generation Using SEOS Ion Transport Membranes E-mail request 2001 505 Joseph M. Abrardo
Gas Separation Technology for Commercial Jet Aircraft Applications: Passenger Oxygen E-mail request 2001 511 Thomas L. Reynolds and Dr. Thor Eklund
On-Board Systems for Aircraft Fuel Tank Inerting and Oxygen Generation E-mail request 2001 526 Jay C. Rozzi
Combining Flotation and Ballistic Protection E-mail request 2001 532 Stephen Portman and Roger Soar
40TH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS 2002 E-mail request 2002    
Sizing Systems for Protective Clothing: Less is More 1 E-mail request 2002 1 Bruce Bradtmiller
Lateral Crash Restraint for Children 7 E-mail request 2002 7 Gary R. Whitman
Oxygen Generation Using SEOS Ion Transport Membranes 18 E-mail request 2002 18 Joseph M Abrardo
Limits to Attenuation (With Comments on True Field Performance Versus Laboratory Data) 24 E-mail request 2002 24 E. H. Berger
Crew Escape Technology: On The Threshold of Operational Use! 31 E-mail request 2002 31 F. Terry Thomasson
Protecting the Nation's Water Supply: Development of a National Agenda 51 E-mail request 2002 51 Robert M. Clark
Effects of Crewmember Gender and Size on Factors Leading to Increased Rick of Spinal Injury Durin g Aircraft E j ecti 0 n 60 E-mail request 2002 60 John R. Buhrman & Delano D. Wilson
Theoretical Foundation for the Operation of Liquid-Filled Anti-G Suit in Aviation 68 E-mail request 2002 68 Xavier J R. A vula
Low Pressure Long Duration Airbags E-mail request 2002 75 Paul W Paustian
Bi oterro ris m: Meetin g th e Challen ges 79 E-mail request 2002 79 Johnathan L. Kiel
Enhanced FAA-Hybrid III Dummy for Aircraft Occupant Safety Assessment 93 E-mail request 2002 93 C. D. Waagmeester
Fast-Cycle PSA Technology for Oxygen Generation in Military Applications 103 E-mail request 2002 103 Marie Taponat
N on-O DC Aircraft Oxygen Line Cleaning System 1 09 E-mail request 2002 109 John Herrington
New Advancements of China Aircrew Escape Technology 119 E-mail request 2002 119 Xiao Sheng & Zhang Guangjian
China XB High Accuracy Rocket-Propelled Sled Test Track 124 E-mail request 2002 124 Zhang Guangjian
Tactor Locator System for the Tactile Situation Awareness System (TSAS) 130 E-mail request 2002 130 Rita Ciammaichella
Combined Flotation and Ballistic Protection 137 E-mail request 2002 137 Steve Portman & Roger Soar
NVG Visibility of Laser Illuminated Warrior Glotape@ 146 E-mail request 2002 146 Ft Lt. Kevin P. Wegener
Monitoring Air Force Aircraft Escape System Tests Using GPS-Based Position and Velocity 154 E-mail request 2002 154 Captain Christina Schutte
Human Vibration Response During F/A-18C Hornet Aircraft Carrier Operations 164 E-mail request 2002 164 Suzanne D. Smith
Development of Objective Test Methods for Determination of Ejection Seat Cushion Comfort 173 E-mail request 2002 173 Steve Pint
Lateral Restraint: Comparison of Lap/Shoulder Belt vs. Lap/Shoulder Plus Supplemental Shoulder Belt RestraintS ystems 184 E-mail request 2002 184 Larry A. Sicher
ACES II Ejection Seat Cooperative Modification Project - Improved Stability Subsystem Update 193 E-mail request 2002 193 Robert B. Calkins & John Hampton
ACES II Structural Upgrade Program Update 204 E-mail request 2002 204 Tim Moore
A Biomechanical Study on the Parachute Landing Fall 215 E-mail request 2002 215 Wayne Kong
Report on the Testing of the Spinal Preload Piston in the ACES-II CKU-5B/A Catapult 224 E-mail request 2002 224 Walter R. Peck
Demonstration of Head and Neck Protection Devices for High-Speed Ejection 235 E-mail request 2002 235 Bob Gansman & Matt Darley
Emergency Escape Seq uencer System Tester (EESS T) 244 E-mail request 2002 224 Michael E. Wallace
Onboard Systems for Aircraft Fuel Tank Inerting and Oxygen Generation 261 E-mail request 2002 261 Jay C. Rozzi
Joint Strike Fighter - The Martin-Baker Story so Far 267 E-mail request 2002 267 S. D. Roberts
Thigh Injury Risk During Ejection: Development of an Injury Criterion for Femur Fracture 274 E-mail request 2002 274 Glenn PaskofJ
Rap id Deflagra ting Cord (RDC) (B riefin g) 2 87 E-mail request 2002 287 Lynn G. Hilden
Enhanced Vision for Enhanced Safety 3 0 1 E-mail request 2002 301 Philip A. Moylan
Special Helmet for S.A.R. and Combat Zone Pilots Extraction Units of I.A.F 330 E-mail request 2002 330 Yuval Ezra & Lt. Col. (Res.) Jacob Brandstaetter
The Global Aviation Information Network (GAIN): Using Information Proactively to Improve A via ti 0 n Safety 3 53 E-mail request 2002 353 Christopher A. Hart
Hearin g Pro tecti 0 n Pan el 3 69 E-mail request 2002 369 Panel Co-Chairs: Valerie S. Bjorn & Richard L. McKinley
USAF Foreign Comparative Test of the Libelle Anti-G Suit 375 E-mail request 2002 375 Panel Chair: Dr. William Albery
Safety and the K-9 Search T earn 4 70 E-mail request 2002 470 Assistant Chief William Hall
Characterization of Impact Properties of Ejection Seat Cushions 504 E-mail request 2002 504 Zhiqing Cheng
Sensitivity Analysis of Impact Properties of Ejection Seat Cushions 512 E-mail request 2002 512 Zhiqing Cheng
41ST ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS 2003 E-mail request 2003    
Development and Qualification of the CKU-5C/ A Rocket Catapult for the ACES II Ejection Seat l E-mail request 2003 1 Tom Ilkka and Ray Bazil
Air Warrior Microclimate Cooling System for U.S. Army Helicopter Aircrew 10 E-mail request 2003 10 Richard Luechtefeld
Pilot Reach of Flight Controls Under Positive and Negative Gz 37 E-mail request 2003 37 William B. Albery
ACES II Ejection Seat Cooperative Modification Project - Development of Limb Restraint System and Accommodation Expanding Equipment 44 E-mail request 2003 44 Col. Aiko Shigematsu
Fixed Aircrew Seat Standardization (F ASS) Program 62 E-mail request 2003 62 Robert Lee
On the Application of Explicit Finite Element Analysis and Coupled Fluid/Structure Simulations as they Apply to Escape and Recovery Systems 78 E-mail request 2003 78 A.P. Taylor
The Effects of Variable Helmet Weight on Head Response and Neck Loading During Lateral +Gy Impact 88 E-mail request 2003 88 Chris Perry
Inertial Properties of Human Heads for Ejection Test Manikin Design 96 E-mail request 2003 96 John A. Plaga and Chris Albery
Human Head Shapes and Sizes for Design of Ejection Test Manikins 102 E-mail request 2003 102 John A. Plaga and Mark Boehmer
