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Year Title Author(s) Email Request
SAFE Symposium 2020
2020 What Hearing Protection Do I Need for My Noise Environment? Collier, Ms. Michelle Email Request
2020 A mobile phone app for automated and accurate sizing of respirator masks Roos, Dr. Paulien Email Request
2020 Alternative Night Vision Goggles Mounting Systems FOV (Alt NVG Mount) Grattan, Mr. Max Email Request
2020 Neck Muscle Fatigue Resulting from Prolonged Wear of Weighted Helmets – Basic 1 G Version Mullenger, Mrs. Casserly Email Request
2020 Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) Digital Human Modeling (DHM) and Research for Ergonomic, Anthropometric, and Medical applications & 3D Scanning (DREAMS) Lab: Expanding Digital Human Modeling Capabilities and Research Basham, Ms. Lori Brattin Email Request
SAFE Symposium 2019
2019 Keynote Address Healing, Hon. Richard K Email Request
2019 Evaluation of Custom Earplug Variation and Digital Ear Canal Scanning Technologies Winningham, Tyler Email Request
2019 Hearing Protection for Aircraft Maintainers and the Effect on Speech Intelligibility Swayne, Billy Email Request
2019 Insta Active Noise Reduction Evaluation in Finnish Air Force F/A-18 Fleet McCormack, Robert & Kiehl, Zach Email Request
2019 Rate-Activated Tethers: Wearable Smart Materials to Reduce Mechanical Injuries to Body and Brain Wetzel, Dr. Eric Email Request
2019 Advanced Technologies for Long-Term Aircrew Stamina (ATLAS) Sathyanarayan, Deepak Email Request
2019 Counterbalance Usage Towards Mitigating Neck Pain Farrell, Philip Email Request
2019 Technology Solutions for Advanced Instruction of Mask-on Hypoxia Atkinson, Beth Email Request
2019 Comparing the Hypoxia Training Experiences of Novice and Expert Pilots Entinger, Jacob Email Request
2019 Predictability of Demographic Factors on Recovery Time Tindall, Mitechell Email Request
2019 A Review of Qualitative Speech Measures for Detecting Hypoxia Rickel, Emily Email Request
2019 SAE International Best Practice Standard for Human Systems Integration Merriman, Steve Email Request
2019 Retrospective Review of Causes in Military Ground Vehicle Accidents (2010-2015) Dudek, Jennifer Email Request
2019 Aircrew Monitoring Gas Analysis System (AMGAS): Developing a Sensor for Monitoring Nitrous Oxide & Volatile Compounds in the Aircrew Breathing Gas Cabungcal, Katie and Bhat, Leela Email Request
2019 PUNISHER: On-Aircraft Performance Testing Boyd, Nicke Email Request
2019 Performance Evaluation of Handheld Gas Monitors Used in Aircraft Bleed Air Quality Ground Tests Targeting Nitrogen Oxides Ortiz-Martinez, Krisiam Email Request
2019 Development and Calibration of the LSTC Hybrid III Large Male Finite Element Model Head-Neck Complex to Improve Predictive Capability Under Aerospace Loading Putnam, Jacob Email Request
2019 Finite Element Modeling of the Isolated Head and Neck of Small Female and Mid-Sized Male Hybrid III ATDs in Spaceflight Conditions Greenhalgh, Preston Email Request
2019 A Global-Local Approach for Modeling Neck Injury During Ejection Garimella, Dr. Harsha Teja Email Request
2019 Perceptions of Aviation Survival Training: A Review of Student Feedback Johnson, LTJG Zach Email Request
2019 Bringing New Mishaps to Life in the Classrooms Sciarini, LCDR Lee Email Request
2019 Parachute Training: Technology for Instructional Feedback Atkinson, Beth Email Request
2019 Modeling of Escape System Performance and Injury Metrics Saaristo, Robin and Elson, Mark Email Request
2019 Standardizing Ejection Records Wg Cdr Lewis, Matt and Roberts, Steve Email Request
2019 USAF Mishap Investigation of Aircrew Flight Equipment and Egress Systems Wagner, Caleb Email Request
2019 Performance Evaluation of MOCON VOC-TRAQ II Photonization Detector Used for In-Flight Hydrocarbon Detection Marshall, Raisa Email Request
2019 Concentrator Pressure Sensor for the Assessment of Oxygen Systems Sofoluke, Tonia Email Request
2019 Scientific Test Analysis Techniques for LSS/OBOGS Testing Klein, Andrew Email Request
