SAFE Symposium
SAFE 5k Runner

Call for Papers - Submission Guidelines

Symposium 2017
October 30 - November 1, 2017
Caribe Royal Orlando Florida

Deadline for submission is: June 30, 2017

Submission Guidelines:

Papers, Panels, Briefings, Demonstrations and Workshops (please specify).

Please submit a 300 word abstract (electronically in MS Word format) attached with the form below, or to the SAFE Office at All information requested on the form is required and must be submitted with your abstract.  Submissions will not be accepted without it.

Abstracts should be typed in 9pt Verdana font.  A template is available for download here: 2017 Abstract Submission Template, MS Word.

It is the responsibility of the submitting author(s) to ensure that all material, printed or otherwise, that is presented at the SAFE Symposium or in the SAFE Proceedings has been screened through the submitting organization’s public release process and has been approved for Unlimited Distribution.

Presenters will be responsible for providing a "static" version of their presentation (MS PowerPoint or Adobe PDF) to the S&T Chair at the symposium to include in the Conference Proceedings. This does not have to be the version that is presented. However, the static version MUST have all PowerPoint slide transition effects and video files removed. If the content of the video(s) is essential to the presentation, screen captures should be used to highlight relevant information.

A paper version of the Call for Papers Form and detailed information on submission requirements can be downloaded here:  2017 Call for Papers Guidelines.  Please review the guidelines before submitting your abstract.

Call for Papers Form

All presentations will be included in the SAFE Proceedings following the symposium (unless requested otherwise by the author). In addition, the SAFE Association publishes a bi-annual peer-reviewed Journal. If you are interested in converting your presentation into a paper for review, please indicate so using the check box below. Note: submission of a paper does not guarantee final acceptance into the SAFE Journal. The SAFE S&T Committee and Editors reserve the right to decline papers that they feel do not meet the technical qualifications for professional publishing or that fall outside the scope of the SAFE Association's mission statement.