ARFL Impact & Acceleration Test Facilities and Data Bank 108 E-mail request 2003 108 Steven M Pint and John R. Buhrman
Why Windblast Testing Does Not Compare to Sled Testing 115 E-mail request 2003 115 Nicholas Shouse
ACES II Ejection Seat Leg Well Mounted Leg Restraint System 170 E-mail request 2003 170 Tim Moore
Digital Recovery Sequencer - ACES Ejection Seats 177 E-mail request 2003 177 David A. Ross
ACES II Ejection Seat Enhanced Drogue System Update 184 E-mail request 2003 184 Tim Moore
ACES II Ejection Seat Accommodations 205 E-mail request 2003 205 Steve Bredl
ACES II Ejection Seat Arm Restraint Program 216 E-mail request 2003 216 Tim Moore
GORETM HSFTM Barrier Fabric - Advancing Impermeable Technical Fabrics 235 E-mail request 2003 235 Jan Allmaras
Performance Criteria for Development of Extended Use Protective Breathing Equipment 243 E-mail request 2003 243 Robert P. Garner
CFD Validation for Contaminant Transport in Aircraft Cabin Ventilation Flow Fields 248 E-mail request 2003 248 Robert P. Garner
Design and Safety Analysis Tool for Amusement Park Rides 254 E-mail request 2003 254 Dana B. Rogers
JSF Caesar: Construction of a 3-D Anthropometric Sample for Design of Joint Strike Fighter Pil ot Flight Clothing an d Eq uip men t 2 61 E-mail request 2003 261 Jeffrey A. Hudson and Gregory F. Zehner
F-22 OBIGGS Monitor - Zirconia Oxygen Sensor Technology - A Design and Logistical Ben efit Analysis 2 7 6 E-mail request 2003 276 Russ Hart
F -16 Operation Assessment 283 E-mail request 2003 283 George DeFilippi
Benefits to the Current Battlefield Through Point-of-Use Oxygen for Medical Use (PVOCS Patient Ventilation Oxygen Concentration System) 291 E-mail request 2003 291 Robert Demidowicz
V-22 OBIGGS / OBOGS - One Unit E-mail request 2003 299 Robert Demidowicz
Life Cycle Management of Crashworthy Seating Systems E-mail request 2003 307 Nicholas X Tullo and Elizabeth B. Motley
Modeling of Linear Shaped Charge Performance Using LS-Dyna 312 E-mail request 2003 312 Steve McDonald
An Investigation of the Role of Helmet-Mounted Displays in AH-64 Apache Accidents 323 E-mail request 2003 323 Clarence E. Rash and Barbara S. Reynolds
Force-Dependent E-mail request 2003 340 Kurt E. Wittendorfer
Thermal Manikin Investigation of Personal Cooling Systems Worn Under Protective Clothing with Various Permeability and Insulation Properties 351 E-mail request 2003 351 Francois-Xavier Jette
Rapid Development of China Aviation Life-Support Equipment R & D Center 359 E-mail request 2003 359 Xiao Sheng and Zhang Guangjian
High-Speed Test Facilities at Patuxent River Naval Air Station 365 E-mail request 2003 365 Rachael Testerman
Anthropometric Considerations to the Form E-mail request 2003 377 Sam Napier
Satellite Aided Search & Rescue 3 84 E-mail request 2003 384 Barry Thrower
Transitioning Military Search and Rescue Technology to a Non-Military Environment 391 E-mail request 2003 391 Frances E. Connors
Hurricane Mesa Test Facility Updated Capabilities 406 E-mail request 2003 406 Dick Higgins
Gaseous Oxygen Cart Cleaning System (GOXCCS) 415 E-mail request 2003 415 Terence A. Caldwell
Data Collection and Analysis of Full-Scale Canopy Fragilization Tests 431 E-mail request 2003 431 Tom Blachowski and Dr. Peter Ostrowski
Department of Defense CAD/P AD Insensitive Munitions Certification Waiver/Process 440 E-mail request 2003 440 John L. Goodwin and John W Burchett
The Effects of Military Aircraft Seat Cushion Concepts on Human Vibration Response 448 E-mail request 2003 448 Captain Charles M. Loyer
Enhanced Aircrew Emergency Virtual Reality Parachute Simulation-Based Training 458 E-mail request 2003 458 Jeffrey R. Hogue
Development and Application of Self-Powered Human Short Arm Centrifuge 469 E-mail request 2003 469 Xi-Qing Sun
The Will To Live 4 7 5 E-mail request 2003 475 William W Spruance
42ND ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS 2004 E-mail request 2004    
The Will To Live E-mail request 2004 1 William W. Spruance
Reliability of the Gas Supply in the Air Force Emergency Passenger Oxygen System (EPOS) E-mail request 2004 5 Robert P. Garner
Risk Perceptions that Effect Behavior and Attitudes in Safety Programs E-mail request 2004 11 MSgt. Paul David Spillane.
Influence of Added Head Mass Properties on Head/Neck Loads During Standard Helicopter Impact Conditions E-mail request 2004 20 Glenn Paskoff and Ed Sieveka
ACES II Pre-Planned Product Improvement (P3I) Program Update E-mail request 2004 41 Captain Demetrius Stewart
Human Modeling for Injury Assessment During Ejection E-mail request 2004 64 Wei-Meng Ho
A Vertical Ejection Simulation Tower (VEST) to Elicit the Biomechanical Responses of the Head-Neck Complex in Pilot Ejection E-mail request 2004 71 HK Chan
Improvements in Aircrew Emergency Virtual Reality Parachute Simulation-Based Training E-mail request 2004 81 Jeffrey R. Hogue
Injury Mechanisms Experienced by Occupants of Side-Facing Seats in Crash or Heavy Landing E-mail request 2004 94 Les Neil
Emergency Location: Delivering Portability & Precision E-mail request 2004 106 Barry Thrower
CKU-5C/A Rocket Catapult ACES II Sled Test Program E-mail request 2004 114 Craig Wheeler
Modeling of Aircrew Head and Neck Loads During Experienced During Ejection E-mail request 2004 122 E. Chavary
Wide Application of the Digital Technology in Aviation Escape System Field E-mail request 2004 169 Xiao Yang and Xiao Sheng
The Irvin-GQ Type 6000 Parachute and Ribbon Drogue for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter E-mail request 2004 176 David Hirst
Neck Muscle Activation Levels During Frontal Impact E-mail request 2004 177 Joseph Pellettiere
The Effects of Variable Helmet Weight and Subject Bracing on Neck Loading During Frontal -GX Impact E-mail request 2004 186 Erica Doczy
Evaluation of the Safety Performance of Ejection Seat Cushions E-mail request 2004 193 Zhiqing Cheng and Joseph A. Pellettiere
The Role of the United States Air Force Academy in the Spatial Disorientation Countermeasures Research Program E-mail request 2004 202 Brian P. Self and Ryan Maresh
Mk16E - An Integrated Approach E-mail request 2004 208 S. D. Roberts
PM HALO: The Development of a New Helmet System for Military Parachutists E-mail request 2004 225 John Winship
A Study of Reported Sickness Patterns and Stress Among Air Travelers at Delhi Airport E-mail request 2004 244 Dr. B. K. Singh.