2019 High Rate and Viscoelastic Property Characterization of Thoracic Tissues in Support of an Advanced Computational Model to Predict Injury During Behind Armor Blunt Trauma Stemper, Brian, Ph.D. Email Request
2019 Injury Test Model for Behind Armor Blunt Trauma Bass, Cameron, Ph.D. Email Request
2019 Methods for Full-Scale Testing of Behind Armor Blunt Trauma Eaton, Madelyn Email Request
2019 NSWC IHEODTD CAD/PAD E25 In-Service Engineering Schombs, Nicholas Email Request
2019 Cartridge Actuated Device/Propellant Actuated Device Ordnance Assessment Watts, Jeffrey and Dalton, Jay Email Request
2019 Cartridge Actuated Device/Propellant Actuated Device U.S. Air Force Mishap Investigation Support Team (MIST) Parkin, Jacob Email Request
2019 Next Generation Aircrew Protective Ensemble (NGAPE) Mangueira, Lt Hunter Email Request
2019 CBRN Protection for Aircrew and Aircraft - Current Status of Development Ostertag, Philipp Email Request
2019 Protective Gloves for Military Aircrew LaRocque, Rose & Maj Kallander, Brendon Email Request
2019 SPYDR: In-Flight Human Performance Quantification of Risk Prediction and Real-Time Warning of Impending Physiological Emergencies Bradke, Dr. Brian Email Request
2019 Human Systems Program Office Physiological Monitoring Roadmap Klein, Andrew Email Request
2019 Enhancements to a Torso Finite Element Model for the Prediction of Injury and Functional Incapacitation Due to Behind Armor Blunt Trauma Nicolella, Dan Email Request
2019 Numerical Modeling Considerations for Behind Armor Blunt Trauma to the Thorax Davis, Nichole Email Request
2019 Probabilistic Analysis of Injury Risk Using High-Fidelity Human Body Finite Element Models Eliason, Travis Email Request
2019 CAD/PAD Energetic Materials Obsolescence Strategy Kilikewich, Jon Email Request
2019 Predictive Digital Twins for CADs and PADs Goodwin, David Email Request
2019 Anthropometric Test Device Repeatability and Reproducibility to Vertical Impact Accelerations Lafferty, Elizabeth Email Request
2019 Impact Dynamics of Three Anthropometric Test Device Necks (Part 1) Perry, Chris Email Request
2019 Small Female, Mid-Size Male, and Large Male Hybrid III Anthropomorphic Test Device Head and Neck Response Comparison Reiber, Teresa Email Request
2019 Operational Challenges Associated with the X-59 and F-15 Chase Aircraft Life Support System (LSS) Design Sechler, Mathew Email Request
2019 Life Support System (LSS) Oxygen Analysis for the Low Boom Flight Demonstrator (LBFD) X-59 Aircraft Long, Kurtis Email Request
2019 (Intro) Low Boom Flight Demonstrator (LBFD) X-59 Aircraft Life Support System (LSS) Integrated Test Planning, Execution, and Results Griffin, Brian Email Request
2019 Low Boom Flight Demonstrator (LBFD) X-59 Aircraft Life Support System (LSS) Integrated Test Planning, Execution, and Results Griffin, Brian Email Request
2019 Predicting Whole Body Seated Center of Gravity (CG) Using Linear Regression Equations Generated from Anthropometric Measurements Pirnstill, Dr. Casey Email Request
2019 3D Scanning and Digital Human Modeling Lab Efforts Brattin-Basham, Lori and Koch, Andrew Email Request
2019 Estimation of the Seated Center of Gravity Using a Linear Regression Model on the Results of a Principal Component Analysis Whitestone, Jennifer Email Request
2019 A New Test Fixture Design for Measuring Helmet Mass Properties Flath, Nathan Email Request
2019 Evaluation of Soft Spot Occurrences in the HGU-56/P Aircrew Ballistic Helmet Steinhauer, Ben Email Request
2019 Structural Integrity Evaluation of Medical Devices Exposed to a Dynamic Environment Collier, Michael Email Request
2019 Implementation of Dynamic Flight Simulation Centrifuge Training in the Republic of Singapore Air Force Soh, MAJ Feng Wei Email Request
2019 Designing and Implementing Intuitive VR Spatial Disorientation Scenario Authoring Interfaces for Users Voge, Jessica Email Request
2019 MH-60S NextGen Gunner Seat: Designing with Comfort and Endurance in Mind Fielder, Meredith Email Request