ACES Modular Seat Program E-mail request 2004 292 Tim Moore
Digital Recovery Sequencer - ACES Ejection Seats E-mail request 2004 305 David A. Ross
Designing and Realization of an Advanced Ejection Seat Training Simulator (ESTS) E-mail request 2004 313 He Ning and Xiao Sheng
Optically Driven Wireless Earplug for Communications and Hearing Protection E-mail request 2004 319 Jeffrey Buchholz
Electro-Explosive Device Research at the University of Idaho E-mail request 2004 326 Daniel V. Gunter
Dynamic Analysis of the Human Spine Using Laboratory Vertical Deceleration Tower Tests E-mail request 2004 333 David B. Hamlin and Randall D. Manteufel
Briefing - LV2 (Low Volume) Improved 2nd Stage for Emergency Breathing Device E-mail request 2004 342 Dan Riffee
The North American Eagle TM World Landspeed Project E-mail request 2004 365 Ed Drumheller II
CNS-Controller Neck Support Compensation of G-Loads on Head-and-Helmet System by Controlled Next Support E-mail request 2004 398 Josef Schmitz
Development of a Mobile Aircrew Webbing Retractor System E-mail request 2004 432 Roger Podob and Chris Culbertson.
Zinc-Nickel Plating for Propellant Actuated Devices (PADs) E-mail request 2004 447 Harry L. Archer
Multi-Weight Range E-mail request 2004 481 Walter Peck
Body Dynamics Computer Modeling: Prototyping of Safety Systems And Laboratory Tests E-mail request 2004 537 Ed Sieveka
Briefing - State-of-the-Art Escape System Testing at the Holloman High Speed Test Track E-mail request 2004    
CNS - Controller Neck Support - Compensation of G-Loads on Head-and-Helmet System by Controlled Neck Support E-mail request 2004 561 Deneen Black
43RD ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS 2005 E-mail request 2005    
The Will To Live E-mail request 2005 1 William W Spruance
The Characterization of Spinal Compression in Various-Sized Human and Manikin Subjects During +Gz Impact E-mail request 2005 5 Erin Caldwell and John Plaga
The Effects of Training and Subject Reproducibility During Vertical Impact Acceleration E-mail request 2005 12 Hilary Gallagher
Multi-Axis Vibration Mitigation Properties of Seat Cushions During Military Propeller Aircraft Operational Exposures E-mail request 2005 23 S. D. Smith and JA. Smith
Flight Test and Development of a New Anti-G System In JAS 39 Gripen E-mail request 2005 34 Christer Berglund and Bjorn Marklund
The Optimized Three Weight Range E-mail request 2005 50 Walter R. Peck
Pretensioners and Injury Risk E-mail request 2005 63 John R. Yannaccone
An Investigation of Troop Seat Testing Methodology Using MADYMO Models E-mail request 2005 90 Edwin M Sieveka and Levent Kitis .
ACES II Pre-Planned Product Improvement (P31) Program Update E-mail request 2005 109 Ben Sabo
Digital Recovery Sequencer - Advanced Concept Ejection Seats E-mail request 2005 130 David A. Ross
Predicted Water Immersion Survival Times for Anti-Exposure Ensembles E-mail request 2005 176 Barry S. Shender
Overview of the NA V AIR Spinal Injury Mitigation Program E-mail request 2005 185 Barry S. Shender
Mobile Aircrew Restraint System - MARS E-mail request 2005 194 Roger Podob
An Examination of Survival Rates Based on External Flotation Devices: A Helicopter Ditching Review from 1971 to 2005 E-mail request 2005 202 Michael Taber and John McCabe
Virtual Reality Parachute Simulation Enhancements For Improved Aircrew Emergency Training E-mail request 2005 208 Jeffrey R. Hogue
Quick-Don Anti-Exposure Suit Evaluation Program E-mail request 2005 218 Richard Elder
Evaluation of Audio Warning Levels in Aircraft E-mail request 2005 221 Daniel Gross
Survival Stressors Faced by Military Aviators/Aircrew Following Ditching Over Salt Water E-mail request 2005 227 Elizabeth B. Motley
Aircraft Accident Survivability: Rotary Wing Aircraft E-mail request 2005 242 Elizabeth B. Motley
Environmental Assessment in the UH-l Y and AH-IZ Aircraft E-mail request 2005 251 Maura Anne Rudy
Improvements to the HGU-55/P Lightweight Helmet E-mail request 2005 258 George Hedges
Aircrew Endurance and Effectiveness - NACES Endurance Improvement E-mail request 2005 272 Dr. Michelle Ransley and Eileen Loughran
A Mathematical Simulation ofthe Human Ventilatory Response During an Altitude Chamber Physiological Training Profile E-mail request 2005 279 Matthew B. Wolf
Helicopter Ditching: Time of Crash and Survivability E-mail request 2005 286 Michael Taber and John McCabe
Development ofthe Breakaway Integrated Chin Nape Strap (BICNS) E-mail request 2005 292 Joseph A. Pellettiere
Whole Body Vibration Exposure for MH-60S Pilots E-mail request 2005 303 Lt. Kristin L. Harrer
Evaluations and Survivability of Inflatable Restraint Systems in Small Fixed Wing Aircraft E-mail request 2005 315 Thomas Barth
Recommendations for a Next-Generation NBC System For Tactical Vehicles Such as the Ml Abrams Main Battle Tank E-mail request 2005 323 Wendell Lee Vittitow
How to Survive an Airplane Ditching in the Ocean E-mail request 2005 332 Captain Denis Murphy
New Thought ofthe Development for China's Aviation Life-Support Industry E-mail request 2005 343 Zhang Guang-jian
Next-Generation Thermo-Electric Digital Time Delay Device E-mail request 2005 347 Dave Harrington and Kenneth Hicks
44th ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS 2006 E-mail request 2006    
The Will To Live E-mail request 2006 1 William W Spruance
The Ejection Survival Technology Used for Partial High Plateau Area E-mail request 2006 5 Fang Zhou and Su Bing-Jun
Fixed Aircrew Seat Standardization System E-mail request 2006 12 Shawn Day
Water Activated Parachute Release and Liferaft Upgrades for U.S. Navy T-6AAircraft E-mail request 2006 29 Matt Conrad
Evaluation of a Helicopter Rescue Basket for Safe Human Carriage E-mail request 2006 39 John A. Plaga
Modeling of the Pressure Oscillations Observed in ACES II Mortar Cartridge Tests E-mail request 2006 45 Steve McDonald
ADynamic Comparison of Popular Anthropomorphic Test Devices Used During UK Fast- Jet Restraint System Development E-mail request 2006 54 Les Neil
Update on the USAF Mishap Investigation Process and Support E-mail request 2006 71 Phillip (Phil) P Wyatt
Enhanced 95%-ile Hybrid III Dummy for Aircraft Occupant Safety Assessment E-mail request 2006 79 J. Brandse
Determining the Correct Posture and Materials to Improve Comfort E-mail request 2006 92 Dr. Michelle Ransley
The Effects of a Ship Abandonment Suit on the Structural Anthropometric Dimensions of Offshore Workers E-mail request 2006 100 Sherma Dewey MSc (Candidate)
The Effect of Different Training Methods on Egress Performance from the Modular Egress Training Simulator E-mail request 2006 106 John Kozey
Advances in Virtual Reality Bailout and Ejection Parachute Simulator Training E-mail request 2006 111 Jeffrey R. Hogue
Lessons Learned in Testing with Seat Mounted Ejection Harnesses E-mail request 2006 121 Jeffrey P Nichols
Windblast Assessment of Helmet Tether Restraint for Ejection E-mail request 2006 132 Jeffrey P Nichols
Ejection Seat and Helmet Riser Interaction Test Methods E-mail request 2006 143 Jeffrey P Nichols
Development of Windblast Slam Back Test Methodology E-mail request 2006 148 Jeffrey P Nichols
Development of a Prototype Vertical Elongation Device for Manikin Necks for Use in Windblast Testing E-mail request 2006 152 Jeffrey P Nichols
Overview of Ejection Neck Injury Criteria E-mail request 2006 159 Jeffrey P Nichols
Eject - Eject - Eject: Injury Causes E-mail request 2006 172 Wing Commander Matthew E. Lewis
Helicopter Oxygen Delivery System E-mail request 2006 182 Dan Rijjee
Integration of Goodrich Ejection Seat Simulation and Interior Ballistics Codes and Validation with CKU-5 Catapults E-mail request 2006 202 Sirri Oguz
Injury Evaluation and Comparison of Lateral Impacts when using Conventional and Inflatable Restraints E-mail request 2006 212 Tom Green and Tom Barth
Analysis of the Dynamic Response of JSF Manikin Heads E-mail request 2006 228 Erin Caldwell and John Plaga
A Comparison of Cervical Stress and BMD as Related to Gender and Size During +Gz Acceleration E-mail request 2006 235 Hilary Gallagher
Computational Investigation of a Head-neck Restraint System for the Mitigation of Neck Injuries E-mail request 2006 254 Zhiqing Cheng
Maximum Arresting Force Measurement of the C-17 Shock-Absorbing Lanyard E-mail request 2006 261 Christopher B. Albery and Deken L. Keil
Next-Generation Helicopter Aircrew Restraint System Design E-mail request 2006 268 Stuart Nightenhelser
ACES Modular Ejection Seat E-mail request 2006 275 David A. Ross
ACES II Leg Well Leg Restraint System E-mail request 2006 285 Captain Thomas Myers
Thermal Insulation of the LASA Ventilated-NBC Suit During Immersion in Cold Water E-mail request 2006 292 Michael B. Ducharme
Heat Tolerance of Aircrew Wearing Charcoal NBC Coveralls versus the LASA VentilatedNBC Suit E-mail request 2006 301 Michael B. Ducharme
Development of Filter-Blower Unit for use in the Advanced Nuclear Biological Chemical Protection System (ANBCPS) Helicopter/Transport-aircraft version. E-mail request 2006 311 Rob Sabel
Performance Degradation of a Hotwire Electroexplosive Device Resulting From Electrical Exposure E-mail request 2006 324 David Forman
The Future of R.A.F. Survival Equipment E-mail request 2006 329 Flight Lt. Andrew (Alj) Evans
Improvements In Virtual Reality Parachute Simulation Training For Ejection And Bailout E-mail request 2007   Jeffrey R. Hogue
Correlation of Time of Useful Consciousness (TUC) with Model Predictions of SaO2 at 25 E-mail request 2007   Matthew B. Wolf & Robert P. Garner
Improving the Retention of Skills During Training E-mail request 2007   Brett R. C. Molesworth & Mark W. Wiggins
Anthropometric Survey of Life Support Equipment for the JASDF Pilots E-mail request 2007   Hiroshi Katoh
Improving Force Protection: JPE Size/Fit Evaluation E-mail request 2007   Bruce Bradtmiller
Determining the Potential of the Pulmanex hi-ox o2 Mask for Search and Rescue Missions E-mail request 2007   Fethi Bouak & David J. Eaton
Helicopter Search and Rescue Equipment E-mail request 2007   Joe Poole
Technology of Crew Survival in a Disabled Submarine: Liquid Breathing + Urgent Escape E-mail request 2007   Andrey V. Filippenko
Selection of Manikin Heads and Necks for Testing E-mail request 2007   John A. Plaga
Windblast Test Methodologies E-mail request 2007   John A. Plaga
F-16D Inadvertent Canopy Jettison Investigation: Evaluation of the Internal T-Handles and Manually Activated Initiators E-mail request 2007   Quinn Tidwell
The Eurofighter Typhoon Low Burden Aircrew CB (Chemical and Biological) Protection System E-mail request 2007   Dr. Richard J. Holmes
Gender Effects in Traumatic Injury E-mail request 2007   Richard A. Allnutt
Numerical Simulation of Ejection Seat Performance at Adverse Attitude Conditions E-mail request 2007   Yu Jia & Lin Gui-Ping
The Design and Testing of Helicopter Rotor Blade Electro-Thermal De-icing Process Model E-mail request 2007   Li Hai & Lin Gui-Ping
Live Water Demonstrations of Safety Equipment E-mail request 2007   Chair Mr. Dan Riffee
Workshop - An Introduction to The Martin-Baker Mk. 16 Generation Of Ejection Seats For The T-6 E-mail request 2007   Facilitators: Mr. Geoff Barnes & IPT Leads for U.S. support & JSF
Human Vertical Impact Testing of Auto-Separation Night Vision Goggle Helmet Systems E-mail request 2008 1 Lt. Michael D. Cote & John R. Buhrman
Development of the Common Mobile Aircrew Restraint System (CMARS) Aircrew Integrated Recovery Survival Armor Vest and Equipment (AIRSAVE) Interface E-mail request 2008 18 A. Sample and J. Smith
Introducing Cold Water Exposure to the Aircraft Ditching Course E-mail request 2008 30 R. Walker & C. J. Brooks
The Ejection Seat Test Database: A Resource for Enabling Aircrew Safety and Survivability E-mail request 2008 58 Kyle Keller & John Plaga
An Augmented Reality System for Paratrooper Safety E-mail request 2008 67 Brad R. Geltz
UMARS Performance Testing (Universal Mobile Aircrew Restraint System) E-mail request 2008 73 Stuart Nightenhelser
Visual and Instructional Enhanced Ejection and Bailout Virtual Reality Parachute Simulation Training E-mail request 2008 101 Jeffrey R. Hogue
ACES Improvement Joint Presentation Goodrich and USAF Brooks City Base E-mail request 2008 132 Various presenters
Tri-Service Aircrew Systems Development Acquisition Update E-mail request 2008 166 Barry Shender
Tri-Service Science And Technology Programs - An Overview E-mail request 2008 167 Barry Shender
U.S. Air Force Anthropometry and Fit Mapping E-mail request 2008 168 Dr. Greg Zehner
JSF Program Update E-mail request 2008 170 Mr. Graham Tomlinson
Evaluation And Improvement of CAD/PAD Products E-mail request 2008 171 Dr. Gimtong Teowee
Live Water Demonstrations Of Safety Equipment E-mail request 2008 173 Various presenters