2019 Quantifying NextGen Gunner Seat Capability to Improve Endurance and Comfort and Reduce Chronic Injury: Subjective and Objective Metric Development Shivers, Bethany, Ph.D. Email Request
2019 Assessing Seat Comfort Change Using Seat Interface Pressures Pontarelli, Matt Email Request
2019 Anthropometric Accommodation for the MH-60S NextGen Gunner Seat Brattin-Basham, Lori Email Request
2019 Encumbered Anthropometry: Past, Present & Future Garlie, Dr. Todd Email Request
2019 Visualizing Head Size and Shape Variation in the U.S. Army Choi, Dr. Hyeg Joo and Parham, Joseph Email Request
2019 Characterizing Size and Shape Variation in Female Scalps Using Standard Morphometric Techniques Hudson, JA Email Request
2019 Collins Aerospace ACES 5 Safety Features and Programmatic Update Borchelt, Don Email Request
2019 Ejection-Associated Injuries: A Retrospective Study for the Evaluation of Modern Escape Systems Safety Bilger, Dr. Camille Email Request
2019 Mythbuster: "The Gen 5 Integrated Harness" Roberts, Steve Email Request
2019 O2PAK Emergency Portable Oxygen System: The Safest Emergency Oxygen Solution Graham, John Email Request
2019 Dynamic Testing of Legacy Helicopter Troop Seats Using Contemporary Boarding Masses and Impact Scenarios Parker, Paul Email Request
2019 Retrospective Review of Spinal Injuries in U.S. Army Rotary Wing Mishaps (1990-2014) Brozoski, Frederick Email Request
2019 How Comfortable is Your Oxygen Mask? Evaluating Oxygen Mask Behavior in Dynamic Conditions (An Update) Steinman, Y Email Request
2019 Female Aircrew Flight Equipment Rodriguez, Maj Saily Email Request
2019 Neck Pain in Aviation - Who Gets It and Why? A Review of the Litearture Crowley, John, Ph.D. Email Request
2019 Aircrew Neck Pain Prevention and Management - Insights from NATO HFM RTG-252 - Metrics, Procedural, and Administrative Solutions Shender, Barry, Ph.D. Email Request
2019 Aircrew Neck Pain Prevention and Management - Insights from NATO HFM RTG-252 - Equipment, Behaviors, and Workspace Day, Sarah Email Request
2019 Royal Canadian Air Force Implementation of NATO HFM-252 Aircrew Neck Pain Recommendations Farrell, Philip, Ph.D. Email Request
2019 Mitigating Risk of Physiological Event by Using a New Oxygen System Procedural Training Device Bassovitch, Oleg Email Request
2019 Validation of Sorbent Tube VOC Analytical Approach During Navy PE Investigation Eller, Dr. Leah Email Request
2019 ACES II Parachute Container Pilot Chute Windblast Tests Wagner, Caleb and Conrad, Matt Email Request
2019 Assessing Neck Injury Risk Associated with Helmets and Helmet Mounted Equipment in Military Parachutists Parker, Paul Email Request
2019 Development of UNI-PAC III Search & Rescue Kit for P-8A Skoglund, Eric Email Request
2019 Iridium SAR Steward, Paul Email Request
2019 Delivering First Class Aeronautical Life Support Equipment to a Modernizing Australian Defense Force: Challenges and Opportunities SQNLDR Bywater, David Email Request
2019 Human Systems Program Office Try-Decide-Buy Initiative Capt Johnson, James Email Request
2019 U.S. Air Force Safety Center Brief Ruddell, Mark Email Request
2019 U.S. Air Force Acquisition Brief Varcarcel, Emilio Email Request
2019 U.S. Navy Acquisition Brief Crewse, Greg Email Request
SAFE Symposium 2018
2018 Keynote Address Vaughan, Brigadier General Edward L. Email Request
2018 Dare to Dream Lightner, Mr. Mike Email Request
2018 Female Aircrew Challenges Weeks, Colonel Samantha Email Request
2018 The Next Level of Safety Downey, Mr. Doug Email Request
2018 Tri-service PM Acquisition Update Ruddell, Mr. Mark Email Request
2018 Female Aircrew PFE Challenges (Q&A with Users) Capaldi, CMSgt Dana(USAF) / Tevebaugh, Major Heather (USAF) / Alford, LT Rebekah (USN) Email Request
2018 Tri-service S&T Update, Part 1 Shender, Barry (NAVAIR) Email Request
2018 Tri-service S&T Update, Part 2 Tripp, Lloyd (USAF) Email Request
2018 Tri-service S&T Update, Part 3 Crowley, John (USAARL) Email Request