AN/URT-XX The first PLB ready for the 09/02 Cospas-Sarsat Phase-Out E-mail request 2008 175 Mr. John Thompson
Soldier 911 Personnel Locator Beacon Emergency Communicator - Creating Common Open System Solutions for the Defense Industry E-mail request 2008 176 Mr. Kenneth H. Brockel
Helicopter Crewman Restraint Release E-mail request 2008 177 Captain Curtis Lalonde
Underwater Blast Attenuation for Helicopter Egress Systems E-mail request 2008 178 Mr. Matt Campbell
Development of a New Risk Reduction Test Methodology to Emulate Parachute Opening Shock Loads E-mail request 2008 179 Mr. Glenn Paskoff
Modeling the Parachute Opening Shock Emulator: Virtual Prototyping Using the MADYMO Program E-mail request 2008 180 Dr. Edwin Sieveka and Mr. Glenn Paskoff
Extended-Wear-Automatic Bladder Relief Device Automatic Bladder Relief Device (ABRD) E-mail request 2008 181 Ms. Jamie Walker
Physiologic Response to Environmental Conditions During Summer Desert Helicopter In-Flight Missions E-mail request 2008 182 Barry S. Shender
Helicopter Passenger Suit - Airworthiness Certification German Air Force E-mail request 2008 183 Mr. Sven Kirschning and Mr. Marcus Bolay
Determination of the Protection Afforded by Anti-G Trousers worn over Chemical-Biological Ensembles with Anti-Exposure Protection E-mail request 2008 184 Barry S. Shender
Aircrew Cooling and Conditioning E-mail request 2008 185 Mr. Frank Messer
Latest Developments in Aircrew G-Protection E-mail request 2008 186 Mr. Rainer Stuwe
Ejection Test under Windblast Condition E-mail request 2008 187 Mr. Hiroshi Yutani
Rib-Eye - A Multi-Point E-mail request 2008 188 Mr. James R. (Randy) Kelly
Project Orion Rescue and Recovery: Utilizing Modern Technology While Applying Lessons Learned From Past and Current Space Programs E-mail request 2008 189 Mr. Kenneth D. Trujillo
Prediction of the Severity of Decompression Using Physiological Data and Mathematical Models E-mail request 2008 190 Mr. Matthew B. Wolf
Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Life Support Products E-mail request 2008 191 Mr. Ralph Wilcox
A Finite Element Model of the Hybrid II 50th for Aircraft Seat Certification E-mail request 2008 192 Mr. Roel Van De Velde
A Comparison of the Automotive and Aerospace Hybrid III Dummies under +Gz Ejection Acceleration E-mail request 2008 193 Mr. Paul K. Parker
FOCUS Advanced Multi-Segmented Crash Dummy Head Assembly E-mail request 2008 194 Mr. James R. (Randy) Kelly
An Occupant Response Simulation of a Crash Test of a Civil Helicopter E-mail request 2008 195 Mr. Hiromitsu Miyaki
Tactile Situation Awareness System (TSAS) E-mail request 2008 196 Mr. David Myers
A Tri-Service Military Anthropometric Survey E-mail request 2008 197 Dr. Roland J. Edwards
OMARA: Perfect Safety and Intelligibility in Extreme Noise E-mail request 2008 198 Mr. Franois Legros and Mr. Olivier Gaches
Tri-Service (Army) Aircrew Systems Development Acquisition Update E-mail request 2009 1 Kent Wieter
Tri-Service (648 Aeronautical Systems Squadron) Aircrew Systems Development Acquisition Update E-mail request 2009 20 Major Darien Hammett
Tri-Service (Naval Aircrew Systems PMA 202) Aircrew Systems Development Acquisition Update E-mail request 2009 20 CDR Ralph Lee
RTOC Advanced Mission Extender Device (AMXD ) E-mail request 2009 67 Jamie Walker
Functional Underwear E-mail request 2009 86 Markus Bolay
The Circuit Design and Experiment Research of Aircraft Electronic Oxygen Regulator E-mail request 2009 106 Yu Xiao
Collaborative Biomechanics Data Network (CBDN) E-mail request 2009 120 Joseph A. Pellettiere
Aerospace Medical Research at Cami E-mail request 2009 139 Estrella M. Forster
Impact of New Crash Safety Requirements on Military Vehicle Design E-mail request 2009 199 Sherri Chandra
Study of Occupant Response in a Mine Blast Using MADYMO E-mail request 2009 212 Anant Kendale
Honeywell NBC Catalytic Oxidation (CATOX): Status of CATOX Technology for Collective Protection E-mail request 2009 217 Russ Johnson
Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS) Underseat Rocket Motor Ballistic Qualification of the IHDIV NSWC Motor Test Facility E-mail request 2009 230 Victor Estrada
Parachute Deployment Rocket Motor Test Fixture E-mail request 2009 253 Juan Vilchez
Design Development of a New Dual Impulse Cartridge for the Airborne Expendable Countermeasures Program E-mail request 2009 272 Matthew Bolen
Vapor Deposited Thin Film Bridge (TFB) E-mail request 2009 289 Barney Little
Copper (l) 5-Nitrotetrazolate (DBX-1): A Lead Azide Replacement E-mail request 2009 306 Travis Thom
CKU-5C/A Separation Incident Investigation E-mail request 2009 327 Layne Peterson
CKU-5C/A Performance Evaluation E-mail request 2009 363 Craig Wheeler
Indian Head Rocket Catapult Manufacturing Issues for Air Force PAD Items E-mail request 2009 389 Rae Azorandia
High Temperature Aging Requirements for NACES Parachute Deployment Rocket Motor (PDRM) E-mail request 2009 427 Alex Woods
Viewing of a Binocular Collimator Avoids Empty-Field Myopia E-mail request 2009 452 Michael A. Crognale
Omaras Extreme Noise Management: Immediate Increase of Users Performance and Long Term Preservation of Hearing Capability E-mail request 2009 472 Olivier Gaches
Predicting Pilots Risk-Taking Behaviour Through an Implicit Association Test E-mail request 2009 510 Bret Molesworth
Establishment of the Biodynamics Data Resource E-mail request 2009 532 V.C. Chancey
The Effect of Head Supported Mass on Human Response to Impact Acceleration E-mail request 2009 550 V.C. Chancey
Validation of a Probabilistic Parametric Finite Element Model of the Head and Neck Using Female Human Response from BDR E-mail request 2009 576 W.L. Francis
RCTS-003B Life Support Upgrade E-mail request 2009 594 Tom Tavares
Parasim VRT The Virtual Reality Trainer Controlling Life Threatening Events E-mail request 2009 600 Bob Gates
T-38 Escape System Upgrade Program: Anthropometric Accommodation E-mail request 2009 614 Jeffrey A. Hudson
Development and Qualification of the Deployable Oxygen Generation System Medium (DOGS M) E-mail request 2009 642 Gary Byrd
Aircraft Seat Certification Using Numerical Simulation with MADYMO HII 50th Aviation ATD E-mail request 2009 668 Mutaz Shkoukani
New Concept to Protect Mobile Aircrew in Impact E-mail request 2009 701 Ken-An Lou
Ditching into the Deep MH-53E MGB Mishap Brief E-mail request 2010 1 CDR Bill Mellen
Aircrew Performance E-mail request 2010 24 Lt. Col. Darien J. Hammett
Tri-Service (Army) Aircrew Systems Development Acquisition Update E-mail request 2010 38 LTC Ian Klinkhammer
Warfighter Focused & Cost Conscious E-mail request 2010 49 Captain Roger Ligon and Michael Denny
Application of Human Systems Integration (HSI) in Safety and Flight Equipment Design E-mail request 2010 65 John A. Plaga
The Capability GAP (CAPGAP) Analysis ProgramPresenter E-mail request 2010 91 Major Mike Luby
The Development and Test of Conformal Symbology Situational Awareness Systems and Supporting Visual Tools E-mail request 2010 108 Pete Longman
Predicted WBGT Limits for Rotary-Wing Pilots Operating in Hot Climates E-mail request 2010 134 J.W.R. Boyd and A.S. Weller (Presenter)
Work Capacity Evaluation in Assessing Aeromedical Risk: A Proposal (Its all about the Brain) E-mail request 2010 150 Lawrence W. Steinkraus
An Overview of Canadian Helicopter Passenger Transportation Suit Systems E-mail request 2010 200 Wendell Uglene
Development and Implementation of the VIKING PS4049: Quick-Donning Anti-Exposure Suit E-mail request 2010 248 Ace G. Backer
Side-Facing Aircraft Seat Research Summary E-mail request 2010 264 Joseph Pellettiere
Back Pain Injury and Helicopter Crews E-mail request 2010 274 Dick Healing
Spinal Injury Modeling E-mail request 2010 292 B.S. Shender
History of Canadian Forces Search and Rescue (SAR TECHS) E-mail request 2010 322 MWO Gavin Lee
HQ ACC A3T0 Guardian Angel - PR/CSAR Support and Guardian Angel E-mail request 2010 349 Major Mark Scepansky
U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Survival Technician E-mail request 2010 364 Dustin M. Skarra
Underwater Cockpit Escape System Detonation Peak Pressure and Impulse Limits E-mail request 2010 379 Philip A. Renn
Effect of Impact Pulse Parameters on Vehicle Occupant Response: A Study for Light Rotorcraft Using the MADYMOTM Simulation Program E-mail request 2010 401 Ed Sieveka
The Importance of Modeling Aircraft Deformation for Safety System Design: Rotorcraft Impact Response and Occupant Survivability Using MADYMOTM E-mail request 2010 416 Ed Sieveka
Propellant Aging and Service Life Prediction Protocol E-mail request 2010 435 Dr. M.G. Mangum and S. Teed
Mirco-Data Recorders for Biomechanics and Blast Measurements E-mail request 2010 459 Michael Beckage
USAF Mishap Experience FY08-FY10 E-mail request 2010 505 Mark K. Ruddell
The USAARL Perspective on ALSE/ALSERP E-mail request 2010 569 Lt. Col. Walters and Mr. Northcut
JSF Light Weight Coverall Fit-Mapping: Quantitative Fit Criteria and Fit Evaluation E-mail request 2010 595 Hyeg Joo Choi
JSF Light Weight Coverall Fit Mapping Test: Size Tariff and Target Population E-mail request 2010 627 Hyeg Joo Choi
ACES 5 Raising the Bar for Ejection Safety E-mail request 2010 651 Jim Tulloch
MA-16 Inertia Reel Dynamic Performance Evaluation E-mail request 2010 682 Justin Robinson
Advantages of Utilizing Rapid Prototype Technology to Develop an NBC Respirator E-mail request 2010 693 Rob Schaeffer
Aircrew Helmet Retention in Ejection - The Importance of Custom Fitted Edge Roll E-mail request 2010 713 Jacob (Coby) Brandstaetter (Lt. Col. IAF Res; MSC)
Benefits of a Detachable Face Piece on a NBC Respirator to the War Fighter E-mail request 2010 730 Rob Schaeffer
Simulated Drop Testing of Soldiers & Naval Boarding Party Members Under Tactical Weight Loads E-mail request 2010 748 Ernie Parolin and Josh Bates
U.S. Air Force Centrifuge and Hypobaric Altitude Chambers E-mail request 2010 786 Scott Fleming
ATFS-400-31 and Research Altitude Chamber System for USAF 711 HPW E-mail request 2010 814 Dick Leland
Advanced Communications and Hearing Protection for Extreme Noise Environments E-mail request 2010 830 Michael A. Vaudrey
Laboratory Evaluation of Rotary-Wing Aircrew Heat Strain at Four Levels of Wet-Bulb-Globe Temperature (18 E-mail request 2010 847 A.S. Weller
Experiments and Simulation on On-Board Oxygen Generation System E-mail request 2010 867 Huidan Wang
Combat Search And Rescue That Others May Live - More Than A Motto E-mail request 2010 880 Laura Lerdall
GA (Guardian Angel) Weapon System Team Update E-mail request 2010 905 Bryan Beetle Bailey
State of the Art Tools in Accident Investigation E-mail request 2010 943 Sami DeVries
Eulerian Method For Droplets Impingement Calculation E-mail request 2010 965 Shen Xiaobin
Human Systems Integration and Human Performance: A Proud Former Life Supporters Perspective for the 21st Century E-mail request 2011   Major General (Dr.) Thomas W. Travis
Tri-Service Aircrew Systems Development Acquisition Update Air Force: Air Force Systems Development Acquisition Update E-mail request 2011   Colonel Steve Gray
Army: Air Warrior Update and Air Soldier System Overview E-mail request 2011   Mr. Kent Wieter
Navy: PMA202 Aircrew Systems E-mail request 2011   Captain Roger Ligon
Dynamic Response Evaluation of Anthropometric Test Devices Subjected to Vertical Loading Conditions E-mail request 2011   Joseph Pellettiere
An Update on Escape System Testing at the Holloman High Speed Test Track E-mail request 2011   Mr. Jim Daniel
Micro Data Recorders and Sensors for Warrior Exposure and Product Testing Applications E-mail request 2011   Mr. Michael Beckage
Real-world Attenuation of Foam Earplugs E-mail request 2011   Dr. Adrian Smith
Passive Receiver Communications Nearfield (PaRCN TM) Wireless Systems E-mail request 2011   John W. Parkins
Aviation Life Support System Overview Brief E-mail request 2011   John M. Patti
CAD/PAD Technology 2011 CAD/PAD Technology Roadmap Update E-mail request 2011   Craig Wheeler
DBX-1 as a Lead Azide Replacement E-mail request 2011   Alexander Woods
Hexanitrostilbene I & II Specification Revision E-mail request 2011   Alexander Woods
Composite Propellant Mk122 Mod 1 Parachute Deployment Rocket Motor (PDRM) Product Improve ment Project Update E-mail request 2011   Craig Wheeler
An Update on Parachute Depolyment Rocket Motors (PDRM) Stabilizer Issues E-mail request 2011   John Burchett
Design Eye Point vs. HUD Eye Box vs. Pilot Eye Position: A 3D Location Comparison E-mail request 2011   Jeffrey A. Hudson
ACSS 2011: Anthropometric Survey for Mission Effective Aircrew Systems E-mail request 2011   Hyeg Joo Choi
Seating Considerations for Space Flight: The Human to Machine Interface E-mail request 2011   Mr. Dustin Gohmert