2018 Hydration Considerations for Military Aircrew Schumacher, Major Benjamin Email Request
2018 Stealthy, Supersonic In-Flight Urination for Immersion Suit Wearers Croft, Roger & Harvie, Mark Email Request
2018 To Hydrate or Dehydrate: That is the Question DeBons, LT Virginia Email Request
2018 Evaluation of Rotorcraft Supplemental Lumbar Support Hall, Brandon Email Request
2018 Characterization of Helo Hunch Anderson, Eric Email Request
2018 Evaluation of Custom Earplug Variation and Digital Ear Canal Scanning Technologies Winningham, Tyler Email Request
2018 An Examination of the ANSI S12.42 Standard for Evaluation the Performance of Hearing Protection Devices in U.S. Naval Aviation Dietrich, Brandon Email Request
2018 Comparative Evaluation of Comply Ear Seals and Alternative Hearing Protection Devices in U.S. Navy Aircrew Helmets Using an Acoustic Test Fixture Rush, Dr. Alston Email Request
2018 Military Anthropometric Data for Design of Protective Equipment Parham, Joseph Email Request
2018 Comparison of Military Anthropometric Databases Among Different Services Garlie, Dr. Todd Email Request
2018 Modernizing Anthropometric Accomodation Evaluations in Naval Aviation Erwin, LT Miles Email Request
2018 Water Intrusion Testing on an OBOGS Concentrator Gordge, Dennis Email Request
2018 Addressing Analytical Artifacts in USN Pilot Breathing Air Monitoring Efforts Eller, Leah Email Request
2018 Comparison of Hybrid III and Postmortem Human Subject Responses in Underbody Blast Loading Conditions Ott, Kyle Email Request
2018 Lumbar Spine Combined Loading Test Device Humm, John Email Request
2018 Mishap Investigation Support Team (MIST) Engineering Investigation Support in the Laboratory LCDR Lippert, Amanda Email Request
2018 Rotary Wing and Tilt Rotor Mishaps Lessons Learned Knott, Mike Email Request
2018 PMA 202 Mishap Investigation Support Team Schombs, Nicholas / Mitch MacKenzie Email Request
2018 Development of a Portable Torso Scanning System to Capture Encumbered Soldier Fit Whitestone, Jennifer Email Request
2018 3D Scanning Applications in the Human Systems Domain Koch, Andrew Email Request
2018 Predicting Standard Anthropometry from Standardized Three-Dimensional Body Surface Scans Corner, Dr. Brian Email Request
2018 Road to Recovery: Return to Flight for the T-45 Goshawk Aircraft Ryan, Rachael Email Request
2018 T-45 Oxygen Quality Testing: Results and Lessons Learned Boyd, Nicke Email Request
2018 Adaptation of US Navy Aircrew Breathing Gas Quality Assessment Equipment for Use in USN and USAF T-6 Brown, Christine Email Request
2018 Effects of Sex Differences on Dynamic Response Index Model Parameters Somers, Jeffrey Email Request
2018 Development of an Efficient Parametric Finite Element Human Body Model to Assess Protection for a Diverse Population/Phase 1: Baseline Mesh Generation and Parameterization Pirnstill, Dr. Casey Email Request
2018 CORA analysis comparison of two Hybrid III 50th Aerospace manikin finite element models to Horizontal Impulse Accelerator (HIA) and Vertical Drop Tower (VDT) manikin tests Steinhauer, Benjamin Email Request
2018 Parachute Service Life Extension Ingram, Warren Email Request
2018 Adapting Video Extensometer for Textile Materials to Provide Continuous Elongation Measurement Halgren, David Email Request
2018 Combining Anthropometric Technologies for Confined Space Monitoring Modeling Brisson, Monique Email Request
2018 Improving Fidelity of Digital Human Modeling Tools: Lessons Learned, Ongoing Research, and Program Applications Brattin Basham, Lori Email Request
2018 Iridium's Entry into Search and Rescue Steward, Paul Email Request
2018 Seat Suspension Concept Effects on Rotary Wing Operational Vibration Mitigation Smith, Dr. Suzanne Email Request
2018 Evaluation of Muscle Activity and Fatigue During Prolonged Exposure to Rotary Wing Operational Vibration Steinhauer, Benjamin Email Request
2018 Derivation and Analysis of a Vibrational Transfer Function for the Prototype 2 (PT2) Next Generation Gunner Seat Gohl, Adam Email Request