Load-Bearing Concepts for Dismounted Special Tactics Warfighters E-mail request 2011   2nd Lt. Amanda Hull
Determination of the Degradation of Multitask Performance During Exposure to 18 E-mail request 2011   Barry S. Shender
Advances in Mask Integrity Testing E-mail request 2011   Mike Serach
AVOX Systems Product Brief E-mail request 2011   Rob Schaeffer
Simulation Methodology for Aircraft Escape System E-mail request 2011   Huanwen Guan
History of the ACES Family of Seats E-mail request 2011   Bob Billings
ACES 5 Raising the Bar for Ejection Safety Unparalleled Neck Injury Protection Performance E-mail request 2011   Jim Tulloch
ACES 5 Ejection Seat Back Injuries During Catapult Phase E-mail request 2011   Jim Tulloch
ACES - Enhanced Digital Recovery Sequencer Program Overview E-mail request 2011   Layne Peterson
WB-57 Escape System Upgrade E-mail request 2011   Brian Wedryk
Hurricane Mesa Test Facility (HMTF) E-mail request 2011   Jack Reed
Creation of a 3-D Scan Database for Helmet Design E-mail request 2011   Gregory F. Zehner
Method for Comparing Effects of Personal Protective Equipment on Head Mobility E-mail request 2011   Joshua Hogge
Smart E-mail request 2011   Elizabeth Meents
Low Profile Parachute (LPP) E-mail request 2011   Mr. David McCain
Accident Reduction Efforts in the Department of Defense E-mail request 2012   Mr. Joseph J. Angello
Briefing Tri-Service Aircrew Systems Development Acquisition Update E-mail request 2012   Captain Roger Ligon
Briefing - AN/URT-44 406 MHz Beacon First Alert and False Alert Notification System E-mail request 2012   Mr. Bill Street
Paper/Briefing - Design E-mail request 2012   Mr. Michael R. Sedillo and Mr. Gregory M. Burnett
Paper Hypoxia Protection System - A mask mounted system for tracking Physiologic Episodes E-mail request 2012   Mr. David Dashevsky
Paper - Determination of the Time Complex Cognitive Performance Degrades During Exposure to 18 E-mail request 2012   Barry S. Shender
Paper - Avoiding Controlled Flight into Terrain E-mail request 2012   Mr. Jerry Henry
Briefing - Full-Scale Crash Testing of Transport Rotorcraft E-mail request 2012   Mr. Martin S. Annett
Briefing EMASMAX Minimizing the Risk Following Runway Overruns E-mail request 2012   Mr. Mark Slimko
Paper A Novel Tool for Assessment of Visual Performance When Using NVD E-mail request 2012   Mr. Will Serle
Briefing Hearing Loss Prevention E-mail request 2012   Ms. Shawna Graddy
Briefing - Ejection Back Injury Risk for an Expanded Aircrew Population E-mail request 2012   Mr. John Buhrman
Briefing - Integrated Aircrew Ensemble Status E-mail request 2012   Mr. Arthur D.Schwope and Mr. Carl Medeiros
Briefing LOX Systems for Today and Tomorrow E-mail request 2012   Mr. Russ Jacobsmeyer
Briefing Alcohol Wont Solve Your Problems (or How to Clean an Oxygen Mask) E-mail request 2012   Mr. Jerry Reid and Mr. Stephen Falder
Paper Helmet Impact Test Standards What They Tell Us About Helmet Performance and Protection E-mail request 2012   Mr. Paul Parker
Briefing - Helicopter Service-Related Back Pain and Injury E-mail request 2012   Ms. B. RaNae Contarino and Hon. Richard F. Healing
Paper - Physiotherapy Led Typhoon Aircrew Conditioning Programme E-mail request 2012   Flight Lt. Ellen Slungaard
Briefing - Overwater Mission Hazards: Rotary-Wing Aircrew Egress & Survival E-mail request 2012   Mr. Jason Leggatt
Paper The Design Approach to Cold Weather Clothing Systems E-mail request 2012   Mr. Paul Oliver
Paper - The New Modified 18-segment Salloum Model: A Validation Study Using Pilots with Simulated Tasks Under Different Low Ambient Temperatures E-mail request 2012   Xiujuan Wang
Briefing - Implementation of Verification and Validation in Certification by Analysis from a Regulatory Perspective E-mail request 2012   Joseph Pellettiere
Paper - An Update to the Dynamic Response Index (DRI) Model for Use in Assessing Seat Performance in Military Ground Vehicles E-mail request 2012   Mr. Robert T. Lynch
Paper - Respiratory Model Predicts 20 second Decompression to 45k in Subjects Using Oxygen E-mail request 2012   Robert P. Garner
Emerging Technologies in Aerospace Transportation E-mail request 2012   Melchor J. Antuano
Briefing Development Process of Injury Risk Curves E-mail request 2012   Joseph Pellettiere
Paper Characteristics and Assessment of Human Vibration Exposure Aboard Military Rotary-Wing and Tilt-Rotor Aircraft E-mail request 2012   Suzanne D. Smith
Briefing - Advancements in Life-Saving Hemorrhage Control Devices: How to Treat Bleeding that Will Not Stop E-mail request 2012   John Croushorn
Briefing - Adapting Egress Tests to the Modern Test and Evaluation Process E-mail request 2012   Mr. George Ayers
Briefing - Experimental Design for Egress Testing E-mail request 2012   Dr. Michelle S. Zeisset and Mr. George Ayers
Paper Development of a Modular E-mail request 2012   Mr. Adam Furore
Briefing - Guardian Angel Weapon Systems Requirements Update E-mail request 2012   Mr. Bryan Bailey
Briefing Effects-Based Human Systems Integration E-mail request 2012   Ms. Lisa Kaminsk and Major Mike Luby
Briefing All Weather Sense and Avoid System (AWSAS) E-mail request 2012   Ms. Ranae Contarino
Briefing Safety Culture in High Reliability OrganizationsHon. E-mail request 2012   Richard F. Healing
Briefing - That Others May Live Foundation Celebrating 10 Years of Supporting the USAF Rescue Family E-mail request 2012   Ms. Laura Lerdall
Discovery Channel Plane Crash E-mail request 2013   Thomas H. Barth
Inflatable Life Rafts 5 Decades On: What Next? E-mail request 2013   Mark Gruber
Cold Weather Clothing Systems E-mail request 2013   Paul Oliver
JSF F-35 Pilot Cooling Unit Development & Verification Update E-mail request 2013   Brendan Smith
ACES 5 Ejection Safety Features E-mail request 2013   John Hampton
A Human Systems Integration Analysis of Helmet Mounted Display Safety (power point) E-mail request 2013   Lt. Col. Jeff Parr & Dr. Michael E. Miller
A Human Systems Integration Analysis of Helmet Mounted Display Safety (paper) E-mail request 2013   Lt. Col. Jeff Parr
Leaders Initiative: Advancing Safety by Minimizing Human Error E-mail request 2013   Tim Autrey
Development of Lumbar Injury Tolerance Criteria E-mail request 2013   Joseph A. Pellettiere
Probabilistic Head/Brain/Spine Pain and Injury Prediction Model to Assist Life Support Equipment Design E-mail request 2013   Barry S. Shender
A New Method for the Analysis of Design-Induced Pilot Error on the Flight Decks (power point) E-mail request 2013   Zongmin Wei
A New Method for the Analysis of Design-Induced Pilot Error on the Flight Decks (paper) E-mail request 2013   Zongmin Wei
Sensors E-mail request 2013   Mike Beckage
Reusable Energy Attenuating Lab (REAL) Seat E-mail request 2013   Michael Knott
The Effects of Body-Borne Gear on the Risk of Spinal Injury in Helicopter Mishaps E-mail request 2013   Roger Podob
Enhancing Safety by Challenging Human Error: A Fresh Approach E-mail request 2013   Tim Autrey
Correlates of Continued Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Into Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) General Aviation Accidents E-mail request 2013   David Ison
Crew Resource Management Last Chance for an Industry in Crisis E-mail request 2013   Randy Mains
Closed Circuit Emergency Respirators Technology and Regulatory Compliance E-mail request 2013   Russ Jacobsmeyer
Reinforced Vest for Aviation Maintainers E-mail request 2013   Sharon Joines
Recent Advances in Making the Warfighter Safer in Extreme Noise E-mail request 2013   Jeff Hammel & Michael Goforth
Future Noise Protection Technologies for Military Aircrew E-mail request 2013   Susan Soo James
Colour Display Night Vision Goggles Human Vision Implications for System Design E-mail request 2013   Eric Liggins
Influening Procurement of Powered Hand Tools to Improve Safety and Productivity While Eliminating HAVS E-mail request 2013   Mark Geiger & John M. Ster
Reducing Vibration and Repetitive Impact Exposure in DoD Vehicles E-mail request 2013   Elliot Salmon
Project Bloodhound: Surviving 1000 Mph at Ground Level E-mail request 2014   Wing Commander Andy Green
Aircraft Seat Belt Tensioner E-mail request 2014   Brian Harvey
Excessive Boarding Mass - What is the Problem and can it be Solved? A U.K. Military Perspective E-mail request 2014   Les Neil
Effect of Body-Borne Gear on the Risk of Spinal Injury in Helicopter Mishaps E-mail request 2014   Roger Podob
Dynamic Test Repeatability E-mail request 2014   Chris McDaniel and Matthew Stone
Temperature Effects on ATD Necks E-mail request 2014   Chris McDaniel and Maurissa Wortham
Development and Application of a Large Scale High-Dynamic Centrifuge for Aviation Life-support Equipment E-mail request 2014   Shen Wen-bo
Earplug Pressure Equalization During Flight E-mail request 2014   Kristen Talcott
Oxygen Mask Comfort Improvement - Enhancing Mission Endurance E-mail request 2014   Paul J. Ninefleldt and Mike Stump
You Think You’ve Adjusted Your NVGs Correctly? In Service NVG Adjustment by UK Helicopter Aircrew E-mail request 2014   David Bigmore
Upgrading the Head-to-Helmet Interface of the Apache Attack Helicopter - Improving Helmet’s Retention in Crash Situation E-mail request 2014   Jacob Brandstaetter
Accommodating the 21st Century Pilot: The Human Factor in Ejection Seat Restraint E-mail request 2014   Pete Marston and Paul Adams
Ejection Success Prediction Based on Historical Data E-mail request 2014   Mark Elson
NACES Weight Extension Trade Study E-mail request 2014   Mark Elson and Matt Conrad
PMA202 Aircrew Systems Brief E-mail request 2014   Captain Nora Burghardt USN
U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force E-mail request 2014   SGM Jose Quinones
Advances in Helicopter Passenger Suit Systems E-mail request 2014   Elizabeth Brown
Rapid Response to Safety E-mail request 2014   Stephen Slater
JSF F-35 Pilot Cooling Unit Development and Verification Update E-mail request 2014   Randy Epperly
Predicting Hypoxia-induced Physiologic and Cognitive Impairment E-mail request 2014   Barry S. Shender
NAVAIR Human Systems Digital Human Modeling Project Update E-mail request 2014   Lori Brattin
The Research on Pilot’s Clothing Thermal Comfort with Coverage Factor by Using Thermal Manikin E-mail request 2014   Xiujuan Wang
Analysis of Planetary Extra-Vehicular Activity Requirements During a 120 Day Manned Mars Simulation E-mail request 2014   Tiffany M. Swarmer
Communications Test Solutions E-mail request 2014   Bernie Oder
Partnership for Success - Dedicated to Thinking Safety E-mail request 2014   Stefan Andres and Thomas Wolf
Dying for a Drink! E-mail request 2014   Jon Grant
Improving the Safety of Carrier Landings: Maritime Augmented Guidance with Integrated Controls for Carrier Approach and Recovery Precision Enabling Technologies (MAGIC CARPET) E-mail request 2014   Dr. Heather Priest Walker
Safety Implications for Live E-mail request 2014   Katherine Kaste and Melissa Walwanis
Training Naval Aviators to Recognize Hypoxia Symptoms: Advancing Technologies to Address a Continued Safety Threat E-mail request 2014   LCDR William T. Scheeler
Relationship between Helicopter Rotor Tuning and Physiological Stress E-mail request 2014   Heather E. Wright-Beatty
Physiological Evidence for Anthropometric Considerations in the Use of Vibration Mitigation Cushions E-mail request 2014   Jocelyn M. Keillor
Dynamic Characterization of Patient Immobilization and Vibration Mitigation Systems during Simulated Transport: Manikin Validation E-mail request 2014   Rachel Kinsler
Changes in the Hoffman Reflex at Different Head Positions as an Indicator of Acute Nerve Root Compression Under Simulated Military Head Support Mass Conditions E-mail request 2014   Bethany L. Shivers
Your Body in Flight During World War II E-mail request 2014   Jay B. Dean
ACES II Ejection History and Injury Risk E-mail request 2014   Mark Ruddell
Testing CBRN Protection AEA E-mail request 2014   C. Berglund and J. Sjostrand
Integrated Aircrew Ensemble E-mail request 2014   Charlie Dean
Integration Challenges and Solutions - CBRN Defense-Respiratory Equipment in Modern Fixed Wing Military Aircraft E-mail request 2014   Robert W. Lingo III
Dynamic Responses of Head E-mail request 2014   James W. Brinkley and Stephan E. Mosher
The Application of Active Real-time Velocity Window Control System for Ejection Escape System in Rocket Sled Test E-mail request 2014   Gong Minsheng
An Adaptive Control Method for Escape Path Clearing System Based on Risk Evaluation E-mail request 2014   Zhou Fang
A Study of Protection Provided by General Aviation Oxygen Masks with Open Ambient Ports in Toxic Environments E-mail request 2014   Lawrence N. Paskoff
Mission Oxygen Supply System (MOSS) - Development and Integration E-mail request 2014   Martin Pfefferkorn