2018 CAD/PAD Energetics Obsolescence Woods, Alexander Email Request
2018 CAD/PAD Conventional Ordnance Deficiency Reports and Engineering Investigations Schombs, Nicholas Email Request
2018 A-4 PAD Program, MK 16 and MK 82 Replacement Cramer, Michael / Dave Howe Email Request
2018 Mobile 3D Head Scanning for Aircrew Helmet Sizing and Fitting Levy, Dr. Dustin/ Odell, David Email Request
2018 Using 3D Surface Scanning in a Religious Accommodation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Study Wilson, Rhoda Email Request
2018 Female Calvaria Shape Digitization: Creating a Database of Scalp Shapes to be Used in Equipment Design Mullenger, Casserly Email Request
2018 Determination of Degraded Physiologic State During Mild to Moderate Hypoxic Hypoxia Using the Holistic Modular Aircrew Physiologic Status (HMAPS) Monitoring System Shender, Dr. Barry, et al. Email Request
2018 Advancement of Hypoxia Sensing Instrumentation: Detection Via Automatic Speech Recognition Technology Atkinson, Beth Email Request
2018 Soyuz Landing Risk Characterization Newby, Nate Email Request
2018 Aircrew Multi-Axis Vibration Exposure Aboard the UH-60L Blackhawk Helicopter Smith, Dr. Suzanne Email Request
2018 Low Boom Flight Demonstrator Overview: Life Support and Crew Escape System Design Challenges Pauer, Brett Email Request
2018 The FAILSAFE Team's Training for Aviation Life Support Systems in Tactical Aviation: A Return to Core Skills Lippert, LCDR Amanda Email Request
2018 Virtual Reality to Enhance Training and Safety Harris, William Email Request
2018 Verification of Physiological Stress Levels in Firefighting Training Pharmer, Dr. James Email Request
2018 Capabilities Based Acquisition for Training Systems Parrish, Tiffany Email Request
2018 Sensor Development for Continuous Monitoring of Isopropyl Alcohol Air Contaminants Kim, Dr. Steve Email Request
2018 A Preliminary Look at Hypoxia Compared to Alcohol Intoxication Entinger, Jacob Email Request
2018 Life Support System Oxygen Volume Requirements Analysis for X-59 Low Boom Flight Demonstrator (LBFD) Aircraft Long, Kurtis Roy Email Request
2018 Evaluation and Verification of Head Angular Rate Sensors for Calculated Head Angular Accelerometer Head Criteria Risk in Dynamic Impact Events Pirnstill, Dr. Casey Email Request
2018 Investigation of the Impact Performance of the U.S. Navy Flight Deck Cranial Rush, Dr. Alston Email Request
2018 Kerosene Fire Resistance in Pilot Flight Equipment in the French Air Force Masseboeuf, Sylvain Email Request
2018 Strain Measurement in Pilot Flight Equipment Shivprasad Email Request
2018 An Innovative Approach to Reducing Weight and Volume in Aircrew Survival Equipment and Apparel Brown, Elizabeth Email Request
2018 Litter Patient Motion and Vibration During Transport Aboard the Ambulance Bus (AMBUS) Smith, Dr. Suzanne Email Request
2018 Retrospective Review of Causes in Military Ground Vehicle Accidents (2010-2015) Dudek, Jennifer Email Request
2018 Cramped Workstations Aren't SAFE: An Investigation into Aircrew Musculoskeletal Pain Mountjoy, Dr. Daniel Email Request
2018 SPURS - A Boot Mounted LIDAR System to Aid in Parachute Landing Sherman, Lt Sean /Sardo, LT David Email Request
2018 Technology Improves Hearing Protection, Mission Effectiveness and Situational Awareness for Commercial and Military Aircrew/Aircraft Maintainers Collier, Michelle Email Request
2018 USAF Female Aircrew Flight Equipment Challenges Rourke, Capt. Nina Email Request
2018 Physiological Monitoring Farris, Lt Jessica Email Request
2018 SAFE Integration of Small UAS Contarino, RaNae Email Request
2018 The Use of Mobile Technologies in the Navy for Training Gusse, Jesse Email Request
2018 SAFE at Any Speed - Can We Make Things Too Safe? Plaga, John Email Request
2018 Deriving Engineering Solutions by Virtual Testing Jafri, Aamir Email Request
2018 NAVAIR Systems Engineering Transformation Guerrero, Jaime Email Request

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